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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 1509

Chapter 1509 - Chapter 1509 Pouring Forth from the Nest, the Great Taboo of the Military!

Chapter 1509 Pouring Forth from the Nest, the Great Taboo of the Military!

Mo Tianji was busy preparing, while Diwu Qingrou was actively strategizing. The two great strategists in the world had already begun their duel.

However, amidst everyone’s speculation, Chu Yang, another figure qualified enough to compete with Diwu Qingrou, had been taking it easy these past few days, with nothing to do and enjoying his leisure time.

Everyone believed that Chu Yang would definitely join the battle, and even Diwu Qingrou had prepared to face two opponents. But in reality, Chu Yang had not yet joined the battle.

Instead, he was leisurely strolling with Mo Qingwu, Dong Wushang, and the others. Apart from practicing, they were merely observing from the sidelines.

“Chu Yang, my second brother is competing with Diwu Qingrou in both wits and courage, but it seems that you have already withdrawn from this struggle? Are you just an onlooker or a trump card?” Mo Qingwu asked, raising her head slightly and looking at Chu Yang in a massive cave.

“Why is that? If your wisdom is combined with my second brother’s, wouldn’t you have a surefire victory against Diwu Qingrou?”

Chu Yang looked at Mo Qingwu with some surprise, feeling that her wisdom was also growing rapidly. Now, she had her own judgment on the situation.

The words she had just spoken were something that Mo Qingwu from before would not have said.

“Yes, this time it’s a tacit understanding between me and Tianji. I can only strike at the appropriate moment, but I won’t interfere or command. All decisions belong to Tianji this time.” Chu Yang explained.

“This is a battle between him and Diwu Qingrou! It’s something Tianji has longed for; and such a confrontation may only happen once in his lifetime!”

“So, he won’t allow me to intervene!”

Chu Yang slowly elaborated.

Mo Qingwu nodded, “So that’s the reason.”

“Actually, there are some things you still don’t understand. This war was requested by Tianji and is also something I wanted to see.” Chu Yang said with a smile, “After this battle, if Tianji can emerge victorious, then no one in the world will be a match for Mo Tianji in terms of strategy!”

Mo Qingwu’s eyes widened in surprise, “Is this battle a training ground for my brother?”

“Training?” Chu Yang laughed, “If you put it that way, it’s indeed… quite fitting!”

Mo Qingwu hummed in agreement.

After the four of them left, they went straight to this place, which was close to the Li family and had a tall mountain that was immovable.

Chu Yang, using the sharpness of the Nine Tribulations Sword, dug out a large cave for them to stay in, which took some effort. Inside the cave, there were separate rooms; a zigzagging path was created by Mo Leier forcing Dong Wushang to chop it out with his saber, reflecting Dong Wushang’s rough style.

After two turns, there was another large space, which served as a bedroom for Dong Wushang and Mo Leier.

In the opposite direction, there was another passage where Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu resided.

Now that Dong Wushang and Mo Leier had gone to rest, only Chu Yang and Mo Qingwu remained. Two luminous pearls were embedded in the stone above their heads, filling the stone chamber with a hazy milky-white light.

Mo Qingwu lay in Chu Yang’s arms, very quiet.

After a while, Mo Qingwu suddenly asked, “Chu Yang, you mentioned that you have something to tell me. What is it?”

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “Yes, indeed there is something. It’s about…” He hesitated, ultimately deciding to take advantage of the present moment to clarify things with Mo Qingwu. If Mo Qingwu were to suddenly stop doubting and become certain about something, Chu Yang worried that he would lose her once more.

Moreover, ever since the matter with Tie Butian had been settled, he never intended to keep anything from Mo Qingwu. “It’s about my feelings,” Chu Yang began with difficulty. “There’s another woman who likes me a lot, and…”

Chu Yang steeled his heart and told Mo Qingwu everything.

Mo Qingwu blinked her large eyes, staring at Chu Yang’s face. Besides a hint of jealousy, her expression was surprisingly one of gossip-fueled curiosity, which left Chu Yang feeling both amused and exasperated. She was still so young after all.

“I knew it,” Mo Qingwu finally said after listening to everything, letting out a long sigh. “With how great you are, Chu Yang, how could there not be girls who fall for you?” She sounded a bit resentful. “Now two of them have suddenly appeared…”

Chu Yang coughed awkwardly, feeling a little nervous.

“What about me?” Mo Qingwu raised her face, a mix of anxiety, fear, and unease in her voice. “Chu Yang, are you choosing between us? Will you abandon me if you choose them?”

Chu Yang was taken aback.

He had been honest and straightforward with Mo Qingwu, hoping for leniency. Never did he expect that she would be the one to feel insecure before he even had the chance to worry himself.

And it was insecurity from this angle.

Chu Yang felt a little dizzy.

“Well… Qingwu… How should we handle this?” Chu Yang asked, unsure of how to proceed.

“I don’t care!” The little girl shook her head with an air of authority, declaring, “No matter what, you can’t abandon me!”

Chu Yang was stunned once again.

