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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 67

060 – The King And The Emperor

060 – The King And The Emperor

Posted on November 25, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: Once again, rule of thumb. 3 days between each chapters.

The history of how Elzmu was founded was quite abrupt in the first place. It was founded in an instant by the First King after he suddenly appeared. Elzmu’s origin was unknown. Even the Elzmu name itself was unclear if it was the First King’s name or the name of the land. Anyway, the First King called himself Elzmu.

The Hero really came out of nowhere.

With his strong magic and perfect swordsmanship, he had the ability to pull people in as well as possessed unbelievable knowledge. The strength of the King was legendary and he was a Hero to everyone.

The founding of Elzmu 200 years ago was by Beryl and Elzmu. And from then on, the Beryl family, together with Elzmu Royal Family supported the country together. That was the truth.

And now, I was going to meet with the head of the royal family, the top of the country, the current King, as I headed towards the audience room. The corridor gave off an air of intimidation and you could just feel history oozing off it.

I am sorry for saying you have a Yamamoto’s face.

Once again, I was reminded that I was about to meet with the man ruling this country. But the castle’s interior was out of my expectations. The floor was not laid with gorgeous carpets but was instead bare, showing the stone paving.

Alcumedes walked in front of me gracefully. The castle had a simple internal structure as the way towards the audience room from the entrance was almost a straight line.

In front of the door to the audience room stood 2 guards in black metal armor. Spotting me, they went on alert and doubtfully stared at me. Then they realized that Alcumedes-san was together with me and hastily corrected their posture but I would still feel their doubtful gaze through their helmet.

Stopping right in front of the door, Alcumedes-san turned and faced me before executing a perfect bow.

” We have reached the audience room, Williams Beryl-sama. ”

At Alcumedes-san’s words, the 2 guards corrected their posture once again with great force. Hm. What happened? Was the Beryl’s name all that great? I wondered as I gave a sidelong glance at the knights? Soldiers? as the 10m tall door that reached all the way to the ceiling slowly opened. Made you feel like making sound effects like *Creak* and *Groan* for it.

The room inside was bright and dazzling. The ceiling was high and adorned with a gorgeous chandelier. Red carpets full of detailed patterns were laid out on the floor as well as a plain red carpet that extended all the way to the throne from the entrance. Instead of stone, the walls here were made with white mineral and decorated with beautiful furnishings and paintings. On the left was a huge glass window. You can see the entire capital from here. It was a magnificent view.


To tell the truth, I had made light of it when I first entered. Awesome. This place was awesome! It was so elegant that it was hard to breath. Ah yes, I am a real noble. The heir to the best Duke family.

But the inner me was a peasant, you idiot.

Which was why, instead of blinding myself with all the elegance, I kept my eyes down as I walked slowly towards the throne and knelt. Yep, I was sure this was the correct etiquette according to John-sensei’s teaching.

” Raise your head. ”

A dignified voice resounded throughout the audience room. I was envious of that cool baritone he had.

” Yes. ”

In contrast, mine was an alto. How embarrassing. Pushing that feeling deep down within, I raised my head, keeping a serious face.

” Yo, so you’re Will. ”

” Yes, I am Williams Beryl, your Majesty. ”

With that sentence, my eyes met with the King’s. Contrary to his strict voice, the King’s eyes had a twinkle in them.

” Alcumedes. ”

” As you wish. No one is near us at the moment. ”

Before I knew it, the King seemed to be confirming something with Alcumedes-san, who was standing next to him. The minute he heard Alcumedes-san’s response, he looked at me and grinned. I was really surprised, that grin was an exact carbon copy to Father’s.

As my heart raced, the King stood up and laughed happily.

” As expected of Gion’s son. There is no need to be this nervous, Will. ”

Eh….. Can it be that Father and the King were good friends? But being a Duke as well as the leader of the knights, I was pretty sure they were familiar with each other…. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I was called by the King.

” Yes. ”

I answered calmly, despite the chaos state my mind was in. The King looked surprised before revealing a wide grin and started laughing again.

” I will bring you to my private chambers. ”


Okay, I confirmed itー.

Or rather, the moment he called me Will I was pretty sure he was Father’s close friend.

Which was why, in the King’s private room now! Yay!

……I just can’t get excited.

By the King’s beckoning, I approached the throne. I was puzzled as to why but by then, I had reached the King. The king, who was happily smiling, reached inside and a door appeared.

Here it came, the hidden door! It would be our secret that I was excited by that.

Compared to the audience room, the corridor was dark and stone paved. Following the silent King walking in front of me, he came to a stop. The room was locked by a mana-recognition lock and when the King poured his mana into it, it opened up just like an automated door.

Following blindly by the King’s beckoning, I was seated on the sofa before I realized it.

And now.

The King was in front of me, making tea. At the very least I could make my own tea. I do have the skill for it. But! My suggestion was rejected so I would only sit on the sofa, waiting.

” There you go. ”

” Ah, thank you. ”

He held out the tea and unable to react right away, I accepted the tea.


