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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 2

D002 – I’m Finally 3!

D002 – I’m Finally 3!

Posted on June 10, 2016 by crazypumkin

Editor: Poor_Hero

Hi there. And just as everybody thought, I have been reincarnated into another world. Woah, wait what do you mean reincarnation?! …. One person manzai is in vain so let’s stop.

[TN: Manzai is bokke and tsukomi.]

My name in this world is William – Beryl.

Everyone calls me Will.

But after god said to get me going and after being wrapped in a warm light, I was plunged into darkness which really shocked me. Reincarnation was said but if I was to remain a human or not was not…thinking about this was really scary.

It was dark and I seemed to be floating in water made me thought that I was reincarnated into a deep sea fish or something like that. If it was that retaining human memories was going to be hell.

Being deceived like this by god made me hated him for a while. The truth is simple. That darkness, that was because I was in my mother’s womb. Then the pressure that was pressing on my skull, hard enough that I am thinking of the field of flowers again, I saw the world outside of the darkness.

As a baby I must be tiny. The hand that carried me was huge. And by that hand, I was lowered into a warm bath.

Such giants exist in this world!? Was what I thought but that was not the truth. She was a just a normal sized aunti.. cough cough. Something scary will happen if I complete that word. A lady’s age and weight are forever a taboo subject, as my friend taught me.

That’s right, it was the head maid’s hands. As a baby, everything looks huge to me which is new.

And with that kind of feeling, I came into this world. And today, I turned 3.

Time passes. No…I already can’t remember the days I am still a baby..! Totally! I..It’s not that I don’t want to remember!


It was not like the web novels where reincarnators laughed and said they got their hearts broken because of embarrassment by the changing of diapers so lightly.

The bad thing is, I was 17 when I died. And I was hugged by a woman around early 20s! Moreover! My face was brought near to her breast..Wahh! My mouth is sealed about the rest.

But! Because it was needed to give me the nutrition I needed, I was not in the wrong! That’s right! But even, ladies hated my looks in my previous life so I had zero experience with the opposite sex whatsoever.

Try getting carried by a young lady as she thumps your back? But that is to prevent a baby from suffocating when he vomits milk. Then try burping? You would feel pathetic. Pathetic…No no no!

And after that horrible feeding time, a baby still has to face another hell like torture. That’s right! Diapers! And that you can’t choose the timing or place before you start crying! I am so sorry, this is embarrassing, I don’t even know how to face you. This overflowing embarrassment period I totally can’t rememberrr!!!!!!

I am an able man from now. Not one who will squirm about my past. Let’s keep it a secret that I am only training my acting when I am speaking in a baby language. The important thing is now.

Even though I had a dark past, it is not all bad. The regret that I felt when I was reincarnated into this world was solved by a baby’s high comprehension. That is the language.

It was a language that only belongs to another world. I regretted not cheating my way through the language barrier when I reincarnated. But! That’s where the baby comes in! The language is learned immediately!

Even on earth babies have no trouble learning a language. It must be that they use a kind of incredible magic. That’s right, in this world, magic exists! Imagine my excitement when I found out!

I was 1 when I came to know. At that age, I sneaked out of my baby cart for my daily lesson when my mum, head maid and maids were not looking. Training my stealth! Memorizing the map of the house!

And then I found the Garden of Temptation! The library!

I climbed on my fours through the library and finally, it was held in my baby hands! The name of the book is [Magic That Even Monkeys Can Learn – Beginner]! Yea. It sounds just like the book for babies to learn the basics of magic. What a horrible title.

In this world, or the place I was born, Elzmu country, magic is not a rare occurrence but is used by everyone. It is not the chyunibyo situation where magic can only be used by me. Too bad. Ah, it is not that I want that to happen. I, am totally not chunni at all. Instead, I am only a chicken who is terrified of being hated.

….Enough about that.

We are talking about magic. I don’t know why but the magic of this world, all incantations and magic circles are in Japanese. Ah, when that bearded god (old man) is speaking in Japanese, doesn’t that mean this is all intentional…?

But, to the me who looks up to the blue tanuki robot [TN: I’m pretty sure you guys know who.], this is a situation I am glad of! Thanks to the dimension pocke.. cough, cough. It’s not the pocket but make it the [Subspace] where magic items can be created and every kind of magic can be used.

The magic of this world is typical, it can be assembled, and everyone has 1 attribute that they are good at. The stronger your imagination = the stronger the magic will be.

There are 2 ways to activate your magic, either by incantation or by drawing a magic circle. And as you thought, you would need imagination for incantation, without it, the magic could not be activated. But because of that, the better you are at imagining the details, the stronger your magic will be. And above incantation, chant less incantation exists.

As for the magic circle, you use kanji, or hiragana to write on surfaces which you then transfer your mana into it to activate. In exchange for not needing imagination, the mana consumption is ridiculously huge. So people carved on magic stones for the extra mana fuel it possessed.

It was the Royals and Nobles from a certain military country situated in the north that produces these stones willfully for the riches. Just like a typical example of immoral nobles.

Children usually cannot activate their magic till they are around 10 years of age but somehow I am able to use mine at the age of 1. Plus I can use all attributes… Typical huh?

