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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 196

Chapter 171: Four Elites Vs. Star-Strangling Boa

Chapter 171: Four Elites Vs. Star-Strangling Boa

After listening to King Mandala, Han couldn’t help but gasp.

When the prehistoric civilization left this base, they not only constructed walls and walls of concrete to prevent other people from entering the laboratory that kept the Star-Strangling Boa sealed, they even installed a ban, if anyone came close and tried to acquire the Boa, the reverse protective cover would activate and completely destroy this planet.

No one knew that the prehistoric civilization set a trap, so when they got close, the reverse protective field activated. King Mandala and the other two had no choice but to use their source energy to suppress this protective shield to stop it from activating, otherwise they, along with the entire planet, would be sucked clean to death by this crazy plant.

According to King Mandala’s few clues, Han knew that the Star-Strangling Boa was a kind of planet-destroying weapon that engulfed and devoured until the planet no longer had any energy or life, and that was when its goal would be reached.

It must be said, the prehistoric civilization not only had advanced technology, they were also very vicious.

Suppose this kind of weapon was thrown onto Earth, Earth will shortly become a dead planet and fall apart, and 15 billion people on Earth will all perish.

“Let’s just fight it!” Headhunter clan’s leader Fran yelled, “If this continues, our energy will sooner or later be depleted. In that case, we might as well give it a shot! Let’s see if all of us worked together, can we kill this evil plant!”

Han shook his head and said, “I have a concern. Since this Star-Strangling Boa is so powerful, why didn’t the prehistoric civilization take it with them when they were leaving?”

“We know that this reverse energy shield can stop this plant from growing. That means, if they want to take this plant with them, they completely can store this plant and the shield together into their ship.”

“Even so, why did the prehistoric civilization choose to leave behind this plant? I think, maybe this plant has a flaw, a fatal flaw! And that’s why the prehistoric civilization didn’t take it with them, but they were not willing to have other people possess this plant. That’s why they set numerous traps, and when necessary, they would rather have this plant destroy this entire planet instead of letting the secret of this plant fall into other people’s hands!”

Ye Guhong frowned, “Then based on what you said, isn’t this Star-Strangling Boa big trouble?”

“Of course.” Han seriously said, “But I have a way to stop this plant from destroying the entire planet.”

“What way?” Fran eagerly asked.

“Since the reverse energy shield can control the Star-Strangling Boa’s growth, we can make a larger reverse energy shield, one large enough to completely seal off this laboratory! That way, even if the plant is released, its extent of growth will be limited to this laboratory, and it won’t be able to get out.” Han scratched his chin and said.

“I object!” Mandala who hadn’t talked for a long time suddenly yelled, “Recreating a bigger reverse energy field? Doesn’t that mean we will be trapped inside as well? What’s the point then?!”

“You shut up! It’s all because of you that we are in this situation!” Fran shouted with a grim face, “His method can at least save my people! If we are going to die, I’m going to kill you first!”

Han said in a lower voice, “The key issue is not about protecting your people, but after the establishment of a larger reverse energy shield, although we will face the Boa’s attack, but we can still bet once more!”

“If we win the bet, then the Boa will die and we are saved. If we lose, the Boa will also be trapped in here and won’t get out to harm other people. This is called battle of life and death.”

Everyone’s eyes again fell upon Han. He was right, a larger reverse energy shield, although wasn’t enough to save everyone, gave them a chance to battle the Star-Strangling Boa at least.

“I agree!” Fran was the first to declare his position.

Ye Guhong eyed Han a few glances with suspicion, nodded and said, “I couldn’t think of a better way, let’s do it.”

It was Mandala’s turn. Although he didn’t like this kind of gambling, due to the pressure, he nodded and agreed as well.

Han said, “So, I will begin preparing the second set of the reverse energy device. Ye Jincheng, I need you to leave this place and send the message to all the Headhunter clan members, tell them to stay still or it’s going to be a disaster.”

“No, I want to stay, and live or die with Master!” Ye Jincheng obviously didn’t agree to escape alone.

“Delivering useful information is many times more important than tying your life together with your master! Don’t you get it?!” Han remembered what happened in the A-43. He couldn’t help but become angry in his heart and shouted at Ye Jincheng.

That many teammates died to deliver a damn message to the Alliance!

Suddenly thinking about Ma Jingkong, Ms. White and the others, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Kill in battle, die on the battlefield, this was probably the fate as a soldier.

Seeing how Ye Jincheng’s face got all red from being shouted by him, Han felt a bit sorry for the loyal Ye Jincheng and whispered, “You staying won’t be able to help me because you don’t know the theory of reflected energy, nor how to manufacture a reverse energy field, so it’s best if you go out to deliver the message to other people.”

