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Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 438

Chapter 438 – Tower Genie #1

Tower Genie #1

Of course, with how much of his wealth Leylin had expended on this, the power of the activation spell was not to be belittled.

A circle of sparkling starlight shrouded the tower. Numerous runes flickered in sync and breathed at the same rate, as if having lives of their own.

A faint blue figure began to form in front of Leylin. “Master, this tower genie is here to serve you!”

This tower genie had been branded by Leylin’s spiritual force upon its birth.

In addition, it was one with the Magus Tower, and could help Leylin take care of any minute details that might be difficult to find.

“Alright. Here’s my first mission. Accept this and fuse with it!” A blue seed shot out from between Leylin’s eyebrows and quickly entered the blue tower genie’s figure.

A multitude of data flowed across the tower genie’s eyes, and a tremendous amount of complicated information even caused the newly-formed tower genie’s figure to flicker, as it eventually turned into a ball of light.

By the time everything had stabilised, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice was produced from within the blue ball of light, [Digitization complete. The A.I. Chip system is now serving you. Please choose the exterior appearance.]

“A tree elf!” Leylin had never had anything against humanoid managers.

The blue ball of light shook, and eventually formed a blue elf the size of a human head, with a pair of wings formed of starlight.

“I’ll call you Number 1 in the future.” Leylin nodded, very satisfied with this intellectual body’s external appearance.

“Understood. Number 1 greets Master!” The blue elf bowed, though its facial expression looked mechanical.

[Beginning networking.] Such an expression actually pleased Leylin more. What he needed was an absolutely rational manager, and from the very beginning, he had not built in any emotional functions.

With this command, a data interface connected Leylin’s A.I. Chip with the elf using a stream of spiritual force.

[Beginning synchronizing of data. In the midst of tidying up] The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded.

[Discovery of inharmonious spiritual force waves at three areas. Beginning elimination.] [Fusion with tower genie completed. Activation of anti-probing spell formation at full force.]

One after another, these prompts popped up, and the smile at the corner of Leylin’s mouth grew wider.

Regular tower genies definitely lacked the terrifying calculation abilities of the A.I. Chip. The area that it could manage would only include the interior of the Magus Tower.

However, with what he was doing, not only could he control the interior of the Magus Tower from a distance away, he could even completely eliminate any damages that would otherwise have been hidden.

After fusing with the program that the A.I. Chip had duplicated, the tower genie had now become more intelligent, able to autonomously search for holes and repair them, and even take care of a few flaws or defects that had originally been there.

It could be said that even if Grand Duke Gilbert had done anything to the rank 4 scroll, it would have been pointless.

This was because Leylin had already modified the tower genie’s structure with things of his own.

“Hah…” Leylin took in a long breath.

The construction of the Magus Tower, particularly the completion of the positive and negative energy reactive pools, now allowed the interior of the Magus Tower to have ten times the elemental particle concentration as outside.

The concentrated energy particles could even be seen with the naked eye, and for Magus eyes this was even more apparent. Leylin felt like he was surrounded by an elemental ocean.

The particle concentration in the central continent had already been very high, and that of this Magus Tower far surpassed that..

It could be said that in this environment, Leylin’s progress in his meditation technique would not be too slow even if he did not use any potions. What was more frightening was that even trashy acolytes with a level 1 or 2 aptitude could break through their own limits and become official Magi if they studied and meditated here!

After recognising this, Leylin immediately made a choice. Unless there was anything terribly important, he would stay and settle down in the Magus Tower.

Outside the tower.

Parker and the others could not feel all this as keenly as Leylin, but after there was a rumble from the entire Magus Tower and it started emanating faint light, everyone still began to cheer. Even Kubler had shining tears at the corner of his eye.

A Magus Tower was a representation of strength in the central continent.

With a Magus Tower, and a Magus like Leylin who was viewed highly, regular Magi with Crystal phase spiritual force would not dare trespass in this area. In addition, with the large-scaled monitoring abilities of the Magus Tower, the rate of crime would definitely be lowered.

This signified that Leylin’s power was secured, whether among mortals or Magi.

As a result, all the vassals who depended on Leylin were extremely moved.

*Boom!* At this moment, with the sound from a power switch, the entrance to the Magus Tower opened up, revealing Leylin’s figure.

“It’s finally done. Come in and take a look!”

“Many thanks, Master!” A few Warlocks immediately bowed. They had contributed to the construction of the Magus Tower, and naturally wished to take a look at it.

“Ah! The concentration of the particles!” Upon entering through the entrance, they were immediately shocked by the terrifying concentration of particles in the Magus Tower.

“As expected of the Magus Tower that my lord personally constructed. If I had studied in this place from my youth, I might have been able to break through to the Hydro Phase spiritual force stage by this time…” Parker carressed the cold and rigid walls, almost feeling like sobbing.

