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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapter 939

Chapter 713 713: If You're Going To Do Something, Do It Perfectly.

The Blood God religion has a new spokesperson, Valeria Alekerth. The High Priestess of the religion, a woman who was directly blessed by the Blood God himself, Victor Alucard.

This news exploded among the official members who did not attend the meeting.

Not only was this news shocking, the very personal appearance of the god of their religion, as well as the ‘city’ created by the god, was the cause of even more shock.

Those who were at the meeting were telling about the ‘kindness’, the ‘wisdom’, and especially the ‘beauty’ of the blood god was much more than they initially expected.

Statues, paintings, and images that the whole group had of the blood god couldn’t capture a fraction of the blood god’s beauty.

A beauty that could only be directly felt and appreciated if you looked at it with your own eyes.

Every word Victor spoke that day was being transmitted to all the faithful as if it were gospel, and the feeling of ‘belonging’ to a place began to grow in everyone’s hearts now that they knew that their god was watching over them.

They made a point of noting the ‘divinities’ that their god claimed to have. This information would be passed down into the books to help the ‘lost lambs’ not get misconceptions about their ‘benevolent’ god.

And just as expected, without exception, they all wanted to live in the new city that was built with the blood god’s own power.

The now-named holy capital, ‘Victorius Aeternus’, which in the form of a free translation would be something like ‘eternal victory’, or ‘eternal conquest’, was baptized with the name of Victor as a reference.

Just as Victor declared when creating this city, this place would be the ‘safe haven’ for all those under its wings, the place where all official members, archbishops, and High Priestesses would live.

To make this goal a reality, all official members are using all their influence in the world to achieve this goal.

Accommodations were not necessary. Victor created a capital city complete with the power of nature; the houses were made of wood but were stronger than normal building materials, not to mention that all the trees around the city were strengthened by their god. This place was a natural fortress.

A perfect replica of an ecological ‘city’, like the god of Nature, the faithful did their best to keep their god’s will firm and strong, and they weren’t going to ruin this piece of paradise.

“Kyaaa! It’s so amazing! Am I in heaven? I definitely must be in heaven!”

“…” The acolytes looked at one of the archbishops, the Dark Elf Lizbet Greygrave, who was hugging the pillar of a house while rubbing her face into the wood, her face was drooling, and she was breathing heavily.

“…Should I ask about this?” a new acolyte asked.

The veteran acolyte, who was working nearby, looked at Lizbet and said: “Ignore it… Elves are creatures of nature, and being surrounded by so much power of nature makes her senses go crazy.”

“Is that why she is acting like a drug addict?”


Another woman walked over to them and commented: “The other day, I saw her coming just by smelling a tree that was personally touched by our god.”

“…” They didn’t know how to react to those words, but one thing they were sure of… They would ignore the dark elf’s perversion. She would eventually get used to it, right?… Right?

“Hehehehe~, these idiots! They kicked me out of their fucking town, they threw me for dead, little did they know I’m now living our race’s dream! Hehehe~”

“Kiii, I love that smell!”


For some reason, they weren’t very confident about it.

In an empty mansion, Victor was floating 5CM off the ground while he had his arms crossed. He was looking at a blonde woman who was in the ceremonial clothing of the High Priestess, she had her eyes closed, and with the Staff in her hand, she seemed to be humming an extremely long chant, and next to him were Roxanne, Ruby, and Helena.

“Your Majesty, I have already communicated to all our subordinates about the new contractor,” Helena reported.

“What was their reaction?”

“As expected, they took it very easily. In fact, they are very excited to ‘work’ for their new counterpart, and they want to earn more ‘achievements’ for themselves.”

“….” Victor displayed a satisfied smile. At first, Victor came to this place to do a favor for Roxanne and his wives, but how could he accept such a simple plan?

He doesn’t accept mediocrity. If these women would serve him, he would guarantee only excellence; that’s why he stayed a little longer and ensured that everything was perfect.

With Roxanne’s help, he made all the trees around the city sentinels that would react to any enemy.

