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Coiling Dragon Chapter 542

Book 16 - Chapter 20 – With Child?

Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 20, With Child?

The island guards lived in small buildings which dotted the mountains and forests of this area. Just by looking at the number of buildings, Linley could imagine what a terrifyingly large number of island guards there were here.

“The five clans must indeed be powerful, to be able to support such an enormous army of Highgods.” Linley couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. Maintaining an army meant paying salaries; after all, nobody was willing to work for free. Generally speaking, Highgod soldiers would have fairly high pay.

To support such an enormous army required an astonishing amount of wealth.

However, just by looking at the number of people who passed through the Arena as well the Free Castle, one could imagine how astonishingly wealthy Miluo Island was.

“We’re here.” O’Brien laughed.

“O’Brien, this building is quite large.” Linley looked at this residence in surprise. This residence took up space that was roughly ten times that of those ordinary residences. It had a large courtyard and three smaller buildings within. It was built as a stand-alone residence, and the walls had carvings as well.

O’Brien laughed. “This is Tarosse’s residence. Generally speaking, Highgod victors of a hundred battles, if they join the island guards, will have a salary as well as treatment far superior to that of ordinary island guards. Although I do have a small house of my own, normally, we all live at Tarosse’s place. His place is large!”

As he spoke, O’Brien pushed the door open and went inside.

“Oh, O’Brien, you’re back.” A voice rang out. By the green grass off to the side of the courtyard, a green haired man was seated in the meditative position. It was Tarosse!

Tarosse turned to look at him and was about to say something, but suddenly he was stunned. He stared at Linley and the other three behind O’Brien. Linley, seeing the look on Tarosse’s face, intentionally smirked at him.

“Swish!” Tarosse instantly appeared in front of Linley’s group.

“Haha!” Tarosse slapped Linley on the shoulders. “Linley, you guys actually came as well. This is so incredible and such a rare occurrence. The Infernal Realm is so vast, but we actually ran into each other here. Haha…”

Tarosse was very excited and happy.

“Bebe, Lord Beirut actually was able to bear with letting you come to the Infernal Realm?” Tarosse noticed Bebe.

Bebe pursed his lips. “What, got a problem?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Tarosse greeted everyone. “Come, everyone, sit down. Dylin and Cesar are currently outside. Jeeze!”

Linley’s group laughed, then sat down. Tarosse hurriedly said, “You really came at a fortuitous time. Today I was still out on patrols. I just came back not long ago. It is destiny that our group of people from the Yulan continent can meet here today!”

Linley was very happy as well, and he also laughed and chatted. While chatting about he and Olivier had met, they naturally discussed the Amethyst Mountains as well. However, Linley’s group once again just skimmed over it with a word. Tarosse actually didn’t seem to pay any attention to it at all.

Or perhaps it was simply that he didn’t understand what it really meant for Linley’s group to have been able to exit the Amethyst Mountains!

Actually, this was normal.

Tarosse was a Highgod, true.

But the amount of time he had spent in the Infernal Realm was simply too short. The things he knew about the Infernal Realm came mostly from those books he had read. Generally speaking, those geographical books would just give a simple explanation of the Amethyst Mountains. In the past, Linley had read some geography books as well, but before arriving at the Amethyst Mountains, he didn’t truly know how dangerous they were.

“Creaaaak!” The courtyard door was pushed upon, and a black haired man reeking of alcohol sauntered in, his eyes droopy with drunkenness as he gave off a clearly dispirited aura. It was Cesar!

Seeing how Cesar currently was, Linley couldn’t help but sigh in amazement. That former playboy who had enjoyed himself amongst the ‘flowers’…how had he ended up like this today? The events of the world truly were hard to explain.

“Cesar!” Linley spoke out.

Cesar heard that someone was calling to him, but he didn’t care too much. He just glanced sideways at Linley, then continued to head towards his own residence. But after taking just two or three steps, his body paused, and he turned to look at Linley once again, his misty gaze slowly growing brighter.

“Linley?” Cesar’s voice contained disbelief in it as well.

“Cesar, long time no see.” Linley began to laugh as well.

“Haha, Cesar, I’m Bebe.” Bebe immediately jumped up also.

