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Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar! Chapter 503

Chapter 505(End)

Chapter 505: Famous in the Nine Provinces, The Name of the Saint Ancestor!

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On the third day, when he saw the crowd on the spectator platform yesterday, he felt that there were many more cultivators. However, looking at it today, the cultivators who came yesterday were actually not considered humans.

Lin Xuan stood on the testing platform and looked around. Then, he could not help but sigh, “Everyone from Linjin City is here, right? Even the sky is filled with people. Will there be a stampede?”

“This year’s Golden Banquet is a grand event. Today is the last day. Most of these people will probably come to see your might, Lin family’s Saint Child!”

Lin Xuan pointed at himself and asked in surprise, “Me?”

The cultivator opposite was the other winner from yesterday. Today was the final match. Before the official start, the two of them chatted with interest.


“Of course. After the Golden Banquet, there’s no one in this world who doesn’t know you!”

Lin Xuan laughed, “That’s too much. I still know my limits. I’m not as powerful as you say.”

“There’s really no need to be so humble. Please guide me today!”

Lin Xuan returned the greeting, “Same, let’s spar!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding air seemed to have suddenly fallen silent, and the surrounding spiritual qi seemed to have instantly frozen. Lin Xuan raised his eyes to look at the other party, and he seemed to understand a little at this moment.

It seemed that he was good at the spirit barrier!

Lin Xuan was the worst at the spirit barrier. Although he had broken through it with brute force in the past, he had always used violence. If he encountered a cultivator who was proficient in this power, he would be helpless.

Looking at the surrounding spirit barrier that had already formed, it seemed to have taken advantage of the time they were talking just now to attack.

At this moment, Lin Xuan suddenly smiled in understanding, “Looks like you were prepared!”

The cultivator opposite him nodded very reservedly, “In the past few days, Saint Child Lin’s reputation has spread throughout Linjin City. I’m just being cautious. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, right?”

Lin Xuan nodded, “Yes, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.”

A purple divine lightning suddenly flashed in his right hand. An overwhelming power headed towards the surrounding spirit barrier, with a scene of destruction.

However, when the Purple Heaven Divine Lightning collided with the spirit barrier, for some reason, the power of the divine lightning suddenly melted in the spirit barrier. The power that it originally

“It’s useless.” Seeing that Lin Xuan was about to wave the lightning, the cultivator opposite him said, “This spirit barrier is used to deal with your Purple Heaven Divine Lightning. When the divine lightning hits the spirit barrier, it will be absorbed by the spirit barrier and transformed into its own energy.”

“Even if you strike a hundred divine lightning bolts, it will only strengthen my spirit barrier in vain.”

Lin Xuan did not believe it and struck several more divine lightning with his bare hands. For a time, purple lightning roared on the Golden Platform, and even the people inside could not see clearly.

However, the spirit barrier was not broken at all. There was no flaw at all. Lin Xuan looked at the spirit barrier that flowed more and more smoothly and indeed believed those words.

“Heh—! Don’t tell me you think I only know one Purple Heaven Divine Lightning? Since I can have my current cultivation and only have one Purple Heaven Divine Lightning, do you think it’s possible?”

The cultivator opposite him was still very calm, as if he was deaf to Lin Xuan’s words.

Lin Xuan continued, “Moreover, so what if you resolved my Purple Heaven Divine Lightning? This spirit barrier is only blocking my attack. Do you want to waste time with me and compete in patience?”

“Watch and see if my spirit barrier is useful.”

As soon as the cultivator opposite him finished speaking, terrifying thunder sounded in the spirit barrier.

The clouds and rain in the spirit barrier seemed to form a world of their own.

This was…

Ordinary cultivators would be reduced to ashes by such a divine lightning.

“I think that since it’s your own move, you should have a way to deal with it!”Continue read new chapter at B o n n o v e l.com

Before Lin Xuan could think too much, he immediately used a move, “Fire Burning Plains—Fire Extreme Technique!”

The flames immediately lit up the surroundings, and the spirit barrier was instantly broken.

“Impossible!” The calm expression of the cultivator opposite him finally broke, and a splitting expression appeared on his face.

“Devour power!”


The black fog Taotie instantly appeared in front of Lin Xuan. It opened its mouth and instantly swallowed the extremely fast Purple Heaven Divine Lightning.

The Golden Platform regained its calm in an instant.

