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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 199

Chapter 173: Creature inside Egg vs. Star-Strangling Boa

Chapter 173: Creature inside Egg vs. Star-Strangling Boa

Without any time to hesitate and think, this battle of life and death had already reached its brutal climax in just a few seconds! The humans and aliens had gone berserk in order to survive.

Han could hear Fran’s tear-like howl, Ye Guhong’s heavy breath, and Mandala’s pained shout after being injured.

Although a few hours ago they were still enemies that wanted to take the other’s life, at the moment, everyone was giving their all and desperately cutting the Star-Strangling Boa under the risk of being sucked empty into a mummy at any time.

Han couldn’t relax. His mission was actually more difficult and he was trying to destroy the plant’s roots from underground.

The credit didn’t all go to Han, but also the Demon Claw.

After Han’s modification, the Demon Claw acquired a terrifying level of vitality. Right after it sent Ye Jincheng to the entrance, it turned around and without a moment of rest, it accompanied Han into the difficult battle.

The Demon Claw didn’t talk, it just worked hard to try to complete any difficult tasks Han gave to it, to create an underground tunnel and expose the roots of this plant so that Han and his fusion beasts could follow-up and destroy it.

The Demon Claw quickly dug with his 9 claws, and was even faster and more ferocious than the best excavator.

But unfortunately, every time it touched the Star-Strangling Boa’s roots, its vitality would weaken and its digging speed became slower and slower.

A grim monster, as fast as the wind, had now turned into an old-man-like creature.

Han felt that the Demon Claw might be approaching the end of its life. It seemed like a dying old man, its claws were no longer agile and powerful, but it was still relying on its determination to keep on digging.

Perseverance, it was no longer just Han’s characteristic but also everything around him. Whether it was the Demon claws, Godly Armored Beasts or six-arm star apes, they were all affected by his personality, never giving up and exposing the roots of this Star-Strangling Boa from the soil! Use knives to cut it! Use claws to shred it! If all else fails, use teeth to bite it!

In a matter of moments, Han lost all fusion beasts, whether it was the precious Armored Beasts, or his whimsically created six-arm star apes, they all withered away like autumn leaves, as their energy got completely sucked out from them.

After the muscle tissues atrophied, it was the neurons. The fusion beasts all gradually collapsed, and became air-dried mummies, with no more signs of life. However, they had all expired in an aggressive posture.

Even the Demon Claw which had the strongest vitality was also on the verge of dying. It was originally as agile like the wind, but now, it was using its arms to slowly crawl forward, using its energy-depleted claws and digging little by little.

Han suddenly felt a feeling of sorrow. It was a feeling that had accumulated in his heart for the past few months.

In the relic, Han witnessed his teammates get killed in battle one by one, and in the Headhunter Star System, he witnessed how his loyal and voiceless fusion beasts died for their master.

The tragic scenes kept on crossing by Han’s mind, and triggered Han’s anger!

Even though he was very tired, and whenever Han touched the roots of the Star-Strangling Boa, it felt like he was getting struck by thunder, he didn’t stop.


The entire automatic drug kit’s pills were swallowed by Han! A fatal dose!

The Star-Strangling Boa was the most terrifying and unreasonable weapon designed by the prehistoric civilization!

The more you attacked it, the stronger it got, what kind of rule was this?!

The Star-Strangling Boa was actually immortal?!

“No one is immortal! Even this universe, one day it will perish!”

In the desperate situation, Han’s eyes broke out with a strong desire to survive, and his two eyes became bloodshot.

It took energy to continue, and Han must replenish his energy faster than the Star-Strangling Boa absorbed.

If that’s the case, then just use this!


Han gently touched the Lunar Mark and a crystal appeared in Han’s hand. It looked like a person’s knee, but was actually a crystal that possessed the powerful energy of darkness.

Genu of Darkness!


Han drew a cut on his right arm with a small knife, and he held the dark crystal closer.

Blood Merging Surgery!

It was the most effective but also most dangerous method discussed by Han and Night Walker.

Now, Han didn’t care about anything else anymore. He melted the Genu of Darkness in his blood, just so that he could defeat this damn Star-Strangling Boa!


The color of the Genu of Darkness quickly faded, and when Han channeled his dark energy, his black right arm was like a powerful sponge. No matter how much power and energy was contained inside the Genu of Darkness, it would always be absorbed by Han with the fastest speed.

The reason for this effect, was also due to the Heart of Darkness. The Heart of Darkness and the 6 other treasures that contained the power of darkness were originally one entity, they were all created after the Dark King passed away.

There was already the power of Heart of Darkness inside Han’s body, so when the second energy form of the same property approached, the Heart of Darkness began working, crazily pulling the Genu of Darkness’s power towards Han’s body so that the two powerful energy forms of the same source could become one.

