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(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! Chapter 123

111 – The Feelings Over The Years

111 – The Feelings Over The Years

Posted on June 18, 2017 by crazypumkin


” Will, thank you. ”

The lunch ladies said, patting my head happily. The ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ was popular as expected and was gobbled up by them in no time. It seemed like the rule that women will go crazy over sweets still hold it’s grounds even in an alternate world. Just one tiny fact….

Ice cream could be said to be the devil of sweets as, like it’s appearance, it’s calories was mind-blowing. But, as the concept of ‘calories’ were not known in this world, so there was no way for me to explained it to them. Well…. looking at their physique, it should not make any difference but.. cough, cough. This was something that shouldn’t be said.

Even in this other world, discussing about a woman’s weight was taboo.

” I seldom get the chance to eat any sweets but this is delicious! ”

” Yes, yes. I love that ‘Jelly’. ”

” That wobbly texture coupled with the sweetness of fruits are really difficult to resist! ”

And, as I was pondering about the issue in my head, the lunch ladies were chatting among themselves, the topic being ‘deserts’, of course.

By the way, I was sure you guys must had thought that I was the one behind ‘Jelly’! I would not had you misunderstood me.


This ‘Jelly’, was created even before I was born, by the First Founder. The First Founder had spread all sorts of Japan culture throughout Elzmu but it seemed like he was not really good at cooking, as one of the few foods he left behind was this ‘Jelly’.

Ah, since he must be someone from modern Japan so it was not weird that he cannot really cook. Unexpectedly, he might even me like me, a high schooler.

Guys who make deserts like cakes and ice cream were very rare in high school. Although I was one of the rare ones. That was because of all the part-time work I did that gave me the experience. This was life, you never know what it was going to teach you.

And Jelly was a simple desert that was made by hardening the mixture mixed with gelatin. Even if the First Founder had never made jelly before, as long as he had the knowledge about ‘gelatin’, it was something that could be done easily.


Even though piggies do not exist in this world, we had a creature called Orcs. Piggies that walked on 2 legs.

I had read many accounts of Orcs from all sorts of medium in my previous life but in this life, Orcs were simply normal pigs walking on 2 legs. Omnivorous and loves cleanliness, surprisingly. They squealed and oink and, unlike all the fantasy novels on Earth, they do not had the knowledge in carrying weapons.

Well, they were tentatively being categorized as magical beasts but they were still livestock. As they attacked humans whenever they see one, the person that raised them were said to be quite strong. He was said to be a former adventurer.

The farm? Although to called it a farm was rather weird, and I had not asked about it directly but, the owner of the farm I met once when I was helping Buu-san to set up his B-grade gourmet within the Merchant Guild, was a gorilla-like person whose arms were as thick as someone else’s legs.

He seemed to be a former adventurer who raised to ‘B Rank’. B rank was deemed as [Somewhat an expert] and would be well known within his hometown.

And yes, adventurers rank was as orthodox as they came. I got excited and went near the owner and began asking questions but, even though his face was flushing red from anger, the uncle still patiently explained everything.


Thinking back, he was a really nice guy. Because, he answered all of my questions while his arm trembled as he patted my head. Even though I did not revealed my identity of a Duke’s son, he still accommodated my willfulness.

Or rather, please be a little more stable, me.

Thinking back, I was really embarrassed at my actions. Ah, okay, okay, at least I did not waste that chance and got to know a lot about adventurers.

Firstly, adventurers’ rank were a guild for their strength. The lowest was E, with SS being the highest. If I were to use a word to describe SS rank, it would be the level of ‘Calamity’. He could crushed a mountain by his strength alone was what a SS meant. And… that person was my father.

Earthquake, thunder strike, fire, Father.

He really brought what meant to be a ‘disaster Father’ to fruition. By the way, E rank were people who could complete requests from the town. Although you probably had no interest in the ranking.

And yes, many of you would be wondering about how the ranks were given.

That would be, of course, god!

Heh, as expected of another world. When the Adventurer Guild was created, it was said that the magic tool of creating the guild card simply appeared in the guild. And yes, the rank would be written on the guild card that was produced. Which meant, it was all judged with the god as the basis.

That bearded old gramps sure had done a great job.

After registering the basics of their strength, it would also record down the mana level of the magical beasts that were defeated and upgrade accordingly. Apart from rank, a person’s attribute, MP, HP and even [Titles] would be recorded on the card.

How very game-ish.

What can I say…. In this world, all chants were in Japanese, the systems looked like a RPG, especially a Japan RPG, I kinda felt like this was being really soft on reincarnators like me. I wonder if I was thinking too much?

It had been some time since I thought about that god.

…..He should had shaved his beard by now. I do felt a tiny sense of gratitude if he had thought about me before sending me to this world. In the first place, if not for his beard which snagged a pot which then caused me to lose my life, I would be having the time of my high school life!

….Definitely. Definitely.

……..Please let it be so.

By the way, when I was still in my home, I had asked to see Father’s guild card but he had only shown me his rank, MP, HP and the mana amount of all the magical beasts he defeated. That Father only showed me what he wanted to show me, that Father! He might had thought I knew nothing about the [Titles] which was why he hid it from me.

