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Coiling Dragon Chapter 544

Book 16 - Chapter 22 – All Who Bar My Path Shall Die!

Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 22, All Who Bar My Path Shall Die!

Sequeira saw Linley step forward. His face changed slightly. He knew very well how powerful the person in front of him was. If Linley was to interfere, then a new variable would have entered this affair. Sequeira said coldly, “Today, my Bagshaw clan is definitely going to kill Cesar. Can it be that you all want to die with him?”

But Linley’s group didn’t hesitate or retreat at all.

“Linley, O’Brien, Bebe.” Cesar looked towards them, shaking his head slightly.

“Haha…” O’Brien began to laugh loudly, then looked at Cesar. “Cesar, we’ve lived so many years, and have seen countless things! Our life is important, but sometimes, there are some things which are more important than life! Today…either we shall all live together, or we shall all die together!”

Cesar trembled. He looked towards Linley’s group.

Linley’s group smiled back at him.

“Sequeira!” Linley turned to look at Sequeira. Linley could tell that Sequeira was currently slightly hesitant. As Linley saw it, it would be best if battle could be avoided. Linley thus said, “Sequeira, what sort of enmity do you and Cesar have, exactly, that you must force him to his death? Everyone should take a step back!”

Anyone else who said these words would be as good as looking for death.

But Linley saying these words was a different situation, because in Sequeira’s heart, Linley was very possibly a Seven Star Fiend!

“What is it about?” Sequeira was furious just thinking about this. “You ask him!” Sequeira pointed furiously at Cesar.

“Me?” Cesar had no idea.

Sequeira was so angry that his face was purple, but how could he so openly and publicly discuss this affair? Was he supposed to directly say that the child in his wife’s womb was another person’s? Once this got out, most likely he, Sequeira, would be a laughingstock for the rest of his life!

“Hmph!” Sequeira, seeing the look on Cesar’s face, couldn’t help but sneer.

“You are doing this because of Lily?” Cesar laughed coldly. “It must be for Lily’s sake, as otherwise, how would you, the mighty young master of your clan, come here for me?”

“Shut your mouth!”

Hearing Cesar call Cecily by her nickname ‘Lily’ in such an intimate manner, Sequeira was all the more enraged. “You aren’t worthy of calling her by that!”

“Haha…” Cesar laughed wildly as he stared at Sequeira. “I’m not worthy of calling her by that? It’s true that Lily and I were once together, but so what? Ever since you married her, the two of us never met again! What, can it be that after getting married, you are going to kill all of the men who were previously lovers with your wife?”

Immediately, the many island guards in the air and in the courtyard all began to speak quietly amongst themselves.

Deities had an unlimited lifespan. It was normal for people to have had many romantic relationships. If Sequeira were to truly say that he was going to kill a former lover of his wife, that would be going too far.

“So that’s what this is about!” Linley felt rather surprised as well. He had heard of the affairs of Cesar and that woman. That woman had met with Cesar one last time before her wedding, and then they had never met again.

Linley empathized for Cesar.

But who would have imagined that Sequeira would come to kill Cesar!

“Cut the crap!” Sequeira was furious, and yet he couldn’t even explain the real reason he was so angry. Explaining something so shameful, to him, was something worse than death!

“I’ll ask you one last time. Are you really insisting in interfering?!” Sequeira stared death at Linley. He didn’t even glance at Cesar. He held Cesar in utter contempt. As long as he were to attack, he could kill Cesar in the blink of an eye.

The one he worried about was only Linley, who stood in front of him!

“Young master Sequeira, why do you care so much about this God?” The thousand-man commander was puzzled. Even Tarosse and Dylin were confused about this.

“I am!”

Linley said calmly, “Even if it was just for the sake of the friendship we held, I cannot possibly just sit and watch. What’s more, Cesar has saved my life before!” Linley’s expression was calm, but in truth, the energy in his body was boiling, prepared to explode into an attack at any point.

Sequeira narrowed his eyes slightly, a cold look being revealed.

“Quick, go inform my father that someone who is apparently a Seven Star Fiend is getting tangled up in this matter.” Sequeira immediately sent a mental message to one of the black armored warriors. A hint of surprise appeared on the black armored warrior’s face, and then with a flash, he disappeared.

Seeing this, Linley couldn’t help but furrow his forehead.

