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Coiling Dragon Chapter 545

Book 16 - Chapter 23 – Turning the World Upside Down

Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 23, Turning the World Upside Down

Within the Bagshaw clan’s estate.

The only sound that could be heard was that of the gentle wind. Only, a large number of figures flew out from within the Bagshaw estate, moving at high speed towards the residential area for the island guards. It must be understood that those who lived at the Bagshaw clan estate, aside from the elites of the Bagshaw clan, were the true experts.

In mid-air.

His long red hair fluttered unrestrained. Bakwill’s face was emotionless as he flew at high speed. Behind him was three experts dressed in long red robes, two of them men, one a woman. The three red-robed experts were the true experts of the Bagshaw clan…

In the Bagshaw clan, the number of red-robed elders was extremely low. They were, however, one of the main reasons why the Bagshaw clan was able to stand so tall in the Infernal Realm, to erect Miluo Island, and ignore the official powers.

Every single red-robed elder was a Seven Star Fiend!

The Bagshaw clan, in the entire Infernal Realm, was one of the ancient clans that was ranked within the top ten! The Four Divine Beasts clan, before their fall, was of course far superior to the Bagshaw clan. But now that they had declined, they were a level weaker than the powerful, full-strength Bagshaw clan.

“Seems to be a Seven Star Fiend?” Bakwill was full of worry.

He was worried about his son!

“Whoooosh!” Bagkwill flew at high speed, with three red-robed elders behind him, and a hundred black-armored warriors behind the elders.


A ray of blood-colored light spread out at high speed into the skies, from the residential area for the Miluo Island’s guards. As it flew high into the skies…“BANG!” It released a powerful explosive sound, while at the same time the blood-colored light expanded greatly, instantly seeming to become an eye-piercingly bright blood-colored sun.

The faces of Bakwill and the three red-robed elders changed.

This was the emergency call-to-arms for Miluo Island, ordering all of the warriors of Miluo Island to immediately enter battle mode as well as prepare to attack.

“Let’s move ahead!” Bakwill sent out his divine sense.

Immediately, Bakwill and the three red-robed elders increased their speed dramatically, instantly throwing off the nearly hundred black-armored warriors behind them. The four Seven Star Fiends transformed into four blurs, instantly moving into the distance. Bakwill, as soon as he saw the signal, was worried for his son.

Indeed, the situation had turned extremely, terrifyingly grim, for Sequeira to have been forced to release the signal. Sequeira hovered in the air off into the distance, staring at the slaughter down below, his face ashen. “Too terrifying. How could he be so strong?”

A slaughter!

Linley, who had entered berserk mode and was using both his incomparably strong Dragonform as well as the ‘Blackstone Space’, had released a slaughtering power that caused the hearts of these men to turn cold.

“Kill!” Linley’s icy, dark golden eyes were filled without a hint of compassion.

He led Bebe and the others to charge and slaughter into the residential area of the island warriors. Within this region, there were simply too many island guards. Most of them were spread into the various regions, and on the way over, there were quite a few groups of island guards. Linley intentionally charged towards the areas where the guards were the most plentiful.

The Blackstone Space had expanded to its limit as well…a diameter of five hundred meters!

Everyone within this region was affected by the gravitational pull. Within a diameter of five hundred meters, each time he unleashed it, many island guards were caught within. When affected by the gravitational pull, they couldn’t help but be dragged closer to Linley. “Bang!” Their bodies smashed through walls but continued to be pulled towards Linley.

“No!” These island guards were terrified as well.

They discovered that there were many island guards already within the gravitational field.

But instantly, the direction of the gravity changed!

Originally, the gravity was directed towards Linley, but suddenly, it became directed to the ground. The sudden change of the direction of the gravity caused those island guards who had been striving to resist the gravity to smash viciously against and fall downwards towards the ground.

“Kill!” Some of the island guards who had suddenly been pulled into the gravity field were enraged.


The many island guards who had been trapped into the gravity field attacked.

But as soon as they attacked, Linley immediately activated the soul-bewildering effect! All of the island guards who had fallen into the gravitational field entered a stupor, but of course, amongst the island guards were a few experts as well who could just barely remain clear-headed. Against these very few experts, there was only one word…


They were able to just barely remain clear-headed, but in the gravity field, how could they compare to Linley in speed?

