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My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator Chapter 167

Chapter 167 - The Genius Second Young Master Who Amazed and Awed Countless Martial Artists

Lu Zijia, who suddenly disappeared, showed up in the mountain behind Zhao Village a few seconds later.

Everywhere was dark. The sounds of some small animals came from time to time in the silent night, which made people feel tense.

As she got closer to the few energies she sensed, Lu Zijia’s steps became steadier and lighter. She didn’t make any sound when taking each step.

Even though she was indeed a cultivator, she was still at the first level of Qi practicing right now.

If she encountered someone who was an advanced Ancient Martial Artist, it was very likely that she wouldn’t be able to deal with the person.

However, with her different kinds of tactics, it should definitely not be a problem for her to escape.

When Lu Zijia saw the people in the area far away, she didn’t continue to get closer.

Instead, she jumped onto a big tree and hid her body as she let out her deity-sense to listen to the conversation among the few people in the distance.

However, when she heard a familiar voice, her eyes couldn’t help but glitter slightly.

Apparently, she had never thought that she would run into that man here.

There were six people in that area.

Four of them were facing the other two.

“Mu Tianyan, you’re already a useless person. There’s no use for you to keep the Sacred Dragon Sword. It’s better for you to give the Sacred Dragon Sword to us so it can play its role.”

“Mu Tianyan, we’re members of the Mu family anyway. You won’t suffer any losses if you hand over the Sacred Dragon Sword to us.

“After all, having it in the hands of the members of the Mu family is better than letting it fall into the hands of the outsiders.”

“Right, if it weren’t for the sake of the Mu family, we wouldn’t have been so polite to you!”

Mu Yunhao only felt disgusted and furious in his mind when he looked at the hypocritical and despicable faces of the four people in front of him.

How would these people dare to say these words in front of the Second Master if it were three years ago? They would probably have run away in fear when they saw the Second Master.

Indeed, hares might pull dead lions by the beard!

However, he believed deeply that the Second Master would surely stand up again one day, becoming that genius Second Master who amazed and awed countless Martial Artists!

“You want the Sacred Dragon Sword? You don’t deserve it!” Mu Yunhao stood next to Mu Tianyan and said coldly.

“Mu Yunhao, you’re just a dog brought back to the Mu family. It’s not your place to talk to us!” Mu Mingze, who kind of had the manners of a leader among the three men and the woman, stepped out with hostility all over his face and said in disdain.

He had a disgusted, disdainful look, as if Mu Yunhao was a piece of wasteful trash.

The expressions of the other two men were similar to that of the man. The only woman among the four people didn’t show obvious disgust like the three men did.

And yet, there was a glint of disdain flashing faintly in her eyes.

Apparently, she also agreed with what Mu Mingze said very much.

“Then, you’re truly inferior to dogs.”

Before Mu Yunhao said anything, Mu Tianyan in the wheelchair spoke indifferently first.

He spoke slowly as if he wasn’t angry because of the four people in front of him at all.

However, people who knew him could hear from his cold, emotionless voice that he was enraged.

And it wasn’t ordinary anger.

“It’s only been three years and you’ve forgotten who stepped on you back then?”

Mu Tianyan fiddled with a pebble in his hand as he glanced over the four people in front of him one by one indifferently with a cold gaze.

Hearing what Mu Tianyan said, the four people in front of him immediately flushed with their eyes full of hatred.

Apparently, they were seriously angered by Mu Tianyan.

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
She is a cultivator from another world. She is proficient in refining artifacts, improving elixirs, talisman arrays, medical skills, and even fortune-telling. Due to several unexpected tribulations, her reputation was tarnished and she became the second daughter of the Lu family who harbored ill intentions toward her future brother-in-law. What? She had just been reborn, and she was going to marry a ferocious man who was known as the living Lord of Hell and the second young master of the Mu family whose legs were disabled?! Fine! Since that man was so magnificent and fit her taste, she would marry him anyway! But what happened to his legs being inconvenient? Who was the man who would pounce on her from time to time at night and pamper her until she felt sore all over?! Who was the one that first spread the rumors? Would they dare to come forward? They would most likely be crippled if they did not kill him! [In the modern world, the male and the female are both strong. From evil torturing to extensive face slapping, this story is filled with endless thrills. There are mythical dimensions, cute babies and even (not scary) supernatural occurrences. Both leads are immaculate and pure while the male lead is addicted to doting on his wife!


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