“Haha…” Sequeira suddenly began to laugh wildly.

“Kill!” Sequeira suddenly howled.

The surrounding guards were clearly prepared for this the entire time. In the instant Sequeira gave the order, all of the island guards immediately made their move. Clearly, Sequeira wanted to launch a sudden attack to catch Linley off-guard and thus seize the opportunity to kill Cesar at once.

However, as soon as Sequeira ordered that black armored warrior off, Linley had been prepared.

In the same instant that Sequeira let out that furious howl…


With Linley at the center, within three hundred meters, a misty earthen light arose. This region was large enough to cover a large number of the island guards, including both Sequeira and their leader, the thousand-man commander.

Blackstone Space!

Powerful gravity!

“Aaaah!” Some of the guards who had been flying up in the air, not too far away, were caught within the sphere as well, and all of them dropped at high speed. As for Sequeira, who had been on the ground to begin with, his body involuntarily hunched down for a moment before he then immediately straightened his waist.

“Not good!”

Sequeira’s face changed dramatically, because he saw that Linley was charging towards him at high speed!

To subdue bandits, first capture their king!

Linley had made his plans long ago. “It will be hard for anyone to flee from Miluo Island, but Sequeira is clearly an important figure. If we can capture him and use him as a hostage to threaten the others, the situation would be much better!” In the same instant he created his Blackstone Space, Linley charged straight for Sequeira.

“What terrifying gravity!” Sequeira’s face changed dramatically while at the same time he immediately retreated.

“Young master!” The two black armored warriors by Sequeira’s side, ignoring their own lifes, immediately interposed themselves in front of Sequeira, forcibly blocking Linley’s path to him.

“Die!” Linley’s gaze turned cold.


Linley’s clothes exploded violently, and he instantly Dragonformed. Azure-golden draconic scales covered every part of Linley’s body, and those dark golden eyes stared coldly at the people in front of him. That draconic tail, flashing with a metallic light, began to wave.

Seeing this, those island guards, Sequeira, the thousand-man commander, and the black armored warriors all felt their hearts tremble.

“An ultimate expert!” The island guards had all thought that Linley was just a God, but now they realized how terrifying Linley was. All of them immediately believed that Linley had been hiding his true strength, and that his true status was that of an extremely powerful expert.

“Four Divine Beasts clan!” The thousand-man commander was greatly shocked.

“He’s of the Four Divine Beasts clan!” Sequeira, while rapidly retreating, was surprised as well.

“Kill!” Sequeira shouted explosively once more.

So what if he was of the Four Divine Beasts clan? The current Four Divine Beasts clan was not like how the Four Divine Beast clans had been in the past. The former Four Divine Beast clans, their Bagshaw clan might perhaps be frightened of, but these days…their Bagshaw clan didn’t fear them at all!

They were capable of controlling Miluo Island and keep it proudly erect in the Starmist Sea. The true power of the Bagshaw clan was such that not even Sequeira, the young master of the clan, knew more than just the tiniest bit.

“Linley, he…!” Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, and O’Brien were all greatly shocked.

“Die!” The dark golden eyes swept past those two black armored warriors. A surge of spiritual energy centered around the ‘black stone’ suddenly surged towards those two black armored warriors. Instantly, a strange wind sound began to thoroughly penetrate their souls.

The two black armored warriors both hesitated slightly.

“Swish!” A devilish violet light flashed.

“Clang!” Those two black armored warriors actually both drew their weapons, blocking Linley’s sword.

Although the soul-affecting power was great, these two black armored warriors could be considered true elites of the Bagshaw clan. Both of them had the power of a Five Star Fiend. Although they were affected by the wind sound, they didn’t fall into a stupor, and were able to maintain their grip on a hint of wakefulness.

“Whap!” The draconic tail viciously slammed upon the shoulder of a black armored warrior.

“Crunch!” Flesh and blood exploded out, and an arm and half the side of his body was split off. The black armored warrior seemed to have been struck by a meteor, and was knocked far away. The black armored warrior was greatly shocked. Fortunately, he had dodged quickly enough, as otherwise, Linley’s draconic tail would have swept onto his head.

The whipping strikes of Linley’s draconic tail were simply too powerful!

“Whap!” The other black armored warrior was sent flying as well.

