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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Behind the mountains.

When Jiang Lan arrived, he instantly saw the dark auras.

These auras gave people a cold feeling.

They seemed to be able to trigger negative emotions.

“So that’s the case. No wonder they say that no one would be able to stay here for long. If someone were to continue cultivating under such circumstances, it would be very easy to go mad.”

Jiang Lan came to a conclusion.

However, these auras had no effect on him.

The Kunlun Heart Sutra cultivated the Qi of all living things, and the auras of the Netherworld were included as well.


Jiang Lan saw a glow of light enveloping him.

“The Netherworld auras here are extremely dense. You haven’t cultivated yet, so they will be too much of a burden for your body if you come into contact with them,” said Mo Zhengdong.

“Thank you, Master.” Jiang Lan immediately thanked him.

Although nothing would have happened to him.

Soon, Jiang Lan saw a huge cave. There was a dark aura visible to the naked eye in the cave.

“I’ll bring you in to take a look.”

As Mo Zhengdong spoke, he led Jiang Lan in.

Just as they entered the cave, Jiang Lan suddenly heard the system’s voice.


[A path of the Great Dao has been discovered. The host can sign in here permanently.]

“There is a Great Dao path here?” Jiang Lan was a bit surprised.

He finally found the Great Dao, and it was at the back of the mountains.

It looked like the Ninth Summit was indeed his blessed land.

The Netherworld’s entrance was close to the Great Dao.

In other words, the paths of the Grand Dao were indeed very rare.

Perhaps the entire Kunlun Mountain might not have many paths of the Great Dao.

Now, he wouldn’t even go to the other peaks if he was asked to.

Jiang Lan arrived at the interior of the cave. The moment he entered, he saw a huge well inside the cave.

All of the dark aura originated from that well.

“You can’t look directly at the entrance to the Netherworld. When you’ve become an immortal, you can take a look. It will be of great help to you.

Remember not to look at it now, “Mo Zhengdong said seriously.

After Jiang Lan nodded, Mo Zhengdong gently tapped his forehead.

At this moment, Jiang Lan realized that a lot of information was being transmitted into his mind.

Soon, he knew what they were.

They were cultivation techniques and spells.

The Kunlun Qi Establishing Technique and the Meditation Spell.

With just one look, Jiang Lan knew that this Kunlun Qi Establishing Technique was similar to the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

However, it was far inferior to the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

It was probably adapted from the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

And the Meditation Spell was an incantation that allowed one to calm their heart and clear their mind.

It would be useful for his mental cultivation.

“Ordinary disciples only cultivate the ordinary Qi Refining Technique. What I’m imparting to you as your Master is the best Qi establishing technique in Kunlun. It’s the Qi Establishing Technique that the elders of Kunlun had comprehended from the Kunlun Heart Sutra left behind by their ancestors.

Remember not to pass it on to anyone.” Mo Zhengdong retracted his hand and continued,

“The Meditation Spell will help to reduce the influence of the Netherworld.

However, if you are able to endure it, you will be able to train faster when you are close to the Netherworld Cave.

You have to be confident enough to come here.

If you were to cultivate in the back mountain, you have to come to me for a checkup every few days.

So that I prevent you from developing any inner demons.

If you persevere, the influence of the Netherworld aura will decrease. ”

“Disciple will remember Master’s teachings,” Jiang Lan immediately said.

In his opinion, his Master treated him really well.

Of course, what made him the happiest was that he could come here whenever he wanted.

It was fine as long as he did not develop inner demons.

That meant that he could come here often to sign in.

What extraordinary thing would there be near the Great Dao?

Jiang Lan looked forward to it.

However, he was also a little worried. With his weak cultivation, it was hard to say if he would fail if he signed in near the Great Dao.

But he had to try. He would do it tonight.

At night.

Jiang Lan opened his eyes. He had been cultivating the whole time.

He realized that using the Meditation Spell was indeed of some help to his cultivation. Although it wasn’t obvious, he naturally couldn’t give up on this spell that could calm him down.

In the future, his cultivation speed would definitely be very fast.

