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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 769

Chapter 593 (Aunty)

Chapter 593 (Aunty)

“Get up.”

“Thank you, Your Honor!” Gorefiend stood respectfully on the side, bowing his head slightly and not daring to look directly at the master.

“How’s business recently?”

“Reporting to Your Honor, business has been very good recently,” said Gorefiend with his head bowed.

Ye Hua nodded, touched the table, which was really clean: “Not bad, keep up the good work.”

Gorefiend was overjoyed, he actually received the praise of Your Honor, which was more fulfilling than causing harm to the world.

“Thank you, Your Honor!” Gorefiend shouted loudly, feeling that his whole body was full of energy and he had to clean the hygiene again! Clean it to the point where he could lick it!

Ye Hua took out a cigarette and walked out of the bar.

As Gorefiend watched his back, his eyes revealed an admiring look. He had such a good bearing even when smoking, why couldn’t he learn it himself? He was so stupid…

Walking out of the bar, Ye Hua looked towards the alley and Aunty was actually selling fried pancake rolls today. His luck wasn’t bad!

“Give me a fried pancake roll with an egg added,” Ye Hua said faintly standing next to her.

Aunty turned her head and looked at Ye Hua, squeezing out a smile and said, “Okay.”

But when she turned around, the smile disappeared. Ye Hua frowned and waited quietly.

“Eat it while it’s hot.” Aunty wrapped up the fried pancake rolls in her hand and handed them to Ye Hua. Ye Hua scanned the WeChat QR code on the window and turned to leave.

But after walking a few steps, Ye Hua turned back to Aunty and sighed softly before walking back.

When did he become a good person? It was really annoying.

Aunty saw Ye Hua coming back again and asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Is it not delicious? I’ll make another one for you.”

“No need,” Ye Hua said faintly.

Aunty looked at the handsome man in front of her with a puzzled expression. Over the years, she had witnessed his transformation from being aloof to now.

“Why has it been intermittent this year?” Ye Hua asked aloud.

Aunty also sighed lightly with a tired look on her face and the worry in her heart.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a trivial matter. You should go back and spend time with your wife and child,” Aunty said with a light laugh.

This Aunty was even better at pretending than him. It was obvious that she was burdened with something.

“Tell me, maybe I can help,” Ye Hua said. This was enough face he was giving her. With his helping her with her problems, even the most significant issue could be resolved.

Aunty showed gratitude, “Thank you, but you really can’t help with this matter.”

“Don’t you think I’m capable?” Ye Hua asked coldly. This was the first time he actively helped someone, and he was refused. If this were to be spread out, where would he put his face?

Aunty was amused by Ye Hua’s manner and said, “Young man, I know you are a good person, but you really can’t help me with this.”

Heh! Was there something that he, the Almighty, couldn’t do? What a joke!

“Tell me! If I can’t help, I’ll give you twice the money for this fried pancake roll in the future!”

Wow, the deity was so generous, he was even willing to pay twice the price.

The Aunty was quite speechless. This young man was stubborn, and she had experienced it before.

“It’s actually my son. He used to work outside, but when he came back last year, he became strange. He locked himself in the room all day long, and recently he joined that so-called Peace Association and became a manager. You see how chaotic the world is now. If something happens, what am I going to do?”

Ye Hua thought it was something big and said calmly, “What do you want to do?”

“I just want my son to have a stable life, not to be out there killing people. But… sigh… he hasn’t come home for a month now. I went to look for him, but…” The Aunty looked very upset, feeling like her son had become a different person.

How could a mother hope for her child to go out and kill people? And now he hasn’t come home, she went to find him herself, but he wouldn’t even come out, and only had someone relay a message as if her appearance was a disgrace to him.

This is what made the Aunty heartbroken.

“To be honest, I have some experience in disciplining children, maybe I can help you.” Ye Hua felt confident, after all, his own child was always obedient, and he had just disciplined them.

But can a child and an adult be compared? And this was someone else’s child.

The Aunty fell silent for a moment and finally agreed, “Young man, then it’s up to you.”

“I charge a lot.”


“After it’s done, these pancake fruit rolls have to be free.”

The Aunty was stunned for a moment, but readily agreed, “No problem, if you really convince my son, you can have everything for free from now on.”

Ye Hua was very satisfied with the Aunty’s attitude. ‘You should have had this kind of attitude a long time ago.’

“Lead the way.”

The Aunty closed her stall early and pushed her cart towards home.

Ye Gua thought the Aunty’s house shouldn’t be far, but they actually walked for an hour!!!

She actually walked for an hour!

“Why do you come here to set up a stall in the morning if your home is so far away?” Ye Hua couldn’t help but ask curiously.

The Aunty bit her lip and whispered, “It’s just a habit. I moved to a new house bought by my son, but I still think the old one is better.”

Ye Hua understood this. When you get used to living in a certain place, it’s hard to get used to another place.

“What about your husband?”

“We’ve been divorced for a long time.” The Aunty smiled bitterly. Her husband ran away with a lot of debt when their child was born, and she had to sell pancake fruit rolls every day to pay off the debt and support her child’s education.

Ye Hua nodded and took out a cigarette to light up.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the entrance of a high-end residential area.

The security guard opened the door. He seemed to be very puzzled by this pancake fruit roll seller. The houses here start at a million, but she still comes to sell pancake fruit rolls early in the morning.

The Aunty came to the garage downstairs and opened the door. Inside, there was even a Porsche 911 parked. The Aunty put her tools aside and smiled, “That rascal is at home.”

“Perfect.” Ye Hua said calmly.

Aunty’s house is on the top floor with an excellent view, but of course, the house price is not cheap.

Standing in the elevator, Aunty said softly, “I don’t know how my son got so much money. I’m afraid he stole it.”

“Don’t worry too much. A man’s ambition is to explore the world,” Ye Hua said lightly. From his perspective, if a man acts like a goodie goodie, there’s no future. He should be willing to fight and create achievements.

Aunty chuckled lightly, “Is this how you young people think?”

“Nowadays is a good time to make achievements,” Ye Hua said lightly.

“Actually, Aunty understands. I just hope my son sees me as his mother,” Aunty sighed deeply.

Ye Hua could understand. If his own child looked down on his mother, he could do something drastic. What use was there for such a person to exist!

Looking at what happened this morning, if they weren’t strictly disciplined, they would become more presumptuous in the future. They wouldn’t even put their own father in their eyes.

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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

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He is an undead who is devoid of all humanity, he is the one and only supreme overlord, he is a man who has severe mysophobia. There are many people who try to act cool in front of him, whatever soldier king, assassin, system user, transmigrator, reincarnator, the strong returning, the strong coming down from the mountain, person coming back from the immortal world, reincarnation of the devil king, immortal emperor possessing someone’s body, and so on, all of them do not know what will happen next.


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