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The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes

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凰权, 天盛长歌
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Synopsis The Rise of Phoenixes

Dynasties rise and dynasties fall, like the tide washing the sand.

On one side, he suffers from intrigue and hides his great ambition; on the other, the mysterious girl hides her anger behind her gentle smile.

Who toppled the country, establishing their dynasty?

Who built the Yellow Springs and set it over Imperial Power, inciting strife and conquering the earth?

Who exchanged gazes at the Nine Palaces to the sound of halberd and blood, watching the falling flowers of Acacia?

Who drank the poisoned wine and smiled, trading it for a cinnabar dot to the chest?

Tribulation and strife has destroyed past prosperity; he would not retreat, and she has not finished singing.

…. Is she disturbing the earth world, or is the world disturbing her?

This is a seemingly simple story about an era of recovering the old country and the fight for the throne, and the men and women on both sides.

To conquer or resist;
To push away or fight for chance.
To provoke or to still;
To love, or to refuse love.

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