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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 135

Chapter 135 - Ten Great Void Stage

Chapter 135: Ten Great Void Stage

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From Long Zhen, Qin Jue quickly learned what was going on with the Ten Great Void Stage.

The Ten Great Void Stage was in fact just the Great Void Stage. However, it was divided into ten realms.

If a Great Sage expert could cause the heavens to collapse and the earth to shatter with a single move, then the Great Void Stage expert was truly an existence that could pluck the stars and snatch the moon.

According to Long Zhen, every advancement of a realm in the Great Void Stage was no different from re-cultivating all the previous realms. It could be imagined how difficult it was.

Even someone as strong as Long Zhen, who had cultivated for more than two thousand years, was only at the fourth realm of the Great Void Stage now.

Of course, the Great Void Stage was not just about strength. A special ability would be awakened at random in every realm.


Long Zhen, for example, had four special abilities now.

The sharp intuition that had sensed Qin Jue’s arrival before was an ability that he had awakened in the Great Void Stage.

Although this ability wasn’t lethal, it could help me detect many things in advance and help him avoid danger. However, other than Qin Jue, no one in the Spirit Central World could pose a threat to him now.

As for the other three abilities, they were: Formation Destruction, Heaven’s Eye, and Barrier.

These abilities could be said to complement each other perfectly. Long Zhen even deliberately explained them to Qin Jue.

Formation Destruction allowed one to destroy any formation, provided that he or she was not two realms lower than the other party.

Heaven’s Eye allowed one to open a third eye at the heart of one’s brows, recognizing all things.

Barrier, on the other hand, allowed one to isolate spirit sense to defend from prying eyes.

This was also the reason why Long Zhen was shocked when he sensed that someone was using spirit sense to spy on him during the day. This was because Qin Jue had directly ignored his passive ability and was able to unscrupulously scan him.

Long Zhen wasn’t sure if there were any higher realms after that. He had comprehended these realms himself. Until someone advanced to the tenth realm, unless an expert from the outside world appeared, no one in the entire Spirit Central World would ever know.

“What is Brother Qin’s special ability?”

After saying this, Long Zhen asked curiously.

In his opinion, since Qin Jue could easily enter the Immortal Sacred Land and even he couldn’t detect it, Qin Jue was clearly also in the Great Void Stage. He might even have reached the sixth or seventh realm.


Qin Jue was stunned. “I can do all the things you just listed.”

Long Zhen :”…”

Qin Jue didn’t want to continue on this topic and said, “Have you ever thought about returning to Earth?”

Seeing that Qin Jue was unwilling to reveal his strength, Long Zhen was also embarrassed to ask further. However, it wasn’t that Qin Jue was unwilling to reveal it, but that Qin Jue himself didn’t know what realm he was at.

“Return to Earth? Why?”

Long Zhen answered with a question, “That place can’t withstand my current power. It would be gone with a slap.”

After a pause, he added, “Besides, even if I wanted to go back, I don’t have the coordinates or the location. I would have to wander around.”

Hearing this, Qin Jue fell into deep thought. Indeed, even if there was a spatial channel like the one built by the Spirit Clan, what was the use if he did not know where Earth was?

Thinking like this, Qin Jue gradually became relieved. Why was he so obsessed with Earth previously?

In his previous life, he was just a working man who worked from nine to five, five days a week. He was not as free as he was now, let alone drink thousand-year-old spirit wine.

“I’ve lived here for thousands of years and have long since married and had children. To me, nothing is more important than them.”

Taking a sip of tea, Long Zhen regained his previously unfathomable appearance.

Qin Jue :”…”

So this is why you named your son Long Aotian?

“By the way, where do you live?”

Long Zhen asked as if recalling something.

“Southern Land.”

Qin Jue answered casually.

“Southern Land?”

Long Zhen’s eyes suddenly widened. He thought that he had misheard. How could such a place even give birth to an expert like Qin Jue? Was there a mistake?

However, what Long Zhen didn’t know was that Qin Jue didn’t cultivate at all. He had been cheating all this time. If Long Zhen found out, who knew what he would think?

“Are you interested in joining the Immortal Sacred Land?”

Long Zhen probed.


Qin Jue shook his head and refused without hesitation. He had only come to the Sacred Land of the Central Continent to travel, so why would he join the Immortal Sacred Land?


Long Zhen sighed regretfully.

However, with Qin Jue’s strength, there was indeed no need for him to join the Immortal Sacred Land. In any case, he was absolutely invincible wherever he went.

“Right. One more thing.”

Qin Jue suddenly said.


“You should have a cultivation technique for cultivating an incarnation, right? I want to exchange techniques with you.”

“Incarnation technique?”

Long Zhen was stunned and frowned. “Yes, but my Incarnation Technique is somewhat special.”

Seeing Qin Jue’s puzzled expression, Long Zhen explained, “The stronger the person who cultivates this cultivation technique, the weaker the incarnation they condense.”

Qin Jue: “???”

There was even such a strange setting?

“The incarnation I created then was only at the Legendary Stage. It took me thousands of years of cultivation to get it to reach the Great Sage Stage.”

Long Zhen spoke confidently. “If it was Brother Qin, the incarnation you would condense might only be around the Heaven Stage.”


What was the use of a Heaven Stage incarnation?

“If Brother Qin wants it, I can give it to you.”

As he spoke, Long Zhen’s fingers moved slightly, and a jade slip immediately appeared in front of Qin Jue.

“Thank you.”

Qin Jue didn’t refuse and directly accepted it.

If he really happened to only be able to condense a Heaven Stage incarnation in the future, he could just forcefully inject spirit energy into it. It might explode but it might also just work/

“Alright, it’s about time for me to leave.” Qin Jue stood up and said.

“Huh?” “So soon?”

Long Zhen was stunned. It had not been easy for him to encounter a transmigrator like him. He had not even had the chance to communicate in detail with Qin Jue when he had already decided to leave.

“Well, I have other things to do.”

Since Long Zhen’s identity as a transmigrator had been confirmed, there was no need for Qin Jue to stay.


Long Zhen was helpless. “I’ll always be here. If you need anything, feel free to come to me.”


Just as Qin Jue was about to leave, Long Zhen suddenly called out to him, “Wait!”

Qin Jue turned around in confusion, not understanding what Long Zhen wanted to do.

“I have something else for you.”

Long Zhen took out a jade tablet and handed it to Qin Jue. “This is the latest spirit tablet I’ve developed. The signal can cover the entire Spirit Central World. With this, you can contact me anywhere.”

Qin Jue :”…”

Qin Jue almost forgot that Long Zhen was the cultivator who invented the tablet computer in another world. It was likely that the highly technological buildings outside were also created by him.

After thanking him again, Qin Jue took the spirit tablet and his figure disappeared from where he stood like a charm, as if he had never existed.

Even though Long Zhen had tried his best to search with his spirit sense and even activated the Heaven’s Eye between his brows, he still couldn’t extract any information from Qin Jue.

“Too… strong.”

For the first time in thousands of years, Long Zhen felt so weak. He even suspected that Qin Jue could kill him in an instant.

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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