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Sword Among Us Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 (END) - Created for Love, Dying for Life

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One month went by in the blink of an eye.

Ever since the shocking battle outside Persia’s Shiva Town, Evil Emperor quit World of Martial Arts. The Wild Wolves became the targets of all the forces of power in every country in the world, and they were slowly rooted out of those countries.

The Imperial Army was sent out to every corner of the world.

Now, Wild Wolves had already disappeared from many of the countries in the world. They were now restricted to a few small countries in the New World, and they were no longer as strong as they were.

It could be said that Happy used only slightly more than half a year to end the Wild Wolf Era that had lasted for several years under Evil Emperor’s lead!

It was also because of Happy’s appearance that the World of Martial Arts started progressing faster, and the game turned into a heated world where everyone fought against each other again.

But Happy slowly removed himself from the sights of the people as the game became lively.

No one knew the reason.

But ever since half a month ago, after Evil Emperor brought the Wild Wolves out of Persia pathetically, Happy no longer stood in the limelight.

Even though Lovely Land became stronger swiftly, had more than three million members, formed friendly alliances with many of the sects in many countries, and gradually developed a huge empire of martial artists, Happy just became even more mysterious before the people’s eyes.

Many people were still repeatedly experiencing the battle replay ranked at the top of the pay-to-view channel in the game. They experienced the masterful battle so that they could figure out just how strong Happy was.

After all, many people still did not know how Evil Emperor had instantly lost in that battle.

Many people could not figure it out, but it was fact that Evil Emperor had admitted defeat!

Many people also started paying attention to a few other people’s rise to power.

Xu Yao rose to power during that fight as the successor of Zither Sect.

Howling Moon was directly promoted as the fourth vice sect master of Lovely Land after the battle.

Silver Wolf had faced Class One Hall’s Battle Formation of Yellow River at the Chinese plains, which they had formed using a lot of members. Wind Assault Tower helped fight against it with a high-grade battle formation, while Silver Wolf led Knife, Thunder, and Bar to slaughter their way through the Battle Formation of Yellow River with Four Matchless Sword Formation. They killed nearly ten thousand enemies, and Silver Wolf earned the title of the Silver Masked Ten Thousand Man Slayer.

After the battle at Shiva Town, Chivalry Alliance and Wind Assault Tower finally rose completely to power.

Chivalry Alliance had originally almost sunk to the levels of a normal first-class sect in the Chinese plains, but after the battle at Shiva Town, they could now stand proud of themselves. They obtained a rather large city of resources that was close to the Chinese plains, along with resources from dozens of other cities, and they managed to get out of poverty because of it in one go.

Phantasmal Shadow had performed well during the battle at the Chinese plains. Wind Assault Tower’s battle formations also helped a lot during the battle. During that battle, they established their positions as the second strongest sect in the Chinese plains and occupied the south of the Chinese plains.

Unfortunately for Class One Hall, they had staked all their chips on Evil Emperor and the Wild Wolves, but once Evil Emperor lost and retreated and the Wild Wolves turned into everyone’s targets, Class One Hall completely lost their pillar, and Dream Clouds, Blood Robes, as well as Barren Murderer became dejected.

Class One Hall only existed in name now!

At Yin Weed Faction’s former nest, ever since Empress Yin became One with the World, Yin Weed Faction also became stronger. A beautiful palace was built nearby and surrounded the area, and it was known as Weed Palace in the Chinese plains!

Weed Palace occupied a large space. The status and tiles were made of jade. It looked like a real palace, and the Yin Weed Faction members had also become stronger. All of them entered Myth Realm.

Since there were now Myth Realm elites spread all over Weed Palace, if anyone were careless, they would die.

For a period of time, Weed Palace turned into a forbidden ground that gained respect from all Chinese players, but they also longed to go to that place.

This day, Yin Weed Faction’s disciple Su Qinyan went to patrol the mountains with two of her junior sisters.

Suddenly, a barely noticeable sound of robes fluttering rose by their ears.

“Someone’s there!”

“Who is it!”

The three of them shouted at the same time. They moved and vanished from the spot.

