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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 98

086 – Confusion & Wandering

086 – Confusion & Wandering

Posted on March 14, 2017 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

Zirco was bewildered.

After catching the chief of [Shadow], Zirco immediately headed towards Kesamu with Will to report everything that had happened the moment they were back in Elzmu. Spinel was brought along at that time and after Will went back, he wanted to discussing a few more things with Gion but…. Spinel, who remained bound, had died without anyone knowing.

There shouldn’t be anyone who entered this room. Was it possible for anyone to kill Spinel, who came rolling behind Zirco and Will, right in front both of them plus Kesamu?

Or did Spinel go and die on his own?

In that case, how did he do it……

As confusion and questions swirled inside of him, the reality that Spinel had died right under his nose was not going anywhere. That’s why, instead of bewilderment, he felt fatigue instead.

Even if he had wanted to lament about his stupid mistake, he still had no idea what caused it. There was no way to solve this thing without even knowing what the cause was. With that being left hanging, Zirco, despite still being emotionless, hastened his pace as he walked in the castle.

Although there was a chance that Will did something but that possibility was rather low, not to mention irrational. When Will left, Spinel was still alive. Even if he did something to kill Spinel after he left….It was not that he can’t do it, but that there was no need for him to do it.

Which meant, if Will had been meaning to kill Spinel, he would not be alive in the first place. Spinel was the chief of [Shadow] and even summoned, using magical tools, a Demon.

To have defeated and even come out victorious with that, there would only be praises and no one would be condemning him for wanting to kill Spinel. So if Will had been truly wanted to kill, he would have made use of the confusion and done it already.

In that case, the other possibilities would be…

There was no way it would be Kesamu. Absolutely not. Not towards Zirco’s amazing master slash Wise King, with his well-known and perfect intellect and huge strength. He was not even being considered. The possibility of Zirco having killed Spinel unconsciously would had been higher.

Having thought till here, Zirco began to wonder about who having the advantages if Spinel was dead. Who? The most obvious one would be the shadows. To be caught alive by the enemy only meant interrogations. They knew they would be troubled if they were to reveal any information during interrogations, especially Spinel.

So he might choose to commit suicide instead. But it did not seem like he had regained consciousness…. so how did he do it?

Argh, his thoughts just kept looping. Zirco was at his wit’s end.

In this case, he could only wait for the results. Spinel’s body was with the royal physician. Right now, various emotions were mixed inside him, causing a complex mood as Zirco waited for the autopsy report.

Surprisingly, a pavilion was erected boldly as Zirco’s mansion located in the capital.

Ah no, it might not be that surprising. Other mansions in the capital had imitated it as well. White plaster was plastered over the assembled stones, giving it a very fashionable looking appearance. Looking a little like a building of a commoner who had gotten a wee bit rich.

Ah, but this mansion has a place for you to sneak into the main room through some of the roof tiles, or showing a hidden room if a certain handlebar was pulled, or exist a mysterious space in between the 1st and 2nd floor, looking like a typical Ninja mansion. That being said, this mansion was the product of the previous head’s hobbies.

The changes Zirco made was creating holes through the eyes of portraits to enable peeping.

Although Zirco had wanted to see how his son had been doing lately, unfortunately, these few days he was so busy that he was hardly at home. He had no idea what his house was like right now but it had only been a few weeks, nothing should have changed. No, he would be troubled if anything was changed.

Let’s believe in his son. His son was still young and had a tendency to lose himself in the heat of the moment….. cold sweat started dripping down his back.

No, it was going to be okay. Even if it was that guy, Zirco believed he wouldn’t go that far. Plus his son was living in the Academy dormitories. It’s all okay.

If Will ever heard what Zirco was thinking, he would have shouted ‘A flag had risen!!’.

Zirco continued walking down in big strides.

Let’s returned to the topic. Despite being in the Ninja family, Zirco’s family cannot use the last name of ‘Ninja’ and had been living like a commoner. It had been this case since Zirco had been enrolled into the Academy.

He had been very excited since the moment he was enrolled. It tickled his ninja heart and senses and began to truly take on the name given by the First Founder. The academy was a building that simulated the Ninja’s family senses. He had often played around by diving under the ceilings. It was thanks to this that he could head right over to Will’s room without losing his way.

After a long time, Zirco was walking towards his house. As he could not wear his ninja outfit out in the open, he was dressed in a normal navy blue rode that commoners wore.

It can’t be helped that his steps were a bit heavy.

Spinel’s case was pulling at him. After waiting for half a day, he still knew nothing. The report for Spinel’s death, pinned up in the Intelligence department room in the castle, had written that Spinel had died because his body was too weak. In the end, nothing was known. Zirco regretted not having some knowledge in medical.

…..Should he start his studies again?

