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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 42

036 – Enrollment!

036 – Enrollment!

Posted on September 8, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

A gentle and comfortable breeze brushed gently against my cheek and tenderly fluttered the fully bloomed flowers around. The highlight was the slightly reddish flowers dancing under the clear blue sky.

One airborne flower landed lightly on top of my head. Noticing it, I smiled as I reached out for it.

” ―――― I see, a fully bloomed Icris. ”

I murmured, looking at the flower petal in my hands. Too bad it was not a Sakura flower.

Yes, today was my school entrance ceremony.

” …..New students, gather over here please!….. ”

The voice could be heard calling from the direction of the school building. I turned my back on the Icris tree, a tree that resembled a Sakura tree, and rushed over.

Young Master Will, do you have everything with you? ”

Mary-san asked helpfully. I declined but she still carried my huge black leather bag for me. Instead of saying she was still as overprotective as ever, it was better to say she was as idiotically doting as ever. She felt more like a grandmother instead of a mother but that was something I would never say out loud even if my mouth had split open…

” Will…. Will… Will-samaaaaaa! ”

The one calling my name over and over while sobbing was none other than Chiffon.

[TN: CHIFFON. To think I had only just met you…]

” What’s the matter, Chiffon? ”

” I am worried about Will-sama. ”

I laughed, looking at the easy-to-understand, hiccupping and slightly shaking Chiffon, who was trying hard to stop crying. She said she was worried but I guessed she was just lonely.

” Wh-.. What are you laughing about!! ”

If Mary-san was not around, I would most likely get beaten up by Chiffon. Pacifying her, I gently stroked her head, which had completely become a habit of mine.

… I was regretting that I was not tall enough…

It’s okay! I still had a bright future ahead of me!

I was in the peak of my growing period right now!

As I encouraged myself silently, I took my coat from Chiffon.

” You have already known this for 1 month, haven’t you? ”

I put my arm through the sleeve of the coat, glancing at Chiffon, smiling.

” Plus it is not like we will never meet again, I will come home during the holidays. ”

” …Even so, Onee-san is worried… ”

Chiffon murmured, head hanging down. I finished putting on my coat and turned to Chiffon, grinning.

” Rather, wouldn’t it be better if you worry about yourself first? ”

” Willl~!! ”

” Hahahah! ”

Laughing aloud at Chiffon, I walked out of my room.

It had been 2 years since Chiffon came. She had grown accustomed to this house and even seemed to have a dream for the future.

To be my private attendant.

My dream was to become the head of Duke class. To become my attendant, apart from having a good rapport, she would need to be able to handle my guests as well as being able to handle herself in various politic events. On top of that, she would need to have the skills to be my personal maid, secretary and bodyguard. Chiffon knew all this and she had aimed to be one.

Chiffon had never even been to a Primary Academy. Since she had been here, on top of her maid duties, she had been studying the materials of Primary and Mid Academy under me and Sensei for these 2 years. Having looked at her all these, I knew how hard she had worked. And it seemed that she was currently studying for the entrance exam of the High Academy.

I walked down the corridor, stepping on the soft carpet laid all over, already used to it, and down the huge stairs. Walking through a door, down another corridor and I reached the entry hall.

Once there, I saw Father and Mother standing side by side, waiting. There were a hint of loneliness on their faces but they were smiling and happily stroking my head.

Even though it was slightly embarrassing but things that made me happy did still make me happy.

” My son is amazing! ”

Bursting with excitement, Father rubbed his cheek against mine. It had a while since he did that but… It hurt!! Hurt!! So embarrassing! I used my older body to hit against him but against Father’s toned body, it was useless.


In the end, everyone directed warm gazes at me as I was carried out of the house by Father. Uuuu..Damn!! Only till today!

I promised myself to live strongly in the Academy.

Ahh, I knew Father did not do that out of malice. Instead, I could feel his affection strongly so I could never hate him.

Not that I felt happy at that. Definitely not!

I mean, I was already 8. I was no longer a kid!

Hm, it must be my imagination about someone saying that I was still a kid…

Father carried the wailing me out all the way to the carriage, prepared and standing by. Even the coachman was smiling at the scene of me and Father.

” Take care of your health. ”

Mother said, stroking my head. I showed an honest joy at that. …No, I did not have a mother complex!

” I will. ”

Smiling, I nodded and climbed onto the carriage. Remembering something, I turned back.

” Do your best, Chiffon. ”

I skillfully stroked her as I would not be able to meet dear Tail-sama and Fluffy Ear-san for a while.

This time I really got into the carriage. Opening the window, I waved to them.

” I will be going now! ”

I yelled, as the carriage started moving.

“””” Take care! “”””

Chiffon, who was bouncing. Mother, with her bright smile. Father, who looked like he was about to cry. And the gently smiling Mary-san.

I stared at them for a short while till they disappeared and I settled down on my seat.

Phillis Academy. [TN: Thanks Miv Deer for the suggestion!]

