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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 137

125 – The Reason For Not Telling

125 – The Reason For Not Telling

Posted on August 26, 2017 by crazypumkin


” Diary….? ”

John-Sensei stood there, frozen as his mouth stayed open. Without thinking, I burst out chuckling at that sight. What a rare sight, to had such a handsome face showing such a stupid expression. But it sure was unfair that he was still handsome despite that.

” Yes, a diary. ”

I said as I kept chuckling, which then John-Sensei regained his bearing and his expression turned pensive. Urging John-Sensei to take a seat, I took a pot and tea leaves out of my 4th dimension poc… cough cough, I meant pendent.

“《冷水》” [TN: Reisui, ice / cold water]

And with that, the pot was instantly filled with ice cold water. If I casted that magic without imagining anything, fresh water would come out instead.

But it’s me, someone who don’t compromise on anything even if it was only a part-time job, the part-time-work-devil. Brewing tea could only be done by using soft water and so, with that image in mind, I casted my magic.

I then placed the tea leaves inside the glass pot already filled with water. Now for the finishing touches!


[TN: Fast forward time by 10 minutes on this!]

Yes, magic sure was handy. Taking cups out of my locket pendent, I chantlessly made ice cubs appeared it and began pouring the tea.


A nice refreshing sound rang out when the ice hit the glass cups. I passed a cup over John-Sensei, who took it with a stunned expression.

The both of us then took a sip.

Hmmm, what a refreshing taste.

Cold drinks sure was a must for summer.

Well then, I can’t continued wasting time like this. John-Sensei began to fidget as he kept glancing over with sparkling eyes. After finishing our drinks, I began speaking.

” I did tell you that I knew how magic works before, didn’t I? I am not lying, but neither am I telling the whole truth. ”

” That… I thought so. ”

At my words, John-Sensei had a ‘I thought so’ look on his face as he smiled.

” Yep. That was because I could understand the words used in the spells. In other words, I would understand it’s ‘language’. Which was why I would freely use it. ”

That’s right. John-Sensei area of research was in chants and circles. And he too, believed that magic was actually a ‘language’. My words just gave all the researchers and theorists a solid answer.

” All the chants and words are actually all from one language. For example, the 2 chants I did previously. The first chant means ‘Ice Water’. If it was a circle, the 2 words of ‘ice’ and ‘water’ would be written down. ”

Why was it, that in this world, the theory that magic was a language was not proved? Even though there were research proving that some symbols on the circle corresponded to the chant, why was that if it was a word instead, it was deemed to be an entirely different thing?

[TN: Japanese is consists of Hiragana (ひらがな), Katagana (カタガナ) and Kanji (漢字). There are 3 ways of writing it, as seen from the example. The symbols might be referring to either Hiragana or Katagana while words are Kanji.]

Although it might seemed weird, but I kinda get the reason why. In this world, there was only 1 language. Well… as long as it’s within the Ranaa Continent.

And their written counterpart was symbols that looked like alphabets. It might be difficult for them to linked that all those symbols and words were actually all from the same language. That was because Japaneses was a troublesome language that uses different ways of writing between Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji.

This messy and chaotic language must be very difficult to understand by a language that had a standardize way of writing. Besides, magic was deemed as a technique [Given by god]. They might just push it all into explaining that it was all unexplainable because it’s spiritual.

Because in this world, god was just by your side.

And above all, it was only 200 years ago that magic was made doable by everyone to the point of researching it. Before that, it was only the Nobles that could do it.

That was what the First Founder did when he founded Elzmu. Rather, it was quite amazing they had only took 200 years to reach the theory that magic was actually a language.

” So it was really like that…!! ”

John-Sensei said, leaning against the chair as he let out the breath he had been holding in. He then looked at the ceiling for such a long time that I can’t help but followed his gaze.

” Will, thank you for giving me you trust on this. ….Thank you for willing to share this with me. ”

When I realized it, John-Sensei was staring straight at me.

Trust, was it.

It had been some time since I did such a thing. This too, must had been the first time John-Sensei ever said such a thing. And that was not trust, but faith.

The reason being he was the first ever to witness me using my magic. I could trust my parents too. And also had faith in them. But I still don’t think I would tell them the truth.

If John-Sensei ever betrayed me, there was still the reason of him being an outsider that I could use, which was why I was willing to make so many things known to him.

Thinking back, I already had this thought ever since I met him for the first time. As for blood relations, even if you cut a person out of your life, your blood would still be connected.

Such a stupid way of thinking, I know.

But now, it changed. I can say for sure that John-Sensei is my closest friend. So much so that it would not change that fact even if he betrayed me. Him being an outsider matter not to me anymore. In the end, it was me who decided it.

Which was why it was time to throw away the thinking I had in my previous life.

It was time to change. Even if I had no idea if I could really do it… Truth is, the thing I’m afraid was…

” I trust John-Sensei. But, the thing I held back was not this, it was… ”

As John-Sensei was moved by my words, I suddenly clammed up.

” Was what? ”

John-Sensei asked, smiling, a gentle smile unlike his usual awful ‘black’ ones. Ah, somehow, I’m sorry.

” It was that John-Sensei always used to say that researching is your wife…. ”

John-Sensei froze. I can’t do something like snatching a person loved one away! The thing I was afraid was the so-called [Burnout syndrome]. Like how some students go with everything they can to get into the school of their choices and when they finally did, they were so burned out from the process that they lose the will to study on.

Research was the mental support of John-Sensei. Everytime I ran into a wall and asked for John-Sensei’s advice, all of his advice came from the research that he did.

He had been living, working forward with the aim to crush his family and now that he finally did, the only thing left holding him on was research.

And with my words, he had the answer to his research.

” That… that is… hmm… ”

As if in shock, John-Sensei hanged his head as his voice trembled. His shoulders were trembling too. He must be shocked that a student of his was worried about his ‘wife’. I would be shocked too, if I just realized that my student was already at that age where he would worried about that kind of stuff.

” That is what, John-sensei? ”

I said as I walked towards him, looking apologetic. Trembling as he lifted his head up, John-Sensei’s face was bright red as tears streamed down his face.

Eh?! He was that shocked?! I can’t helped but panicked. Seeing me panicking, John-Sensei trembled again. What was this?! What did I do?!

As I grew even more panicky, John-Sensei raised a hand to his mouth.

” Guffaw…. Ku ku ku… Fu ha ha… ”

I stopped.

” The heck… ”

I tsukomied by reflex. Was my panicking face that much more amusing that the shock of what I just said? What was this?

” No, ha ha… Will is just being Will, like usual…. ku ku…. I’m alright. You don’t need to worry about me. I do have something else in place of research. ”

John-Sensei said, unable to hold in his laughter at some places as he just said something shocking. That ‘my wife is research’ John-Sensei. Had said that he had something else other than research.

Which meant…. He had a new wife I had no idea about! What hidden card was this?! Looking at John-Sensei’s expression, he did looked like he was living a fulfilling life with his lover.

I can’t believe it. The shock was like being betrayed by a friend who had said ‘Ikeman just explode!’ and ‘let’s aim to be a magician~!’.

Ah, but John-Sensei had always been an ikeman! He did looked like he could have any choice of woman he liked. But then he was who I thought to be my best friend.

I should had seen the hints.

Had that research-baka really had a lover?!

” So… who was it? ”

I asked.

” About that… ”

John-Sensei smiled and rubbed my head.

” …..It’s you, Will. ”

I could felt a chill creeping up my back.


TN: I brought a new novel today. Isekai Tensei No Boukensha. Seemed to be a story about a monster tamer. Looks good.

No, it wouldn’t be my new project after I caught up with this.

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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