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Galactic Dark Net Chapter 162

Chapter 141: Violent Slaughter

Chapter 141: Violent Slaughter

(TL: No. Demon Claw is Number Demon Claw)

“Let’s go, come with me!” Han said with Yuan Yuan in his arms.

“Do you want to call the gang?”


Han looked at the direction which Yuan Yuan’s little arm was pointing. He saw dozens of humble-looking robots quietly popped out their heads and look his way.

The intelligence of robots with logic chips was very low, the equivalent of teenage children. When Old Mo was there, they listened to him. When he wasn’t, they listened to Yuan Yuan.

Earlier, Yuan Yuan told those robots to go behind the hills outside of the ship to hide and they really did, afraid to leave even half a step.

To some extent, the robots and the Demon Claw were very alike, all man-made and loyal to mankind.

“Let them wait here. If they are of your level of intelligence, maybe they can help. But right now, you are enough.”


Han took Yuan Yuan onto No. Demon Claw, Yuan Yuan shouted to those humble fellow robots, “Wait for us to come back! Don’t wander around!”

The group of robots all nodded as they watched Han’s No. Demon Claw whizz into the clouds.

Quickly inserting the coordinates Yuan Yuan told him into the navigation system, the No. Demon Claw drilled into the wormhole and began entering the transition state.

Outside the observation window, colorful lights quickly flew past. Han had no intention of enjoying the scenery and started thinking about how to deal with the situation after entering the galactic rift.

“What is the name of the pirate group that kidnaped Old Mo? How powerful is he?” Han asked in a deep voice.

“They are called the Cyan Skull pirate group. They aren’t the strongest in the 63rd star sector but they have a quasi-warlord level leader called Lei Yang.” Yuan Yuan hastily replied.

Han was slightly taken aback. Elites at the quasi-warlord level weren’t easy to deal with. A few months ago, Han and the Thunder Royal family’s youngest son quasi-warlord Wang Yue had an uphill battle. Fortunately, Pathless was able to come in time and solve the problem

“Tell me as much detail as possible. The number of boats, people, and what the situation in the galactic rift is like. Tell me everything.”

Knowing yourself and knowing your enemies makes the battle easier to win. Every time, the starship will take an hour to leave the transition stage, and that one hour is enough for Han to get to know about the Cyan Skull pirate group.

Over all, they weren’t the strongest, but Han was just one man so it will still be difficult for him to deal with these guys.

The Cyan Skull pirate group rolled into the 63rd star sector during the recent year. Its leader, Lei Yang, had a mysterious origin. Since this area was filled with evil forces, the Cyan Skull pirate group couldn’t get a good territory so they were generally active in this region near the wilderness.

How did Yuan Yuan know these things?

Simple, Old Mo also did illegal activities and often needed to deal with all major evil forces, so he had his own information system. In addition, the majority of skinners in the Milky Way are from the Kui race, and people from the Kui race will usually help each other and exchange information too.

The Cyan Skull pirate group was one of the poorer forces in the 63rd star sector, and Lei Yang was also not a traditional star pirate origin so he didn’t follow the rules. After Old Mo started moving in this area, he was eyed by Lei Yang very early on.

As for the galactic rift, it was an independent dimension inside, and Yuan Yuan couldn’t explain clearly how it was formed. But there was a giant habitable planet inside, and its shape was half carved in, as if it was struck by a meteor before. At the recessed area, there was a large eerie jungle and that was where Old Mo detected the signal of the Ares-class equipment.

Old Mo told Han very early before that his biggest wish in life is to find a legendary Ares-class equipment, a type of weapon that was inhabited by a war spirit.

So when Old Mo found the signal, he was determined to settle down outside of the rift. Out of caution he did not rush to land and explore the Black Forest, but was eyed by the cunning Lei Yang who told Old Mo to lead the treasure hunt after kidnapping him.

“Grandpa is in serious danger right now! Grandpa found records of the Ares Class Equipment from some old books, and it said that if the war spirit is too strong, it will attract nearby savage beasts and even star beasts.”

