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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 163

Chapter 142: Black Lake, Star-Moon Silvery Bell

Chapter 142: Black Lake, Star-Moon Silvery Bell


No. Demon Claw quickly entered the galactic rift. Han’s hands remained stable, posing on the extremely complex command console, ready to respond to unexpected situations.

The Galactic rift was simply an opening in space. The originally stable dimension was torn open a crack so that humans can enter into the second layer of dimension.

The complex array radar quickly revealed the scan of the inside of the galactic rift, Han just saw that the inside of the galactic rift was like a big pocket, belonging to an open space hidden in the lower level of the dimension. It was surrounded by dimension barriers. Humans couldn’t normally break through these barriers to enter other levels of space, and the only way was the galactic rift behind Han right now.

In the depth of this dimension barrier, there was a planet. According to the scan result, this planet was 12000 kilometers in diameter, with a surface area of 470 million square kilometers.

It wasn’t too big, equivalent to the size of Venus from earth’s solar system. The planet was semi-circular in shape as if the other side had been smacked flat by someone.

With more and more data being retrieved by the scanning array, Han was surprised that such a crippled planet actually had air suitable for humans. The underground magnetic field was very strong, and the energy index fluctuates, very unstable.

Also on the edge of the planet was parked 3 ships, two Petrel-class destroyer and one Thorax-class cruiser gunboat. Clearly, they belonged to the group of the Cyan Skull pirates.

The fire control radar quickly locked onto the three warships, but the enemies didn’t react at all. The life signal detector also confirmed that there were no signs of life on those 3 boats. As for that Black Forest, due to its strong magnetic field interference, the radar arrays could only provide a rough estimated set of data and cannot retrieve any accurate information.

Han adjusted No. Demon Claw to full speed, charging to the pirate’s landing point, and at the same time he was frowning and thinking too.

Even if most of the pirates entered the Black Forest, there should still be someone guarding those ships, but why are there no signs of life? Could there have been an accident?

The closer they got to the strange planet, the magnetic interference got more severe, and the screen began to rapidly shake. But the good news was that starships nowadays had pretty good protective measures against interference, so the No. Demon Claw wouldn’t actually lose control.

When No. Demon Claw parked, Han came down with the small robot Yuan Yuan and arrived to the side of the 3 warships.

They saw that the three ships were covered in scratches, the sharp claws even torn apart the three starships’ thick tritanium armor and ripped a hole on the ship. On the ground the cabin was covered in blood.

Han looked around and said in a lowered voice, “From the looks of it, more than one sharp clawed monster charged out of the forest. The speed was so fast that the pirates on board had no time to react at all before being compromised.”

Yuan Yuan anxiously asked, “The monsters are so formidable, could grandpa be gone already?!”

Han said, “Because that cruiser’s armor layer is thicker, it was compromised last. And before they died, they fired a high-power warning signal.”

“From that we can infer, at least before those three ships were attacked, the pirates that went into the jungle are still alive, otherwise the guarding crews won’t risk their lives to stay back and send them a signal. As long as that group of pirates are still alive, then there’s hope of survival for Old Mo. After all, he only has value when alive, and the pirates will only get rid of him after they find what they want.”

“Yuan Yuan, can you remotely control my ship?” Han suddenly asked.

“I should be. This place has strong local interference. However, as long as the control signals are not complicated, I can increase my signal transmission while adjusting No. Demon Claw’s radar array’s receiving power to the highest.” Yuan Yuan did some calculations in his head and replied.

Han nodded, “Good, I will open the communication port of No. Demon Claw to you. You control it to leave this planet first, follow our location and begin orbiting. After we enter the Black Forest we need to ensure that the No. Demon Claw is safe, and then we can use it to retreat when we need to.”

Han brought little robot Yuan Yuan and Demon Claw into this dark forest. The entrance method was obvious by stepping on top of the Demon Claw.

Although the Demon Claw wasn’t big in size, almost like a black skateboard, after Han’s enhancement, not only was the Demon Claw more powerful in terms of vitality, but it was also very quick and could move without sound.

Those 9 claws regularly moved back and forth, even in the complex terrain of the Black Forest, it was like walking on a flat surface for the Demon Claw, and Han couldn’t even feel a little bit of shaking at all when on the Demon Claw’s back.


The Demon Claw carried Han and quickly rushed through the endless dark forest, travelling through the narrow gaps between those giant trees from the forest.

As they entered the depth of the Black Forest, Han could feel a growingly intensive scent of darkness. Han was really familiar with this scent, because he had a part of the power of the Dark King himself.

The Demon Claw became more and more excited. This was because the Demon Claw did not need to intake any food but would instead draw in various elements from the surrounding environment based on survival need.