Han and Night Walker did many tests and found this property, but as to what kind of consequence this effect could bring, both Han and Night Walker weren’t too sure.

The powerful energy of darkness filled Han’s entire body, making his muscles expand and his joints crack, as if his whole body was about to burst due to the abundance of energy.


Just at that moment, the Star-Strangling Boa’s absorbing speed was far behind how fast Han was replenishing his energy from the Genu of Darkness, and that gave Han the opportunity to strike back!

Dark Fist!

Han waved his already pitch black arm, and even his inactive right eye and his shoulder became black at that moment.


He delivered a right straight punch, overwhelming!

The twisting power of darkness struck the place where the soil and roots were mixed and the effect was incredible.

The ground suddenly trembled, the ruptured roots and soil collapsed together, as if someone buried a nuke underground and then detonated it.

The soil was blown away, together with the roots of the Star-Strangling Boa.

Han’s punch consumed a huge amount of energy, but also had a remarkable effect.

The punch was like a missile, piercing through the soil and directly blowing apart the thickest root of the Star-Strangling Boa.

Han surprisingly found, after that huge grey root was cracked, a strange handle was actually expose. A silver color, a bit like a handle of a blade, and the edge of the blade seemed to be inserted into the body of the Star-Strangling Boa.


Charge forward!

The power of the Genu of Darkness filled Han’s entire body, leaving his whole body in pain. This feeling was difficult to be explained. On one hand it was because of too much energy being injected into Han’s body, and on the other hand it’s because of too much energy being sucked out at the same time.

The outcome was obvious, once the Genu of Darkness no longer injected energy into Han’s body, within a few seconds he will have been sucked dry by the Star-Strangling Boa and become mummified.

Taking advantage of how there are still remaining energy left in the Genu of Darkness, only a few seconds was left to Han!

Now the only thing he could think of is to grab that silver handle. No matter what it is, since it’s inserted into the center of the Star-Strangling Boa’s body, it must be an important object.

Han took a stride and rushed to catch that silver handle at the Star-Strangling Boa’s bottom and forcefully pulled! He wanted to pull this strange thing out!


Han felt like he was struck by lightning, his body was rapidly losing energy, skin was becoming dry, and his soul was being extracted out of him.

Maybe he was too close to the Star-Strangling Boa’s body, the silver handle was inserted inside its body had a devouring force multiple times stronger than the one he felt from before. Originally, Han guessed that the Genu of Darkness could still support him for a few more seconds, but now, Han might not even be able to hold for one more second!

What now?!

What now?!

In the desperate situation, Han suddenly thought of something he has, someone that was as powerful and crazy as the Star-Strangling Boa! It was that black egg, the thing that Han brought back from A-19 relic.


Han’s finger gently slid across the Lunar Mark, he took out that strange egg and placed it in his hand. That action already depleted the last little bit of strength Han had left. It was very clear that Han’s muscles were withering away, his eyes were losing light and his blood vessels were becoming dry.

At that moment, the atmosphere changed immediately!

That strange, black egg in Han’s hand suddenly uttered a sharp tweet!

A powerful strength gushed out of the inside of the egg, through Han’s arm and body and entered the Star-Strangling Boa’s world.

And this noise, it was issued by the long-awaited monster inside the egg. It had been hibernating, but at the moment it suddenly felt threatened, feeling that someone was trying to absorb its energy!

Who the f*ck dares!

As a result, the monster woke up!

The sharp noise Han heard was issued by him. Of course, it wasn’t some noise, but a spiritual consciousness.

When in A-19 relic, Han was once forced to feed the monster inside this black egg with his energy of darkness, so these two on the spiritual level, had some unexplained magical link.

Han obviously felt that this creature inside the egg had awakened, and it was furious!


The powerful creature inside the egg didn’t hold back, and it started to absorb the Star-Strangling Boa’s energy!

“You want to absorb me? I want to absorb you too!”

Oh god!

Han could not believe that he would encounter such a thing. The two unspeakably powerful monsters were actually competing for each other’s energy, and Han’s body actually became the focus of this competition?!

No matter if it was the Star-Strangling Boa wanting to absorb the creature in the black egg’s energy, or vice versa, both had to go through Han’s body!

This crazy contest, was at the moment taking place with Han’s body as the battlefield!

With the last bit of remaining consciousness Han wanted to let go of the silver handle, but he couldn’t, it just got stuck onto his hand like a magnet.

He wanted to throw away the egg on his hand, but he couldn’t, the mysterious egg seemed to have glued itself onto Han’s hand or something!

The two crazy power both used Han as a channel, the two evil forces began constantly impacting, struggling and entangling with each other inside Han’s body!

Han felt like his old will soon collapse!

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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