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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 35

029 – Way Too Suspicious

029 – Way Too Suspicious

Posted on August 15, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22 (*Yay)

TN: This took longer then usual.. But hey, new chapter! Just to warn people, 2 POVs, Will & John.

In a dimly lit room, there was a man exerting violence against a tied up, defenseless man. Not punches and kicks but something on another level.

―― Knife cuts.

I trembled.

A short while ago, I arrived at the Veltor’s house, sensed that John-sensei was in the middle of the area and teleported over.

With my presence and figure staying hidden by magic.

It seemed to be the basement here. John-sensei was being threatened by that man as he slashed at him with a short knife. Seeing that, my blood began to boil.

Stop screwing around!

It was unclear if that was directed at the man who was hurting Sensei or me, who took my time heading here. I moved to attack, channeling my anger.

I jumped lightly, focused the mana around my leg to strengthen it and kicked with all I had. I ended up doing a roundabout kick in the heat of my anger. Turned out I put a lot more force into it than I expected.

With a loud noise, that man slammed against the wall.

….Hm? Was he really that weak? Oh man, was he dead? People should not die that easily.. yep, he was not dead. I think.

After a time lag, he slid down to the floor with a thud. Looking at the man lying there, motionless, I manipulated the gravity on him for extra measures to prevent him from moving.


I must be imagining that his nose was bleeding.

[TN: Just how hard did you hit that guy?]

He had a plump figure and was wearing clothes accessorized with gaudy looking ornaments that screamed ‘I am a Noble!’. I would guess his age to be around thirties… You could say he looked like, yet unlike John-sensei.

Hah, let’s leave him there for the moment.

The important thing right now was John-sensei. In a haste, I ran over to John-sensei’s side. I saw knife marks all over his body and he was currently breaking out in cold sweat. I started regretting after seeing him in pain.

…That man, I should have hit him harder.

John-sensei’s face twisted in pain and looked to be on the verge of fainting. The rope binding him looked normal but was actually embedded with magic.

Not a problem.

What a meaningless spell to use. While questioning the weak magic, I offset it chantlessly. With the rope gone, I lifted John-sensei, who was lying face down on the ground, up. Our eyes met and questions rose up as he registered who I was.

With a voice that sounded like he was wheezing every last bit out of his lungs, he said.

” …..W..Will…? Why…..? ”

” Rather than that.. ”

Cutting off Sensei, I smiled, trying to calm him down.

“《治癒》” [TN: Chiyu, Heal]

The reason I chanted it out was to allow John-sensei to understand what magic I was casting on him. Even if I didn’t say it out now, I would still have to explain later. That and how I arrived here.

Looking at his bare skin through the torn shirt, I saw that, despite being a scholar, he had a relatively well-toned body, somewhat erotic looking. My inferiority complex was acting up, so I casted 1 more magic on top of it.

“《修復》” [TN: Shuufuku, Mend]

Sensei’s bruises as well as his torn shirt began mending up and as a side-effect, Sensei’s face regained his color. Relieved at that, I was glad I made it in time.

Smiling, I walked towards Sensei.

” ….Who are you? ”

Sensei asked, guarding himself from me as he stood up and backed away.

….That hurt.

Well, it was questionable if a 4 year old was able to kick a grown man flying then fire 2 spells conservatively like it was normal. Even so…

” It’s me. It’s Will, Sensei. ”

Being questioned like that still hurt. Plus I did not have anything that I could use to identify myself. Asking that question despite knowing me… There was no one else, wasn’t it?

Seeing me with my slumped shoulders, John-sensei concluded that I had no will to fight him at all. He began to slowly and timidly approach me.

…. Am I a rare animal?

” …Really? ”

” Yes, really! ”

” No, I mean, that magic and that fighting ability… ”

Obviously, I was being suspected. I understood how you felt, I really did. But…

” I kept it all a secret from everyone. ”

I smiled mischievously.

Now, how I made him believe me… Ah, this would be the best way to convince him I guess…

I grinned and approached Sensei.

“《転移》” [TN: Teni, Teleport]

The destination? My room of course.

I was feeling hot.

The increasing cuts were definitely sapping my strength.

I had no useful information that the Anti-Kingdom faction (Veltor) wanted…even if I did, I would not give it away to them.

Nevertheless, I did not know what Brother was thinking as he cut at me with his knife, kicked my stomach, and performed acts after acts of violence like an interrogation / torture.

….In this case, it was really an interrogation.

Even if I was living with the Beryl’s, I was only an educator. I would not have been given any sensitive information nor would I know any. What I did, was to only teach Will.

And it looked like this idiot noble (Brother) did not understand this fact.

Plus, unlike the Veltor House, the Beryl’s did nothing illegal. With Gion-sama’s character, they never will. Thus, it would be useless even if I promised to search for any dirt they had.

Wheezing sounds were heard as I breathed.