“Although we found the Ares-class equipment’s signal, we didn’t dare to rush into the Black Forest by ourselves because we are afraid that we can’t deal with the monsters we encounter. But Yang Lei actually forced grandpa to take them into the forest, if they really encounter some powerful star beast, then it will be really bad!” Yuan Yuan said nervously.

Han nodded, star beasts were terrifying existences, no one likes to deal with them.

Generally speaking, star beast refers to the kind of beasts that has strong viability and can survive in the absence of air and water. Some of these beasts are even equipped with the ability to travel across the stars.

Just when Han is thinking, the auxiliary system sounded a prompt message.

“10 seconds countdown for leaving wormhole.”

Han gritted his teeth, sat on the No. Demon Claw’s commander platform and looked straight ahead.


No. Demon Claw successfully left the wormhole, and the sight in front of his eyes immediately shocked Han.

The dirt brown stardust cloud seemed like it was stabbed by a god, a black entrance unexpectedly emerged.

The reason that caused this bizarre scene was probably that some substance travelled through here at breakneck speed, shattered space, allowed the space to expand and formed an independent dimension.

Because this was a stardust zone which has strong interference against galaxy scanning array systems, this galactic rift was not discovered for so many years.

At the entrance was parked a destroyer type starship, Eris class, one of the classic interception destroyers. There was a cyan color skull mark on the ship. It must be the starship those pirates left outside for reinforcements.

Han’s fingers began dancing on the command podium. He used a dual manual control and auxiliary system which could improve the operating efficiency of all major subsystems at a maximum rate.

“Radar locked on to enemy starship!”

“Controlled fusion reactors fully activated, running at 100%!”

“Fire Control system ready! Manually adjusted in order to attack!”

“First priority, defense shield energy supplement!”

“Second priority, firepower output!”

“Third priority, dynamic system, angular velocity of auxiliary system set! Twin engine system activate, 70% energy supplement for backup engine, standby status!”

“Bomb bay open, filling the space with disturbance bombs!”

“Start charging invert electromagnetic bundling jammers, 85% performance!”

“Driving the starship is never an easy thing. To control the energy output and adjust the fire system target, set priorities and options for attack, but also save some room for self to maneuver.

When on the real battlefield, the benefit of undergoing all those hard training finally began to show. His hands were as stable as rocks, voice low yet determined, methodically controlling each subsystem on the ship and pushing No. Demon Claw’s combat power to the maximum within the shortest amount of time.

This series of operations looks complicated, but it was actually done in a very short period of time. Immediately after No. Demon Claw emerged through the wormhole, two orchid colored flame spit out from the rear and it quickly approached the enemy Eris-class destroyer!

At the same time, the captain on the Eris Class ship also noticed Han. Different from Han that fully prepared himself from the very beginning to battle, this ship’s captain wasn’t really interested in the old Vulture-class frigate at all.

“Vulture-class? Are you kidding me?! What age is this and someone is still using this trash model that has no firepower and mobility?” When the radar system operator reported that the ship that came out of the wormhole was a Vulture-class frigate, Captain Auburn’s nerves relaxed right away.

“Captain, this Vulture-class frigate actually tried locking on to us?! And it’s already accelerating towards us.” The radar operator said with a little surprise, “The radar system detected that it has a duo-engine system, and it’s also equipped with a bomb ejection cartridge that’s rarely seen on frigates.”

“Don’t bother me with such things. Is a Vulture with two engines not a Vulture anymore? Fire at will after locking on!” Auburn waved his hand and disapprovingly say, “That bastard Lei Yang left me here to guard the f*cking door while he goes off looking for treasure. If there’s really something good, he’s certainly going to hide it!”

Auburn cared the least about Han’s Vulture-class right now. What he was more concerned with was how much is in his share this treasure hunt.

In fact, Auburn couldn’t be blamed for disregarding Han’s Vulture-class. Any captain in their right mind wouldn’t mind such a mediocre level old frigate model.

As one of the oldest models, the Vulture class was mostly recognized for its solid and durable structure and relatively large volume.

