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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 56

049 – Flower On Both Hands?

049 – Flower On Both Hands?

Posted on October 23, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor : Poor_Hero

TN: I decided to changed Selphys to Selphy. ONE MORE.

” Ehhh!!!!? ”

A bitter cry spread throughout the cafeteria. It was Selphy. Of course, not even Zen or I can stand it. Covering our ears with our hands, we grimaced.

” You must be joking!? Zen, you’re too cunning! ”

She said as she jumped up, flushing red, glaring at Zen.

” Wha…what… ”

I raised my hand, palm out, towards her, trying to calm her down. [TN: Think Chris Patt in Jurassic World taming the bunch of Velociraptors. ] Selphy, coming back to her senses, muttered that she was not a horse. She then noticed all the stares coming from around her and quickly sat down, embarrassed.

” So? What’s going on? Why did the both of you agree within yourselves to skip grades? ”

Selphy drew near to me, pressing for an answer. Your face was really close, Selphy. And on it, the words ‘Am I the only one being left out?’ was written across. No, it might be ‘Must be because I am too stupid.’. Anyway, I was in trouble.

” No, it’s not like that. ”

” Then what is it? ”

” It just so happens that both me and Zen had aimed to skip grades from the beginning. ”

At my words, Zen nodded hard. It was a 4-seater table, 2 on each side and Zen was the one sitting opposite of me and Selphy. And because of that, Zen pretended not be involved. Thanks to him, I was stuck on the receiving end of Selphy’s anger. Damn it. I won’t be waking you up tomorrow, Zen.

” Really….? ”

Selphy, whose anger had mostly subsided, asked doubtingly.

” Yes really. We both wanted to help our fathers out with their work which was why we wanted to skip grades. ”

Like a bobby-head figure, Zen nodded again. Selphy then nodded as well. That’s great, she accepted it. She seemed relieved too.

” Then, then! ”

Selphy stood up again.

” I want to skip grades too! ”


‘What’s up, what’s up’ -Stares from all over the cafeteria were beginning to gather over to our table again. Flushed red, Selphy sat down but she continued to stare straight at me.

” ……I got it. ”

I said weakly, unable to stand her stares anymore. This girl was really… Where had the meek and gentle girl from the start gone to? There was a bitter smile on my face but I was also happy. Despite seeing me releasing my mana that day and yet still treats me normally made me really glad.

I was hated by girls in my previous life, got hit on the head by a vase and my fleeting and empty life came to an end but it looked like there was hope in this one. There exists a strategy of making good friends when young and turning them into childhood friends!

Childhood friends are not lovers? ……Hmm, it was fine as long as I am not disliked.

That was why, there was no disadvantages in getting along with them. Plus, I am rather happy with the situation right now. Hm, I heard some rude remarks like ‘Harvesting rice while it is still green’ but it must be my imagination. Haha, it was not that I made friends with them because of this strategy but that I truly do want friends.

” Anyway Selphy, we would need to fix your body constitution first. ”

The sound of bread dunking into soup before eating was heard. Ah, that might not be the best thing to say to Selphy the first thing in the morning.

” I know! Once done, remember to add me to your study group! ”

At the Selphy who was smiling happily, Zen and I looked at each other.

Today was Sunday.

Meeting Selphy at the lobby, we foolishly told her what we did on a Saturday, which was supposed to be used to have fun by students who were supposed to be having fun. That was a failure. And after being cross-examined by her, it turned out into this.

” Boys….living in the same room is sneaky. ”

We were even being blamed with such an irrational reason. In the end, every Saturday, a study session is to be held at the lobby.


A gathering by 10 year olds on a day off, why should we be happily studying? It was because of Selphy. She said studying happily but….it’s studying you know? Does she even know the meaning of studying? I am worried. Onii-san is really worried.

Finishing our breakfast, we had decided to start our study session next week. I stood up, slightly worried about the innocently smiling young girl beside me, and headed out towards the lobby.

” So, what should we do? ”

Selphy, who was sitting in the middle among us on the sofa, turned to me and asked.

” I am free today so I’ll help! ”

Zen said, smiling, from behind Selphy’s back.

” Hmm. After hearing what the faeries said, I kinda got the gist of what is going on. Most likely, Selphy possessed an amount of mana larger than most people. ”

I said as I drew back at Selphy who was leaning in.

” I wonder….I haven’t taken the mana measurement test so I am not too sure. ”

” Ah, I see. ”

As Elves have a higher amount of mana than humans, they would be taking the test with a different set of crystal balls on another day.

” I would be taking the test with you too. ”

I mumbled and Selphy seemed delighted. Anyway, she was most probably relieved to have someone she knows there.

” Does it means…. you guys have a connection as the both of you have similar amount of mana? ”

Zen asked, tilting his head. Selphy looked at him and nodded. Zen’s face turned red. I can never get bored looking at him.

” Maybe elves have a habit of focusing their mana on their ears. As they wanted to talk with the faeries, they most likely often trained doing that. As Selphy had a large amount of mana, she became being able to hear them despite not focusing her mana onto her ear. ”

I stood up from the sofa and looked behind at the 2 of them.

” And so, let’s go to the courtyard. ”

“” Okay! “”

They replied energetically, raising their hands. Now we were talking.

Phillis Academy had a lot of open grounds. This middle yard that we were going to was so big that you won’t even know where the middle part is.