“Based on your contributions, I will give you different amounts of authority within the Magus Tower, as well as assign you your own bedrooms, laboratory and the like.” Seeing all his subordinates, Leylin immediately made a promise to reward them.

“Many thanks, Master!” Numerous Warlocks were immediately touched. They had never even dreamed of having a place in such a high-grade Magus Tower.

This was especially so for Parker. Though he had little hope of advancing, all he wanted was to pave the way for Snoopy. He had never expected this treatment at any point in his life, and was immensely grateful.

Leylin thought nothing of it. These Warlocks were all his subordinates, and ought to be given rewards. With the tower genie supervising, they wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

He would only open up the guestrooms, living areas and a few laboratories to them. The core areas, the positive and negative energy reactive pool as well as control room were safely in his control.

As it was very likely that they would live and perform research here, Kubler and the others had a different reaction and emotion to this.

Leylin brought them to look at the few levels in the middle, passing by the living room, bedrooms, library, and all the way to the Magus Garden.

Leylin had set up this Magus Garden like those of ancient times. Though he had yet to transplant any plants here, some vegetation and precious plants were already growing lushly.

A green light shone down. All this was the accumulated life energy that had come from activating the Magus Tower, giving the vegetation a huge boost in nutrition and vitality.

“With the positive energy pool, the entire Magus Tower’s water circulation uses the purest water elemental particles and turns them into water that is purified to the highest degree. The yield from this Magus Garden would be enough to provide for thousands of people if the incoming energy stays at its peak,” Leylin introduced, sounding a little proud.

With the bonus from the Magus Tower, he could obtain a strength comparable to a Magus with Crystal Phase spiritual force, and even provide for over five thousand people in the tower!

With this ability and self-sufficiency, it would be considered an extremely frightful large fort in times of war.

The Magus Tower was a terrifying war machine, and its amazing strength was enough to obstruct any attempts at spying on them.

“This is my future base!” Leylin sighed in his heart, but a smile then appeared on his face. “To celebrate the completion of the Magus Tower, I will hold a feast in Onyx Castle tonight. Let us all revel!”

An intoxicating clamour spread throughout the room.


Night fell and Onyx Castle was filled with scenes of jubilation, with many female singers, dancers and entertainers presenting their art with all the energy they could muster. Waves of delicacies and fine liquor were constantly sent to the feast like running water.

As this was in the form of a family banquet, the rules were lax, and even regular nobles were invited.

Though the Warlocks had formed a circle of their own, they were not repelled by the clamour outside. All faces were brimming with smiles, full of hope for the future of their territory.

With Leylin’s status, nobody dared disturb him. He drank a few glasses and encouraged his subordinates with a few words, and then secretly left the castle.

The moon hung high in the sky, silver moonlight spilling down. The night air held a chill to it and was just right for those who had consumed alcohol.

Of course, with Leylin’s body, there were few wines that could get him drunk.

He came to the side of the Magus Tower. Here, due the superb detection abilities of the tower genie, the original guards had all been transferred out.

A ring-shaped rune suddenly brightened on Leylin’s hand. “I’m here. Come over!” Leylin said, his tone holding within a command that was difficult to ignore.

A black figure appeared from the air, and came to stand silently beside Leylin. “Come with me.”

The entrance to the Magus Tower opened up with a rumble, welcoming its master.

They went all the way to the reception room, and only then did Leylin’s facial muscles relax as he took a seat on the sofa.

“Sit! You don’t need to conceal yourself anymore here. My Magus Tower has powerful detection spell formations. Even the spying of Morning Star Magi can be recognised!”

The person in black robes hesitated, and then threw back her hood, revealing a pretty female face with a golden headband on her forehead.

“Master!” She exclaimed in a low voice. This female Magus was the fugitive Magus leader that Leylin had subdued, Tanasha!

Watching Tanasha taking a seat, Leylin asked slowly, “I hope there weren’t any troubles on the way here.”

Warlock of the Magus World

Warlock of the Magus World

Wujie Shushi, 巫界术士
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Native Language: Chinese
What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights? An awesome MC is what happens! A scientist’s goal is to explore the secrets of the universe, and this is exactly what Leylin sets out to do when he is reincarnated. Dark, cold and calculating, he makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal. Face? Who needs that… Hmmm… that guy seems too powerful for me to take on now… I better keep a low profile for now. You want me to help you? Sure… but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye. Hmmm… that guy looks like he might cause me problems in the future. Should I let him off for now and let him grow into someone that can threaten me….. Nahhh. *kill*- Alternative: Leylin is transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world— except there’s magic. Equipped with “only” his quick wits and an A.I. chip fused to his soul, he sets out to become the most powerful magus the world has ever known. In a land divided into the Light and Dark Magi, the weak can either be cattle or disposable slaves. Only the strong can determine their lives, and only they have the luxury for virtue. Yet strength is only a tool for Leylin, like any other. His goal, in the end, is his own.


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