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Mr. Tycoon’s Daring Wife Chapter 428

Chapter 428 - Finale.

Chen Gaonan stood in the corner of the dimmed meeting room where a presentation had begun. His brows scrunched together upon feeling vibrations in his breast pocket, where his phone resided.

Chen Gaonan took a secretive glance towards his Boss whose interested expression meant everything was going smoothly.

Since his Boss was appeased, Chen Gaonan peered down on his phone, his brows shooting up in confusion at the amount of miscalls from Su Meixiu. On a different occasion, he would’ve questioned the reason for receiving so many miscalls from Zhao Lifei’s secretary. That is, until he saw the text messages.

Never had his heart sank so quickly with terror but rise with anticipation. Is it true? The President’s wife had entered into labor? His mouth went dry. Oh dear god, when was this message last sent?! Ten minutes had passed, but the hospital was at least a twenty-minute drive. It was on the other side of the city.

With shaky hands, Chen Gaonan glanced from the other company’s representatives to Yang Feng who sat at the head of the table. What was he supposed to do in this situation? Was his Boss supposed to place family over work? Was that like him?

Chen Gaonan was unsure of his next decision. There had been many occassions where Yang Feng had walked out of meetings for Zhao Lifei, but she always advised against it. His Boss couldn’t care less about rescheduling everything if it meant he could see her.

Taking a leap of faith, Chen Gaonan breathed in thruogh his nose. He quietly approached his Boss. “Sir?”

Yang Feng kept his eyes focused on the presentation screen but slightly raised a brow, indicating he had heard his secretary.

“President Zhao is in labor.”

Yang Feng shot out of his chair, which forced the presentor to glance at him in confusion. Every pair of eyes in the meeting room shifted to the most important man in question. They were perplexed to see his paled expression. The dimmed lights were transitioning back to its normal setting.

What was going on? The other company’s represenatives held their breathes, anticipating the response of President Yang. His decision mattered the most.

Chen Gaonan opened his mouth, but it was too late. Yang Feng had already stormed out of the glass meeting room. The steps of his polished leather shoes echoed down the hallways before disappearing out of sight and sound.

“We apologize,” Chen Gaonan said with the bow of his head. “I’m afraid we’ll have to reschedle this meeting for another time. An urgent situation has occured. We apologize for any inconeivences this might’ve caused. To reschedule, please contact me in the same number as before.”

Chen Gaonan hurriedly shook the hand of evey represenative and presentor. Then, he raced out of the room as if he was chased by demons. His speedwalk eventually broke into a mad dash towarsd the private elevator. He arrived just in time to see the private elevator doors nearly close.

“President!” Chen Gaonan said in between pants as he struck a foot in between the closing doors. He let out a sigh of relief upon catching Yang Feng in time.

“Hurry up and get in,” Yang Feng barked.

Chen Gaonan didn’t need to be told twice. He scrambled into the private elevator and began to contact the driver, Hu Wei. “The car will be waiting for us downstairs.”

For the first time in his life, Yang Feng began to anxiously tap his foot in the elevator. It had been a while since he had last felt this type of panic in his life. His palms broke out in a cold sweat. His firstborn child was coming any minute now. The heir of his company, the first child of Zhao Lifei. If he missed the birth, he’d pummel everyone involved.

– – – – –

Chen Gaonan stumbled out of the car with a puckered expression. Hu Wei had broken all sorts of traffic laws. With how quickly he sped down the road, you’d think Hu Wei was a race car driver, not a chaffuer!

‘I’m going to barf,’ Chen Gaonan thought to himself. He reached over to open the door for his boss, but Yang Feng had already slammed it open, not caring that he was going to damage the hinges in the progress.

“President, wait for me!” Chen Gaonan cried out as he clutched his stomach and ran up the pavement with his Boss. He entered the sliding doors in time to see his Boss speedwalk to the other side of the hospital. It seemed his Boss had alread gotten the directions from the nurses.

“Sir!” Chen Gaonan exasperated when Yang Feng angrily slammed his fingers on the elevator buttons. None of the doors were opening and when they both glanced upwards, it indicated the elevators wouldn’t be coming for a while.

Whether or not Zhao Lifei was already in the process of giving birth, or being dilated, Yang Feng didn’t care.

Chen Gaonan had never seen his Boss in such a crazed rush. “No wait, President, you shouldn’t take the staircase, the delivery and labor floor is at the peak of this hospital! You won’t—”

It was too late, Yang Feng had slammed the doors of the staircases open.