This change only happened in a breath. Some cultivators with low cultivation levels did not even react to what had just happened.

The person opposite him had an abnormal expression for a moment. He put away the disbelief on his face and returned to his usual calm.

He flicked his long sleeve and bowed respectfully to Lin Xuan.

“I lost!”

Lin Xuan was puzzled. Didn’t they just start fighting? He admitted defeat just like that?

The surrounding people watched as the young man walked down the platform alone. Then, the Lin family cultivators cheered.

Immediately after, the surrounding cultivators cheered for Lin Xuan.

After a while, everyone looked at the young people on the platform who had yet to react and sighed. They wondered what good deeds the Lin family had done in their previous life to obtain such a precious boy.

Many young cultivators were conquered by Lin Xuan. After watching a few battles, they completely became his fans. At this moment, when they saw Lin Xuan obtain victory, they all shouted at the top of their lungs.

It even covered the voices of the Lin family cultivators.

When Lin Xuan heard the cheers, he felt victorious.

Then, the surrounding platforms suddenly descended, and the platform he was standing on rose.

Elegant music instantly sounded. The surrounding golden light was brilliant, making one’s blood boil.

The head of the Shangheng family was dressed in luxurious clothes and walked up solemnly step by step. He held something in his hand. It was resplendent and did not seem to be from the mortal world.

He stood in front of Lin Xuan and said, “Congratulations to Saint Child Lin for winning the championship.”

As the Shangheng family head spoke, he held Lin Xuan’s hand and raised it high, “I announce that the next Golden Banquet will be held in the Northern Azure Continent by the Lin family.”

When the Lin family members below the stage heard this, they jumped up like crazy. Even the young disciples picked up the ancestor and the Great Abyss Master beside them in a daze, so excited that they did not know what to do.

Lin Xuan received the golden lamp in the hand of the Shangheng family’s head. Under the gaze of the cultivators, he rushed to the testing platform and rushed to the center of the Lin family, cheering at the top of his lungs.

At this moment, everyone was already surrounded by huge joy. The Lin family had always been confident in Lin Xuan, but at this moment, obtaining the golden lamp seemed to be a huge surprise. They could not calm down at this moment.

At this point, the Lin family was finally going to be famous in the Nine Provinces.

At this moment, the spirit ship was quickly traveling through the churning sea of clouds. Below them was the clear blue sea, and in the distance was the bustling Northern Azure Continent.

Lin Xuan stood on the deck and looked into the distance without focus.

When he told the Lin family about the next Golden Banquet, they would definitely laugh crazily. The entire Lin family would definitely be noisy, and the entire Northern Azure Continent would be shocked by this news.

As for the Bai family of the Ascension Immortal Dynasty, they were definitely grasshoppers under the Lin family. They could not cause any trouble!

A white light scattered down behind Lin Xuan. He was in the light like a god.

Those Lin family disciples looked at their Saint Child with admiration, “Does the Saint Child look like an immortal who has descended from the sky?”

“What do you mean by similar? Our Saint Child is a True Immortal. He’s been a legend since he was born. In the future, the entire Profound Sky Land will have the legend of our Saint Child.”

A thousand years later, ten thousand years later, just as these two little brothers had said, the entire Profound Sky Land was filled with legends about the Lin family’s Saint, Lin Xuan.

It was rumored that Immortal Emperor Lin Xuan was extraordinary since he was born. Ten thousand years passed quickly, and only the name of the Saint Ancestor Immortal Emperor was left in the long river of time.

Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

圣婴坠地; 一声啼哭开天门!
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
Reincarnated as a baby who was in his mother's womb for a hundred years, the moment Lin Xuan was born, the whole world was shocked. When he took his first breath, he gathered all the purple qi from 30,000 miles east. He was dubbed the Saint Child by others. When he let out his first cry, it helped all of the cultivators around him break through their limits. When he first opened his eyes, his parents mastered the Divine Eyes technique. When he first moved his fingers, he tore open a crack in space. It was the Devastating Finger. When he took his first step, cracks formed on the crust of the earth. It was the Chaotic Eight Steps. When he first spoke, first ate, and first showered… His Ancestor praised, “He’s the pride of our family.” The Holy Maiden argued, “He’s mine!” The Empress announced, “I’m willing to wait until he’s an adult!” Buddda’s apprentice cursed, “Why am I meditating here? I can break through just by being close to him!” By the time the baby grew into a child, he was already invincible.


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