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The Profligate Madam of the Family Chapter 2232

Chapter 2232 - 2232 no special medicine

2232 no special medicine

“wait outside for a while. xiao xun ‘er, you’ve filmed a doctor drama with me before. do you still remember some things from back then? i need an assistant. can you be my assistant?”

master chong looked at the people in front of him. xiao xun ‘er seemed to be the most suitable.

“i’ll do it.” just as xiao xun ‘er was about to nod in agreement, li jiujue walked up from behind. ” i’ll be your assistant. ”

“alright,” he said. mo nan chong nodded. ” that would be great. ”

gan zhen backed away obediently. he was a child after all. although he was powerful, he was too small and not very suitable to help master chong.

on the contrary, li jiujue was more suitable. master pet and master jiu were more familiar with each other, so the one who could help was master jiu.

however, before they entered the room, mo nan chong still let li jiujue sit down to protect himself. as there was nothing else, they could only use local materials.

after some simple disinfection, the two of them went to deal with the girl.

the rest of the people were outside.

a few of the artistes had also been alerted, so they all came over.

“did you find the girl?” xia tang rushed over and asked.

qin shou, qi heshan, and the others all looked anxious. it seemed like they also wanted to know how the girl was doing.

“i did, but it’s not that girl.” the director said, ” it’s another girl, but she looks very similar to that girl. her physical condition is exactly the same. ”

the director’s expression was complicated.

grandpa pet said that if it was the virus she had guessed, it would have a very strong infectious ability.

if that was the case, did it mean that all of them were in danger?

were there more girls like this?

this made people very uneasy.

the rest of the staff had obviously thought of this as well, so their faces were solemn.

“the exact same situation? how could this be? she’s not xiao xun ‘er’s sister?” willing was shocked,’what’s the situation? did two people have the same illness?”

“i don’t know, but darling said that if it’s the virus she’s guessing it is, it’s very easy to infect others,” the director said.

he was starting to regret agreeing to let the others stay.

for the sake of the show, he really didn’t want his life.

if they weren’t here, they would be very safe. but now, they might not be so safe.

although she was wearing a mask, she still felt that it was not that safe.

when everyone heard the director’s words, they fell silent and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

if mo nan chong was not spouting nonsense and everything was true, they would be in trouble.

however, it was still a live broadcast. although they wanted to escape, they would probably be scolded by the netizens if they ran away in front of the camera. they could only choose to protect themselves as much as possible.

in the room, mo nan chong was dealing with the girl’s problem. with li jiujue’s help, the situation was rather smooth.

the two of them cooperated very well.

not long after, the little girl’s life was basically stabilized, and nothing would happen for the time being.

“it’s done,” mo nanchong heaved a sigh of relief, and li jiujue helped her wipe her sweat.

” how is it? is it the virus you guessed? ”

master jiu asked worriedly. he knew that if master pet was worried, the virus must be quite serious.

if it wasn’t serious, grandpa chong wouldn’t be so worried.

“ninety-nine percent, yes.” mo nan chong frowned and said, ” we’re in big trouble. ”

no one knew how the virus had spread and how many people it had spread to. other than gan zhen’s sister, no one knew how this girl had been infected.

if there were two, there might be a third, and they might infect more people.

back then, the virus was too dangerous, so they didn’t continue to study it. how did it still spread and even let her encounter it?

“what kind of virus is it?”

li jiujue asked as he walked out with mo nan chong.

“we’ll talk outside. we might need to seal off this place.” mo nan chong opened the door as he walked.

she looked at the crowd outside. after they knew that the virus was contagious, they had retreated a lot.

“how is it?” the director was the first to ask, ” is it really the kind of virus that can be contracted? master chong, is that girl alright?”

” his current physical condition is still stable, but he needs to be transferred to a specialized hospital for treatment immediately. ”

mo nanchong looked at everyone. ” it’s the thing that i’m guessing, so i’m not sure if everyone has been infected. ”


xia tang exclaimed, ” we’re all wearing masks and haven’t had much contact with each other. how could we be infected? you should be the first to be infected! ”

“my body is immune to all kinds of poison, so i won’t get infected. 9th master is in a similar situation, so everyone except us is in danger. the virus could infect people from ten meters away. it was very powerful. moreover, after being infected by this virus, there’s a possibility that it will mutate.”

mo nanchong frowned, feeling a little troubled.

not only would it mutate, but it would also fester all over. if it got serious, it would be fatal.

“what do you mean? does that mean we’re very likely to be infected? what’s with the mutation? would it still rot like that? can we still be saved?”

xia tang was afraid.

fear was written all over chu liuyue’s face. ” what should we do then? ”

they were also afraid, but they didn’t show it.

on the other hand, fu qian and nie qian were not so afraid.

nie qian was basically immune to poison. fu qian had seen all kinds of situations and often licked blood on the tip of a knife, so she was used to it and was not afraid of any danger.

“we’ll have to wait for three days to see if there’s an infection.” mo nan chong replied, ” there were no symptoms for the first three days. once you’re infected, red spots will appear on your body.”

everyone started panicking.

“is it easy to treat?” xia tang asked.

“it’s not that easy to cure.” mo nan chong fell into silence. ” there shouldn’t be any special medicine. if we want to cure her, we have to develop a special medicine. ”

“so you’re saying that there’s no cure for now? does that mean that the situation is still very serious? once it’s infected, it will be very troublesome?”

xia tang’s face turned a little green. ” you’re not kidding us, are you? it can’t be that serious, right?”

“i’m not joking, i’m serious.” mo nan chong said, ” we should have to contact the relevant authorities in Z country. otherwise, it will be very troublesome if it gets serious. ”

“because this virus will spread?” xia tang was stunned for a moment.

” this isn’t considered serious. it’s just that everyone who is infected will mutate. ” mo nan chong said, ” once a person mutated, they would become different. they would become crazy and extremely dangerous. if it’s this virus, we should be able to develop a special medicine with some time. it’s not serious.”


The Profligate Madam of the Family

The Profligate Madam of the Family

Status: Ongoing Author: ,

Leng Rongrong is the eldest daughter of the Leng Family, yet she is abandoned to the countryside when she's little. As she reaches a certain age, her father and his stepmother trick her into returingn home just to marry her to Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family who is supposed to be crippled, poor and ugly.

When Leng Rongrong marries Mo Linyuan, she finds that Mo Linyuan is actually a very handsome man seated in a wheelchair. So she decides to take good care of him by becoming an actress to support the family. However, Mo Linyuan is simply pretending to be crippled for the moment, because he is investigating some peculiar affairs happening to his family. Yet as he spends time with Leng Rongrong, he finds her quite interesting and fun, and gradually develops feelings towards her.

In the meanwhile, Leng Rongrong also defends herself against other undesirable trouble that keeps coming towards her whilst trying to find out the past of her supposedly deceased mother.


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