“Hmph.” Linley’s gaze was focused on the frantically fleeing Sequeira. Although the above took time to describe, in truth, when Linley charged past the two black armored warriors, he just struck out twice with his draconic tail, fast as lightning, and sent them flying.

Sequeira had been so terrified by the previous scene that his face was greatly changed. The two black armored warriors hadn’t been able to stop Linley for even a moment!

“You want to flee?!” Linley laughed coldly.

Instantly, the gravitational pull that had been towards the ground changed. As Linley’s divine power flowed out and began to fluctuate, immediately, all living things within the Blackstone Space sensed an astonishingly powerful gravitational force that was tugging them towards Linley. The sudden change in gravity caught all of the enemies off-guard.

“How is this possible?!”

Sequeira could sense that he was unable to overcome this gravity, and was actually being drawn backwards!

How could he be moving backwards?!

Immediately, his body emanated a bloody light, allowing Sequeira to just barely resist the force. But still, he was completely unable to move forward. The backwards gravity was simply too strong.

“Young master Sequeira!” The thousand-man commander, however, was able to resist the gravity.

“Block him!” The thousand-man commander shouted loudly. Even if a thousand island guards died, it didn’t matter, but Sequeira couldn’t die! The Bagshaw clan had too few people. Every single member of the clan was precious, and what’s more, Sequeira was of the primary line!

All of the island warriors were unsteady right now, and because they were squeezed into too small a space, they were tightly clustered together. They didn’t dare to wildly chop out with their weapons, because they might hurt their own people!

“Fleeing?” Linley increased his speed. Sequeira couldn’t be allowed to flee. Linley wasn’t too far away, and so naturally, he almost instantly appeared next to Sequeira.

“Bang!” A wave of powerful energy struck onto Sequeira, but Linley couldn’t help but be astonished. That wave of energy had actually come from the nearby thousand-man commander.

“Swoosh!” Sequeira instantly was knocked far into the distance, outside of the effect of the gravitational field.

After having left the gravitational field, Sequeira flew for another thousand meters before coming to a halt. He felt a sense of terror in his heart. “This member of the Four Divine Beast clans is simply too terrifying. That gravity was just…even I was unable to resist it. Fortunately, that last blow!”

Sequeira felt very grateful towards the thousand-man commander. That last attack was very queer; it didn’t possess much harmful power.

It was just a very heavy blow which impacted him, constantly pushing him outwards at high speed. This surge of force, combined with Sequeira’s own power, naturally shot him out rapidly.

“Kill, kill! Kill him for me!” Sequeira immediately shouted explosively!

Only two hundred or so people were trapped in the Gravitational Space, while the eight hundred other island guards were flying high in the sky. They wanted to attack, but the people trapped in the Gravitational Space were too densely clustered, and most of them were their own people. They didn’t dare to engage in group assaults.

If they did, they would injure their own people!

“Terrible!” As soon as Sequeira escaped, Linley’s heart lurched.

The situation just turned terrible!

After Sequeira escaped, he definitely wouldn’t be so careless as to fall into the Gravitational Space again.

The plan of capturing Sequeira had failed!

“Now, only the second method is left to me!”

A slaughter was about to commence!

At present, Cesar and O’Brien were watching in stunned shock. They had believed that Linley was just a God and had come to die by their sides. They had been certain that they were going to die, and had been prepared to fight to their deaths. But now, they discovered…

They were wrong, ridiculously wrong!

Those island guards and black armored warriors weren’t even able to stand on their feet steady, within that Gravitational Space. Those people, in front of Linley, were like a flock of sheep, while Linley was a savage wolf. The wolf entered the flock of sheep!

“Linley, he…” Cesar and O’Brien were both rather stunned.

“The situation right now is very bad. Having not captured Sequeira, all we can do is slaughter a path out! To prevent them from engaging in group attacks, we have to battle within their groups. Only within their groups will we be able to avoid the group attacks of the other island guards!” Linley’s voice rang out in Cesar, O’Brien, Delia, Bebe, and Olivier’s minds.

Cesar and the others immediately focused their attention.

“Remember, follow me!”

After giving this instruction to those behind him, Linley let out a growl, then like an explosively enraged lion, led Cesar, Bebe, and the others to charge directly into the group of island guards in front of them!

“All who bar my path shall die!”

At this moment Linley’s heart was as cold and hard as iron. He would no longer show any mercy!

Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon

Panlong, 盘龙 (小说)
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Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.


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