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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 61

054 – Attack

054 – Attack

Posted on November 9, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: Don’t lose to cliff-san!


The two of us ran towards the screaming. It should be around where the shoe rack was. Pushing through others, we arrived at the spot and saw a crowd gathering around the shoe rack with a window right above it.

Pushing aside the uneasiness that was welling up, I looked outside the window…..

” …..Selphy…? ”

I wondered who muttered that.

The shattered glass pieces were scattered all over the ground under the window and the green-haired Selphy, whose hair looked reddish, was laying there.

Reddish…. hair…?

It was at about the same time I realized it was blood that I saw a shadow from the corner of my eyes.

” I’m borrowing this! ”

” …..Will!? ”

I ignored the surprised voice of Zen behind me and before I knew it, I had jumped out of the window. From the air, what I caught sight of, was the shadow swinging a silver knife down towards Selphy.


…I won’t be able to make it in time..!

Immediately once I landed, I swung the thing I borrowed and shouted.

” 《….っんのやろおおお!》” [TN: ….that bastard!]

Clink and the sound of metal clashing was heard. Just by a hair breath, my weapon was nearly knocked out of my hands by the shadow’s swing of his silver sword.

I will be in the disadvantage if it comes down to weight. Using the point of where the opponent’s sword and mine touched as balance, I slid down and struck, going with the flow. But it was avoided by just a margin and I took the attack full-frontal.

From my weapon, the sound of tearing cloth was heard. The weapon I borrowed ―――― the cloth on the umbrella cleanly slid to the ground.

” You, what do you think you’re doing? ”

Clicking my tongue, I asked the shadowy man, who took the chance to put some distance between us. Of course, I had not expected him to answer.

The sword he lowered was undoubtedly the real deal and from his swordsmanship, he had the intent to kill.

An enemy. In that case, no mercy was required.

I glared at the man. He was dressed in a long black robe with his long black hair dancing behind him. The long black hair which he simply left it growing, got caught in the wind which smoothly spread it out in the air.

It could be said to be a beautiful sight, however, it just looked ominous right now. His exposed face was seen donning a ninja-like mask. The only thing that can be seen was his eyes. The red eyes narrowed in delight.

” You are pretty good, boy. ”

He said haltingly.

” Who are you? ”

His relaxed posture revealed no openings.

Do I go in with a knife? ……No, magic. There is magic in this world, isn’t it?

As I tried to whip my chaos mind in order, I acted calmly. No, magic was out. Although there was a distance between us, there were too many people around. Most likely, a huge-scaled magic would be needed to defeat him. People will definitely be roped in. In that case…

I directed my mana onto the umbrella, strengthening it. When I did that, the man purred from the bottom of his throat and said.

” Asking my name. Interesting. ”

Sorry, but I am not interesting at all. As I glared at him, I strengthened my mind and body.

” My name is Abi. ”

At the same timing as he spoke, the surroundings was overflowing with a chilly magic. People who were on the ground started dropping like flies. Those who managed to stand it was in a hazy state of mind.

But it was ineffective to me.

Once he finished introducing himself, he lunged at me.


I had heard of that name before. It should be the name of a legendary beast. And by looking at the way Abi in front of me attacked, it was clear.

―――― He was strong.

I managed to parry his sword, which came in from the right, with my umbrella and dodged it.

There are rare magical beasts that had high intelligence as well as powerful magic but to think one that could take on a form of a human….

I could confirmed that he was Abi, the legendary magical beast.

The sword danced left and right. As I tried to dodge by using minimal movements, I waited for the right timing. The sword then swung downwards from my upper right.


As I jumped up lightly, I chanted in my head.

《加速》[TN: Kasoku, Accelerate]

Movement around me slowed down and Abi’s sword came down upon me slowly. Doing a back flip, I landed on top of the sword and leaned my weight upon it, forcing it down.

With the flow, I turned and swung my umbrella down upon Abi’s head. The umbrella, which seemed to cut through Abi’s head like a tofu, cleanly split his body into half. But, the red liquid that was supposed to be spurting out did not come.

As I was wondering why there was no blood, my umbrella touched the ground and Abi’s body, which was split in half, dissolved into black smog instead of blood and disappeared.

Black smog….? What’s going on?

I stopped, dumbfounded for a moment and unobvious to the commotion around me. Then sound entered my shut-out state.

And I remembered.

” Selphy!! ”

I rushed over to Selphy in a panic. As everyone nearby were passed out, there wouldn’t be a problem.

《治癒》[TN: Chiyu, Heal]

I chanted in my heart. Selphy’s face was twisted in agony but her breathing was stable. Relieved, all energy left my body.

Thank god….

I made it in time.

” Shall I carry her to the infirmary… ”

I can’t let down my guard. Selphy’s left shoulder was slashed and blood from the wound had stained her white uniform red. Even if I sealed the wound, I cannot replenished the lost blood.

My face tightened and I looked at Selphy.

When I reached the infirmary, for some reason the teacher was not there but the Headmaster.

” Ah…erm, Headmaster? Why are you here? ”

I asked, puzzled.

” Having heard screams, the teacher, as well as students here, ran out. ”

The gently smiling Headmaster then pushed aside the curtain to an empty bed. Expressing my gratitude, I lowered Selphy onto the bed. Headmaster, who saw Selphy’s shoulder wound, questioned me in a rare moment of panic.

” I too, ran towards the screams once I heard it and there, I saw Selphy being slashed by a man… ”

” So that scream was…. I see.”

My next sentence made Headmaster’s eyes grew wide.

” And when I thought he was a man, he turned out to be a magical beast. ”

” Wha, what? In human form? ”

” Yes. He introduced himself as Abi. ”

” Is that true? ”

The usually calm Headmaster leaned forward.

” Yes… I thought it was a joke too but his magical power was huge. Everyone outside fainted when they came in contact…. ”

” What?! ”

Headmaster turned pale when he heard my last sentence and stood up. As the head of the Academy, it was naturally for him to have this reaction I guess. I then panicked for a bit as I held down Headmaster who looked like he was about to dash out.

” I..I lost my cool, snatched an umbrella from the 3rd floor, jumped down and defeated Abi so it’s all alright now. ”

Headmaster froze.

….Haha, I know right..

Looking at the half-stunned gramps, I absentmindedly thought of something else like returning the umbrella. Come to think of it, Headmaster said that the infirmary teacher ran out towards the screams so I wondered if he passed out right now.

The frozen Headmaster came back to his senses, thanked me, before rushing out to deal with the aftermath.

The infirmary teacher ―――― Doctor? His name is Varino and he seemed to be the 2nd strongest in this Academy. Why? He’s just a doctor.

By the way, when I asked who the number 1 is, Headmaster answered ‘ It’s obvious it’s me, isn’t it? ‘ playfully.

I smiled, looking at the peacefully sleeping Selphy.

Really… I was glad she’s safe.

It hadn’t been 2 months since we met but I came to know how much she had meant to me.

Her eyelashes on her closed eyelids are light green in color. It sparkles in the sun, like how her hair does too. I was happy that I had one more thing that meant so much to me, but also fear.

Once again, I was thankful for the power I possessed. As I stroked Selphy’s hair, my heart tightened with feelings that might be for a sister or for a daughter.

” Abi was…defeated…you say.. ”

Without thinking, the man groaned and crushed onto the chair. The face that often held a sneer was now free of it and can be seen as panicking from new information.

” It can’t be…. There’s no way… ”

The man murmured and something worn along his wrist shattered with a glow, as if to prove to him wrong.

” That useless beast!! ”

The man looked at his wrist and yelled in frustration.


(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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