Chen Gaonan’s jaw dropped. “Not everyone has the leg strength for that,” he mumbled under his breath.

Chen Gaonan continued pressing the elevator button, as if it would rush the damn thing. After what felt like forever, he finally boarded the elevator and exited. He glanced down at his phone, where Zhao Lifei’s room number could be found.

Chen Gaonan blinked in surprise when he saw a figure down the hallway. What?! The President had come up here faster than the elevator?!

– – – – –

“Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t look at this,” Yang Ruqin whimpered in the delivery room. She was the only one inside who could offer Zhao Lifei the moral support to push out the child. But when her grunts and groans were louder than Yang Ruqin’s anxiety, nothing could be done.


Yang Ruqin gasped when she heard the first cry. It was loud and powerful, as expected of a Yang.

Yang Ruqin didn’t get a word in when a man pushed through security and rushed into the room. She turned her head only to be met with a whirlwind of chaos. Yang Feng had managed his way through the delivery room with much trouble from the security team.

A nurse instantly came in his path. “Sir, you can’t be in here. Security!”

“Get your ass over here, Yang Feng! You’re late!” Zhao Lifei gritted out in between pushes.

Yang Ruqin blinked in surprise. Wait a minute. The baby was already out. Why was she still pushing? “But there’s already a baby in the nurse’s arms…?”

“Twins,” one of the doctors responded.

“What?!” Zhao Lifei cried out as a large hand came to her side.

Yang Feng’s gaze snapped from the baby in the nurse’s arms to Zhao Lifei whose entire face was painfully squeezed. “Hold my hand, my love,” Yang Feng said, even though he was on the verge of passing out from seeing his own child. He wanted to desperately hold his child and have skin-to-skin, but the state of his wife was more important.

“There you go—!” Yang Feng grunted in pain. How was this possible? He couldn’t feel his other arm. His wife took the meaning of ‘hold’ to a completely different level. She must’ve misunderstood ‘hold’ as ‘squeeze the living daylights out of my hand.’

Yang Feng winced at her brute strength. He had to grab the bed railing for extra support. His jaw clenched at the force pressing into his poor hand. Was she deliberately trying to transfer the pain of childbirth onto him? Because it was definitely working!

“The head is almost out, Mrs. Zhao, breath in, and just one more push!” The doctor encouraged.

“You got this Feifei!” Yang Ruqin exclaimed.

“Oh love, you look so beautiful right now, you can do it—”

“Shut up!” Zhao Lifei bit out at him, glaring up at him. A soccer team of children? In his dreams!

Yang Feng resisted the urge to sulk and mope around her. Well, he couldn’t do it if he wanted to. He was too busy trying to not show his pain. By now, he could no longer feel his other hand. But none of that mattered. He pushed away strands of hair that stuck to her forehead.

Zhao Lifei cried out in pain as she squeezed her eyes shut and continued to push. She had never felt more agony than childbirth. But then, she heard it—the second cry. And just like, that she was willing to go through the pain all over again.

“Congratulations Mrs. Zhao! You have healthy—”

“If this is my baby, who’s child is that?” Yang Feng questioned as he pointed to the nurse who was playing a baby into a rectangular bed. “Why is there another family’s child in my delivery room?”

Zhao Lifei ignored her dense husband. “My babies… I want to hold them,” she murmured whilst reaching tired hands out for her children.

“Babies?” Yang Feng repeated in sheer shock. His entire body was numbed by the idea as his mind went blank.

“I-I have twin daughters?” Yang Feng breathed out in a blissful daze.

Zhao Lifei paid him no mind. “Oh precious…” she whispered when her clothes were shifted and the twins were placed onto her chest for skin-to-skin contact.

Yang Feng was practically bouncing with excitement. His dark eyes were lit up with joy. He had never felt this much happiness in the world, except when she agreed to marry him and told him of her pregnancy.

“Two little Princesses…” Yang Feng whispered as he peered over the bed, ignoring all of the mess. He felt his hardened heart soften on the spot. His daughters were so small… He lowered a hand down. His fingers trembled with the fear of hurting them.

“You mean, Princess,” Zhao Lifei corrected as she shifted her body so that he could properly caress them.


“Prince and Princess,” Zhao Lifei added on.

“Your wife is correct Mr. Yang. Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a healthy boy and girl!” The doctor said as the nurses let out small claps of approval.

