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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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The sky was a little dark, but Jiang Lan could sense that the woman had discovered him.

She was a little wary.

“Who are you?”

The woman looked at Jiang Lan and asked.

Jiang Lan didn’t reply, nor did he have any intention of staying. He was planning to leave.

Right now, his powers were restrained. If the other party knew that he was at the second level of Qi Refinement, it would be difficult for him to leave.

However, just as he was about to leave, two people approached him quickly.

As the two of them stood under the moonlight, Jiang Lan could clearly see their faces.

They were two men with lightning imprints under their eyes.

One was on the left, the other was on the right.

At this moment, the two imprints were flickering with light. It was likely that they reflected their strength.

Jiang Lan thought for a moment before remembering that he seemed to have seen these two people before. They had been betting on how long he could stay in the Ninth Summit.

It was when he was signing in at the entrance of Kunlun.

It had been six months. It was not easy to remember.

When the two of them walked over, they naturally saw Jiang Lan in the darkness.

Although they couldn’t see who it was clearly, they still had to say something.

“Fellow disciple, please help us capture this demoness. She’s a spy from the Dragon race,” one of the them immediately said to Jiang Lan.

He spoke in a righteous way.

“Fellow disciple, don’t listen to their nonsense. They are the real spies.

You should leave first or these two people will kill you,” the woman immediately said.

Although he didn’t know who this person was, it was fine as long as it wasn’t someone from the other party.

Jiang Lan looked at the three of them and said calmly,

“I’m just passing by. I don’t want to get involved in what’s going on between the three of you. I hope that everyone won’t interfere with one another.”

Jiang Lan was ready to leave after saying that.

They could just continue with what they’re doing. He didn’t want to participate. After all, it was a complicated situation.

Also, the woman’s cultivation level was very high. It seemed she was suppressed by a Dharma treasure.

He didn’t really want to fight with these people.

He did not know who the spy was or who the traitor was. He did not care either.

Mount Kunlun was such a big place, there must be countless of capable people.

For the time being, he wasn’t in the right position to interfere.

“Fellow disciple, be careful. This demoness knows bewitching techniques. I’ll help you obstruct her. Please help me think of a way to find others for help.” As he spoke, a man walked towards Jiang Lan.

He quickly approached Jiang Lan. In the darkness, he saw Jiang Lan’s appearance.

The moment he saw it, he was stunned. Then, he laughed out loud.

“It’s you.”

“I’m just passing by.” Jiang Lan frowned.

If the other party remembered him, things would be troublesome.

“Passing by?” The man quickly approached Jiang Lan. His powers began to appear in his hands.

It was the strength of a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator, but it was not at its peak.

However, he didn’t need a second blow to kill the Ninth Summit’s trash.

“It’s true you’re passing through,” he said. “But what’s wrong is that you know too much.”


His powers surged straight towards Jiang Lan.

That woman was greatly alarmed. The other party really wanted to silence him.

And from the looks of it, that person was definitely not strong.

Otherwise, the other party wouldn’t have attacked so recklessly.

He was done for. If she had known that the other party was so weak, if she had known that the other party had nothing to do with those two, she would have let him escape.

This way, she would have a chance to persist until the others in Kunlun discovered her.


With a loud bang, everything calmed down.

Ao Longyu sighed. It wasn’t easy for her to encounter a fellow disciple, but he was going to be killed just like that.

Unfortunately, she was unable to move right now.

“This… how is this possible?” Ao Longyu suddenly heard another person’s horrified voice.

This left Ao Longyu a bit confused. She looked towards Jiang Lan’s direction.

At this moment, her pupils constricted.

She saw that the person who attacked Jiang Lan had fallen to the ground. But the most terrifying thing was that half of his body had disappeared. No, more like it had turned into a bloody mist that was scattered around.

This… this was done by the other man?

How did he do it?

Ao Longyu looked at Jiang Lan.

At this moment, she saw that Jiang Lan was still in a punching posture.

Jiang Lan looked at the lifeless man on the ground before withdrawing his fist.

Just now, he had used the power of three bulls. It was the result of him cultivating for half a year.

It was more powerful than he had expected.

Then, he looked at another man.

“Fellow disciple, this is a misunderstanding. We have no intention of becoming enemies with you.” The remaining man looked at Jiang Lan with a face full of fear.

It was as if he was worried that Jiang Lan would suddenly attack him.

He did not know what his Junior Brother had seen that made him feel so assured.

But now, he felt that his Junior Brother had misjudged the man.

“I know too much.” Jiang Lan looked at the other party and said calmly.

Since the other party wanted to kill him, he had nothing to worry about.

“Kunlun is not alone in this world of vast wilderness. You are so powerful. It’s good to leave a path for yourself.

Besides, what you know are just some ordinary things. It’s not much. It’s just a misunderstanding.” When the man saw Jiang Lan approaching, his voice trembled.

“Leave a path?” Jiang Lan suddenly asked halfway.

“Right. Leave a path. I can be your guide—”


Before the other party could finish speaking, Jiang Lan suddenly appeared in front of that person and followed up with a punch.

At that moment, half of the man’s body was turned into a bloody mist.

However, he had also seen Jiang Lan’s face when he approached.

“It’s actually you.”

This… this is impossible. ”

As he spoke, he fell to the ground lifelessly.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay too much attention to it. The reason he echoed after the man’s words was to distract him.

This was the only way to kill him.

He could not let his guard down against any enemy.

After that, he didn’t stay any longer and left without even looking at the woman.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Ao Longyu immediately called out.

However, Jiang Lan didn’t listen to the her shouts as he left instantly.

Ao Longyu watched in disbelief as Jiang Lan disappeared into the darkness.

“Powerful and calm. Who is that person?

He isn’t here to kill me? ”

She felt that she might have seen him before.

Just because those two traitors had seen this person before and had obviously underestimated him.

They seemed to be in disbelief that it was him as well.

“Cough, cough.” Ao Longyu struggled to get up.

“Which senior is he? Or which Senior Brother is he?”

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

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Gods and demons are everywhere in the Grand Desolate World. Jiang Lan finally becomes a disciple of Kunlun Mountain; specifically—the only disciple of the Ninth Summit. Knowing the dangers outside, he decides to stay hidden in the Ninth Summit’s Netherworld Cave and cultivate in seclusion. With a unique sign-in system unknown to everyone else, Jiang Lan acquires several divine powers, Dharma treasures, and other aids to enhance his cultivation along the way. His current goal is to keep his actual cultivation level a secret, remain a low-key Kunlun disciple and stay out of harm’s way until he is strong enough to take on any obstacles. Only when he emerges from his cultivation after some time does his Master bring him an important message: Kunlun has found him a fiancée.


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