Situated near the Capital, it housed all Primary, Mid and High levels, and thus being the ideal place to be for people like me who aimed to skip grades. By the way, both Father and John-sensei graduated from there.

One month prior, I sat for an examination as so to skip grades. In Elzmu, as long as you reached the age for compulsory education, you would be accepted into the Academy without having to sit for an exam. However, for people who wished to skip, one would be needed.

…As expected of Primary Academy, the exam was a piece of cake. Let’s keep it a secret that at the same time, my anger towards John-sensei reared its ugly head again.

To reach Phillis Academy from Beryl’s residences, it would take about 4 hours. As the 8 hours journey to and fro was too hard to swallow, it was decided that I would be staying at a dormitory.

It was lonely being away from my family but I could not help but be excited for the oncoming school life.

As well as the dormitory life that I did not get to experience in my previous life.

100 friends would be a little impossible but I did hope to make as many as possible. I was feeling unease at the thought that I would be around 10 years old. Why? Because my inner age was 17+8, 25 years old. Yes, I was almost 30.

Ah..Time sure flew.. Or rather, I thought my mental age was getting influenced by my body’s age. Since just now, the unease had been swelling up within me, damn it!

In the rocking carriage, the irrationally angry me lay down on the seat.

Hell…My ass was starting to hurt…

” ――――――――…that’s why…..congratulations and welcome to this school. ”

Ah, oh no, I couldn’t.

I had fallen asleep. But I woke up just in time. No matter the world, people who was a headmaster had a gift of making long speeches…Or rather, that was too long!

I fell asleep but all the 10 years old should be sitting straight and listening, right?

I looked around, and mostly saw people who fell asleep were being poked by people whose concentration had waned.

…As expected.

In the half state of daze from having just woken up, I looked at the stage. A grandpa gracefully gave his greetings and left the stage. In exchanged, a macho-muscled man in a tight suit walked onto the stage in perfect etiquette.

At any rate, while I was amazed that Grandpa’s voice could be heard all around, Mr Macho came on, holding something similar to a mike. Since it could not be mechanical, it must be a magic tool.

Magic sure was convenient…

Thanks to it, I was forced to listen to the long speech.

” Thank you, Headmaster. And so, the entrance ceremony is over. Students, please head towards the classroom that corresponds to the color of your student card you were given earlier. Once you exit the assembly hall, there will be upper classman guiding you so please do not worry. ”

Mr Macho said politely. His mannerisms and his face were so mismatched! As I gave rude comments in my mind, others were rapidly leaving the hall.

As we were all seated previously I had not noticed but everyone was so big…

Ah no, it should me who was small…

I shook off that depressing feeling and stood up.

Ah, that’s right. Compared to the rest, I was 2 years younger. At this age, a 2 year gap would be quite big. That’s it. If not I would be very troubled.

As I convinced myself, I took a closer look at the card given to me at the registration counter.

” ….It’s white. ”

Leaving the hall, I saw upper classman waving a white flag, as said by Mr Macho. Waving a white flag… it was like someone had lost. Amused, I tried to control my laughter as I made my way towards it.

The rest of the flags were as followed, Red, Blue, and Green. A total of 4 colors. Only the white color had a feeling of alienation. I wonder what the meaning behind the choice of White was.

The upper classman started counting the number of people in their group. As most had gathered, I started running over.

” We will be setting off! ”

A boy with a strong aura yelled. Somehow, he had a white badge pinned on his chest. Will all of White team get one? I was getting excited.

Being absorbed by the badge, someone from behind crashed into me.

” …..!! ”

” …Uwah, sorry, I did not see you there! ”

I turned around, having a feeling that something rude had just been said. Plus he said it without any malice. Which meant he was a natural airhead. Which made it worse. The meaning was the same as calling me a ‘chibi’ right to my face. However, it seemed like he had not notice that and was nervously apologizing.

Ha…This was where I should act like an adult. I then smiled at Mr Somebody.

” It’s okay, don’t worry, I am not paying attention as well. ”

I laughed and seeing this, he broke into an innocent smile.

” Could it be that you skipped grades? By the way, I am Zen. ”

Zen, with his freckled smiley face, smiled. He, with his reddish hair, had a slightly regrettable cute face. His name is quite regrettable too.

” Ah, kinda. I am only 8 years old so I am not a ‘real’ chibi! I am William Beryl, you can just call me Will. ”

Pulled in by Zen’s friendly atmosphere, I too, smiled.

” ….That’s amazing, you’re a noble. ”

Zen said, and I remembered. I had given my name in the heat of the moment but in this world, commoners did not have a last name.


In order not to distance myself, I shall try to avoid giving my last name in the future. Recording it in my heart, I smiled wryly.

” I am not that amazing. Only by chance did I get born into a Noble family. I did not do anything. ”

Zen had a very shocked expression but as it did not feel like anything bad, I let it go.

” You’re amusing, Will. ”

” Is that so? ”

I smiled, seemingly having made my first friend.


TN: I think we can all agree that we will miss Chiffon. Character Page updated with Zen!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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