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Coiling Dragon Chapter 541

Book 16 - Chapter 19 – War God – Cesar

Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 19, War God, Cesar

After having killed twelve Highgods with a single sword, he had shocked his opponents. Thus, Linley’s group of four left safely.

“Linley, will that young master of the Bagshaw clan bring experts for revenge?” Olivier frowned, somewhat concerned.

Linley chuckled.

Delia replied, “Olivier, in truth, the young master of the Bagshaw clan and the three of us were only in a dispute because of clothing. And then, Linley killed those twelve ordinary Highgods. To an ancient clan like his, the death of twelve ordinary Highgods is nothing at all. I imagine that this young master wouldn’t be so rash as to seek revenge without clearly investigating.”

“If they come, we will kill them!”

Bebe snorted. “We’re about to leave Miluo Island anyways. Who cares about the Bagshaw clan. No matter how powerful they are, can it be that they can control other areas also?”

“Let’s go. These large clans are disdainful towards lesser individuals, but against true experts, they are still somewhat cautious.” Linley chuckled. Linley, when attacking, had been viewed by others as a Highgod, and yet his aura was that of a God!

The enemies would definitely believe that Linley was hiding his aura.

Actually, Linley really was only just a God! How could they possibly discover any Highgod aura from him?

However, the enemies would only believe that Linley was so powerful that his ability to hide his aura was simply too great!

Given his ability to hide his aura, as well as the sword attack he had just displayed, the opponents had plenty of material to begin wildly speculating over. No matter how powerful a clan was, they wouldn’t want to offend an ultimate expert. After all…a true expert, by himself, could destroy a clan.

In front of an ultimate expert, human wave tactics were ineffective.

That young master Sequeira wouldn’t dare to offend a possibly Seven Star Fiend over a small fit of pique.

Linley’s group immediately headed outside. After walking for a while, Linley didn’t discover anyone following them. In his heart, he understood that young master Sequeira should have really given up the idea of getting revenge.

Bebe muttered, “Miluo Island is quite a beautiful island. Unfortunately, after being here just a single day, we have to leave. I really wanted to become a hundred battles victor in that Arena.” How could Bebe possibly lose in a fight against those Gods? He could just stand there and let them beat on him.

Unless the opponent also had a godspark weapon or a Sovereign artifact. Most likely, only with those items would they be able to harm Bebe.

“Let’s go. In the future, we’ll still have the chance.” Linley laughed calmly.

“Linley, quick, look!” Delia, somewhat stunned, pulled at Linley and called at him. Linley immediately turned and followed Delia’s gaze. As he did, Linley was shocked. From a distant translucent restaurant window, he was able to see an icy man with long red hair seated on the other side of the window!

The War God, O’Brien!

“War God!” Linley was overjoyed.

“War God?” Olivier looked over, puzzled, and then he too was overjoyed.

All of these experts who had entered the Infernal Realm understood that it would be extremely hard for them to run into their old friends from the same material plane. The feeling of meeting with their old friends was enough to make them very excited and energetic.

“Haha, War God!” Bebe was the first to dash towards the restaurant.

Linley’s group immediately followed him as well. Entering the restaurant, they saw that this was a fairly quiet restaurant with fairly few customers. O’Brien was currently sitting there, quietly drinking a cup of tea.

“The War God actually became a Highgod?” Linley was somewhat startled. In the past, the War God had relied on fusing with a divine spark to become a God. In as short a period of time as a thousand years, he became a Highgod? There was only one explanation – he had fused with a divine spark.

“Hey, War God!” Bebe immediately ran towards the War God’s table.

O’Brien, his head lowered to his cup of tea, was startled. War God? In the Infernal Realm, it had been many years since someone had addressed him in that manner.

O’Brien raised his head and saw Bebe by his table, and also Linley, Delia, and Olivier walking this way as well. The War God O’Brien’s face went slack, and then he revealed a look of joy. “Linley, it’s actually you four!”

“O’Brien, long time no see.” Linley laughed.

“Long time no see.” O’Brien laughed as well.

“Aren’t you going to invite us to sit?” Bebe snorted.

O’Brien immediately began to laugh. “Haha, it’s fine if I don’t invite others to sit, but how would I dare to not invite you, Bebe, to sit? Come, let’s all sit together.” As he spoke, O’Brien immediately beckoned towards a distant waiter, who immediately came over.

“I don’t want to eat right now.” Linley said hurriedly.