Zirco shook his head. A wide range of skills were needed to work as the leader of the Intelligence Corp. Him, who was far above in that aspect from others, knew where his line was. It would be hard to increase it, even for him. He would also like to refrain from bothering John, whom he knew since academy days, to teach him too. Having on only just return, Zirco was already exhausted.

Not physically, but mentally.

Yes, that trip was the reason for this state Zirco was in.

” Proceed to the Empire of Hattuo. This is an imperial order. ”

Will, John and Buhual. After a discussion with the members gathered for the sake of bringing down the [Shadows], Alcumedes appeared in front of the room and requested for Zirco, who then headed towards the Throne Room with questions filling his head and having that sentence thrown at him all of a sudden.

” …..As you command, Your Majesty. ”

But Zirco answered without hesitation. This response was paired with a special pose of the Ninja Family, kneeling with one knee up, with the head hanging down.

It was the usual.

Zirco felt like sighing. Despite him not having made his report, Kesamu, his majesty, had given a response like he had already heard about it all. Kesamu could seem to hear everything that was spoken in the castle.

He had no idea how it was done. Even for such a sensitive person like Zirco, nothing could be felt. Recently, Zirco started wondering if the castle was a huge magic tool on its own. Or there must have been a magic tool like wire tap.

In any case, First Founder Elzmu that built this castle was a man full of mystery.

The magic tool that was the door to the King’s private chambers, the one hidden behind the throne. Anything that caught the eye was all brought by the First Founder. One theory was that all the magic tools in Elzmu, like the mana measuring crystal ball that everyone would encounter once in their life, was (almost)all brought by the First Founder.

The magic level in Elzmu that had risen instantly was all thanks to him. Before that, magic was being referred as a miracle that only a portion of Nobles and privileged people could use.

All the events, the culture of education and the governing system. It was only 200 years ago that everyone could go to school, even commoners, good public order, patriotic feeling and praise for the country as well as the abilities to defend against magic beasts using magic and knowledge. The expenses must have been great at the starting.

There were too many to count what Elzmu had established.

The secret history book that was handed down within the Ninja family had written about countless magnificent things that Elzmu had done. But, it was also written that the person himself, was from an unknown origin and was wrapped in mysteries.

The first head of Ninja Family had written that ‘that person’ had appeared in the middle of the [Demon Forest] all of a sudden. Even for the fiercely loyal Zirco, it was hard for him to believe that.

That kind of person. It wouldn’t be weird for him to have wiretap the entire castle.

The King’s private chambers was a mysterious area where even the Intelligence Corp was not allowed in. In there must be many magical tools that even Zirco had not seen before. Anyway, even if that was true, it would not mean a thing.

Zirco had nothing to hide towards the respected Kesamu. Just that, it would greatly help the Intelligence Corp if they were to own such a tool as well.

” …….And thus, Will-dono, former [Shadow] Buhual-dono, I ask for your participation for this highly secret mission. ”

Zirco conveyed the order to the 3, who were waiting in John’s research lab.

” Understood. Then I’ll return to the dorm to prepare. ”

No sooner had Will said that, he disappeared into the ceiling. Zirco, who was surprised by the skills Will showed in everything, wanted to chide himself to stop being so surprised every time, otherwise, his body would not hold out. He would have to resign himself to it. Now, another victim who had his common sense smashed to pieces increased.

『There’s no choice since it’s Will』

A chant that breaks and destroys everything.

The last time, he was shocked into silence by how adult-like Will’s tone of speaking as well as his intellect. Then how he managed to use the Intelligence Corp special magic. Then by how he could casually use huge mana-taxing magic like it was nothing.

It was because his parent was Gion, the leader of the Knights.

Chantless was nothing unusual.

That mana pool was there even before Zirco knew Will from the Abi’s incident.

And there was nothing he could say when he heard that Will smashed the mana measurement tool into pieces.

“”” ………. “””

What was left was 3 people who had a face that couldn’t say anything, looking at the ceiling. Just forgive them for having that expression because it really can’t be helped.

” ……I’ll be heading towards the merchant guild to inform Bibinyaru. But that guy is also a former shadow so please give me a break if he realizes something… Don’t tell me he would be dragged in because he is a former shadow as well…. ”

Buhual’s tone dropped in the middle of his sentence, sounding slightly depressed. Looking at this, Zirco smiled wryly.

” No. It was known that the B-grade gourmet food is so popular that White Knights are needed to control the long snaking queues. If the shop is to close, besides all the chaos, people would begin to suspect something is wrong. The King would like that Bibinyaru-dono, as tiring as it is, would stay here and continue your business. ”

At the same time, Zirco felt like praising ‘As expected of Kesamu-sama!’, as his chest grew with pride, being a part of Ninja Family who adores the King.

” ……Zirco is the same as usual, I see. ”

Looking at the proud Zirco, John could only smiled wryly.


(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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