There was some dark energy inside the fusion beasts, so the energy emitted inside the Black Forest was actually the Demon Claw’s favorite.

A Silent forest with a depressing atmosphere.

Han told the Demon Claw to follow those traces left by the pirates but also deliberately avoided their travel route.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen hours had passed.

On the way, Han discovered the camp where the pirates rested, found the half eaten energy bars they threw away, and found many other traces except for the monsters that attacked the 3 pirate ships. Where are they?

This situation left Han very uneasy, it seems that the monsters that attacked that group of warships were intelligent. If they could tear through the armor of cruiser class battleships, how could they not be able to detect these human invaders?

Also, they seem to deliberately wait until the expedition team set out before attacking those starships to cut off their only way of retreating. Even if the pirates do find the Ares-class equipment, they won’t be able to run away.

“Eye of Darkness, open!”


Han used his dark power vision and viewed his surroundings. Unfortunately, this dark frost has a very strong interference that can not only interfere with electronic signals, even Han’s Eye of Darkness has been weakened quite a bit. As Han went deeper into the middle of this forest, his vision became weaker and weaker too.

Han frowned and a very bad feeling emerged, it seems that there’s something special here that specifically restraints his power.


Just when Han was preparing to withdraw his vision, a dazzling white flashed through his sight.

“This way!” Han hastily commanded Demon Claw and rushed to his left side.

They just saw that a ditch full of white flowers, and underneath the flower was a silvery fruit, like a small bell.

Under Han’s dark vision, the bell-shaped fruit was simply terrifyingly dazzling.

“Star-moon Silvery Bell?” Han was suddenly shocked and he said to himself.

He got off Demon Claw and with one knee on the ground, he held the silver bell-shaped fruit and observed.

It was really it!

In the Milky Way, Star-moon Silvery Bell was a precious class-source energy plant, and the so called class-source energy refers to the energy contained inside the fruit that was very similar to human’s source energy.

Right now Han was at a difficult bottleneck. Equipped with a strong anti-toxin capacity, being able to take lots of drugs was one of his important cards in his sleeve, but now Han was almost out of drugs to take to boost himself further.

Super nuclear energy pill was the pinnacle drug for increasing source energy. As Han’s level increases, his anti-toxin capacity improves too, and these drugs were like super nuclear energy pills that were usually deadly to ordinary soldiers, Han can eat it like jelly beans. When’s it’s time to battle, Han can even eat 10 doses at once.

But going on like this wouldn’t be the solution. The automatic drug kit was just that big, with a limited drug load. So what Han really needed now is a more effective combat supplementary drug than super nuclear energy pill, and preferably needs only one pill per use to see effect.

Star-moon Silvery Bell contains a great amount of class-source energy, and it can just be used to make a drug called Fission, which was about 12 times the effect of one super nuclear energy pill and it’s in line with almost all the demands Han had for combat drugs.

Unfortunately, Star-moon Silvery Bell was very scarce in the Milky Way, and Han couldn’t buy it even if he had money.

But under the special environment of the Black Forest, Han was actually able to find over a thousands Star-moon Silvery Bells at once, obviously he was very excited.

There’s not much time left, Han immediately planted a bloodthirsty dark-wind vine on his left hand. The black vine quickly grew out like many arms and uprooted all the Silvery Bells at once and threw them into Han’s Lunar Mark.

“Go! Speed up!”

After harvesting the precious Silvery Bells, Han urged Demon Claw to start moving again. His mood did not turn better with the unexpected harvest of rare plants but became more and more worried.

Now they are very close to the heart of the Black Forest, the fluctuations of the dark energy became more and more violent, Han still couldn’t find those monsters that attacked the starships.

“Strange, where did they go?”

Just when Han was alarmed and nervous, the Demon Claw suddenly slowed down its steps. Although this thing looked kind of silly, but it was not stupid and knew to avoid being detected by enemies.

Han hid behind a big tree and looked ahead, he saw a small lake in the jungle. The black lake’s water was viscous, like oil, and the surface had no luster.

The black lake’s top was covered up by trees and bushes that was up to a thousand meters tall, people wouldn’t be able to see it from the sky. And beside the lake there were many corpses, they should be from those pirates.

One of the pirates was lying on the floor with one hand extended into the black lake. His whole body turned into pus and blood, and all the dead pirates, seemed to have been killed due to the exposure to the black lake’s water.

Not far away from the lake, there were the rest of the pirates that were still alive. Old Mo was also among them under heavy watch, and he doesn’t seem to be in a good mental state, with eyes glazed and his head down, while those pirates were all staring silently at a man standing beside the lake.

He was an energy descent esper. Two white beams of light shot out from his arms, and entered the lake, illuminating the depths of the waters. He seemed to have grasped something inside and was slowly lifting it up.

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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