“Then we’ll order some wine.” O’Brien casually ordered some wine, and then everyone began to chat together.

O’Brien asked Linley and Olivier about what had happened in recent years, while Linley gave a general description of the events which had occurred after their arrival in the Infernal Realm. However, he didn’t go into too much detail regarding the dangers they had faced. After giving a brief summary, Linley’s group concluded their description of what had happened in the Redbud Continent.

“We were trapped within the Amethyst Mountains for a time, but luckily were able to escape.” Olivier, for example, discussed that matter with a single sentence. While they were chatting, Delia even especially set up her ‘Godrealm’ to cover all of them within it, shutting out sound and preventing outsiders from eavesdropping.

Linley had thought that O’Brien would be shocked, but O’Brien didn’t seem to feel anything was amiss.

Actually, O’Brien had always been in the Starmist Sea, and thus he knew very little about the Redbud Continent. He didn’t understand what being trapped in the Amethyst Mountains and then escaping really meant!

“Linley, you really are audacious. The Infernal Realm is filled with countless dangers. If I hadn’t been following Tarosse, I probably would’ve died in the Starmist Sea long ago. You, however, actually left the Redbud Continent and began to hurry towards the Bloodridge Continent. Formidable. Admirable!” O’Brien sighed in amazement.

Olivier just chuckled.

As Olivier saw it, given Linley’s current strength, he would be able to roam the Infernal Realm with ease. As long as he didn’t encounter any major foes, he definitely wouldn’t be in any danger.

“O’Brien, how about you? How has life been in the Infernal Realm?” Linley laughed as he asked.

“Me? Not bad.” O’Brien nodded. “After arriving in the Infernal Realm, our group included Tarosse and Dylin. Although we ran into some dangerous situations, Tarosse and him were able to deal with it. Afterwards, Tarosse broke through from the God level to the Highgod level. He became a Highgod on his own!”

Linley couldn’t help but be surprised.

“After Tarosse reached the Highgod level, he became truly formidable.” O’Brien sighed in praise. “Tarosse himself had fused two types of profound mysteries to begin with. Matching that with his innate divine ability…in the Starmist Sea, he is extremely formidable. He even once killed three Five Star Fiends!”

“Killed three Five Star Fiends?” Linley’s group was shocked as well.

But after considering it, Linley understood. Tarosse had become a Highgod independently and had fused two types of profound mysteries. If he was able to perfectly match his attacks with his innate divine ability as a divine beast, then it was possible for him to be comparable to a Six Star Fiend.

“Right. Tarosse won a hundred victories here at Miluo Island!” O’Brien sighed in approval.

Linley nodded to himself. Generally speaking, Six Star Fiends were capable of gaining a hundred victories. Five Star Fiends, if lucky, could as well. It was possible for Tarosse to accomplish this.

“Dylin, in turn, won a hundred victories at the God Arena.” O’Brien laughed. “Precisely because of this, Tarosse and Dylin both now live in the western part of the island. Tarosse gave us divine sparks to allow myself, Cesar, and Dylin’s children to all reach the Highgod level.”

Linley now understood.

So that was what had happened. Dylin’s two children, those Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions, had both fused with divine sparks to become Deities, and O’Brien had as well. Since they had already fused with divine sparks, they might as well just keep doing so. Only, given that they had used divine sparks to become Highgods, their future potential was now rather slim.

Delia smiled. “It seems your life here isn’t bad.”

“That’s right.” O’Brien nodded, but then he seemed to have thought of something. He shook his head. “But Cesar, he…”

“What about Cesar?” Linley hurriedly asked.

Linley had a rather deep friendship with Cesar. Previously, in his homeland near Fenlai City, Cesar had helped him. Afterwards, when Linley had gone to rescue those Undying Warriors, the five Barker brothers, at the critical, life and death moment, Cesar had once again helped him and saved him.

Linley naturally was grateful towards Cesar for having helped him multiples time.

“Cesar is rather…depressed these days.” O’Brien shook his head and sighed.

“Depressed?” Bebe stared. “Cesar seems to have no cares in the world. How could he become depressed?”

Linley was rather puzzled as well.

“Problems of the heart.” O’Brien said.

A look of surprise appeared on the faces of Linley and the others. Cesar, in the Yulan continent, had been an extremely dissolute fellow who often changed women. There was no long-term woman for him. Even that ‘Holy Lady’ of the Frost Goddess Shrine, Cesar had ran away from as though fleeing a disaster.

