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The Girl Who Restarted Time Chapter 243

Chapter 243 (END) - The Girl Who Restarted Time (The Finale)

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Jin Xiangdong sensed a wrenching pain in his heart to see Lu Jia’er fighting off the security guards on her own. He was worried that she could be hurt. Yet, at the moment, the priority for him was to unlock the door. Otherwise, when they were captured, the consequences would be too serious to think about.

Jin Xiangdong was tapping so fast that his fingers were leaving afterimages. His expression was stern. He was a man of his words indeed. In less than a minute, he had found a loophole in the system and breached it.

The door that had an extremely high level of security clearance was cracked by Jin Xiangdong. When the door opened, the strong wind blew through his hair and he heard the sound of the helicopter’s engine.

Jin Xiangdong ran over and protected Lu Jia’er from a security guards by kicking him. “Jia’er, let’s go!”

“Okay!” said Lu Jia’er who was busy fighting.

The two of them spent a dozen seconds shaking off the security guards. Next, Jin Xiangdong grabbed Lu Jia’er’s hand and ran to the door.

The rescue helicopter was alerted, just as they thought and it was about to take off.

The two of them were over 10 meters away from the helicopter. It seemed impossible that they could make it in time, not to mention a crowd of security guards were swarming over.

While anxious, Lu Jia’er had to think about a solution. Soon, she shouted to Jin Xiangdong next to her, “Do you want to create a scene like in the movies?”

Jin Xiangdong, who was running fast, turned towards her, “What are you saying?”

Lu Jia’er’s answer was simple. “Watch me!”

Jin Xiangdong realized what was going to happen. He watched as Lu Jia’er dashed over. She jumped up and grabbed the railing below the boarding gate of the helicopter. Her leaping ability was outstanding. Then, at the speed of lightning, she climbed up and reached the cabin door.

All this happened in less than 15 seconds. It was really at the speed of lightning. Not long afterward, the helicopter descended for a few meters.

When Jin Xiangdong arrived, the helicopter was still hovering there. So, he climbed up quickly.

The security guards raised their guns at them and were about to shoot when Jin Xianglan stopped them. She had made it here on time.

Lu Jia’er stood by the cabin door sideways. She pointed to the pilot with a gun with one hand and pulled Jin Xiangdong up with another. She dragged him into the cabin right after.

The wind was heavy. Their hair was messy and the corners of their white coats were flapping in the wind. Standing on the landing pad, Jin Xianglan watched as the helicopter climbed up, higher and higher, further and further away, until she no longer had a visual…

After a long time, Jin Xianglan looked away. She returned to the research center and headed to the conference room at the central administrative unit directly.

After passing the recognition for her authority, she stepped to the conference room of the highest authority within the research center.

The rectangular-spaced desk was crowded with participants. Jin Shengping, who must have woken up some time ago, was sitting next to the podium. On his right was Colin, that “dead” Jason, and Professor Chen Ming.

Jin Xianglan stepped over and reported to the ones currently present. “The fourth phase of the Turing Test of Project C0001A is a complete success!”

The hall was filled with passionate applause. Jin Shengping wore a smile of satisfaction. He turned to the left slowly and looked at the man sitting there—Ian.

“Congratulations!” Jin Shengping said to Ian.

Ian was smiling as well. “Same to you!”

Jin Shengping then said to Jason, “Jason, your fake death was very real. Thank you for your efforts!”

The vice chief engineer, the standing spokesman of external affairs for BUA technology, Jason, smiled. “I was only doing my job.”

“Thank you, Professor Chen Ming! Thank you, Colin! Thank you all!” Jin Shengping complimented everyone happily.

Everyone returned with a smile. Then, Jin Shengping stood up slowly. “I hereby declare that the fifth phase of the Turing Test for Project C0001A has officially launched!”

After he finished his words, people began to applaud again.

With a bang, the cork of the champagne was unplugged. People began to celebrate with wine and the entire conference room for the central administrative unit was filled with joy.

Ian took his glass and stepped to the window. He looked at the blue sky through the window with a deep expression in his eyes. He recalled all that he had experienced with Lu Jia’er over this time like a movie playing through his mind.

