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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 200

Chapter 174: Birth of Ares-Class!

Chapter 174: Birth of Ares-Class!

The situation became more and more difficult and when Han was trapped between two powerful forces, the people above ground weren’t having an easy time either.

The poisonous king of the Witch Clan was already lying lifelessly on the ground, as a mummy.

As someone who only knew how to use poison, facing an opponent that was immune and needed real swords and guns to fight, Mandala was naturally the first one to die.

Although Ye Guhong and Fran were still alive, they looked as if they were 10 years older, the massive loss of source energy made them struggle to make any moves and they almost couldn’t hold it anymore.

At that moment, the Star-Strangling Boa suddenly stopped its attacks towards those two and became unusually quiet.


Fran and Ye Guhong already depleted their power and fainted.

Han’s situation was indeed very difficult. Among the 4 of them, Mandala died, Fran and Ye Guhong fainted, no one could give him a helping hand, and even the loyal Demon Claw with tenacious vitality was lying powerlessly on the ground. Its big claws gently trembled, even if it was not dead, it was pretty close to being dead.

Han was very clear that even if the Demon Claw was energetic at the moment, it still wouldn’t be able to provide any help for him.

He stuck in a fight between sages. Whether it was the creature inside the egg or the Star-Strangling Boa, both were way stronger than Han.

The feeling that his body was going to split put Han in a lot of pain, but suddenly, he felt an incredible change taking place inside his body.

What was affected by the two strong powers wasn’t just Han, but also the Heart of Darkness and Genu of Darkness, both from the power of Darkness.

Now the situation was that Han was about to be torn apart, and the power of darkness was also trying to flee!

Han felt that the dark energy was actually going into his zero-degree brain region! And started tangling up with his source energy!

In the past, the dark energy only temporarily inhabited in Han’s body but didn’t really count as his own; it was only a type of power he can channel when he needs to.

Now the dark energy went into his zero-degree brain region, and the place where the source energy is generated and stored!

This was equivalent to a type of fusion!

In the narrow zero-degree brain region, the dark energy and source energy became very mixed and were no longer two separate entities. This chaos directly triggered a mutation in Han’s body!

Han felt much more powerful than before! Even the power of the Dark King was truly absorbed by him, and his source energy was no longer the same as other espers. It now had a dark temperament added!

This was like pouring two bottles of ink into a water tank. Now the tank of clear water changed color and can no longer be drunk, but also became threatening!


Han’s body trembled!

His zero-degree brain region became dark and wide!

The two forces that were originally tearing Han’s body apart, after the dark energy and Han truly integrated, could no longer hurt Han, and Han could even take those two energy forces and absorb them into his zero-degree brain region!

A series of coincidences finally led to unexpected results, and now the situation was that Han, who had fully integrated with the dark force, began absorbing the life inside the black egg and the energy from Star-Strangling Boa!


Bring it on!

Han’s zero-degree brain region turned into a black whirlpool, constantly absorbing the two forces that were battling inside of him.

No one knew how Han became like this, but they all knew that the current Han was very deadly!


Unexpectedly, Han whose energy was suddenly strengthened directly pulled out the silver handle that was inserted inside the Star-Strangling Boa.

It turned out to be a blade!

Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade!

Just at the moment Han pulled out the edge, the Star-Strangling Boa suddenly lost its power and started crumbling. Han felt that he can use this blade to cut it down easily!

Just at that moment, the Star-Strangling Boa’s roots and leaves quickly went into that strange blade in Han’s hand, as if this Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade could imprison demons. It captured this monster Star-Strangling Boa.

And a few seconds later, there was not even a trace of the Star-Strangling Boa left! The huge and horrifying plant disappeared out of thin air, leaving only Han and the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade! The blade’s body emits and devilish silver light, and the blade seemed to be even sharper than before!

But near Han, that black egg was still desperately struggling.

“Do you want to live or die?” Han placed that strange blade above the black egg and shouted, as if he was going to kill the egg and the creature inside.



After struggling for a few seconds, the egg stopped howling and started whimpering, as if it had already surrendered and was begging Han to let him go.

Han frowned and thought for a long time.

Finally, he gently flicked his wrist and placed the egg back into the dimensional ring.

“Since he already conceded defeat, I will just spare him.” Han thought.

This war could be described as a series of twists and turns. Just when Han was on the verge of death, the dark energy actually completed its integration with the zero-degree brain region, and this fusion brought Han some type of magical power, allowing him to reverse the losing battle and take down both monsters!

Han did not dare to be pleased. He closed his eyes to see his zero-degree brain region.

The zero-degree brain region was a very small point located at the bottom of the brain, and now Han’s zero-degree brain region was more than twice as large as before, full of source energy while mingling with the dark forces. He could also sense the power that he absorbed from the black egg and the Star-Strangling Boa.