Cesar took a deep breath, activating the divine power in his body. The odor of alcohol immediately vanished from his body, and he became much more sober. A rare hint of a smile appeared on Cesar’s face as well. “Linley, you came to the Infernal Realm as well? When did you come?”

Cesar was full of questions, and Linley’s group chatted with him happily as well.

Although Linley knew what had happened with Cesar, Linley hoped that Cesar’s mood would improve. Clearly, seeing some of his old friends from their Yulan continent had caused Cesar to be invigorated.

“Linley, chat more with Cesar, but remember, don’t raise that Cecily matter.” Tarosse hurriedly sent through divine sense. The state Cesar was currently in was the best state he had been in during this recent period of time.

“I know.”

Linley replied. At the same time, Linley was also somewhat puzzled. What was so amazing about that Cecily woman, that this sort of dissolute playboy like Cesar would become so infatuated with her?

Miluo Island. The residential area of the five clans. In the very center was the residence of the Bagshaw clan. The five clans were led by the Bagshaw clan, but the Bagshaw clan was actually not a very densely populated one, with the clan members far fewer than the other four clans.

But precisely because of this, every member of the Bagshaw clan had a fairly high status.

At present, in the rear flower gardens behind the Bagshaw clan’s ancestral estate, two men who were 2.2 meters tall were currently walking together. One of the two men was a youth with short red hair, while the other was a middle-aged man with unbound, long red hair.

If Linley was present, he would recognize that the youth with short red hair was Sequiera!

“Sequiera, you need to pay special attention to that man named Lomio in the Arena!” The red-haired middle-aged man had thick eyebrows and large eyes. With each moment, he gave off a domineering aura. “According to the servants’ reports, this Lomio is very likely a Seven Star Fiend. He has already achieved ten consecutive victories on multiple days. In two more days, he’ll have completed a hundred victories!”

“Yes, Father!” Sequiera said respectfully.

Sequiera’s father, Bakwill [Ba’ke’wei] Bagshaw, was the clan leader of the Bagshaw clan. Bakwill, despite having lived for countless years, only had two children. Each member of the Bagshaw clan had exceedingly few children, most having only one.

Having two children was already quite lucky.

“If he really is a Seven Star Fiend, then that’s wonderful news. It’s rare to meet a Seven Star Fiend. We can’t let him slip away.” Bakwill said calmly.

“I know, Father.” Sequeira laughed. “Father, not long ago, you went to the secret area, so I didn’t have a chance to tell you. Seven or eight days ago, in the Free Castle, I met an expert. We had a small disagreement with each other, but that expert, with a single blow, killed twelve Highgods!”

“Killed twelve Highgods?” Bakwill looked towards him.

There were quite a few experts capable of killing twelve ordinary Highgods with one blow.

“This isn’t the strange thing. The strange thing is…those twelve Highgods hadn’t even drawn near that expert, but they seemed to have gone silly and unresponsive, allowing that expert to kill them with one blow.”

Bakwill was surprised.

Cause twelve Highgod experts to not be able to even resist?

“This man’s soul is extremely strong.” Bakwill evaluated.

“More importantly!” Sequeira lowered his voice as he spoke. “Father, that person was actually hiding his aura. From the outside, he seems to be just a God. Even the thousand-man commander of our Free Castle, that Six Star Fiend, wasn’t able to sense even a hint of his true aura!”

Only now was Bakwill shocked.

A Six Star Fiend being unable to sense a hint of the ‘true aura’ of someone, and with that someone having such a powerful soul!

“At very least, a peak Six Star Fiend, and possibly even a Seven Star Fiend. In addition, one specialized in the soul.” Bakwill evaluated. Experts who specialized in the soul were dread-inducing, because the soul was the foundation of every single person. Experts who specialized in the soul were very hard to deal with.

“Where is he?” Bakwill said hurriedly.

“Gone.” Sequeira shook his head. “He shouldn’t be someone from Miluo Island. He didn’t know anything about the blood-colored Miluo Insignia. I didn’t dare to rashly attack him, so all I could do was watch him leave.”

Bakwill let out a long breath, then laughed. “If he’s gone, then forget it. Your actions were correct. When you encounter an expert like this, you can’t rashly offend him. If he kills you, then that truly would be terrible.”