“I will have the Demon Claw send you out as soon as possible. As for other things, just leave it to me.”

Ye Jincheng had a grief face on him, looked at Ye Guhong, but Ye Guhong had a wry smile and let out a long breath, said to him, “Jincheng, this is an important mission, if the family doesn’t have my news it will get chaotic. Now this important mission is given to you.”

“Take my necklace back. When my people see it, they will trust you.” Fran also said.


Ye Jincheng trembled anxiously, then fiercely stamped at the ground, and was taken by the Demon Claw towards the laboratory entrance with the fastest speed.

Han stayed, sat on the mirror-like ice layer, and quickly fiddled around a few machines others have never seen before.

“This is a vacuum shield system used when making fusion beasts. It uses mini fusion reactors as its energy source. I will increase its output power and reverse its position and convert it into a position repeater. It will connect the reverse energy field under the lake and acquire the dual energy to extend the range of the field. Let’s hope this design works.” Han didn’t look up and just muttered.

Everyone here were all soldiers; no one could understand Han’s words.

Ye Guhong do know a little about some related theories, he was surprised, “A position repeater? Has it been done before?”

Han laughed and said, “Of course not, because no one before has encountered this kind of f*cked up situation.”


King Fran began laughing again. He didn’t know Han before, but he felt that Han’s temper was very much like his. F*cked up situation? Fran who had a blunt and rude character really liked Han’s choice of words. Now at the awkward dilemma, they were really f*cked.

After about 2 hours, Han finally finished his position repeater. He gently held the disc-shaped repeater in his hand, and placed it in the center of the triangular formation of Ye Guhong and the others.


The energy position repeater gradually merged into the original reverse energy field and started floating up into the thin air, lighting up a green LED light.


Han let out a long breath, it seemed that his design succeeded.

This device was originally used during the making of fusion beasts to filter air and remove micro-organisms, equivalent to having a sterile chamber. After being modified by Han, it turned into an energy position repeater, performing an arc-like reflection of the high energy emitted by the reverse energy field.

As a result, a field emission device and a field reflecting device formed an opposition, stabilizing the field again to stop it from unlimited expansion.

“That’s it?” Fran didn’t even dare to gasp and asked Han. After all, the Headhunter Star System was home to him and his people, this alien king really loved his home and didn’t want his home to be destroyed.

“Should be.” Han nodded, squatted and said seriously, “My power is Void End, I will activate my power and take away all your power, and that’s the signal to stop your source energy output. Then, the field will immediately lose balance and start expanding.”

“According to my calculations, the field repeater I designed, which is also a reflective system, will reach a balance with the field emission device within 2 seconds, forming a brand new energy field of at least 15000 meters in diameters.”

“Of course we will be trapped here, but the Star-Strangling Boa won’t be able to get out as well. At that moment, that evil plant will begin attacking us, and if we can win, alive. Lose, die! Everything is that simple.”

Fran, Ye Guhong and Mandala all heavily nodded.

Han paused and said, “Generally speaking, the most important part of a plant is its root, and mutated plants shouldn’t be an exception. So, we need to strike the root of this plant as much as possible, with our respective strongest attacks!”

“Whatever forbidden techniques, and weapons, bring it all out! This is a war for survival, either win or die!”

His eyes moving to Mandala, Han deepened his voice and said, “As for you, the situation right now is all caused by you! I suggest you work together with us to fight this Star-Strangling Boa. If you don’t give up and try to sneak attack us with poison or your puppet technique, I will kill you first!”

“Remember, Night Walker is one of my teachers, so poison techniques, I know a lot too! You won’t be able to hide from my eyes!”

Mandala had clearly heard of the Poison Addict Night Walker, he suddenly hesitated and then reluctantly nodded.

Ye Guhong’s look became even more strange. Of course he had heard of Han before, but he only knew that Han’s power coincidently could restrain Ye Weiwei’s Thunder Guardian. Today was the first time he saw Han, and Han’s passion, skills, and background, all left Ye Guhong in a great surprise.

Ye Hua told Ye Guhong before that Han was just a normal soldier from a small country. But clearly, Han was not normal at all.

“I’m starting the countdown from 10!”

“At the end of the countdown, the void domain will open.”

“You are all elites; you should know what to do.”





“Void Domain, open!”

The countdown ended, Han shouted and activated his Void Domain.

Witch Clan’s King of Poison Mandala, Headhunter Clan’s strongest fighter Fran, Ancient Maple Leaf’s Master Ye Guhong, plus Han, they were about to fight the prehistoric civilization’s extinction-level weapon, Star Strangling Boa!

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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