Warships are for battles! Of course it’s better to have more firepower output, only excavators needed to consider durability.

In contrast on Han’s side, even though he’s clear how retardedly well-armed his ship is, he never has the habit of underestimating any enemy. If the opponent is an Eris-class destroyer, Han will treat it seriously. Even if the opponent is a civilian shuttle, Han will still take it seriously. That’s just his usual fighting style!

“Enemy shop locked on!” The auxiliary system quickly reported.

Before Auburn’s Eris-class locked onto Han’s ship, Han already locked on to his!



Four Piranha Light Missile launchers!

Two Longbow Remote Cannon Artillery!

Four medium range particle rapid cannons!

Long-range artillery, close-range artillery plus high-speed missile launch system, whenever No. Demon Claw fires, it will be an overwhelming full coverage strike!

And that’s not even all of No. Demon Claw’s firepower. The torpedo system that specifically countered large warships and the bomb ejection system that countered fleets were not even used yet!

And No. Demon Claw’s locking speed was especially fast too. Before Auburn’s Eris-class even locked on to Han, Han already launched a whole wave of attacks into Auburn’s face!

Even the same radar system, locking onto smaller ships will take more time than bigger ships, there’s no way around that, when the target is larger, it will have stronger signal and be locked on easier.

Moreover, Han didn’t even use a radar system but instead a complex array radar!

What was a complex array radar?

It’s basically a system that bundled optical radar, gravity radar, magnetic radar, and other numerous radar systems all together!

The enemy only had a radar that was responsible for locking on targets, but Han had a whole bunch of them, of course the speed was faster too!

As well, this kind of retardedly overpowered complex array radar, Han installed two! There was another set in standby mode!


Just when No. Demon Claw threw its fire onto the enemy, its invert electromagnetic bundling jammer made its appearance!

A white light directly burst over the Eris-class, immediately destroying this ship’s engine system!

Well, now, without an engine, the Eris had become a dead ship!

The invert electromagnetic bundling jammer was the so called engine killer. This thing was really terrible, although very energy consuming, but the engine just needed to get hit once and it will be completely useless!

Han’s No. Demon Claw installed three controlled fusion reactor, just for quickly replenishing this hungry engine killer.


The current situation was, Eris-class’s Intercepting Destroyer didn’t fire a single shot, and it’s already semi-disabled by this old-looking Vulture-class, with a crimson flame emerging on the destroyer’s tail.

“Get closer and fire!” Han loudly ordered.

In this situation, Han will obviously choose to beat this Eris-class to the death! He spent so much money and purposely decorated the retardedly overpowered warship to such an old shabby look, for what?

Just for this!

When you are still underestimating me, I’m taking your life!


Under No. Demon Claw’s brutal bombardment, the so-called advanced destroyer issued a large sound from inside and then turned into a spark among the star dusts.

What was violent slaughter?

This was!

During the whole engagement process, the Eris-class Destroyer didn’t have time to fire a single shot and was sunk by Han’s ship!

“Accelerate into the galactic rift!”

“Maintain preheat of weapon systems!” Without even looking at the wreckage of Eris after the explosion, with a cold look Han ordered in a deep voice.


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Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net

Galactic Dark Net, GDN, 超时空黑暗交易网
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When the last prodigy level esper on Earth disappeared, Earth was in deep trouble of becoming another species’ colony. The ordinary Han, with his intelligence and hardworking character, was able to make a fortune after “accidentally” stepping into the world of dark net, later purchasing an esper power crystal that brought him the ultimate power that changed the fate of the universe. Dark net is a subset of the Deep Web that is not only not indexed by traditional search engines, but that also requires special tools like specific proxy or authentication to gain access. Dark net is not restricted by any law or morals, so the dark net market has everything that is prohibited by the law. Drugs, slaves, firearms, uranium, bioweapons, rare animals, human testing, assassination, and the list goes on. During the year of 2075 on Earth, Han Lang logged into the largest hyperspace dark net market, and our story begins.


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