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My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator Chapter 130

Chapter 130 - The Stingy Master Lu

Tang Mufeng was a bit slower than his wife, but he also nodded to show that he agreed.

The quick reply from the two of them made Lu Zijia feel a little better.

The emerald she pointed at just now had the strongest spiritual energy in this store.

Thus, she would be able to save a lot of money.

“Alright, the deal is sealed,” Lu Zijia said with a beaming smile as she took out four Blessing Talismans on her body.

“I have four Blessing Talismans here, 100,000 yuan each. Do you want them?”

Before Tang Mufeng and his wife spoke, Lu Zijia said again, “Friendly reminder, if you don’t get the Blessing Talismans, you may have to worry about your lives.”

Tang Mufeng and his wife, “…”

So, they must buy the talismans?

However, wasn’t this master going to help them solve the problem? Why did she start selling them talismans?

Tang Mufeng and his wife couldn’t help looking at each other and they were a bit doubtful if they had trusted the wrong person.

The two bodyguards who had been standing aside quietly as hollow men, “…”

This titular Madame was truly good at scaring people. She was charging them 100,000 yuan for a talisman that could be found anywhere. She was really… too good at deceiving people!

The two bodyguards looked at each other without a trace with a slightly speechless expression in their eyes.

Why did their wise and divine Master marry such a fraud-like woman? They really couldn’t understand.

“Bad woman, you’re threatening them!”

When there was a moment of silence, Mu Ruishu, the little boy, put his arms on his waist and accused Lu Zijia righteously.

Lu Zijia blinked with innocence all over her pure, stunning face.

“Threatening them? I’m just telling the truth. Why did it become a threat?

“Kid, you must have used the wrong word again. See, I asked you to go back to school, but you didn’t listen to me. You know you’re wrong now, do you? You always use the wrong word. Aren’t you afraid that your friend will laugh at you?”

Mu Ruishu, who originally thought he got Lu Zijia, immediately became a little frog with his cheeks bulged out of anger after hearing what she said.

“I. Didn’t. Use. The. Wrong. Word!” Mu Ruishu gritted his teeth and squeezed each word out through the gaps of his teeth.

The way he looked when he gnashed his teeth furiously seemed like he couldn’t wait to pounce on Lu Zijia and bite her a few times.

Lu Zijia ignored the little boy and looked at Tang Mufeng and his wife as she asked doubtfully, “Did I threaten you?”

Tang Mufeng and his wife looked embarrassed. For a second, they didn’t know how they should reply.

However, Lu Zijia considered their silence as a “no” and she said to the little boy with confidence, “See, they said I didn’t threaten them. You used the wrong word.”

Mu Ruishu, “!!!”

Tang Mufeng and his wife, “…”

They didn’t seem to have replied yet…

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to see the strange expressions on their faces and she suddenly said again, “One more friendly reminder.

“The evil spirit your family provokes is quite powerful. Besides, he’s good at using foreign objects to collect grievances for his own use. I can’t deal with him easily right now.”

Tang Mufeng and his wife immediately panicked after hearing that, “Well… Master, didn’t you promise you’d help us just now…”

Lu Zijia interrupted them and said, “I only said that I couldn’t deal with it easily. I didn’t say I couldn’t.

“But I need some time. Give me a couple days. I should be able to capture the evil spirit at your home easily.”

The evil spirit at your home… This truly sounded awkward no matter what.

“So, what should we do now?”

Thinking of the black mist scene they saw just then and the fact that there was truly a ghost at their home, Luo Ziyun couldn’t help but feel flustered.

“Wait,” Lu Zijia said one word indifferently, then comforted them right away, “Don’t worry. This guy isn’t here right now. He should be out eating and playing.

“When he’s done eating and playing, he’ll be back.”

Tang Mufeng and his wife, who didn’t feel comforted at all, “…”

Ghosts could also eat and play? Did they hear it correctly? Or was it just a hallucination?

Of course, the most important thing was that they didn’t want that evil spirit to come back at all!

Before Tang Mufeng and his wife became calm again, Lu Zijia inadvertently released another bomb.

“You’re still safe before that guy returns, but when he’s back, that may not be the case anymore.

“So, 100,000 yuan for a Blessing Talisman. Do you want them? If you buy four of them together, I can give you a discount. I’ll charge you 399,900 yuan.”

Tang Mufeng and his wife, “…”

The discount she talked about was just a hundred yuan discount?

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Chinese
She is a cultivator from another world. She is proficient in refining artifacts, improving elixirs, talisman arrays, medical skills, and even fortune-telling. Due to several unexpected tribulations, her reputation was tarnished and she became the second daughter of the Lu family who harbored ill intentions toward her future brother-in-law. What? She had just been reborn, and she was going to marry a ferocious man who was known as the living Lord of Hell and the second young master of the Mu family whose legs were disabled?! Fine! Since that man was so magnificent and fit her taste, she would marry him anyway! But what happened to his legs being inconvenient? Who was the man who would pounce on her from time to time at night and pamper her until she felt sore all over?! Who was the one that first spread the rumors? Would they dare to come forward? They would most likely be crippled if they did not kill him! [In the modern world, the male and the female are both strong. From evil torturing to extensive face slapping, this story is filled with endless thrills. There are mythical dimensions, cute babies and even (not scary) supernatural occurrences. Both leads are immaculate and pure while the male lead is addicted to doting on his wife!


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