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Warlock of the Magus World Chapter 396

Chapter 396 – Phosphorescence Swamp

Phosphorescence Swamp

“Jessia, What are you doing? Get back here now!”

Flames blazed in Nolan‘s eyes when he saw Jessia holding on to Leylin’s arms shamelessly with her breast almost pushed towards him.

The rank 2 Magus on the other side immediately stepped up and delivered a hard slap to the back of Nolan’s head, causing him to bend forward.

Droplets of cold sweat were trickling down his forehead.

It was obvious that what had happened today was all a misunderstanding. The crucial point was, they were lacking in ability when compared to the opposing side

Moreover, any slight mishandling of the situation would enrage a rank 3 Magus, and on top of that worsen their relationship with the Ouroboros Clan. At this point, thoughts of death crossed his mind.

“Anyway, it is just a small misunderstanding! Forget it!“ Leylin replied indifferently.

Before the rank 2 Magus could reply, Leylin’s ice cold voice was transmitted to him, “This is the price for offending me!”

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

The rank 2 Magus, Nolan and Jessia collapsed and were flung out, blood trickling down the sides of their mouths.

“Leave, all of you! I do not want to see you all ever again!”

“Thank you for sparing our lives, my Lord!” the Rank 2 Magus gave a respectful bow, and quickly pulled Nolan and an unwilling Jessia away from the scene.

“I believe such troubles will continue to occur in the future….” The look in Nolan’s and Jessia’s eyes when they were leaving left Leylin with the feeling that this matter was not over yet.

The common hatred might have spurred them into an alliance in the future.

“What nonsense is this?” Leylin felt rather gloomy and thought he should not have gotten involved with matters between husband and wife.

“My Lord, should I…” Kubler spoke up with an ominous glint in his eyes

“No!” Leylin shook his head.

He fiddled with a dark and shiny gold coin in his hand, silent and in deep thought.


Phosphorescence Swamp.

This was the general headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan. Very few other Magi ventured out to this place.

The swamp was a sea of thick black wetlands and the air was a continuous mix of cold and chilly yet hot and blazing. Occasionally, flashes of green phosphorescence could be seen on it.

“The concentration of energy particles in the air is very high here! This location is a good find indeed!”

Leylin looked at the graphic data collected by his A.I. Chip, nodded his head and told Kubler who was standing behind him.

Although the average energy concentration in the central continent had far exceeded that of the south coast and twilight zone, the energy here was even more prominent.

Within Phosphorescence Swamp, the concentration of darkness elemental particles was the highest followed by that of fire. The concentration of these two elements was ten times higher than the average of Twilight Zone.

“This is merely on the outside, if an element pool or secret plane was built, I believe the disparity would be more terrifying….” Leylin thought to himself.

“Yes, such a location with a combination of darkness and fire particles is rare. Historically, when we first occupied this place, there were 5 Morning Star Magi who combined their forces to destroy a few powerful enemies, and brought along a country of commoners….” Kubler was brimming with pride as he explained to Leylin.

“My Lord, due to my current identity, there might be some trouble here!” he added.

He had been framed by others and was wanted by the Ouroboros Clan, hence before the accusations were lifted, he was afraid of being treated like a criminal.

“Not might, it’s already here!” Leylin pointed out. Soon a few profound dark shadows suddenly emerged from the nearby swamp.

*ROOAAAR!* Two high-energy serpent-shaped living creatures suddenly emerged, making a big splash. The silhouettes of two Magi could be seen on their heads.

“This is not even the headquarters of the Ouroboros Clan, yet patrolling the perimeter are rank 2 high-energy living creatures and rank 2 Magi! Looks like they have a very strong base!” Leylin felt a resonance of bloodline from the serpent-shaped living creatures ridden by the Magi. In fact, they seemed to be blood descendants of the Kemoyin Serpent!

“Kubler! How dare you step foot in this place? Didn’t you leave?” From where the 2 Warlocks were standing, a surprised voice was transmitted out and it didn’t sound flustered.

Under these circumstances, Leylin discreetly nodded his head. It would seem like Kubler was indeed innocent. The grassroots troops understood perfectly and even started to attack before they laid eyes on him.

“This is not my fault, I was framed by Johnny!” Kubler raised his voice, his face flushing red.

“We do not care about the details, just for the fact that you dare to step foot in Phosphorescence Swamp and brought an outsider!” Another Warlock immediately continued.

“I apologise! But I am not just any outsider!” Leylin smiled faintly, took a step forward and garnered the Kemoyin’s bloodline and the rank 3 spiritual force in his body, letting off a ferocious explosion.

Just like a hurricane, the energy willfully and violently started to sweep everything away. The awe-inspiring kind of familiarity in power left the two lower rank living creatures cowering and bowing with respect.

“A noble rank 3 Bloodline Warlock? Who are you? It is an honour to meet you!” The other 2 bloodline warlocks who possessed lineage of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline immediately felt the suppression from Leylin. They knelt down to show their utmost respect.