Yang Feng felt like the rug was yanked out of him. First, he was surprised by the fact that she had twins. And now, he discovered it wasn’t two daughters, like how he wanted it to be.

“I hope they look like you,” Zhao Lifei whispered as Yang Feng tenderly touched the cheek of his child.

“T-this moment feels so surreal…” Yang Feng murmured. Just a year and a half ago, he was a heartless brute who saw no meaning in life. And in such a short span of time, he had everything he could ever ask for. His Xiao Lili was now his wife, he was a father, and ready to start a loving family.

“Is it a dream?” Yang Feng questioned.

“I volunteer to give you a pinch to wake you up!” Yang Ruqin gushed as she stepped near her best friend and brother. “Oh my goodness, why do they look so wrinkly? Like little gremlins?”

Yang Ruqin let out a yelp when she felt the murderous glare of her older brother.

“What did you just say?” he seethed.

“A-angels! I meant angels!” Yang Ruqin rushed out. “It’s just, they look nothing like the baby pictures I’ve seen online.”

“Well, Miss Yang, those babies are usually weeks old. Newborns are a little blue and purple, but it’ll go away very soon,” one of the nurses explained.

“Mr. Yang, would you like to have skin-to-skin contact?”

Yang Feng didn’t need to respond. He shrugged off his suit, yanked off his tie, and reached for a child wrapped in a blue blanket.

“That’s Yang Wenxu,” Zhao Lifei said in a lethargic voice. “He’s so lovely, isn’t he?”

“He has your eyes,” Yang Feng fondly responded. He bent down and pressed a loving kiss upon her forehead. “You’ve done well, my love.”

“Well I had no choice,” Zhao Lifei mused he continued to pepper her the five points of her face with kisses. Small laughter erupted from her as she pushed at him.

“What about your children?” she teased.

Yang Feng warmly kissed the top of his son’s head and then leaned low to kiss the little Princess. “Yang Rina,” he said.

“Rina huh?” Zhao Lifei repeated with a tender smile. “What a pretty name.”

Yang Feng slowly nodded. He hugged his son to his exposed chest whilst gently lifting the blankets to cover the baby more.

“We’ll be a big happy family, won’t we, Yang Feng?” Zhao Lifei blissfully asked as she peered up at her husband. The white gold band on his ring finger glistened under the light.

Yang Feng nodded. “Our soccer team of children will grow up in a happy household.”

“Of course,” Zhao Lifei finished. “Our kids will have a childhood that’s nothing like our crude upbringings.”

“I’d expect no less from us,” Yang Feng concluded. He leaned down and kissed her upon the lips. “I love you so, so much, my dear.”

“I love you a lot more, my dear husband.”

Yang Feng laughed. “That is impossible, my darling wife.”

The End.

Mr. Tycoon’s Daring Wife

Mr. Tycoon’s Daring Wife

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"Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to have you." - - - - In every love story, there's always a vengeful and venomous fiancée who was engaged to the rich and handsome CEO that fell for the poor, but gentle and innocent female lead. In his greed for her love, he broke his poor fiancée whose love drove her to the brink of insanity. No one ever cared about how the fiancée felt. Zhao Lifei was prepped her entire life to marry one man, but suddenly, his heart was captured by another. She was face-slapped, destroyed, and disowned for loving Zheng Tianyi. She was willing to sacrifice her youth, time, and heart for the man, but all she got was pain and despair. It took two harsh, but awakening years for Zhao Lifei to finally understand the mistakes she has made in the past. After her redemption, it was now Zhao Lifei's turn to experience a love grander than the female lead. Smarter, feistier, and wittier, Zhao Lifei knew how to survive the cruel, backstabbing, and harsh upper-class society was. "A bastard fiancé that broke my heart? Screw him, I'll find someone richer!" "All of my friends have abandoned me? Whatever, I'll find better ones!" "My parents disowned me? That's fine, my grandfather is wealthier and more powerful than both of them combined!" To the polar opposite of the snarky Zhao Lifei, was the incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold Yang Feng. Yang Feng, the King of the Business Empire, was a man to be feared. Heart of ice, eyes of stone, merciless but enticingly handsome, there was not a single person in this world that dared to offend him. Many have tried, but none had succeeded in garnering his attention. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with Zhao Lifei. Challenges will arise, chaos will commence, and drama will ensue. But then again, what is a love story without disturbance? They say love without conflict is just a simple crush and the story of Zhao Lifei and Yang Feng was anything but that.


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