Sequeira laughed as well.

“Sequeira!” A voice of jubilation came out from the gates of the rear gardens. A mesmerizingly beautiful woman with a pure white complexion and jade hair came running in, her face covered in joy. This was Sequeira’s wife: Cecily!

“Father.” Seeing Bakwill, that jade-haired beauty immediately curtsied.

Bakwill nodded calmly.

“Lily.” Sequeira, seeing his wife, immediately smiled and walked over to welcome her.

“Lily, you seem so excited. Do you have some good news?” Sequeira laughed.

“Sequeira, I’m with child.” Cecily said hurriedly.

Hearing this news, Sequeira and Bakwill were both stunned…and then looks of wild joy appeared on their faces. The two looked at each other, with Bakwill laughing loudly in excitement. “Haha…Sequeira, you chose an excellent wife, an excellent wife, haha!”

“I have a child? I actually have a child!” Sequeira was incomparably excited as well.

Cecily, hearing this, was puzzled.

It was just a child. Why was it that even the perpetually unflappable clan leader would be so excited? She had never seen the clan leader Bakwill be so excited before.

“Excellent!” Bakwill was so excited that his face was red. He slapped his son on the shoulders. “Sequeira, your wife has rendered great merits.”

“Right.” Sequeira nodded excitedly as well.

And then, Sequeira rushed to his wife, embracing Cecily as he excitedly kissed her. “Lily, you actually are with child…I…thank you…really…thank you so much!” Sequeira said excitedly.

Cecily, seeing her husband so affectionate and ardent, even with the clan leader nearby, felt both amazed and awkward.

“I have a child.” Sequeira stretched his hand out, gently placing it on his wife’s belly.

“Huh?” Cecily stared, puzzled, at her husband. She saw Sequeira’s right hand slowly emit a blood colored glow which was extremely bizarre. Sequeira’s face was full of excitement, but slowly, Sequeira’s expression froze. He stared in astonishment at his nearby wife, Cecily.

Cecily felt puzzled by the look in his eyes.

“WHAP!” With a sudden swing of the hand, he struck his wife heavily on the face, knocking her into the ground far away.

“Bastard, slut!” Sequeira was so angry, his entire body was trembling.

Cecily held a hand to her face, staring at her husband in disbelief.

“Sequeira, what are you doing!” Bakwill was enraged.

“Father.” Sequeira turned to look at his father, saying hurriedly, “That…isn’t my child!”

Bakwill was stunned. “Sequeira, are you saying…?”

Sequeira nodded.

Bakwill’s face instantly sunk down, as though covered by a layer of frost. Bakwill glanced sideways at Cecily, then said in a voice that was like ice, “Sequeira, this woman is no longer worthy of being your principal wife. You decide how to punish her. After a period of time, prepare to take another wife.”

“Yes, Father!” Sequeira turned to stare furiously at Cecily.

Cecily’s face was filled with confusion. She immediately said hurriedly, “Sequeira, this is your child, why do you say it is another’s?”

Actually, not even a Deity was able to tell if the fetus in his wife’s body was or wasn’t his own. But some people were exceptions! For example, Linley, because Linley belonged to the Dragonblood Warrior clan.

Any descendant of the Dragonblood Warrior clan would definitely have the lineage of the Dragonblood Warriors. Even if the amount was sparse, it would still definitely be there!

If there was no Dragonblood Warrior lineage in one’s body, then one definitely didn’t belong to the clan.

“Why?” Sequeira was so furious, his facial muscles were twitching.

The Bagshaw clan belonged to the ‘Bloodrune Titan clan’ of the Infernal Realm. The descendants of the Bloodrune Titan clan all had the Bloodrune Titan lineage in their veins. Of course, there were varying degrees of density, and if the density reached a certain level, they would possess extremely great power.

Just now, Sequeira had used some of their clan’s special energy for sensing, only to discover…

The child in the belly of his wife actually didn’t have any of his clan’s lineage at all!

Without even a hint of the lineage of his clan, it meant that this child was definitely not his own!

Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon

Panlong, 盘龙 (小说)
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.


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