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Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start Chapter 417

Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Void Reptile

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The rumbling system announcement rang out continuously dozens of times before it gradually stopped. The players who heard it all felt their heads buzzing.

After a period of chaos, the players also heard the system announcement clearly. They quickly opened all sorts of rankings.

Then, when all of the players were shocked when they saw the rankings clearly. They felt that it was unbelievable.

“F*ck! How did Netherworld do it? How long has it been? It’s only been a while.”

“This is too fake. The event has only started for three minutes, and Netherworld has already reached the 500th floor?”

“Can’t he be a little more restrained when he cheats? This is too damn obvious.”

“@Anti-Netherworld Alliance, take a look. Please input these records into Netherworld’s cheating list. Thank you.”

The other leagues were in an uproar. One after another, they condemned Netherworld’s actions on the forums. Since the start of the game, Netherworld was like a rocket that was going out of control. How were they supposed to live as commoners?

In contrast, the people from the Divine Dragon Alliance did not take it seriously. They were already used to it.

“Hiss…this wave, isn’t it too fragrant?”

“Hahahaha, the Divine Dragon Alliance has reached the top again. There are all sorts of buffs. Sigh, how lonely it is to be invincible.”

“This is the result of this. I didn’t do anything, but I already have so many buffs. Leveling up and killing monsters to earn money is that simple.”

“Tsk tsk tsk…the number one position in the Divine Alliance is set in stone. To be honest, I’m really envious of the Divine Alliance!”

“Sob, sob, sob…when will Netherworld expand his guild? Let’s go in and have some soup.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Back then, I was only one second late and I couldn’t join the guild. I regret it so much.”


The players were actually mostly joking about this situation. This was because, from the start of the game, Netherworld could already not be seen as a normal person.

In short, they had experienced a lot and were used to this.

If it was someone else who climbed to the 500th floor within three minutes of the event, it would definitely cause a huge earthquake. If they were not cheating, then what was it?

If it was Netherworld…then it would be fine. It was only the 500th floor within three minutes. How else could he be the best?

At this moment, the system’s voice was still ringing in Li Cheng’s ears.

All sorts of rewards were naturally amplified by the system by 10,000 times. Li Cheng no longer had any reaction to these. He only felt that the system’s voice was a little noisy.

After an unknown amount of time, Li Cheng knocked on his somewhat swollen head. This wave of rewards had directly rung more than 50 times, shaking his head so much that it was still buzzing.

Relatively speaking, this time’s harvest was not bad. First, there were countless glory points. Only this time, he could empty the event shop countless times.

However, Li Cheng naturally would not do that. This time, the event shop was supported by the Angels. The entire Angel race was his vassal. Li Cheng did not bother to look at the items in the event shop.

The current situation was different from the past. Li Cheng did not bother to look at the Immortal-level items that others could only come across but could not find. They were either very useful items or a waste of space.

He did not bother with the event shop. At this time, Li Cheng was also looking at the situation on the 500th floor of the Void Pagoda.

The first thing he could feel was that the 500th floor had much more strange energy than the space in front of it. It had become extremely dense. With Li Cheng’s current strength, he already had an extremely deep understanding of the energy and laws in the universe…his divine power already had an extremely deep understanding.

However, this was the first time he had encountered this new type of void energy.

Although he was currently on a certain level of the Void Pagoda, the space on the 500 levels had clearly become extremely large. Li Cheng looked over and saw that it was filled with various defensive facilities of the Angel race.

At this moment, an Angel descended from the sky and landed gracefully in front of Li Cheng. She bowed gracefully and said to Li Cheng, “Lord, the King has been waiting for you for a very long time.”

“Take me to Kyle.” Li Cheng nodded and gestured for the Angel to lead the way.

“Yes, Lord.”

A few minutes later, under the guidance of the Angel, Li Cheng met the Angel King Kyle again. Kyle was wearing golden holy armor and looked even more majestic. At this moment, she was in a daze in front of the combat center, she seemed to be thinking about something.

Li Cheng did not hesitate and asked directly, “How’s the situation now?”

Angel King Kyle frowned, she said worriedly, “When these void creatures entered the main plane, they launched a fierce attack. But now that they have retreated, I’m afraid that they are gathering their strength. The next attack will probably be even more fierce. I don’t know if we can withstand it.”

“Is that so…”

Li Cheng thought for a moment and even began to pace around rapidly. Apparently, he was also thinking of countermeasures. Even though he had learned about the void from the Angel race. It was better for him to go up and fight them.

Therefore, Li Cheng said coldly, “I’ll go and meet these void creatures.”

Hearing this, the Angel King Kyle was still a little worried. A hint of hesitation flashed in her eyes. However, when she thought of Li Cheng’s strength, she still nodded, she said, “Remember, don’t go too deep. The void is filled with an extremely chaotic power. Even if I’m inside, I won’t be able to survive for long. If you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, remember to immediately withdraw.”

Li Cheng originally wanted to mock the void creature with disdain. However, thinking that Angel King was also concerned about his comfort, he gently nodded. “Okay.”

Following that, Li Cheng directly mobilized his troops and headed straight for the void.

At the front line, Li Cheng discovered that the battle between the Angels and the void did not have too much smoke. Instead, it was more of a clash of energy, leaving terrifying scars on the stars here.

At this time, Li Cheng had already walked out of the Angels’ control range and arrived at the Void Army’s territory. Li Cheng narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the strange creatures not far away.

Their figures were somewhat illusory and real, like some faint purple phantoms, but there was a strong aura that made people feel very uncomfortable.

When he saw this, Li Cheng casually cast a scouting spell over.

[Void Reptile (level 10)]

Description: The reptiles that can be seen everywhere in the void. To the weak universe, these reptiles are already very powerful.

Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

Score 8.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
“Ding! You’ve received the [Human Archer (Stage 2)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Flame God Archer (Stage 10)].” “Ding! You’ve received the [Speed Totem (Silver)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Wind Goddess’ Speed Totem (Legendary)].” “Ding! You’ve received the [Basic Resource]x1,000,000 and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Basic Resource]x10,000,000,000.” “Ding! You’ve received the [Mecha Maid Army] and has activated the 10,000x bonus…” When Li Cheng was reincarnated to the launch day of the game, Tribe, he had received the 10,000x Bonus System. From armies to equipment to talents and skills, he could receive a 10,000x bonus. A few years later, when the world and game merged, people struggled to survive while Li Cheng had already become a godly being…


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