“Bang!” The devilish Bloodviolet directly chopped an enemy’s head apart.

As for those other island guards who were in a stupor, Linley continued to control a small amount of gravitational power to drag them along with him at high speed as he fled.

A violet sword light continued to flash unabated!

An azure-golden blur continued to flicker!

Blood and flesh exploded, skulls shattered, and divine sparks flew everywhere wildly!

Linley’s ‘earthen yellow light sphere’ continued to advance, like a strange, devouring beast that had swallowed the island guards directly into it. Those who didn’t resist became stupefied puppets, while those who did resist were mercilessly slaughtered by Linley!

This beast was continuously advancing.

“Bastard.” Sequeira, watching this from mid-air, felt his entire body tremble.

“Linley!” Cesar and O’Brien felt their hearts filled with astonishment as well.

“Haha, Boss, this feels great!” Bebe was very excited.

All of them, despite being within the gravity field, were covered by a flowing earthen yellow light, and so they weren’t affected at all.

In addition, in the regions through the island guards residential area, more and more island guards had flown into the air, coming in nonstop after having seen the summoning signal in the skies.

Not only were there many island guards on the ground, there were many island guards in the skies as well. In the skies, the island guards were like a swarm of locusts. More than ten thousand island guards were hovering high in the sky. Staring down at that earthen-yellow sphere of light that was constantly advancing, they too couldn’t help but angrily curse…

“This bastard!”

As they saw it, Linley really was quite a bastard!

Because within the Blackstone Space, there was a group of stupefied island guards. These guards were like a wall of flesh!

If these island guards in the skies were to attack en masse downwards, the first to be struck would definitely be these ‘meat shield’ island guards. Linley was completely capable of controlling these stupefied island guards to use them to block any attacks, once they came.

“Can’t let this continue.” Sequeira gritted his teeth.

He immediately spread out his divine sense towards those ten-plus thousand-man commanders. “Forget about those hundred island guards. Group attacks. Kill that man!”

The thousand-man commanders were all shocked.

“Yes!” They still acknowledged.

Very soon, the ten thousand island guards in the skies all received the orders.

“Attack?” The island guards were all rather surprised, but they still obeyed their orders. In accordance with the group orders, the ten thousand island guards in the skies all began to brandish their weapons, unleashing countless material attacks and physical attacks!

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Instantly, countless multicolored attacks filled the skies, falling down from up above like a rain of rainbows. Only, each ‘raindrop’ was a lethal one!

Seeing this sight, Linley’s heart clenched.

“They really are going to do this!” Linley immediately turned, leading the group of people within his gravity field to dodge to the side.

Fortunately, the countless island guards up above them were all afraid of being caught up by this blackstone space, and so they all were rather high up, causing their attacks to have to fly quite a long distance. With such a long distance, even though they flew quickly, there was still enough time to react.

Linley’s group dodged!

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

The attacks descended from the skies. Countless rays of material attacks or soul attacks fell upon them without mercy!

They fell down as tightly clustered as drops of rain.

The thousand-man commanders of the island guards clearly knew that Linley would dodge, and so their attacks were also aimed at the areas which Linley might possibly flee to. Although by doing so, it meant their attacks were not very focused, in the end…Linley wouldn’t be able to dodge them all either.

Within the gravity field, those many stupefied guards were controlled by Linley to block from above Cesar, Bebe, Delia, and the others. Linley himself also retreated backwards to stand closer to Delia.

With so many ‘meat shields’, the soul attacks naturally struck them first, entering the seas of consciousness for those many stupefied island guards. The number of attacks that actually fell directly upon Linley’s group came in clusters, with a single ‘meat shield’ sometimes being able to block multiple soul attacks and quite a few material attacks.

“Quick, prepare the second wave of attacks!” Sequiera immediately shouted.

The thousand-man commanders understood that the first wave of attacks was almost completely absorbed by the ‘meat shield’. Linley’s group wouldn’t actually be harmed much.

But before they had a chance to give the orders, Linley moved.


Linley’s group had just relied on the meat shields to avoid that last round of attacks, and as they did so, they immediately charged upwards. Their flying speed was of course extremely fast, and most of the island guards above them hadn’t even had a chance to react before Linley flew within several hundred meters of them. Instantly, dozens of island guards above Linley were drawn into that Blackstone Space.