Jin Shengping walked over to him and patted him on his shoulders gently. “Ian, what are you thinking about?”

Ian turned towards Jin Shengping. His sexy lips were raised. “The girl who restarted time,” he said gently.

Jin Shengping laughed. “A novel written by whom? Su Han?”

Ian turned his looks away from Jin Shengping. “No, it is not. It is my summary of the fourth phase of the Turing Test of Project C0001A. But it can be an inspiration for Su Han’s future novels.”

“The girl who restarted time! That is a very accurate summary.” Jin Shengping commented. “Also, I am looking forward to the fifth phase of the Turing Test of Project C0001A!”

Ian smiled. “Yes, I am looking forward to that as well!” with that said, Ian clinked his glasses with Jin Shengping’s. Ian took a sip. The two of them did the same thing of turning around and gazed through the window.

C0001A Lu Jia’er went through the Turing Test. She had been under a full system upgrade and grown into a comprehensive advanced AI from an AI with a specialism only in the field of psychology. With experience in love, her consciousness began to awake. From here on out, what kind of surprises would she bring about?


White clouds dotted the blue sky. A medical helicopter flew through the sky.

Jin Xiangdong was on the pilot’s seat and Lu Jia’er the copilot’s seat. On the back was the knocked-out pilot.

Jin Xiangdong and Lu Jia’er were not talking. Their expressions were solemn. What happened 10 minutes ago was like a movie where the heroes barely escaped with their lives.

It was thrilling and dangerous. Their hearts were still racing from the fear and at the same time, cramped with confusion.

At the moment, Jin Xiangdong took a look back at the things that had happened. Based on his experience working in the field of AI development, he had the feeling that his encounter with Lu Jia’er was like a beautiful trap, a Turing Test engineered for Lu Jia’er.

In the meantime, Lu Jia’er was thinking about something as well, her conversation with Jin Shengping when they were going to visit Jin Xiangdong in the lab.

She asked Jin Shengping if her encounter with Jin Xiangdong was planned.

Jin Shengping kept quiet for a few seconds before he answered. Destiny. He said one word.

As they calmed down and combed through the events to review them, it was not difficult for them to detect some inconsistencies, for instance, about Ian, Colin, Jason, Jin Shengping, Jin Xianglan, and the most recent detail, the landing pad for the research center’s helicopter. Why wasn’t that place guarded by a huge crowd of security guards when the alarm went off at such a critical location?

At the underground base of the research center, they realized that they had stepped into a trap. But were they truly free from the trap by escaping from the base?

Jin Xiangdong turned to Lu Jia’er who happened to be gazing at him as well. Their eyes locked.

Jin Xiangdong reached out and grabbed her hand. “Jia’er, I love you!” He declared his affection in a low voice.

Lu Jia’er smiled to hear those words. “I love you, too!”

Hardly had the voice of hers faded away when the helicopter suddenly titled. Jin Xiangdong pulled up the right rudder and withdrew his hand from the operating rod.

Because of the sudden title of the helicopter, Lu Jia’er had to grab the safety pole tightly.

This abrupt scare in the air made both of them chuckle once they were out of immediate danger. The same idea was on both of their minds: whether this was a test or a trap, at least in this moment, they were together.

The Girl Who Restarted Time

The Girl Who Restarted Time

谁在时光里倾听你, 重启时光的女孩
Score 8.7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese
This is a therapeutic romance novel that mixes psychology and science fiction. Lu Jia’er is a professor in psychology who is able to read the minds of anyone in the world. One day, she meets a special man, a legendary genius in the IT world rumored to be ugly—Jin Xiangdong. In fact, he’s not ugly, and it’s love at first sight for Lu Jia’er. This is compounded by the fact that she can’t read his mind. To figure out what’s so “special” about him, Lu Jia’er accepts his invitation to join an artificial intelligence research team. In her spare time, she would pursue him. She: “Can I chase after you?” He considers for a few seconds. “It wouldn’t be easy!” She: “That’s what I call a challenge!” He gives her a friendly reminder. “Time is precious. Don’t waste it.” Turns out that he was right. Not only is he difficult to chase, but he is also mysterious. When the secrets slowly unravel, what kind of ending could it be?


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