But that made me all the more curious. I then conducted my own investigations. This was when all the ‘spying’ activities I did when I was young came into use.

And I succeeded in getting it from Mary-San.

Father’s title was [Gion-sama]! Wahhh! No wonder he wanted to hide it! You can’t blamed me for laughing till my sides split. What was ‘Gion-sama’?! Was that a title? Wasn’t it just a name?

A tidbit, my mother, the dear Lily-Sama, had the title of [The Beautiful Ice Princess]. That was a lot more title-ish. Though very chuunibyo-ish as well.

If that was the case, it would be better not to say titles out loud. But of course, at that time, I simply, very innocently, with sparkles in my eyes, shouted ‘Mum is so cool!!’. I wondered what title would I be given if I registered. I was looking forward to it but at the same time, fearing it. I don’t wanna be laugh, what should I do?

” Will, can you teach me this recipe? ”

As my thoughts gone way off-rails, the lunch ladies’ voice pulled me back to reality. Ah, recipe… It was not that I don’t want it being spread around, but I do want to earn a little from it first.


” It’s a trade secret, can I get permission first? ”

Making the best of my age, I looked up at them pitifully. Immediately, sounds as though air had been knocked out of them were heard and the lunch ladies started trembling. Do I really looked that bad? I must had…!

For an average face to do something like that….

It’s okay, it’s okay.

Since I managed to diverted their attention!

The lunch ladies, while trembling, kept glancing at me as they pushed me back into the kitchen. Ah, the ice cream was all gone. Since I still had a lot of ingredients, I shall make more!

And I need to remember to jot down the recipe for this and bring it over to Nyaru-san. Nyaru-san come over to the capital quite often.

[TN: Nyaru is the nickname Will gave to Bibinyaru]

Yes, what I need to do now was the adjustment of this recipe!

Don’t say the adjustment for my face! Onii-san will cry!

” Ah, Will~! Where did you go~? ”

When I went over to the dormitory lounge, I saw both Zen and Selphy there. Selphy, who first saw me, immediately called out to me the moment I stepped into the lounge. As the studying session was stopped since the skipping-of-grades exams were over, Selphy was in a good mood.

” Ah, I just borrowed the kitchen from the cafeteria for a while. ”

” Eh, you were cooking? ”

A simple question, yet Selphy had a panicking look on her face.

” Yep, I am quite good at it. ”

Well, I can’t really answer if they asked me why. Not understanding why Selphy was panicking, I answered her as I tilted my head and Selphy hang her head down. That’s great. I would have to make something up if she asked why.

” Are you okay, Selphy? ”

” It’s nothing…..Why can you not only sew and even cook?! What about my position?!! ”

Selphy started muttering to herself. Normally, no one could hear what she was muttering but I can hear everything thanks to my ‘cheat hearing’. And Zen, who was sitting right next to her, heard everything too.

” ……….. ”

A weird aura drifted among the 3 of us. It was that, wasn’t it? She was worried for her girl power.

” Ah! Well, I helped out around the guild! And from there I learned a lot of stuff! ”

I said, trying to throw some sort of excuse.

” Th, that’s right! We are usually not allow near the kitchen as it would be dangerous for us at our age! ”

Understanding what I was doing, Zen hurriedly added on. Great! I’ll grabbed this chance!

” Ra, rather, could you help me try this? ”

From the pendent-shaped 4th dimension of my pocket….. space magical tool, I took the ice cream that I had created, out. I used too much force and the bowl landed with a ‘BANG’ on the table but all’s well, all’s well.

” Wah, what’s this? ”

” Something like a sweet desert. It’s cold, so don’t gulp it down all at once. ”

Phew, easy~

Selphy caught onto the sweet smell the moment I took the ice cream out and now, her eyes were glittering. Gripping the spoon in my hand, I passed it to Selphy.

Yes, this was the so-called bait.

I gave a spoon to Zen too, thanking him for his help.

” Hmmm~! Delicious! ”

Selphy, who dug in immediately, pressed her cheeks as she moaned.

Mission accomplished.

The danger was over.

Glancing at the Selphy who was back in a good mood, I changed the topic.

” Oh yes, do you guys have any plans for the summer holidays? ”

” Nothing for me. ”

” Me too. ”

Great, both of them were free! Taking in a small breath, I opened my mouth to fulfilled a dream of mine.

” Then, then, would you like to come over to my house to play? ”

Yes, I want to achieved my dream of asking friends over to my house to play!


(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

(Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated!

Tenseishichatta Yo (Iya; Gomen), 転生しちゃったよ (いや、ごめん)
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
After a god screws up and accidentally takes high schooler Shou’s life, he offers him reincarnation with a gift to make up for it. Shou asks to retain all his old memories for the new life. Shou is reborn as Will, a noble’s son in a world where magic use is common and involves knowledge of kanji characters. With all his memories, he’s a brilliant toddler, and when he experiments with magic, he finds that he has an amazing talent for it! What’s more, though he was smart but unloved in his old life, in his new life he has a mother and a father who both love him deeply. His future as Will is looking very bright and cool!


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