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My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator Chapter 133

Chapter 133 - Study Hard, Improve Every Day

Chapter 133: Study Hard, Improve Every Day

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It wasn’t that Luo Ziyun had never thought about asking her cousin’s family to pick her up, but her cousin fell out with her family and her family no longer blamed her anymore.

As the older cousin, she couldn’t kick her cousin out, so she could only let her stay.

So, there were a total of four people living in the building behind the store right now.

However, Lu Zijia had never been to that building at the back since the beginning. How would she know that there was another person at their home?

If it couldn’t be explained by common sense, it could only be…

Tang Mufeng and Luo Ziyun looked at each other silently and they both had the same thought.

“Looks like this auntie of Yuanyuan’s classmate is truly a bit capable,” Tang Mufeng exclaimed.

“Right!” Luo Ziyun nodded in agreement.


In the car.

“Bad woman, what are you going to do with these emeralds?”

Mu Ruishu sat next to Lu Zijia and couldn’t help asking when he saw her fiddle with the emeralds without putting them down.

This bad woman bought all the emeralds. He couldn’t buy any of them at all. Really!

“Kid, you just need to study hard and improve yourself every day. Why do you have to ask so much?” Lu Zijia finally put away the emeralds after playing enough and answered Mu Ruishu’s question lazily.

“My teacher said I should ask when I don’t understand something. I’m studying hard and improving every day right now.”

Mu Ruishu raised his little chin, looking arrogant.

“Hey, you are a little boy who has learnt to bake a cake while reading a book. You’re indeed a little fox taught by Mu Tianyan.”

Lu Zijia squeezed his chubby cheeks and said reluctantly, “Alright, since you’re studying hard and improving every day, I’ll tell you about it.”

Mu Tianyan, who was originally furious, immediately became happy, and his little tail curled up after hearing that she surprisingly compromised.


However, before his tail stood straight up, he heard Lu Zijia speak again, “But you’re just a kid. Even if I tell you about it, you won’t understand.

“So, I’ll not talk about it.”

Mu Ruishu’s face flushed out of anger because of her sudden twist and he gritted his teeth, creating some clattering sounds.

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to see Mu Ruishu’s enraged look. She said to the bodyguard who was driving, “Please stop at the corner ahead.”

“Aren’t you coming home with me?”

Mu Ruishu looked at Lu Zijia with dissatisfaction on his little face.

This bad woman had just gone to Gambling Stone Street. Was she going to do something bad again right now?

“I still have something to do. Go back first. Don’t worry about me.”

The car happened to stop at this moment. Lu Zijia opened the door and got out of the car without hesitation.

After getting out of the car, Lu Zijia took the taxi and went to the Heyuejing Community where Du Xiangjun was living right now.

When she reached the villa, she found that Du Xiangjun wasn’t at home. It looked like Du Xiangjun hadn’t finished what she said she had to do before.

Lu Zijia pondered for a while and put the Buddha beads she won from Master Dedao before on Du Xiangjun’s bedside cabinet.

She wanted to add a few defensive inscriptions and attacking inscriptions on this string of Buddha beads at first. Unfortunately, her level was too low right now and she still couldn’t draw those inscriptions.

However, this string of Buddha beads could prevent minor illnesses and small disasters, so it was already pretty good.

Before leaving the villa, Lu Zijia gave Du Xiangjun a call. She told Du Xiangjun she was here and asked her to carry the string of Buddha beads on the bedside cabinet with her.

Du Xiangjun certainly accepted the gift from her daughter happily and said she would definitely take it with her.

After going back to the old house of the Mu family, Lu Zijia returned to her room.

Lu Zijia kept four smaller ones among the eleven emeralds and threw the rest into the Ancient Space.

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
She is a cultivator from another world. She is proficient in refining artifacts, improving elixirs, talisman arrays, medical skills, and even fortune-telling. Due to several unexpected tribulations, her reputation was tarnished and she became the second daughter of the Lu family who harbored ill intentions toward her future brother-in-law. What? She had just been reborn, and she was going to marry a ferocious man who was known as the living Lord of Hell and the second young master of the Mu family whose legs were disabled?! Fine! Since that man was so magnificent and fit her taste, she would marry him anyway! But what happened to his legs being inconvenient? Who was the man who would pounce on her from time to time at night and pamper her until she felt sore all over?! Who was the one that first spread the rumors? Would they dare to come forward? They would most likely be crippled if they did not kill him! [In the modern world, the male and the female are both strong. From evil torturing to extensive face slapping, this story is filled with endless thrills. There are mythical dimensions, cute babies and even (not scary) supernatural occurrences. Both leads are immaculate and pure while the male lead is addicted to doting on his wife!


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