These four full forces reached an equilibrium inside his brain, slowly flowing like a whirlpool. Han’s body didn’t feel abnormal, as if his body had already accepted the zero-degree brain region’s change.

“Could this be the legendary genetic mutation?” Han thought, “Due to some special reasons, my zero-degree brain region mutated and that’s why it could accommodate all these completely different forces?”

Shaking his head, Han picked up his Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade and observed.

Such unparalleled work was clearly a top-tier product left behind by the prehistoric civilization, and there were words inscribed on the silver handle, “Extinction-Tier Ares-Class, Star-Strangling Boa!”


Han’s whole body was shocked, so this Star-Strangling Boa wasn’t some plant, but an Ares-class weapon!

When Han pulled out the blade, he probably triggered certain program, and that raging monster was then received into the blade!

Shaking the weapon a few times, Han still couldn’t feel the presence of that huge plant inside the blade, but that large sh*t going into that blade was something he saw with his own eyes. There was not the slightest doubt about it.

“Ares-class! Ares-class! This is an Ares-class weapon!”

Han shouted in excitement, forcefully waving the Silver Edge Iron-Tower Blade upward!


The earth above them immediately shattered, a huge arc of blade light soared into the sky!

The birth of the Ares-class!

Both Heaven and Earth are broken!

The murderous atmosphere spread to all sides!

When Ye Guhong and Fran regained consciousness, Han already stashed away that smile of ecstasy on his face from gaining an Ares-class weapon and went back to his normal.

“Don’t move, take these pills, it can help you restore energy.” Han handed some black and smelly drugs to them and whispered.

Fran looked around, the Star-Strangling Boa had long been missing, even the reverse energy shields disappeared and he asked in surprise, “What happened? What happened to that monster? Where did it run to?!”

Han obviously wouldn’t tell him that the Star-Strangling Boa was actually just the Ares-class weapon in his hand right now, so he told a lie and said that the Star-Strangling Boa had been killed under everyone’s cooperation.

“I also participated?” Fran pointed at himself in disbelief and said, “How come I don’t remember?”

Ye Guhong also scratched his head and was confused.

“You two are indeed gods of war descended onto earth! The battle above ground with that brutal Star-Strangling Boa was so intense. That’s why I had the opportunity to cut off the roots of this monster! Just as I guessed, this monster’s weakness was its roots. When the roots were destroyed, it thumped a few times and collapsed, turning into a handful of loess.” Han wasn’t meritorious and told the other two that he only could kill the Star-Strangling Boa because of them.

“Is that true?” Fran was puzzled and asked.

Han had to do quite a bit of explanation to finally convince them that they contributed a lot in killing the Star-Strangling Boa.

“That’s strange, you were underground, how did you know about how we fought?” Ye Guhong wasn’t as simple minded as that alien and was still a little skeptical.

So Han just said that Demon Claw told him about the whole battle. Speaking of the Demon Claw, it was really tough like a cockroach. Han thought it already died and was about to bury it, but this thing actually shook off the dirt and stood up again.

Although the Demon Claw walked like it was drunk right now and didn’t have any strength, it was still alive. Its vitality was so strong that it left Han puzzled.

Speaking of the death of Mandala, Ye Guhong and Fran were somewhat saddened. Although they were enemies, when Mandala died in battle, he still had a bit of grace of a true warrior and could be considered an enemy worthy of remembering.

When speaking about that pill Han fed to them, Han told them that it came from Mandala’s dimension ring, and that almost scared Ye Guhong and Fran to the point where they almost spit it out on the spot.

Han patted his chest and promised, “You guys don’t believe in him but at least you believe me right? From the pharmacological point of view, poison and tonics are just a little but different in property.”

“Oh right, since we fought a life and death battle together, I won’t see you guys as outsiders. The dimension ring left behind by Mandala has a lot of good stuff in it, now it’s all mine, you guys wouldn’t know much about poison anyways.”

Just as Han finished, chaos was heard in the distant. Ye Jincheng, Yuan Yuan, and the Headhunter clan’s soldiers all rushed over, shouting their names.


Fran laughed loudly, stood up and put his arms around Han’s shoulder. He said, “My life was saved by you, the entire Headhunter clan was also saved by you! Not to mention a dimension ring. From now on, everything here at the Headhunter clan is all yours!”


Fran also held onto Ye Guhong’s shoulder and laughed, “And you! From now on your Ye family and us Headhunter clan are all good brothers!”

Friendship between soldiers often came from battles, and Fran’s excitement could be understood. That’s how the alien race had always been, when they are being nice to someone, they even want to give away their lives.

Han didn’t say anything, and his finger gently touched Lunar Mark.

There was no longer evil a Star-Strangling Boa, and only a generational Ares-class weapon!

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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