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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster Chapter 134

Chapter 134 - Transmigrated Somehow

Chapter 134: Transmigrated Somehow

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At night, the stars were like water, hanging on the horizon.

The Immortal Sacred Land was still brightly lit and bustling. Many buildings and facilities were filled with technology, making it seem out of place in this world.

At this moment, in the quiet bamboo forest, the Immortal Sacred Master was sitting upright in a pavilion. His bearing was deep and lofty, and he seemed dignified without being angry. However, he gave others a gentle feeling, and he could be said to be unpredictable.

Opposite him, Qin Jue had also sat down. The two of them had deep eyes and were full of curiosity about each other.

How many years had it been?

The Immortal Sacred Master sighed. Ever since he had advanced to the Great Sage Stage thousands of years ago, he had never encountered a worthy opponent again.. Now, even if the other seven Sacred Masters joined forces, they would still be far from being his match.

However, the spirit sense that suddenly appeared during the day had actually managed to pass through the countless array formations and restrictions of the Immortal Sacred Land. It was simply inconceivable.

When he heard that the other party would come to find him at night, he specially brewed a pot of tea and waited here.

To him, a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye. Why would he care about half a day?

Although he had long been mentally prepared, when the Immortal Sacred Master saw Qin Jue, he was still extremely shocked.

Wasn’t he too young?

Although high-level cultivators could stay young forever, how could the Immortal Sacred Master not distinguish the difference between the two?

As for Qin Jue’s cultivation, even the Immortal Sacred Master found it unpredictable and impossible to see through. The Immortal Sacred Master couldn’t even sense any spirit energy fluctuations from Qin Jue’s body. If it weren’t for his sharp intuition, he probably wouldn’t even know when Qin Jue had arrived.

It had to be known that there had been many array formations and restrictions set up in the Immortal Sacred Land . The perimeter of the bamboo forest was even isolated by special restrictions. Even if a fly flew in, he would be able to sense it.

However, Qin Jue had silently appeared. Just what level was this person at?

On the other side, Qin Jue was also sizing up the Immortal Sacred Master with interest. Was this the publicly acknowledged strongest expert of the Spirit Central World? He was indeed extraordinary.

What was certain was that the Immortal Sacred Master had already surpassed the Great Sage Stage. As for what level he had reached, Qin Jue didn’t know. After all, he had no idea what realm was above the Great Sage Stage.


The Immortal Sacred Master was the first to speak, breaking the silence.


Qin Jue responded.


Silence fell again.

“My name is Long Zhen. What about you?”

The Immortal Sacred Master added.

“Qin Jue!”

Qin Jue pondered. It seemed that Long Aotian was his son. But Qin Jue still found the name to be somewhat distasteful.

“So it’s Brother Qin.”

Qin Jue :”…”

Both father and son called him brother. How should this seniority be calculated?

“Do you want some tea?”

The Immortal Sacred Master gestured to the teapot.

“No, thanks. I prefer this.”

As he spoke, Qin Jue took out a pot of spirit wine and placed it on the stone platform.

Seeing this, Long Zhen was slightly stunned before smiling. “In that case, I can only use tea as wine.”

As the master of the Immortal Sacred Land, what Long Zhen drank was naturally not ordinary tea. It was brewed from a level seven spirit herb. Even a Legendary Stage cultivator would benefit greatly from a sip. It was even more precious than a thousand-year-old spirit wine.

“Brother Qin, why are you looking for me?”

“I want to know if you were the one who invented the spirit tablet.”

Qin Jue took a sip of wine and said seriously.

“Spirit tablet?”

Long Zhen frowned. He didn’t expect Qin Jue to ask such an insignificant question. “I did invent it. What’s wrong?”

“Then do you know about Earth?”

Qin Jue added.


Hearing this, Long Zhen’s expression changed slightly. His spirit energy trembled, and the white jade teacup in his hand instantly turned to dust.

“How do you know about Earth?”

Long Zhen looked up in shock.

This was the greatest secret in his heart, and he had never mentioned it to anyone else. Could this person see through his heart?

Seeing this, Qin Jue smiled. It seemed that he wasn’t wrong. Long Zhen was also from Earth. Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to have such a big reaction.

“Because I’m also from Earth.”

Qin Jue said indifferently.


Long Zhen suddenly stood up, and the entire Immortal Sacred Land shook. It could be seen how disturbed his heart was.

To be honest, the word “Earth” was both familiar and unfamiliar to the current Long Zhen.

After all, he had lived here for thousands of years. Many things had long been buried in the depths of his memories. If it weren’t for Qin Jue mentioning it, perhaps Long Zhen would never think about it again.

“Are you really from Earth?”


Qin Jue nodded.

“Hahaha, I knew it. I wasn’t the only transmigrator.”

Long Zhen threw his head back and laughed like a child.

Qin Jue :”…”

Now, he finally understood why Long Aotian was so unreliable. It was because of his genes.

As for Qin Jue, he had already mentally prepared himself when he came to find Long Zhen. Now that he had confirmed the other party’s identity, he naturally became much calmer.

After a while, Long Zhen finally calmed down and said with a smile, “Brother Qin, do you think if all the transmigrators from Earth combined their strength, would they be able to rule the universe together?”

Qin Jue :”…”

Was this really the unfathomable and lofty Immortal Sacred Master from just now? Why did it seem like the situation had suddenly changed?

As if seeing Qin Jue’s inner thoughts, Long Zhen explained with a bitter smile, “I’ve lived here for thousands of years and finally met a… friend. It’s inevitable that I’m a little excited. I hope Brother Qin can forgive me.”

The “friend” Long Zhen was talking about was naturally not an ordinary friend. It just meant that they were both from Earth.


At the mention of this, Qin Jue thought of something. “By the way, when did you transmigrate?”

“Uh… around the year 2020. I was eating hot pot and singing. I don’t know what happened, but for some reason, I began to have a fever and cough. When I woke up, I was already here.”

Long Zhen pondered for a moment and said.


“In other words, you and I transmigrated in the same year. How could you be thousands of years older than me?”

Qin Jue was surprised.

“Uh… I’m not sure.”

Long Zhen also just learned he had transmigrated thousands of years earlier than Qin Jue. What made him depressed was that despite both being transmigrators, why was it that he had arrived thousands of years earlier than Qin Jue but still weaker?

As a transmigrator, Long Zhen had always treated himself as the main character. In fact, this was indeed the case. He had become a Great Sage in the shortest time possible, swept through the Spirit Central World, and was invincible. If such a person wasn’t the main character, then who was?

But after meeting Qin Jue, he suddenly realized that he might really not be the main character.

Qin Jue thought for a moment but couldn’t figure it out. Fortunately, he decided to stop thinking about it, so he asked, “You’ve already broken through to the Great Sage Stage, right?”

“Of course.”

Long Zhen said proudly, “I broke through more than two thousand years ago.”

“What’s above the Great Sage Stage?”

Qin Jue immediately asked.

Even though he had searched the soul of the First Elder of the Spirit Clan before, he only knew that there was an even higher realm above the Great Sage realm. He did not know what it was exactly.

Perhaps Long Zhen could help him answer this question.

“Ten Great Void Stage.”

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Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

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My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".


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