“Ahhhh!” “Ahhhh!” They screamed miserably, but began to sink down at high speed.

But their screams quickly quieted, because they themselves entered a stupor.

The island guards began to panic.


If they fell into the Blackstone Space, that would be terrible. Linley’s sudden upward charge into the middle of the island guards caused them to completely fall into disordered chaos. All of them were terrified of falling into the Blackstone Space, and so they frantically tried to fly farther away from it.

“About time.” Linley said to himself.

Instantly, a large amount of earth elemental essence began to rise up.

“Crackle…” The strange thing was, an enormous black cuboid appeared in mid-air. This black cuboid had six sides, and it hovered there in mid air, four hundred meters tall. This enormous black cube contained more than a hundred Highgods within it.

This enormous cube was formed from countless miniature cubes that were only four meters tall.

The precise number of the small cubes, was a million!

An enormous cube that was four hundred meters tall, formed from a million smaller cubes. Those Highgods were all trapped within.

This was the true form of the Blackstone Prison – a cube!

“What is this?” Many island guards were astonished.

“Swoosh!” That enormous cube flew towards the east at high speed. Any island guards that were too slow or who weren’t able to dodge, upon contact with the cube, were immediately devoured within.

At the center of the enormous cube, Linley’s group was gathered together.

“Now that these people have come in, it will be hard for them if they want to go out again.” Linley laughed calmly. The gravitational force within the cube was under Linley’s complete control. By relying on changing the direction of the gravity, Linley was capable of causing those within it to lose their sense of direction. In addition, each time they attempted to break through a wall, it would be tremendously difficult.

It must be understood that this was formed from a million cubes, and Linley was capable of soundless altering the insides of this cube.

To escape was virtually impossible.

The only possible way was to forcibly shatter it!

“Linley, what are we going to do?” Delia asked.

“First, we’ll fly to the eastern part of the island.” Linley had planned this out in advance. “By the time we arrive at the eastern part of the island, we will only have to cause a panic amongst the countless guests. The population in the eastern part of the island is very high. After causing them to panic, we’ll be able to seize the opportunity to flee.”

This was Linley’s second scheme!

“Linley, you…you…when did you become so powerful?” The War God, O’Brien, looked at Linley.

“When we are all safe, I’ll tell you.” Linley replied.

“Bang!” The outsides of the black cube were currently suffering countless attacks from the island guards. Although the island guards were numerous, their attacks were too spread out. At most, they would be able to destroy a few exterior layers, which Linley could instantly repair.

“I can block those material attacks, but as for the soul attacks, let those unfortunate ‘meat shields’ block them. The Blackstone Prison is so large that those outside have no way at all of knowing where we are within it.”

The countless island guards in mid-air were staying far, far away from that enormous black cube. The black cube thus flew across the skies of Miluo Island, moving at high speed towards the eastern part of the island. Slowly, it drew nearer and nearer to the eastern part of the island.

“What’s that?”

The countless outsiders of Miluo Island raised their heads, staring at the enormous black cube.


Four blurs shot at high speed towards that black cube, while at the same time, a dazzling, enormous black saber-light flashed, slashing directly across the black cube. Although it seemed to cut through it with difficulty, in the end, it still chopped through the center of the black cube.

“BANG!” The black cube crumbled.

The Dragonformed Linley, with Delia, Bebe, and the others, hovered there in mid-air.

“You won’t be able to flee!” A cold voice rang out. The speaker was Bakwill, who along with the three red-robed elders were staring coldly at Linley.

Linley stared at his surroundings.

Currently, the area around them was surrounded by dense clusters of island guards who had already formed a sphere around them, completely sealing them off. From afar, the countless outsiders at the eastern part of the island were raising their heads to stare at this place.

“Those four are very powerful.” Linley felt a hint of tension. That blade just now had been launched by one of the red-robed men, but the red-robed men were clearly under the command of that red-haired man. Linley had no confidence at all in his ability to fight those four head on!

“It seems…I’ll have to use plan three.” Linley’s gaze slowly turned ice cold.

Plan three…was the final plan!

It was time to use the Sovereign’s Might!

Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon

Panlong, 盘龙 (小说)
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Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.


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