And the rope binding me had been made to look like no magic had been cast on it.

……..Damn it…

The moment I was about to moan from the pain, the knife attacks stopped and something strong and heavy was heard clashing.

….What happened?

As I was tied up and lying on the ground, I could not see what was happening. My heart was racing right now. Then I heard footsteps approaching. Soft and light. Sounds like a person with a small build.

… Did he come to help?… No, perhaps Father got disappointed with Brother, who, after so long, was unable to draw any information out of me and sent another one of his goons to do the job.

I wanted to clear my head and think but right now, I was really too tired to do any of that.

The sound of the footsteps stopped once it reached me and much to my surprise, vanquished the rope with magic.

… What magic. Be it the huge mana, or the complex spell and above all, it was done chantlessly. What a remarkable magician. He interested me.

[TN: Since John researches magic, I’m pretty sure he means it scientifically. No Y- guys.]

And yet.

When I was lifted up and that magician entered my vision, the one I saw was…

” …..W..Will…? Why…..? ”

It was Will. And I was unable to stop myself from questioning who I saw.

” Rather than that.. ”

Cutting off my sentence, that person who looked like Will gave a gentle smile, like how Will used to.

“《治癒》” [TN: Chiyuu, Heal]

I questioned my ears when I heard the next word that came out of his mouth. ….Chiyuu? I was shocked by how the person I thought to be my enemy, was healing me right now. But rather than that…

…. Chiyuu.

The rare-est of the rare, the attribute magic of the legendary level that only a handful of people could cast.

… The light attribute.

To think I was able to meet such a person…! Even with this situation, my scholarly spirit was excited. But, at the same time, the possibility of him being Will was close to zero. Scratch that, he was definitely not Will.

Right now, he just fly-kicked my brother away with magic, vanquished the rope with magic and healed me. [TN: Not to mention flying.] After having casted 3 huge magics, he seemed fine. This was not the mana amount a 4 year old kid would have. To begin with, if a 4 year old kid had the mana to even activate a single spell, he would already be at the level of a court magician.

With these facts, the person standing in front of me was not Will. Then, who was he? I felt thankful for him healing my wounds but I could not let my guard down yet.

But, once again, this person next move exceeded my expectation.

“《修復》” [TN: Shuufuku, Mend]

A magic I had not heard before. I readied myself for anything that was about to happen.


Swishing sounds like cloth rubbing against each other were heard and looking down at my clothes, I could see them mending itself.

What was this magic?

A magic not even heard in the royal court… Why did this person know of it? I stood up in full guard, preparing to attack at any time and yet, I was extremely curious at what I just saw.

” ….Who are you? ”

Before I noticed it, it slipped right. I somewhat knew he had no intention to fight me but…

” It’s me. It’s Will, Sensei. ”

His shoulders slumped and he seemed down. Till now he was still insisting he was Will. No matter how his behavior was unlike a 4 year old kid, he should plenty well know that he was quite suspicious. Despite that, to still insist that he was Will, that must mean…

True, it was rather hard to prove one’s own identity.

I could not helped but asked again.

” …Really? ”

” Yes, really! ”

The way he answered was just like Will.

” No, I mean, that magic and that fighting ability… ”

I knew now that he was not an enemy but… I still found it hard to believe him. Then he said something that shocked me.

” I kept it all a secret from everyone. ”

He then smiled mischievously.

… When had I heard that before…?

And somehow, I finally believed.

…… This person was definitely Will.

I then became aware that the corners of my mouth were lifted up. And yet, Will amazed me even further. When he saw my troubled and slightly sad eyes, he grinned and muttered.

“《転移》” [TN: Teni, Teleport]

This was one spell even I knew. … Teni. The sky attribute…

And also a legendary spell.

As one would expect from Gion-sama’s son. I was already amazed that Will was a ‘Double’ but to think he owned both the Light and Sky attributes……! A scholar was really greedy, to think I was fully guarded against him a while back but now, my scholarly spirit was burning with interest.

My desires seemed to be read and for a moment, my vision went dark and the hard floor my sole felt turned into something soft. When my vision returned, what I saw was somewhere familiar.

” It cannot be… Will’s room…? ”

I exclaimed in surprise. Even rushing in a carriage at this distance would take about 3 hours. And to think that he teleported 2 person at once…

Will’s mana storage must be unfathomable. I suppressed my now-raging scholarly spirit and looked at Will. And found him looking at me anxiously.

… Well well well.

” So, Will. Could you explain to me clearly what all of what just happened? ”

I asked in my usual tone. Smiling, I lifted my glasses with my finger.

As if hooked, Will smiled too.

Ahh, I am really lucky.


AN: John Sensei’s scholarly spirit. In this situation, instead of being scared or suspicious, he felt interest instead.

TN: Told you.

Longer chapter then usual, about the length of a digest chapter. Enjoy!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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