Something only Roxanne could do due to her nature as a World Tree. Essentially speaking, she has placed all the trees around the city under her ‘domain’, and if any hostile people pass through the trees, she will sense it quickly.

“… Haah, you overreacted again, Victor.” Ruby touched her head like she had a headache, just the logistics and problems she’s going to have to make sure this city functions as… Well, a city, is going to be extremely troublesome.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

Valeria opened her eyes, the rune circles in her eyes seemed to be glowing a little, and then she slammed the Staff on the ground, and a large red rune circle appeared.

The circle glowed crimson red, and in the seconds after, several small demons began to appear.

“Oh…2” Victor raised an interested eyebrow.


“You are our king’s contractor!

“Give me your orders!”

“We will comply with your orders with 100% – Wrong, 10000% effort!”

“…” Valeria backed off a bit. Aren’t those demons too intense? Why do they want to work so hard?

Valeria looked into the demon’s eyes and saw the same eyes she saw in the acolytes; pure devotion.

She understood that these demons were just like her.

She showed a list with several names: “Contact all the members of that list, and ask them to go to this place…” She started to explain the job they were to do.

“Messenger demons… Why were they summoned?” Helena didn’t understand.

“That’s because she was thinking a lot about summoning demons to help with the ‘logistics’ of the situation,” Victor replied.

“Does the user’s intent define what kind of demon they will summon?” Ruby spoke.

“Yeah.” Victor analyzed the group of small demons for a few seconds and said:

“She made a direct contract with me. I am the king of hell, and all demons are my subordinates; therefore, she can summon any demon as long as she has enough energy.”

“…” Ruby opened her eyes wide, “This is so broken… She basically has access to all of Hell’s residents, including its armies.”


“That’s why I said he overreacted! He shouldn’t have done that! That’s a lot of power in one person’s hands!”

A Maid stepped out of Victor’s shadows and spoke: “Stop complaining, Roxanne. You know how our husband is. Once he decides to do something, he will do it, period.”

“But, Kaguya! That wasn’t the plot…” She pouted.

“Haah… I understand it wasn’t the plot, but now that he’s done it, we can take advantage of this situation to gain even more control over the humans. Our religion needs to be a world power, and no one should ignore our words. We should infiltrate all the essential social aspects of this new era.” Ruby’s eyes sparkled with amusement, showing how excited she was.

After all, with the current state of the world, it was ideal to ‘conquer’ a lot of influence and guarantee the objective that Ruby had from the beginning.

“I will contact the witches and Natalia, and we will place teleportation arrays all over the globe… We also need to protect this place from discreet eyes. For that, I will need Alexios.” Ruby stopped talking and looked at Victor:

“Darling, can you make a big building that can be used to place multiple teleport arrays? Something like you did in hell.”

“Oh, you know about that?”

“Helena showed me pictures. You did an amazing job.”

“Always the curious one, huh.” Victor chuckled gently, then added, “Don’t show the girls those pictures yet. I want to see their reaction when they go to hell.”

“Of course.”

Victor raised his hand, and an ice structure was created, then this structure was covered by water, then by wood, three elements combined, and soon a miniature tower appeared in his hand.

“A tower with 10,000 rooms, the tower has my water running through an ice structure, and I’m utilizing my natural energy to fortify everything through wood.” Victor delivered the structure to Ruby, who looked amazed at such work.

“… So much power in such a small and condensed object…”

“Your Majesty, do you want me to ask the blacksmiths to add demonic metals?”

“It is not necessary. Demonic materials are extremely toxic to humans. Making a structure with those materials would harm the living in the long run, and I don’t want to harm my beloved faithful ones.” Victor replied.

“… Oh… I had forgotten about that detail.”

“Anyway, come with me, Helena. We have work to do.” Ruby spoke.


“I will go with you! Walking around in normal clothes will attract suspicion.” Roxanne ran after the girls.