A month ago, this place had already turned into a forbidden ground for Yin Weed Faction. Yin Weed Faction’s signs were set up all over the place as a warning for the people, and all the people who invaded the place would be treated as being hostile to Yin Weed Faction, and the Yin Weed Faction disciples had the right to kill them without mercy.

However, before the three women could travel 32 feet, a white afterimage shot over their heads. He showed no sign of slowing down and jumped over them.

The three women flew into a rage.

“How dare you?!”

“How preposterous!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The three women struck their sheaths at the same time. Longswords shining with bright light shot out like lightning, and with lithe movements, they pounced on the man in white.

But unexpectedly, the three people’s attacks sank like stones thrown into an ocean. They just landed on the person’s afterimage. Not only did they not cause any damage to the person, they did not even manage to touch his sleeves.


The person did not intend to stop. He charged through the air, and soon, he vanished from the three women’s sights.

The three women missed their target and stood dumbly on the spot for two full seconds before they registered what had happened. With shock on their faces, they stared at the direction where the man in white had vanished, and they looked at each other at a loss.

“What a powerful show of the Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon technique…”

“It’s no wonder why the disciples checking the perimeters gave no warning to us!”

“He’s too terrifying! This won’t do! We have to send a letter to the faction master to warn her! A powerful enemy has invaded our place!”

As the three women discussed with each other, they brought out a tame and white messenger pigeon…

At that moment, a charming and coquettish voice came out suddenly from the forest. “There’s no need for that.”

The three women were shocked.

They curtsied simultaneously and put on incredibly respectful expressions.

“Greetings, Young Faction Master!”

“We didn’t manage to stop this powerful enemy. Please punish us, Young Faction Master.” The three women were terrified.

The young faction master of Yin Weed Faction was naturally Wan Wan.

Her plain dress was semi-transparent. The successor of Sky Demon Sect charged out of the forest, and her voice gradually traveled into the distance. “There’s no need for you to blame yourselves. If the person who came over is him, even if our faction master attacks, she might not be able to stop him. Continue patrolling the area.”

The three women quickly exchanged shocked expressions. They answered to her orders, straightened their bodies, and suppressed their urge to chase after her as they controlled patrolling the area.

Wan Wan moved through the forest with her beautiful and charming body. Very soon, she stopped at the foot of the last mountain of Yin Weed Faction’s Weed Palace.

As she stared at the top of the mountain that was surrounded by clouds, Wan Wan looked around before she frowned slightly. “I knew it, you didn’t come here to meet my mistress. You’re here for Evil King.”

The trees in the area swayed, but no one answered her.

Wan Wan said nothing else. She turned around and left without turning around.

The hillside of Yin Weed Faction’s Weed Mountain was surrounded by clouds, and there was a small pavilion hidden in it.

Two cups of newly brewed tea released white steam in the pavilion, releasing a refreshing steam that seeped into people’s hearts.

Two men in white with extraordinary presences sat facing each other in the pavilion as they stared at the red sun beyond the fog and clouds.

“As expected of someone who has entered the dao of heaven. Evil King, you have refined interests. This place is like paradise, and you’re immersed here while remaining aloof to the world. I’m truly envious.”

The young man in white stared at the handsome and calm face. There was an otherworldly sense of indifference on that face, and he looked as if he had seen through the essence of all things.

As the young man spoke, he looked around him.

Everything around him was quiet. There was only a young boy in black meditating not far in the distance.

“Sect Master Happy, you jest.”

The middle-aged man chuckled and pulled back his sleeve so that he could pick up a snack from the plate on the stone table. He tossed it into his mouth slowly. “The fights in the world of martial artists will never end. Even those who have already reached the dao of heaven can’t break free of it. I’m only able to break free of it so soon because of the trip to the desert palace. It allowed me to understand just what is most important.”


A strange light shone in Happy’s eyes. “The trip to the desert palace seems to have made your temperament much calmer. That is a matter worth celebrating.”

“Sect Master Happy, you’re frowning. You seem to be bothered by something.” Evil King cast Happy a look, and there was an underlying meaning in his words.

“I do have something bothering me.” Happy nodded.