We headed toward an edge of the yard where trees were growing thickly and used the animal trail, which formed into something looking like a green corridor, which opened out into a space.

” Eh…Will, it’s amazing how you even found this place. ”

Zen said, with a funny expression on his face as he looked around.

” Ah…by my intuition. ”

Actually, I used magic, 『探索』[TN: TanSaku, Search], on a map but if Zen knew about this, he might want me to explain. Seriously, just like a certain research baka I know.

At my words, Zen frowned.

” Eh! Can we go back? Will we get lost? ”

What a rude fellow as always.

” How can we? I have my intuition! ”

I retorted back.

I will not be accepting any comments on how I am acting like a fool instead.

Then, I turned to Selphy, who had been silent ever since she entered the forest (?). Zen turned to me, puzzled as to why Selphy’s mood suddenly turned bad.

” As expected, is it noisy here, Selphy? ”

It was a bit childish of me to peek into her face from the bottom but I am 2 years younger. Plus it was said that girls grew up faster so I am not particularly bothered by it.

Selphy, looking like she swallowed a bitter pill, did a small nod.

” Well then. ”

So she could really hear them, Zen whispered to me as I smiled wryly.

” Ready yourself, Zen. ”

” Eh, eh, eh, wha, what’s going on? ”

Not being able to understand anything, Zen stood there, shocked, as I began to release my mana slowly. Then slowly, Zen began to understand the meaning of my words.

Just a little…

Was what my plan was.

At the same time, I focused mana around my ears and I started hearing voices.


((Who is he…..can he be the rumoured one….))

I frowned at the voices in a stir.

” Well, would you mind being silent? ”

I said, frowning and at the same time, the voices stopped immediately. This was the 2nd time but seeing their reaction still surprised me. So my mana was really that huge.

The rumored one…do faeries exchange information? But this was slightly amusing. Yep. I finally understand the feeling of a teacher entering a noisy classroom for them to fall silent at the sight of him. Or maybe the feelings of a mother suddenly entering the room of her son, who was supposed to be study, and was reading manga secretly instead. The slightly nasty kind of amusement.

I grinned and shouted.

” Can I have a little help from you? ”

((AHH! Yes! Gladly!!!))

Sadly, I was not using magic to be able to see them but if I did, the faeries were mostly likely pale in the face right now. That was how their response felt like to me.

I am glad they were so understanding. Yep.

I don’t deny that I cannot help but grinned at that. It must be my imagination that the air rippled a bit. [TN: Really faeries? You really don’t have to tremble like that.] I immediately kept all my mana back inside. Because Zen too, looked pale and exhausted.

” Will….A suprise…attack…is aweful. ”

Being blamed by that feeble voice troubled me. I did give a warning in advance, didn’t I? Now, I looked over to Selphy.

” Then Selphy, try moving your mana. ”

” Your power is as amazing as usual…eh? Moving my mana? ”

Selphy, with a blissful face on for some reason, asked, puzzled.

” E, eh? I thought Elves can use magic? ”

” What is with that thought? Elves are a race that have high mana and are good with magic but that doesn’t mean children know how to use magic too. ”

My image of fantasy was collapsing. But they are still a race that are good with magic so it was still a passing mark.

Starting over, I looked at Selphy.

” I see….so you don’t know how. Then, let’s start with learning how to feel magic. ”

I then remembered the words spoken by John-sensei.

” Magic manipulation is not something that can be done in a day or two. ”

I called Selphy over.

” Come over for a bit. ”

” Eh? Magic perception? That’s so cool! I want to try it too! Waterfall training? Waterfall training? ”

Zen said happily as he leaned in.

The people before did training. This is a world with magic. No matter tiny or huge, everyone has some mana in them. To use magic, one has to learn how to feel and manipulate mana. And to learn that, one would undergo training like waterfall training that monks do, for a long period of time. During which one would unity their mind and soul and slowly learn how to feel and manipulate mana. They would hide in the mountains, looking even more like monks undergoing training.

Then, someone’s disciple realized it.

” Since mana is the same, wouldn’t feeling each other’s mana be faster? ”

He convinced his master and managed to learn magic perception in about an hour.

Long story short, all it takes is for someone else to manipulate one’s mana. Having someone who knows how to manipulate mana manipulate one’s own mana, one would learn it easily.

That famous disciple who found this method must be someone who lazed around.

” Then, please excuse me. ”

I gently grabbed Selphy’s wrist. There was no need to come in contact but… it felt more authentic like this, no?

” Ah!? ”

She must be surprised by the sudden flow of mana. Selphy stood there, flushed red and stunned.

” Ah, sorry. ”

” N, no, it’s okay. Thank you. ”

Smiling at the Selphy who smiled, a bullet came flying.

” Me too! ”

In the end, it became a situation where I held Selphy on my right while on my left I held Zen. [TN: FLOWERS ON BOTH HANDS? ] Thanks to the lazy disciple, all it took was an hour before I got released from that situation.



Selphy [Ah, erm, yeah. It was fun.]

Will [Yeah, kind of.]

Faeries ((This is not supposed to be enjoyable.))

In any case, I am sleepy!

That’s why this is only an outline.

I shall reply to your thoughts tomorrow.

Sorry for my late response since you took the time to write it.


I was really expecting someone else.

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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