“Hmm. With that in mind, we should create a special title, or personal squad, something that the acolytes can identify with. It will be annoying not being able to move around because of these minor issues.” Ruby spoke.

“Hmm, just say we’re Victor’s wives. It doesn’t have to be complicated.” Roxanne spoke.

“Are you crazy? If I say that, the amount of people who will try hard to secure this position will be practically be multiplied by a hundred! It’s a bad idea.” Ruby pointed.

“Ugh…” Roxanned grumbled as she thought for a few seconds: “We can only say that we are a special ‘unit’ commanded directly Valeria, that way, our room for maneuvering will be greater.”

“…Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea. We’ll discuss it later with Valeria.” Ruby spoke.


“….” Victor displayed a gentle smile when he saw the conversation between Ruby and Roxanne, then he looked at Kaguya :

“Aren’t you going to follow them?”

“Never.” Kaguya quickly returned to Victor’s shadows.

Victor chuckled inwardly, then he glanced at Valeria, who was staring at him intently in silence.

Victor waved his hand, and the silence spell that was in place was broken, and he floated towards Valeria.

“I see your progress has been steady.”

“Yes, God of blood.”

“Just call me Your Majesty, my official title is still King, and I feel more comfortable that way.”

‘Not to mention that I’m not really a god. I don’t have any training in concepts like true gods.’ Victor felt a little uncomfortable being called a god, but he understood that it was important to clear his reputation, so he didn’t care too much.

“As you wish, Your Majesty.” She spoke in a gentle, devout tone.

Victor nodded, satisfied, snapped his finger, and a throne of ice was created in the empty room. Then he sat on the throne, and he looked back at Valeria, who at some point had sat on the floor and was looking at him with the same gaze full of admiration and devotion.

“Do you have an understanding of the abilities I gave you?”

“Yes… Eternal Youth, the ability to summon demons, a stronger body, and a great influence on the shape of the blood god’s religion.”

“Good, do you clearly understand how your ‘eternal youth’ works?”

“Yes. I am not immortal like Your Majesty; I will just keep my youth forever.”

“Correct. Remember, Valeria. Your status as my representative makes you virtually untouchable, but don’t let your guard down. I have many enemies, and those enemies will one day target you, and if they target you, they will also target my beloved acolytes.”

“When that day comes, what are you going to do?”

“Warn you, and if possible, kill all the enemies. If the enemy is too strong, we will run away and prepare to take revenge in the future.”

Victor’s smile grew: “Good Answer.”

“There is no shame in running away from conflict, especially when you are against a superior enemy. It is better to survive and prepare revenge than to die and not have another chance to get revenge.” Despite saying this, Victor knew that rarely would he follow that word; he was too crazy for that.

But it’s like they say; do as I say, not as I do.

Victor snapped his fingers, and a luxurious-looking wooden chair appeared next to Valeria.

“Sit down.”

“…” Valeria was going to open her mouth to rebut, but why would she do that? Her god had commanded something, and she would do it.

Valeria got up from the floor and sat gracefully in the chair. She kept her back straight and looked at Victor, and as soon as she looked into his eyes, she saw the satisfied smile.

“You are my spokesman and my representative, Valeria. Stick out your chest, and walk with your head held high, be proud of what you are and what you stand for.”

“Remember that your actions directly affect me, but also understand that you should not be afraid to act as it will ‘smear’ my reputation, you answer to me alone, and it is up to me to judge your actions, not anyone else, you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” She nodded with a very serious expression, all her attention on the man in front of her.

“Good … Now, I will start your test. Are you ready?”


“If someone attacks our acolytes, what will you do?”

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I will repay what they did 100x worse. Of course, I should better understand the situation in general, but the answer will not change.”

“Perfect. Today’s world has become more complicated than the old one, but the main rule is still applicable. Which rule is that?”

“The strong are right, and the weak are wrong. The strong take it all, and the weak can only cry in despair. Only when someone is strong can you control your destiny.”

