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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 86

074 – Retaliation Against Grousil (Last 02)

074 – Retaliation Against Grousil (Last 02)

Posted on February 2, 2017 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: Sorry for the lateness! Been enjoying the new year.

It was around evening. The streets were preparing for it as the shops started closing up and people were preparing firewood for their homes. It was like clockwork for them, as the orange glow began to disappear.

From that main street, there existed a back alley, a straight line from the main street. And in there, a small run-down house could be seen. But it was actually a huge magical tool that had an elaborate magic circle drawn in it. There was a reason why it was hidden there, and concealed to such an extent.

Shadow House. The base for the [Shadows].

Around 200 years ago, it was filled with [Shadows] but their numbers declined as the years went by and the numbers of their direct descendant could be counted on one hand.

And the basement of that base was a special place that controlled the penetrating cold that was a characteristic of Hattuo. Here, magical tools were assembled. Surrounded by a ring of tools stood 1 person.

He had not looked outside for god-knows-how-long but by going by his body clock, he knew it was around evening. This person was Spinel.

Spinel had been a [Shadow] for a long time. He had killed numerous people and numerous of his comrades had been killed. His hands had ended countless lives. Although Spinel was the son of the previous head of [Shadows], he did not inherit the position. The leader needed to have leadership, assassination skills and high mana. Most of all, to have the darkness attribute.

Spinel, who suppressed others in his abilities of the above, began making full use of his talents. But, there existed a wall even to the king of the underground world.

The King of Elzmu country, and its Duke. There had been multiples requests from the Silver Knights’ Leader but he rejected them all. To begin with, the way to establish a contract with the [Shadows] was them contacting the other party who desired to use them, and not the other way. They would never entertain those who came to them.

No, once. Just once did he entertain the other party.

And was beaten at his own game.

He never expected it. To Spinel, who was the leader at that moment, it was his first loss. It was a crushing defeat. No matter how skilled one was at martial arts, the art of assassination was another thing altogether. Firstly,《影》was cast and with his figure and with his presence hidden, he would sneak up to his opponent. Just that, and his opponent would die without knowing what had happened.

[TN: Kage, Shadow]

Even without that method, there were still hidden weapons and poison. It would be unimaginable to lose as the [Shadows] swordsmanship was totally different from the Knight’s.

Even so, he was noticed. And above all, nothing worked.

For the first time in his life, he wavered. Be it the fact that he was discovered despite being a [Shadow] or he already knew the result in his heart. And after that, he headed over to Hattuo to hide without turning back.

The enemy was too strong. What could he do against an enemy whose [Shadows] technique, that had been passed down for generations, did not work against? In the old times, [Shadows] lived in Hattuo. It wasn’t sure if they were in this business in that time but [Shadows] had deep roots in Hattuo’s history.

He came to know that the Emperor was aiming for the land of Elzmu and was viewing them as an obstacle. In that case…

He had first approached the Emperor, thinking of using him but now, he wondered if that had been the correct decision. He couldn’t be sure but at least, he was not regretting having made that choice. The one he approached, whom he had wanted to use as a pawn, was a real ruler.

He had finally realized. [Shadows] were beings meant to follow orders. Him included. As he was a [Shadow]. That person, his front appearance and his hidden side, was someone he wanted to serve. At that time, he swore his loyalty to him. He was willing to be used by this person. Was it due to his training as a [Shadow], but he finally felt at home.

He could hardly bother about the Leader of the Knights (Gion) anymore.

And now.

His lips curled up self-deprecating. Hattuo Empire did have the power and the technique that had been cultivated throughout history was the real deal. People were working as instructed by his master, in this secret base, making the magic tools. The tools could be used by wasting mana stones but it were more than enough against their opponents. But there were limits on it and repercussions were huge.

And yet, it was useless against that person’s son. Till now, the Duke was still standing in Spinel’s way. Tools that a monster made were no match to a real monster after all.

Spinel released his mana slowly. He was trying to activate the magic tools. As his mana spread throughout the tools, he lifted his head up. What was left was only to activate the tools.

“《魔力擬似増加》” [TN: Maryoku Giji Zouka, Simulating mana increase.]

How many had died in creating this spell? Spinel did not have the answer but it was a nice farewell gift. At the same timing as he finished his chant, the tools exploded with mana, releasing it out around him. His body temperature dropped. Mana was released from the mana stones. And he absorbed it all.

This might cause his body to break. He would die for his master. It was the long-cherished ambition of a [Shadow]. He had confirmed the presence of William Beryl in this country by his hornet summoned beast that had its sense of smell enhanced.

A hornet sense of smell was said to be a few times of a Dogg. And that sense of smell was enhanced. It could smell anything from even a few kilometers away. He did not expect that the other side would visit but it was a nice opportunity. He did not care if it’s a trap but he had to succeed.

“《召喚》! ” [TN: Shokan, Summon]

Spinel moaned his chant. Dense mana filled the room as an overwhelming presence was felt.

“《契約》” [TN: Keiyaku, contract]

Trembling, Spinel finally got his voice out as the appeared beast nodded happily.

” Well well well. It seems like there are some amusing humans as well. I permit, I will admit you as my master. ”

The magical beast said fluidly and a smile appeared as it nodded.

Spinel’s consciousness became distant. His instinct was screaming at him to run the hell away. His body shook. He was hit by a burst of overwhelming mana. Did he understand what he just summoned?

The one who appeared in front of Spinel was a [Demon]. It was a legendary monster, a disaster. No, calamity. Was it not sealed in the deepest part of the [Demon Forest]? Many famous folk tales spoke of it. If Abi was said to be a legendary monster, what about [Demon]?