“I am a wanderer from afar and unintentionally accepted a Warlock inheritance. I met Kubler along the way and wanted to take a look at the Ouroboros Clan. Why? Am I not welcome?” Leylin asked indifferently.

“Sure! Sure! It is an honour for us to receive you!” The bloodline resonance between two Warlocks could not be faked. Hence the two Warlocks were very sure Leylin was a warlock of a pure Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline! And this level was the highest in the entire Ouroboros Clan! Who would dare offend him?

“Very well! Show us the way!” Leylin nodded his head and gave the order.

“Yes! Yes! This way, please!“ The two Warlocks made eye contact and immediately offered Leylin a position on the back of a huge snake. Kubler was offered one next, and he was secretly touched.

One of the Warlocks could be seen secretly sending a message, probably with the intention of informing others, but Leylin did not bother to pay attention to it.

The Rank 2 serpent moved with great speed along the swamp, emitting an aura of terror that made all other animals stay clear of their path.

“What species of snake is this?” Leylin stroked the dark green scales beneath his feet.

“This creature is an improved version we created using a specialized combination of bloodlines. Their abilities are very suitable for those of the Ouroboros Clan…” A rank 2 Warlock immediately explained to a curious Leylin, hoping to pleased him.

“That explains why I have not seen such information before!” Leylin nodded his head, “What is your name?”

“Maron! My name is Maron, my Lord! “ The Warlock named Maron immediately replied with a look of glee in his eyes.

“Alright Maron!” Leylin nodded his head, knowing what to do to garner reverence.

The two giant serpents glided along with great speed. In about 10 minutes or so, Leylin reached the depth of the Ouroboros Clan.

Here, a row of massive structures was combined together, forming a small scale Magus city, and at the front of the gate sat two enormous stone sculptures of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

With the delicate black scales coupled with the ferocious pupils, they looked like they could very well be alive.

At this moment, a small group of Warlocks was already waiting near the gate.

“Haha… Welcome home, my bloodline brothers!”

A young Warlock that looked like a goblin stood in front of the small group, his eyes that glowed with a purple radiance lighting up upon seeing Leylin. He stepped forward, stretched out his arms and hugged him.

“Thank you!” Leylin returned the hug unnaturally and asked, ” May I know….”

“Oh ! Haha! Look at me! I am so excited by your arrival that I have forgotten to introduce myself!” The fellow had very fair and exquisite skin that seemed to be emitting some kind of peculiar charm, a common trait among Warlocks.

“My name is Robin, you might not know this, but as long as a Warlock has the Kemoyin’s bloodline in him, he shall be considered to be a part of our family! My brother!”

Leylin could sense the aura from the opposite party and it was similar to his own Kemoyin’s bloodline. In fact, based on his spiritual force, Leylin was sure the young Warlock had not only long attained the status of a rank 3 Warlock, but also ascended further, with his strength and spiritual force at a high level.

“Oh, I see! My name is Leylin!”

“Yeah! Leylin right? Follow me! A Lord wants to meet you!” Robin held onto the arm of Leylin with an expression of excitement, totally ignoring Kubler who was behind him.

“Lord? Might it be…” Leylin’s pupils dilated.

“Haha! That’s right! My teacher, A Rank 4 Warlock! Morning Star Magus! Duke Gilbert has been waiting eagerly to meet our new blood!” Robin replied cheerfully.

Upon hearing the name, all the Warlocks bowed their heads in unison in a show of respect.

Rank 4 Warlock! Theoretically, this was the highest level for a Warlock of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline! In fact, it was also a truly high level for the whole of the central continent. Even within the Ouroboros Clan, there were no more than three Warlocks at such a level!

Leylin took a deep breath: “It is truly an honour!”

“Come! Follow me!”

Robin quickly led the way, with the rest of the Warlocks following respectfully behind.

Leylin noticed how the Warlocks all showed their respect to Robin along the way. It seemed like Robin held not only a high rank in the clan, but also a great deal of authority…

Warlock of the Magus World

Warlock of the Magus World

Wujie Shushi, 巫界术士
Score 8.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , , Native Language: Chinese
What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a World of Magic and Knights? An awesome MC is what happens! A scientist’s goal is to explore the secrets of the universe, and this is exactly what Leylin sets out to do when he is reincarnated. Dark, cold and calculating, he makes use of all his resources as he sets off on his adventures to meet his goal. Face? Who needs that… Hmmm… that guy seems too powerful for me to take on now… I better keep a low profile for now. You want me to help you? Sure… but what benefit can I get out of it? Nothing? Bye. Hmmm… that guy looks like he might cause me problems in the future. Should I let him off for now and let him grow into someone that can threaten me….. Nahhh. *kill*- Alternative: Leylin is transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world— except there’s magic. Equipped with “only” his quick wits and an A.I. chip fused to his soul, he sets out to become the most powerful magus the world has ever known. In a land divided into the Light and Dark Magi, the weak can either be cattle or disposable slaves. Only the strong can determine their lives, and only they have the luxury for virtue. Yet strength is only a tool for Leylin, like any other. His goal, in the end, is his own.


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