Victor nodded his head with a satisfied again, “You are the representative of Victor Alucard, and you have not only all the demons of hell behind you but also the Three Clans of Count vampire nobles, some witches, some hunters, fairies, various Greek goddesses, an entire nation of Amazons, and the youkai of Japan.”

Valeria opened her eyes wide when she heard the list of beings the man in front of her had at his disposal.

[ Kaguya, storage bag, and communication equipment our allies have.]


Victor opened his hand, then darkness began to form in the palm of his hand, and soon the mentioned items appeared floating in Victor’s hand.

“Storage bag, it has a space inside that you can store multiple items. Look.” Victor put his hand in the bag and took out a book. Showing that the book was too big to fit in the bag, then he put the book back.

‘… Such an artifact… Just how much would it sell for on Earth?’ Valeria was no fool; she knew how precious the item in Victor’s hand was.

Due to the breaking down of boundaries between the mortal and supernatural worlds, supernatural artifacts were beginning to circulate and become commonplace on Earth, but it was obvious that the monopoly on the strongest artifacts still lay with the gods and the ancient factions.

“Inside the bag are several books that tell the story of supernatural beings.” Victor put his hand inside the bag again and pulled out a book, this time much smaller than the other.

With a wave of her hand, the book and bag fall into Valeria’s lap, as well as a violet Orb.

Valeria looked at the book and saw something written in the lower corner of it.

History and culture of the supernatural world. Written by William Snow 1400 BC, Valeria’s eyes were wide open when she realized how old and valuable the book was.

In terms of history, the Snow Clan was one of the oldest clans out there, second only to the Adrastea Clan, who have over 4000 years of history.

“Don’t lose the books. They are books from the personal collection of Clan Snow, Fulger, and Scarlett, ancient clans that are my allies in Nightingale.”

“I will come get you after you finish reading.”


“The Orb is for communication. You are familiar with them, right?”

“… Yes.” Valeria replied as she looked at the Orb, which had a different coloring than the one she received from Aline.

“This Orb has direct communication with all my allies. In the not-too-distant future, you will speak with them.”

“…” Valeria just nodded stiffly.

Victor displayed a gentle smile: “No need to be so rigid. Everything is a learning process.”

“….” She looked at Victor and felt all her tension melt away before his gentle face.

“Learn, think, and form your own opinion about the issue you are being thrown into.”

His eyes changed to a serious look.

“Remember, you follow Victor Alucard, and I will not allow mediocrity.”

“You are not my puppet or my tool.”

“You have given me your devotion, and in return, I will transform you into the best possible version of you.”

‘… The best possible version of myself…’ She repeated Victor’s words in her head. ‘Does he believe so much in me?’ She felt her determination burning within her.

Victor smiled inwardly as he felt her resolve flaring up like a volcano erupting.

‘I will teach her for 7 days, and 7 days will be enough to change her completely, after that, I will leave it to the girls.’

It may seem irresponsible to leave Valeria’s education to his wives, but that was incorrect. Victor’s wives knew him very well, and if Victor decided to ‘invest’ more in the little project they had, they all knew that he should put more effort into making the blood god religion into something even more influential in the human world.

Which is why Ruby was here.

‘I’ll go back home. I need to pamper Mizuki, Leona, Haruna, Siena, Lacus, and Pepper.’

Honestly, if it weren’t for the management of Violet, Ruby, Sasha, Kaguya, Aphrodite, and Leona, Victor would have a really hard time spending time with all the women.

After all, the women were all competent and were always doing something to help the Faction or dealing with their own internal problems of their own Clans and jobs or projects.

Not to mention that due to the last ‘one year party’, the girls were very focused on getting stronger right now… Although Victor felt that some of their motives were impure, something like getting stronger to defeat him in bed, surprisingly, it was Pepper who was leading this group.

“Well, as long as she trains and gets stronger, I guess it’s okay…?’ Victor felt complex.

Putting these feelings aside, he said:

“L’t’s continue the lesson.”


Edited By: Davo 2138, IsUnavailable

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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires

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And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time.

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