When the time comes, it would be very dangerous for him if he did not have sufficient mental fortitude.

Therefore, the Calming Spell was very useful for now.

“It’s almost the wee hours of the morning. Let’s go to the back mountain.”

Jiang Lan headed towards the back mountain.

When he reached the back of the mountains, he felt as if he had triggered some kind of barrier. It must have been left behind by his master.

“Looks like I’ll have to be more cautious when cultivating later.”

He had made a decision in his heart.

On the peak of the Ninth Summit, Mo Zhengdong had indeed detected Jiang Lan entering the back mountain.

“Going to the back mountain to cultivate on the first day?”

“That’s good. He’s brave to try. However, I’ll need to check on him in a couple of days.”

Mo Zhengdong did not pay much attention to it after that.

There was still a barrier at the entrance of the well that Jiang Lan couldn’t approach.

At this time, Jiang Lan had already arrived at the cave mouth of the Netherworld.

As he approached the cave, he heard the system’s voice again.


[A path of the Great Dao has been discovered. The host can sign in here permanently.]

[Do you want to sign in?]

This time, there was a reminder to sign in.

Jiang Lan was a little curious. If he failed to sign in, would he be reminded in advance?

He hadn’t experienced it before, so he didn’t know.

But now, he had to try if he could successfully sign in.

“System, I’m signing in here.”

Jiang Lan muttered in his heart.

Soon, the system’s voice sounded. This time, Jiang Lan was a little nervous.

He wasn’t sure if he would fail the first time he signed in on the Great Dao.

If he failed, he would lose a day.

If he succeeded, he was curious what he would acquire.


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao. You have obtained the Daoist Scripture: Creation of Heaven and Earth.]

[Daoist Scripture: Creation of Heaven and Earth contains the changes of heaven and earth. It combines the changes of the Great Dao and of all living things in space and time. It is infinitely wondrous and can be kept for three months.]

“Daoist Scripture?” Jiang Lan was a bit surprised.

“What effect will it have on me?”

The introduction was shocking, but he didn’t quite understand.

“Let’s try it.”

Jiang Lan arrived at the Netherworld’s cave abode and chose to use the Daoist Scripture.

The Daoist Scripture was an unfathomable light in his mind, and it was extremely profound.

Jiang Lan’s thoughts stirred, and the Daoist Scripture began to glow.

Then, light enveloped Jiang Lan.

Not long after, Jiang Lan felt as if he was sitting high up in the sky. At this moment, he saw the transformation, the deduction of all living things, and the cirrus of heaven and earth.

This scene left Jiang Lan shaken, as if he was observing three thousand world evolutions.

As the heaven and earth changed, Jiang Lan felt the spiritual energy between heaven and earth gathering around him.

He was like the center of a vortex, absorbing everything into his body.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had a feeling that his breathing the breathing of the heavens and the earth. When he worked on his cultivation, it was like the earth changed between day and night, the life cycle of all living things was circulating.

This was the Daoist Scripture: Creation of Heaven and Earth.

Jiang Lan was in this state for a long time. When he felt that his mind was full, he opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he found that he was still sitting in the Netherworld Cave.

However, he could clearly feel the changes in his body, as if there was a powerful wave of energy flowing through his veins.

With just a perception, he was shocked to discover that his cultivation had undergone a tremendous change.

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

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Gods and demons are everywhere in the Grand Desolate World. Jiang Lan finally becomes a disciple of Kunlun Mountain; specifically—the only disciple of the Ninth Summit. Knowing the dangers outside, he decides to stay hidden in the Ninth Summit’s Netherworld Cave and cultivate in seclusion. With a unique sign-in system unknown to everyone else, Jiang Lan acquires several divine powers, Dharma treasures, and other aids to enhance his cultivation along the way. His current goal is to keep his actual cultivation level a secret, remain a low-key Kunlun disciple and stay out of harm’s way until he is strong enough to take on any obstacles. Only when he emerges from his cultivation after some time does his Master bring him an important message: Kunlun has found him a fiancée.


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