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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 197

Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part One)

Chapter 172: A Battle of Life and Speed (Part One)

“Void Domain, open!”

Han shouted and activated his power.

To soldiers, sound was not reliable because of the propagation of sound in the air is much slower than the neural response rate of an esper. So, with Void Domain as a battle signal is more intuitive, once summoned, everyone will feel their power disappearing, and then they can follow this sensation and leap up releasing their suppression on the reverse energy field.


When everyone let go at the same time, the field’s force became unstoppable and started expanding outward crazily, while the position repeater that Han manufactured also started operating and started reflecting the energy back.

Just as Han expected, after 2 seconds, the double energy field finally stabilized, and an energy field of 20,000 meters in diameter appeared, which was slightly bigger than the one Han originally calculated.

At this moment, the Star-Strangling Boa hadn’t been activated yet and Han channeled the power from his Heart of Darkness and smashed his fist against the ice layer.


The thick ice layer was immediately shattered by the twisted power of darkness and Han shouted, “Now! Attack the root of the plant!”



All four of them successively jumped into the icy water, and started swimming towards the underwater weed-looking plant.

But less than a second after Han and the others shattered the ice and jumped into the water, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

That green plant suddenly swelled thousands of times bigger! Lake, ice, all of their surroundings completely disappeared. Han and the others were suddenly thrown into the air. This drastic change caught them all off guard.


When Han and the others successively landed, they realized that the supposedly muddy lake bottom already turned into dry land.

“Such a powerful creature! It already turned the water and ice into the growth energy it needs! Now it has become a giant plant that’s no less than 2000 meters in length!” Ye Guhong shouted.

“Who cares! Cut off its roots and kill it!”

Fran shouted and started charging ahead again.

“Careful! If you get absorbed by the monster, it will become stronger!” Han shouted at Fran’s back.

Han’s observation was very keen, the Star-Strangling Boa stopped growing after it became over 2000 meters tall. That meant its accessible energy source for growth had already been depleted, and if anyone accidently became this Boa’s food, this big guy will be further strengthened.

The method to defeat the Star-Strangling Boa was not only about cutting off its roots, but also to prevent it from acquiring the energy needed for growth.

Fran was eager to save his home, so he refused to listen to Han’s words and insisted on charging forward.

The Star-Strangling Boa waved its cylindrical leaves and started attacking Fran. The reason it was called the Star-Strangling Boa was because its leaves weren’t flat, but were soft round tubes with oval tips. If you didn’t look carefully, it really did look like a boa with 9 heads!

The Star-Strangling Boa had 9 cylindrical leaves and, when waved, the wind whistled.


Fran was indeed an elite, as the Boa’s leaves swept past. He already leaped into the air, and as the leaves started charging towards the sky, he uttered a shriek in the air, two golden long blade took form in his hand, and he fiercely slashed down on the leaves.


The blades in Fran’s hands were very sharp and it cut off one of the Star-Strangling Boa’s leaves right away. But at the same time, he seemed to have lost his power, the duo blades that were produced by his metal descent power quickly disappeared and he started falling towards the ground.

“Fran’s out of power!”

“Hurry and save him!”

Han and Ye Guhong shouted at the same time, and Mandala knew that Fran’s death wouldn’t benefit him so he followed the charge as well.

“Poison arrow rain!”

When the distance was close, Mandala suddenly bent down to a strange stance and shot out thousands of arrows from his cloak. The arrows had a cyan fluorescent body; they were obviously extremely toxic!

Gengci Gengci~

Thousands of poison arrows were all fully embedded into the Star-Strangling Boa’s body, causing the stem of the magical plant to begin turning black and moving slower.

Han and Ye Guhong took advantage of this opportunity and charged in, one with the Star Pierce Moon Slaying blade, and one with a hook, cutting away the Star-Strangling Boa’s leaves, immediately bringing Fran up and dragging him to safety.

“This damn plant, it absorbed my power!” Fran angrily shouted.

Han said, “That’s because your weapon isn’t actually metallic but was your power taking form. It seemed like your blade was the one making contact with the plant, but it was actually your own body, stupid! You knew this thing could suck energy!”

Fran pouted, although he had a bad temper, he was still reasonable. When Han called him stupid, he wasn’t very angry.

“Then what happens if you cut it with metal?” Fran asked Han.

“This will happen.”

Han showed his Star Pierce Moon Slaying Blade to Fran, and there were little holes on the blade’s body, as if it was corroded by some acidic substance.

Han swallowed a mouthful of spittle and said, “Although it will still be absorbed, but it won’t be as intense as making direct contact with your own power. I also felt my energy being sucked away.”

Ye Guhong nodded on the side, agreeing with Han. This damn Star-Strangling Boa, the moment contact is made, it will devour some energy no matter what, just like a monster!

“Sh*t! It’s absorbing its own broken leaf, and it also absorbed my toxins!” Mandala shouted.

Everyone took a closer look. They saw the leaf that Han and the group was finally able to cut had started withering, and the energy was returning back to the plant’s body and new leaves grew back quickly.

The sharp arrows forged with metal became dust, and the black color caused by the toxins slowly converted to energy and returned back to the Star-Strangling Boa.

The first round of attack finished, not only wasn’t the monster killed, it even absorbed the espers’ attacks and grew to 3000 meters in length.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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