As Linley saw it, a person like him shouldn’t suffer too much from matters of the heart.

Seeing the looks on the faces of Linley and the others, O’Brien explained, “At first, I was like you, unable to believe it. But this time, Cesar is for real. With regards to that woman, Cecily (Sai’xi’li), it is as though he has been possessed. Him and that Cecily woman really fell in love. Cesar even told me that this time, he had found true love!”

Linley’s group just listened, stunned.

“But of course, what happened between them in terms of their relationship, I’m not too clear. We wouldn’t pry about their private affairs. All of us were just very happy that Cesar and Cecily were able to be with each other.”

“Logically speaking, this was a good thing.” O’Brien shook his head and laughed. “Unfortunately, that Cecily had a very special status. She was actually a core member of one of the five major clans of Miluo Island, the Gaylord [Gai’luo’de] clan. In addition, not too long ago, she got married to young master Sequeira of the Bagshaw clan!”

Young master Sequeira?

Linley’s group of four, upon hearing this name, exchanged glances. This matter actually had something to do with Sequeira? But not too long ago, Linley’s group had gotten into a dispute with that Sequeira.

“What, are you surprised? We were surprised as well. But that’s the truth.” O’Brien sighed. “Deities should have tough, resilient minds. Who would have imagined that Cesar seemed to have suffered a fatal wound. He’s in a daze all day, either drinking or just daydreaming or sleeping or training. He is extremely dispirited.”

Linley couldn’t help but sympathize with Cesar.

Although O’Brien described it all in a very ordinary manner, Linley himself had been heartbroken in love before as well. He knew well the heart-ripping pain of having his woman being taken away, and how that agony could make a person be able to barely breathe. The more deeply one loved, the more deeply one would be wounded.

“Cesar…seems to have really fallen for her.” Linley sighed.

As they chatted, their wine was soon used up.

“It’s a matter of time. This happened just recently after all. Cesar is just unable to get over it for now, I imagine. When time goes on, he should be better.” O’Brien said, then stood up. “Linley, come. Let’s go meet with Tarosse, Dylin, and those two children of Dylin’s. All of them are present. When they see you, they will definitely be very happy.”

Linley’s group immediately rose as well.

“Boss, are we still going to head off with Aches’ group?” Bebe asked.

“No need. When the time comes, we’ll travel alone. In addition, with Bates by their side, safety shouldn’t be a problem.” Linley, having met with a group of old friends, was in no rush to leave. As for his problem with Sequeira, Sequeira hadn’t immediately attempted to gain revenge, and so clearly he probably wouldn’t in the future.

After all, if he really wanted to get revenge, he would’ve done so right away.

Linley’s group of four followed O’Brien, heading directly into the western part of the island.

Miluo Island was divided into the eastern part and the western part. The western part was where the island guards, the five clans, and the others all lived. Outsiders were forbidden entry.

“It really is beautiful here.” Linley saw the beautiful two story buildings from afar.

“Those are the homes for the island guards.” O’Brien laughed. “I’m here as well. Thanks to Tarosse’s help, I also became an island guard. Island guards rotate their duty once a year. This year, I’m on break.”

In the area where the island guards lived, people were on patrol.

“Are we allowed to go in?” Bebe was a bit nervous.

“It’s fine. The residential area of the island guards aren’t under strict supervision. As long as an island guard leads the way, you can go in. The place which is under very tight supervision is the place where those five clans live. However, they are deeper inside.” As O’Brien spoke, his body suddenly became covered by a blood red uniform armor.

This was the proof of one’s status as an island guard. The patrolling island guards immediately let them in.

Linley’s group of four thus followed O’Brien into the residential area of the island guards.

Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon

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Empires rise and fall on the Yulan Continent. Saints, immortal beings of unimaginable power, battle using spells and swords, leaving swathes of destruction in their wake. Magical beasts rule the mountains, where the brave – or the foolish – go to test their strength. Even the mighty can fall, feasted on by those stronger. The strong live like royalty; the weak strive to survive another day. This is the world which Linley is born into. Raised in the small town of Wushan, Linley is a scion of the Baruch clan, the clan of the once-legendary Dragonblood Warriors. Their fame once shook the world, but the clan is now so decrepit that even the heirlooms of the clan have been sold off. Tasked with reclaiming the lost glory of his clan, Linley will go through countless trials and tribulations, making powerful friends but also deadly enemies. Come witness a new legend in the making. The legend of Linley Baruch.


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