…… The tea stalk was standing in the tea. It looked like good things will happen. If possible, I would like it to happen right now. I would really want to escape from this situation if I can, Tea Stalk-san.

But to think the tea was green tea. Yosh, I’ve confirmed that the First King was a buddy of mine. As I stared at the tea I was given, the King spoke.

” Drink. ”

” Ah, yes. ”

There was no helping it since I was told to. Supporting the bottom of the cup with my left hand as my right hold onto it, I drank it.

Do I need to praise his tea-making skills? No no no. I had no experience in any tea ceremony plus this was green tea and not Matcha so it should be okay. Or rather, this was a different world. Yep.

Even though the teapot felt really out of place.

The King drank his tea and let out a breath. It really does make people relax.

” ……… ”

I will admit that I can’t stand this silence. Your Majesty, please say something. In the end, I kept stealing glances at the King and as if my thoughts got through, the King opened his mouth.

” Relax, Will. Your father and I go way back. ”

As I thought. I wondered who Father really was. Most likely, 9 out of 10 would reply ‘He is Gion-sama.’.

But the King started talking so I was relieved. Placing the cup onto the table, I looked at him as he opened his mouth again.

” You should know why I summoned you over. ”

” Yes. Is it about the incident where Abi infiltrated the academy? ”

At my answer, the King narrowed his eyes happily. ‘That guy is just an idiot.’ he murmured. That guy? As I was looking at him weirdly, he tried to brush it away by laughing and the atmosphere got lighter in an instant. The mana that had been floating about was withdrawn as well.

” Ah, sorry for testing you. I let out a bit of mana. Although most guys would have faint by now. ”

So that magic was let out on purpose as I thought. Which means he was gauging my mana power as well as studying my reaction.

” Thanks to Father, I am used to it. ”

” Hmm. Let’s pretend as it is and leave it at that. And so, I would like you to explain Abi’s incident in detail. ”

I tried to be humble but it was blown away by the King. Nodding, I readied myself.

” Okay. It might be long, would that okay? ”

” Please. ”

” 31st May was the May festival but my friend Selphy and I …… ”

The nervous explanation meeting started.

Today too, the fat and ugly stomach that was sitting on top of his ass, which was sitting on a luxurious and gorgeous chair, was a man with a displeased expression as he frowned.

” …….Your Majesty. ”

The balding-from-the-top guy said. As evening approached, in the room that was purposely darkly lit, his head stood out more than usual. Placed in the middle of the room was a large flat table and surrounding it were a few guys. The one being called ‘Your Majesty’ was the frowning fat man.

” What. ”

Without hiding his bad mood, the man answered. The man called as ‘Your Majesty’ was Guta Hattuo ―――― the Emperor of Hattuo. He glared at the balding man.

” …..W, we have gathered the army of Hattuo! ”

The man who was glared at, said, his voice trembling. To him, Guta snorted.

” And? Are you saying we are to attack now? ”

” N, no…. but. ”

” No but. Having such person like you standing at the top of my army just means that we are dead. ”

By Guta’s words, the man jumped. He understood the meaning of his words as do the rest. However, they did not say anything in order to not get themselves involved.

” I will have you retire as the general. ”

He said the words that were on everyone’s mind. But, the man, the general, tried to struggle in his last moments.

” Your Majesty! Did your Majesty forgot what you promised? After all that I had done to expand this country…. ”

” Silence. Enough, get out. ”

The man’s words were cut off and his face paled.

” Facing south east is the Far East Demon Forest. Facing south west is Central Demon Forest. And the area around the Iza River is currently being guarded by the Sociunnov family. To fight against the black and white knights is to use the mana stones and throw it at the magical beasts. That. Is that what you are saying, General? ”

Guta condemned with an expressionless face. The man who was once general seemed to have given up.

” …..Really, very very sorry….. I was.. foolish. ”

Giving up this easily was the man’s way of protecting himself. If he was to cling onto it, it wouldn’t be simply retiring from the general position. Which was why the man chose to give up.

” Get out. ”

Guta said in a low voice and the man walked out while hanging his head.

” Listen. Right now we are going to focus on raising our strength. The development of Magic Fields and the expansion of the market. Territory expansion would happen after. ”

Guta said slowly to the remaining people. Seeing everyone nodded, Guta smiled. But, unknown to others, Guta was grinding his teeth. His aim was the development of Hattuo. To achieve that he would use any means. For better or worse, he values efficiency more.

Guta grinds his teeth without anyone noticing. He had a strategy aim at destroying Elzmu. If there was no way in from the outside, then he would aim from the inside. However, his plan failed. Just to get a kid he even used the Anti-Kingdom rebels and slavery collars but they did not do much. His last ray of hope even lost his summoned beast. Even if they were just disposable pieces, to have failed this spectacularly left a bitter aftertaste.

But for better or worse, Guta values efficiency. He would not let his plan stalled just because of his feelings. He had not given up.

The fat fist above his knee tightened.



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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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