“Even if you’re with them, you can’t leave me behind!” Mo Qingwu said fiercely, but her voice grew weaker, her eyes reddened, and she began to sob. “Although they came before me…”

Chu Yang finally understood.

Suddenly, he wanted to call himself a fool.

In his previous life, Mo Qingwu had been his one and only, his first and his last. But in this life, she was the one who came later.

At the very least, both Tie Butian and Wu Qianqian had been in his life before Mo Qingwu.

That’s why Mo Qingwu felt insecure.

“How could I ever abandon you…” Chu Yang felt like his words were clumsy. “Even if I were to give up on everyone else, I would still choose you, Qingwu… I’m just worried that you might reject this arrangement, that you might not accept them… especially since Tie Butian is already carrying my child…”

“Why wouldn’t I accept them?” Mo Qingwu pouted, clearly jealous. “They were here before me. I’m just worried they might bully me…”

Chu Yang held her in his arms and sighed, “Qingwu, I don’t know what to say… but in my heart, you’re the first.”

“Really?” Mo Qingwu’s eyes shone brightly as she looked at him, filled with radiance.

“Really!” Chu Yang nodded vigorously, confirming.

“Then I won’t worry!” Mo Qingwu hugged Chu Yang’s neck, suddenly kissed him on the face, rested her head on his shoulder, and spoke in a somewhat shy voice, “Brother Chu Yang…actually, actually…I can have children too…”

Chu Yang shuddered all over.

Suddenly, a surge of wild emotions welled up within him.

Forcing down the thoughts in his heart, he took a deep breath and said, “Qingwu, actually, you don’t know…”

Mo Qingwu gently covered his mouth with her little hand and whispered, “No need to say anything. I’m so content being by your side…” She gave a somewhat melancholic smile and said, “It’s better than in the dream, right? In the dream, I desperately tried to hold onto you, begged you, with no self-respect, no self-identity, only to be discarded by you like an old shoe. Now, I can freely be by your side, and you treasure me like a precious gem…I’m content!”

She spoke quietly, “I’m very content, Chu Yang.”

Chu Yang couldn’t help but feel a little dazed. The one speaking before was undoubtedly the little girl Mo Qingwu, but why did the one speaking now give him a feeling of Mo Qingwu from a previous life?

“Xiao Wu, what if that dream was real?” Chu Yang tentatively asked.

Mo Qingwu’s delicate body noticeably shivered, and she suddenly hugged Chu Yang tightly, “No! I don’t want that dream to be real…I would die like that…I would really die of heartbreak…”

Chu Yang held Mo Qingwu, his eyes wide open as he looked at the ceiling, inhaling the faint fragrance from her body, his gaze somewhat unfocused.

Mo Tianji finally launched a counterattack.

The experts from the Li family were divided into ten teams, like ten sharp arrows, shot out fiercely.

“Better to take the initiative than to sit and wait for death,” Mo Tianji said, “So even though we are relatively weak in strength, we must take the initiative.”

“If we lose even that, we will be completely defeated!”

“Battles have always been fought outside; no one wants to fight in their own home!”

“This time, they have attacked deep into the Li family’s territory. The territory is vast, and the enemy’s strength is great; it’s understandable. However, the Li family’s main residence, this final stronghold, must not become a battlefield!”

“That’s why we’re striking immediately! To their territory!”

Mo Tianji spoke calmly, “No one would expect that with such a weak strength, we would still take the initiative to attack when facing the combined forces of the eight major families. But this kind of misconception is precisely our opportunity!”

“This time, I will accompany the army and direct the battle on the spot. My only requirement for all of you is: absolute obedience! There must not be any hesitation in following each order…otherwise, it’s a matter of our family’s survival! I hope everyone can truly remember that.”

“Set out!”

All the experts from the Li family set out, except for the old ancestor who did not participate in family actions, and the ten or so people Mo Tianji had left behind to guard the house.

This was an incredibly bold gamble!

The Li family was now like an empty city. If the enemy were to cut off their retreat, they would not even be able to return.

No one could have expected that after Mo Tianji had directed the Li family’s army to passively deal with Diwu Qingrou’s dozens of attacks, he would immediately choose to mobilize the entire army and launch an active strike!

Li Xiongtu was arranged to be in the first wave, together with Li Jue and Li Batian.

This time, Ao Xieyun and Rui Butong also set out with the army. Along the way, they asked Mo Tianji why he made such a decision.

“Gambling! Life is actually a gamble… When you find the right opportunity, you put everything on the line. You either win big or lose big!” Mo Tianji explained, “However…during this period, our stance has been defensive, never making any large-scale movements… To completely leave our territory without leaving any backup is a major taboo in the art of war. As a military strategist, I am, oddly enough, choosing to commit this taboo!”

Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens

Ao Shi Jiu Chong Tian, TTNH, 傲世九重天
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2011 Native Language: Chinese
Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!” After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji. With that, his eyes finally closed. However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age! Furthermore, the Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword now resided within his Dantian, the energy center of his body! From that very moment, Chu Yang would then begin to right all of his past regrets, and carve his very own legend by fulfilling his destiny as the final Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and defeating the Heavenly Devils beyond the realm of the Nine Heavens Continent.


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