“Since you’re here, if you don’t mind, you can talk to me about it.” Evil King never once stopped moving. He moved without restraint, as if he was facing an old friend. He was not at all like the temperamental Evil King who killed at a whim. At that moment, there was a unique air about him.

Happy sighed softly. “I came to Weed Palace this time because I wanted to use something that Evil King possesses. I just didn’t think… that Evil King would already be dead.”

“Sect Master Happy, you do indeed have a sharp eye.” When he heard this, Evil King not only did not fly off into a rage, he even looked at Happy with a sparkle in his eyes. “Evil King is already dead, and the person in front of you is just a normal man. He enjoys his time in his garden in paradise. I am Shi Zhixuan, but I am no longer Evil King Shi Zhixuan.”

If someone else were in Happy’s place, they might think that Evil King was suffering from multiple personality disorder, but Happy could clearly sense that the evil presence from Evil King was completely gone from him. The man in front of him gave off a magnanimous, natural, and unique presence. It was very easy for others to feel fond of him.

“Senio Shi, you have already obtained the essence of the dao of heaven. I am impressed.”

“You still haven’t mentioned what you want from me,” Shi Zhixuan said.

“I want to borrow something from Evil King. It has nothing to do with Shi Zhixuan.” Happy remained silent for a few seconds before he enunciated his words clearly.

Shi Zhixuan smiled and did not delve into the topic any further.

Both of them drank tea for a while.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Happy suddenly spoke up to break the elegant silence between them. “Senior Shi, you once had two people’s will in your body.”


“Now, Evil King is dead. Only Shi Zhixuan remains, but that is a blessing to all lives and the world of martial artists.”


“I’d like to know why Evil King died.”

When he heard Happy’s strange question, Evil King was slightly stunned. Then, he put on a stern expression before he said slowly, “He was born from love, and he died for life.”

“He was born from love, and he died for life?” Happy carefully pondered over the phrase Evil King spoke, and he mulled it over in his head.

A sparkle slowly appeared in his eyes.

‘He was born from love, and he died for life.

‘What he’s talking about is his experience as Evil King.

‘Due to his love, he had an evil conscience born in him, and his personality split into two.

‘And to live, his evil conscience died!’

But these words struck Happy hard, and he resonated with them. He got up slowly and said very seriously, “Thank you for your teachings.”

Then, he got up and walked out of the pavilion.

In truth, Happy had been waiting for his other self to appear over this period of time, but even now, Chen Kaixin never woke up.

This time, he intended to get the third stone plate from Evil King, but to his surprise, the change in Evil King caused him to cast aside his plan.

But that did not mean that he came out of this without any reward.

‘He was born from love, and he died for life…’

It caused Happy’s soul to be cleared. He suddenly felt relaxed, as if he had all his baggage released.d

Instead of being bothered by this predicament, it would be better for him to think with a new mindset and head down a new direction!

“From now on, I am Happy!

“There will only be Happy in the world. There will no longer be Chen Kaixin.”

A resolute and relaxed look flashed on Happy’s face. He slowly arrived beside the boy in black and stopped for a moment.

“If you have the time to put on a disguise to meditate here, it would be better for you to look for a place to practice the martial art Senior Shi taught you… Evil Emperor.”

When the final two words entered the boy in black’s ears, the boy shuddered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

But at the moment he opened his eyes, there was no longer anyone in front of him!

In the distance, Evil King’s act of enjoying his tea while the warm sunlight shone through the clouds surrounding them was burned into Evil Emperor’s eyes…

End of Sword Among Us.

Sword Among Us

Sword Among Us

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When he returned to the World of Martial Arts, the game was filled with blood and battles! Chen Kaixin had chased after the footsteps of the one emperor, two empresses, three princes, seven dukes, and thirteen aces for three years, but during the eve of the Sword Among Us tournament in Mount Hua, he was ambushed by evil bastards, and was killed so much that his level dropped to that of a newbie. He completely lost the chance to join the ranks of the powerful players in the game! In great disappointment, Kaixin quit the game and got drunk so that he could forget his sadness, but during that stormy night, Chen Kaixin found that he had actually dreamed for a total of three years, because when he woke up again, he woke up to three years ago, when he was still a student.


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