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Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart Chapter 775

Chapter 777 - 777 I Failed Her

777 I Failed Her



She pulled the door open and was graced by the presence of her son. Whether or not she was to end the call, Li An was at a loss on what to do.

His brown eyes raked over her in a caring manner as he checked for what was wrong.NovelFull.com

“Ye Cheng.” Her shaky voice pulled his attention back to her face. “Hi.”

The smile warmed his lips. She was looking so cute like a girl caught in a wrong act even at her age.

“Hello mum, good morning.”

“Morning son. What brings you here?”

“Umm let’s see.” He took his hand from his pocket and placed his finger on his jaw thoughtfully.


“Ah, I came to get a dose of my morning breast milk,” he noted as he lowered his gaze to her face.

Her eyes went round as realization dawned on her at what he said. Just from how he stood staring down at her while looking extremely cute and lovely, she found herself getting ready to say yes, before her brain realized what her mind was thinking.

His lips curved upward in a breathtaking smile almost in a flirtateous way as he would have done to his wife.

“Pfft hahaaa…” Their little encounter was immediately interrupted when Li An and Ye Cheng heard the familair voice burst into a sharp laughter.

He lifted his brows and waited for an answer from his mother. Quickly she turned her head and looked at the phone in her hand.

“Fong Cai,” she called out sharply, forcing the latter to behave himself and get that laugh under control.

“What? Did that grown ass son of yours say he wants his other’s morning milk?”

“You really do not know when to stop,” Li An mouthed.

“Of course, hahhaa. And I am sure you were flustered there. He got you really good, Li An but hey, put me on speaker let me scold that big ass baby.”

Ye Cheng chuckled at the response and when his mother laced the phone on speaker, bringing it forward between them, he leaned in and spoke into it.

“Hello Uncle Fong. How are you?”

“Hehhee, I am good and not good, getting scolded by your mother this morning.” He flickered his gaze to his mother, silently asking if that was true.

The embarrassed look in her face gave away all the answer.

“Guilty as charged,” both men chorused. Ye Cheng placed both hands back in his pocket and straightened his back.

“Why are you requesting milk. Aren’t you too old? I wonder how Wei Ling’s reaction would be when he finds out his friend is being naughty to his mother.”

“Hahhaa, please don’t uncle. Don’t tell that loud mouth. The clique would hear of it.”


“Yes. On a lighter note, I want her to experience what it feels to be admired and flustered. I know dad isn’t here and Li Jing and I, do have our moments. I do not want her feeling lonely.”

Fong Cai let out a sigh of relief. “It is good that you still think about all her needs. You are a filial son. However, she is a bit flustered now and wo….”

“Ayee that’s enough out of you. I will call you back. Bye.” Fong Cai was not given any opportunity to speak at will when the call ended abruptly on him.

Since she did not plan on telling her son about her trauma, he decided to hint on it for her son to help but she shut him down.

‘Sigh! If Ye Cheng was that observant and brilliant, he would know she is hiding something. Li An, I hope you open up to him. He is your surest and best bet. If only Ye Sheng was half the man his son is.’

Lamenting inwardly wasn’t what he wished for.

‘Tsk, I shall pay them a visit one of these days. It is time to give this search and investigation one last hopeful round. After taht, I will make Li An give up on finding her bestfriend.”

Ye Cheng became immediately suspicious by her actions. There was no way in hell he would believe nothing was wrong with her after all that happened shortly.

“Tell me, mum, what is the matter?”

“N-nothing.” No matter how she tried to hide her quivering lips, her voice gave her away.

“Mum?” His penetrative eyes shone as they settled in on her. “Tell me. What was uncle tying to say? Are you alright? You know if you hide from me, I would feel it right?”

She pressed he rlips together. These were her vulnerable and trying times. She hated how she felt weak.

“You have other things to worry about, Michael. No need to pressure your mind with me.”

“You are every bit my joy as Li Jing is. Talk to me.”

Her eyes softened. He ould tell her resolve was weakening. A little push and she would be opening up.

Somehow his eyes fell to her hands and noticed her tremble. Immediately, Ye Cheng’s brows drew together as he walked into the room and held her hand.

He shut the door, let her in with him till they were seated on her bed. “Are you cold? Should I switch off tehair conditioner?”

Asking that as the least of his worries. He hoped it was just a cold and not what his mind told him it was.

When she did not respond, hos worry set in. “It’s her right?”

She took some seconds of silence, contemplating how she was going to answer this question.

After much difficulty she did but not before leaning sideways so she could rest her head on his shoulder.

As usual his protective arm was wrapped around her, holding her body to his. “Speak, mother.”

“It is…” she inhaled slowly, building her courage up. “It would soon be the anniversary of when she went missing, Michael. It scares me I won’t be able to find her again. Two decades have gone.”

Her voice broke at the last part, her eyes stung as the tears she never planned on releasing began to rush to her eyes.

“I failed her.”

Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

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When we lose our hearts to the wrong person, setting a betrayal in place, how well do we come out from such hurt? Li Jing was the meek and loving, unwanted, adopted daughter of the Li family. For as long as she could remember, she had always been maltreated by her foster mum and sister because she was her adoptive father’s big secret. As though she hadn’t suffered enough, she had her heart torn in shreds by the betrayal of her fiancé and her sister. Ye Cheng was the cold and aloof, indifferent, charming CEO of the Dream Star Corporation, who had always lived his life in a simple way and cherished what life brought to him. One year later after returning to the country, to take over his family’s business, he had the one he loved kidnapped. In a bid to save her life, he lost her and was badly injured. What happens when these two people who life has played its tricks on finally cross paths? They both had a lot of secrets behind their past that they were oblivious to. When secrets finally became exposed, revenge became their only goal. What happens when a simple game to escape forced marriages blooms into something enchanting? Would she be able to melt his indifferent and cold heart and would he be able to accept the love she gave or will revenge be the only relationship between them? Find out how these two people would weave their fates with the thread of life, in a world filled with secrets, lies, betrayal, mystery, vendetta and love.


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