Spinel looked up, stunned, as he stared at the disaster in front of him. The muscular body that was about 3 meters tall was bound in ropes. It had dark-red skin and its purple hair was tied up behind as it stroked its huge black sword, laughing.

” My master. How many fun battles would I have? Does the one who released me have any enemies? ”

This disaster must have slept for all this while just to save up energy to fight that monster, Spinel thought, laughing wryly.

” Master’s smell, Master’s smell~ ”

He was using the theory of water reflection to erase his figure and wind to erase any sound he may make to avoid being found out. It was a secret mission. Teleporting outside the jail cell, Shiro headed out of the house nimbly.

He had no idea where Will was staying but it would be fine as long as he followed the lingering scent of Will’s mana. Which was why Shiro was sniffing the air, although the action served no purpose. Even though it was said to be the lingering scent, strictly speaking, it was not something that could be picked up by the nose. It was just an expression to make things easier to understand.

Shiro was a White Dragon living deep in the [Demon Forest]. He was summoned 200 years ago by the First Founder and after raging, formed a contract with him. No one would have thought that a Divine Beast would become a familiar to a human.

But really, summoning magic is awesome.

It was a magic that paired up the summoner with the magical beasts that had the best compatibility. For the beasts’ side, Shiro’s point-of-view, a magic circle as if shouting ‘come here, come here’ appeared and he entered it, curious.

Although he entered the circle out of curiosity during the First Founder’s time, it was the right choice. It had been really fun throughout the period with the First Founder. Many stuff happened and they even made a country.

A fun master who was always surrounded by troublesome situations. But the lifespan of Humans and Divine Beasts are different. The fun period came to an end in a blink of an eye and only memories were left. The First Founder was a monster who looked 40 at the age of 100 but still, he passed away all of a sudden one day.

He was a curious man. His speech, values, mana, even his aura. He was so out of the norm from everyone else, such a curious man. But that had to be so. It was revealed one day that he was not of this world.

And when the circle appeared in front of him again, he wondered why there was the same smell (of mana) after 200 years. It was a funny coincidence that that smell belonged to the son of the First Founder’s grandson’s best friend.

That special scent. Somehow, it was calming and had a warmth like the sun.

” Master’s smell is~ …… here! ”

Shiro flew. As no one can feel or see him, there was no need to specially use his legs to run.

His master this time had the same trouble-inviting constitution. ……Besides, when he asked for a name…. He was given the same name. Could it be that he came from another world as well? The small hope flickered inside Shiro. He would ask once their bond deepened further.

Increasing his speed, he flew up into the air. He could see the opened window. The room it was attached to was filled with Will’s mana.

” It’s here! ”

Landing in the room though the window, Shiro proudly puffed his chest out. There was no one in the room. What a narcissist. It went without saying that since he was using his wind magic, no one could hear him. He was totally talking to himself but this Chuunibyo fellow didn’t realize it.

” Well then, I was supposed to pass a message…. Ah, no one can see me. ”

Shiro narrowed his eyes and cancelled his magic. At that moment, a dagger and countless needles came at him. Jumping easily in the air, he avoided the attacks and walked to the middle of the room and jabbed his finger out.

” I know you are there! Wahahahahaha! Now, come out obediently. ”

It was totally a villain-like line. There was not even a speck of a dignity of a Divine Beast. The 2 people who appeared went at Shiro immediately. One of them was clad in wind while the other one was using his own strength but was channeling mana into the dagger he was holding. The darkness-clad dagger ominously drew near.

” Ooh, a ninja and a shadow! ”

Shiro said calmly but the 2 were moving at a speed most people couldn’t catch. The 2 had a slightly shocked expression at Shiro’s words. The 2 daggers that came at Shiro were caught bare-handed by him with an innocent look on his face.

” Ah well, calm down, calm down. It is rude to attack a visitor all of a sudden. ”

” …..There is no visitor who enters via the window. ”

” Who did that? ”

The air-headedness answer from Shiro caused Zirco’s head to start hurting. It was already mid-day. The 2 had returned after infiltrating the military. But Will was nowhere to be seen.

They believed Will was not in danger but [Shadows] might have visited. In order to avoid fighting in the streets and dragged everyone in, Will might have gone somewhere. Which was why Buu activated《影》and waited in the room. It was an opponent that could hold up against Will. They were confident in their skills but just to be safe.

[TN: Kage, shadow]

If their guard weren’t so high, they might not notice Shiro. That was the reason why they noticed the soundless and invisible Shiro. They had unintentionally spread their mana throughout the room and sensed something moving through it. This was the so-called ‘instinct’ those experienced people talked about.

Seeing their dagger caught, cold sweat started running down their backs. There were no injuries despite catching a metal blade bare-handed. He was strong. And that movement. There was no opening in his stance. They could not even see how he caught their daggers. And he could see through them even when《影》was activated.

He was stronger than them.

The fact that Shiro was here only because he sensed Will’s mana was unimaginable to them as it was not an amount humans could sense. And it just added to the fear.

The expressions of the 1 person facing the other 2 were the total opposite.

” Okay, enough fooling around. Let’s keep the daggers. ”

Shiro, who had been smiling silently, said that before flipping his hand. The 2 immediately went on guard. Seeing the 2, Shiro grinned and shrugged.

” You don’t have to be that scared. For I am Will’s summoned beast! ”

The prank was a huge success!

At the Shiro who announced it happily, the 2 gave out long sighs. Aahh, somehow their heads were hurting.

” Will-samaaaaaaa!! ”

” What is that person thinking…!! ”


(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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