Well, once I found that out, I sneaked out after my 1st birthday party when the maids were busy cleaning up because I felt like doing something since I was free. The fact that I was so happy to find out that I can use all attributes of magic that the weird pose I struck was seen by the head maid, Marie, must be my imagination. It must be because babies have good imagination plus my inner age of 17 plays a part too.

And so I finally became 3 in this world!

My inner age of 17 + 3 = 20. 20 years old. It is my coming of age. The age where I can finally drink… though it’s not that I am going to drink. Drinking alcohol with a 3 year old body is definitely going to affect my health! I will wait till I reach the coming of age of this world before I drink.

” Are you okay, Mr Will? ”

As I was sitting on the sofa thinking about these 3 years, Mari-san, the head maid, who finished her cleaning, asked. Mari-san was a slightly plump aunti…lady who bathed me in warm water the moment I was born. Strict and meticulous in her work yet she gives off a warm feeling…but to me she is as troubling in doting me as my stupid parents.

If it is not this inner me, a spoiled selfish brat would be born from all this doting! …Saying that, I am actually very happy about it. The love from parents that I did not receive in my previous life is given to me in this one. At the surface it looks like I am troubled and embarrassed by all this affections but actually, I am really really happy.

[TN: Come over here, you! I’ll give you all the love you want!]

Even though my death was due to a horrible mistake, I can’t help thinking sometimes it is fine to thank the god for this. Really, to be able to feel this deeply blessed by something so common as a parent’s affection makes me think that choosing this [cheat] of retaining my memories is one of the best choices I had made.

Ah, I had unintentionally started thinking about all this on my 3rd birthday but let’s focus on the conversation with Mari-san.

[TN: I am really not confident with this sentence..Most likely it’s all wrong..]

I smile awkwardly as I look up at Mari-san.

” I..I become nervous… ”

That’s right, the reason I started thinking about the past was to distract myself as today, right now, is going to be my debut. A debut you say? Yes, a debut. Inviting people to my house for my birthday party and showing my face to them. In other words, I am the center-of-attention of this party!

There’s no wonder I am nervous. After all, my dad is the leader of a Knights group and we are one of the oldest family around, a Duke family. As so, most of the guests invited are Nobles, most of whom are holding high distinguished positions. I’m scared~ Aristocracy are scary!

Do I need to join in the battle between the fox and the tanuki? [TN: It means that the nobles are trying to outfox each other.] I am trembling but all I need to do is to greet them. Well of course, after all I am only 3 years old. But still! A greeting! In front of everyone!

The same face as my previous life turns pale. Yep. In my previous life, my looks are below average… I don’t want to admit that so let’s make it average… I thought I would be granted a different face in this life but I ended up with the same face. This is one of my biggest regrets.

Maybe having a different face with the same memories will affect the mind or something like that. Even if I didn’t know the reason, if that bearded god thought he was helping me by doing this then I would really like to punch him hard. Or rather, why did I not ask to be an Ikemen! I am such an idiot!

I first found out about this tragedy a few days after I was born. No, it was not that I saw myself in the mirror. I mean, I was still a baby then so the face was going to be different from what I had now.

Then how did I find out?

The answer is…my dad who came back from patrolling the territory. My dad who, on the day I was born, had to leave the house because of his job. When my dad came back, he entered the room when I was playing with my mum and I received a huge shock when I saw his face. Why? It was because his face was exactly like mine in my previous life! Ah, even so, he had silky silver hair with blue eyes, and his face was deeper like Caucasians, a face that fits this world.

My mum is a blond, green-eyed beauty. I was still looking forward to inheriting her features before I felt like I was punched and knocked out of the ring and left there to die. Yep. This was the first time I felt despair after coming into this world.

Seeing that face of mine breaks into a huge grin, and even making funny faces like pressing his cheeks together really makes me…really…! Plus his stubble hurts me physically, while my heart hurts mentally. And the fact that I still can’t speak properly means that I cannot even convey my pain about his stubble!

After that I practiced my pronunciations like mad.

But, my father manages to snag my mother, is the leader of the Knights, and on top of being really strong, is a lord who is said to have the best management skills around, possesses sharp thinking that even scholars are surprised, is a [Double] that can control 2 attributes of magic who will make you go ‘what is with this [Cheat] like bastard!’ kind of man. He is also a presence that has ladies fans around the country screaming. Learned all of this from the maids’ gossip.

That is my father. A magnificent man which hurts me with his face. Persevere me.

Right, let’s put aside the topic about my father.

Is it fun to let this normal, ineloquent child to speak in front of everybody? The idiot doting parents that think too high about their son. They even gave the job of greeting the guests to me!

Those who are not nervous in this situation, you aren’t even heartless, you are lifeless!

” There is no problem if it’s Mr Will. There is no worries because you are so cute. ”

To the nervous me, Mari-san actually gave such an idiot-doting-parent kind of answer. No, look here, even in Aristocracy, debuting is held by older, firmer kids around 5, 6 years old!

Sigh. The guests are bewildered by this as well as well huh…

As my heart beats loudly, I confirm once again my speech.


TN: Here’s Chapter 2!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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