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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 864

Chapter 848 - 848 Opening the Divine Court Treasury

848 Opening the Divine Court Treasury

No one expected that after Han Muye’s edict was issued, the Central Continent Dao Sect would be the first to take action.

Before the three million troops of the Mystic Sun Guards gathered, and before the million demons of the Southern Wasteland moved, the Central Continent’s Daoist Faction had already broken their heads over 30,000 spots.

Several Half-Sages of the Daoist Faction personally went to the Imperial City and begged Han Muye to increase the quota from 30,000 to 50,000.

Even 50,000 was not enough.

There were a total of 10,000 people who went to the Heaven Realm outside the realm last time. Outside the Imperial City, there were about 2,000 people in the Dongnan gate.

Apart from more than a hundred people who had entered seclusion to break through, the rest of the 2,000 Heaven Realm cultivators signed up.

In the past three years, even those who had just advanced to the Heaven Realm and were still consolidating their cultivation were called and set off.

The remaining 40,000 spots were selected by the various Daoist sects and outer sects. They all gathered in half a month.

It was said that the scene was explosive and countless experts were competing.

It couldn’t be helped. Everyone wanted this opportunity.

Every Heaven Realm expert who had returned from the Heavenly Mystic Realm had brought back infinite wealth.

What was infinite wealth?

It was wealth that could be freely spent and used by any sect without restriction.

A sect that was originally tight on resources spent three million spiritual rocks every year. The entire sect worked hard to earn spiritual rocks to keep the expenses.

However, after their sect master returned from the Outer World, he immediately announced that all the missions in the entire sect had been canceled. Everyone’s only mission was to cultivate with all their might.

Then the sect master directly threw out treasures worth billions of spiritual rocks and piled them in the treasure vault. He turned around and went into seclusion. Before he left, he even said that if it wasn’t enough, there were more.

If it was a sect, it would be fine.

The key was that the Heaven Realm experts who had returned from the various sects were all so arrogant.

Those sects with few disciples and many experts would immediately look for relatives after the Heaven Realm experts returned.

All those who had a good relationship with their sect and were not at the Heaven Realm were recruited.

Originally, many sect disciples had a backbone. How could they discard their own inheritance?

Then they gave in.

How could these disciples, who were only at the Earth Realm, reject 10 million spiritual rocks each?

Over the past three years, the cultivation world of the Central Continent had been rife with competition for wealth.

All the cultivators were envious and jealous of the Heaven Realm powerhouses who followed Minister Han to the Outer Realm.

However, he could not do anything to these people.

These powerhouses were allied with each other and controlled the top of the cultivation world. All of them were rich, and they often threw money at each other.

Many Earth Realm Golden Core experts who had cultivated for hundreds or thousands of years would criticize them in private.

How could one rely on spiritual rocks to cultivate?

If there were spiritual rocks, who wouldn’t know how to accumulate cultivation?

The traditional virtues of the cultivation world were all ruined.

Of course, these Golden Core cultivators were the most enthusiastic in responding to Minister Han’s recruitment.

They wanted to pass on the tradition of hardship and simplicity, let the glory of tradition shine on Prime Minister Han, and let everyone suffer together.

Therefore, he did not give in.

Han Muye did not care about the commotion outside. He simply opened the Heavenly Gate and stepped out of the Heavenly Mystic Realm after all the armies were gathered.

Behind Han Muye were the three million sword cultivators led by Huang Zhihu.

Gao Xiaoxuan stood behind Huang Zhihu without saying a word.

Beside Gao Xiaoxuan was Bai Wuhen, who was dressed in white and had two swords on his back.

The last time Han Muye summoned a Heaven Realm expert to go out of the world, Bai Wuhen had returned to the Southern Wasteland and missed it.

This time, she would follow Gao Xiaoxuan no matter what.

At this moment, the auras of the three million sword cultivators were connected, and sword qi lingered.

The long swords on their backs were all standard swords. There was no difference in their appearance.

After three years of working together, the power of the sword formation had long been formed.

Han Muye wanted to test the power of their battle formation this time.

Behind the sword formation, the million demons of the Southern Wasteland were in a mess.

But among the ranks of the demon horde were many ancient divine beasts and strange beasts, which was why Han Mu Ye summoned the demonic tribes of the Southern Wasteland.

On this trip, he wanted to restore the strength of the divine beasts and strange beasts of the Southern Wasteland as much as possible.

Behind them were the Daoist Faction experts with green eyes.

Among the 50,000 Daoist cultivators, the lowest cultivation level was at the fifth level of the Golden Core Realm.

This time, the experts of the Daoist Faction had already come out in full force.

Outside the realm, Han Muye led millions of troops.

“Minister Han, aren’t you going to pick up the Daoists from the Jinnan Star Region?” Tao Zhixing looked at Han Muye and frowned.

Beside him, a few Confucian cultivators from the Jinnan Star Region also frowned.

They had come to the academy to teach two years ago. They knew a little about the last battle where Han Muye brought a Heaven Realm expert out of the Heavenly Mystic Realm, but they did not know the details.

Although those Heaven Realm experts in the Imperial City had obtained huge benefits, not many of them were ostentatious.

After all, the cultivators of sects and clans, Daoism and Confucianism had different attitudes towards cultivation.

Those Confucian Dao Heavenly Realm cultivators who returned were at most a little more extravagant, and their voices were a little louder when they drank.

“Brother Tao,” Xu Wei said with a smile, “since we’re out of the Realm and such a large army has been dispatched, how can Prime Minister Han just pick up fellow Daoists from the Jinnan Star Region?”

He turned to look at the Daoist Heaven Realm experts who could no longer suppress their excitement. Xu Wei pouted and said, “Look, do they look like they’re welcoming someone?”

Tao Zhixing and the others turned around and saw the Daoist cultivators with green eyes.

With this kind of attitude, even if they were welcoming a peerless beauty, they wouldn’t have this demeanor.

In the void, at this moment, countless divine senses interweaved.

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Status: Ongoing Author:

Han Muye, who had exceptional comprehension skills, was reborn into a cultivation world. He joined a clan which specialized in swordsmanship. He then became the keeper who looked after the swords in the Swords Pavilion.

There were more than 100,000 swords stored in the pavilion. The keeper was tasked to clean all of them once a month.

When Han Muge cleaned the Qinghe sword, he acquired a hint of Sword Qi.

When he cleaned the Ziyan sword, he comprehended the swordsmanship, the Burning Plain, left behind by the original owner of the sword. He also acquired the Sword Qi of Burning Flame.

When he cleaned the Shanyue sword, he comprehended the teachings left behind by Master Boulder and learned the Mountain Sword Technique.

Han Muye built up his Sword Qi bit by bit during the past 60 years working as a keeper in the pavilion.

Throughout the 60 years, a disciple came to seek a sword in the pavilion, and he received guidance from Han Muye.

The Sacred Maiden from the demonic clan attempted to steal a sword from the pavilion, but in the end, she left dejected and empty-handed.

A swordsman came to challenge Han Muye, and he left with a broken sword.

60 years later, the Celestial World invaded the mortal world.

The disciple had become an exceptional Sword Deity. He wielded his sword and protected a part of the world.

The Sacred Maiden had become the demonic clan leader. She sent a letter to the Swords Pavilion and led her clan to fight against the gods.

The swordsman had achieved enlightenment in his swordsmanship. His Sword Qi rifled up to the sky.

The gods from the Celestial World loomed over the sky above.

Han Muye slowly stood up. 100,000 swords followed him as he emerged from the pavilion. His Sword Qi could be sensed from 30,000 miles away, and his Sword Will pierced through the realms.

He declared, “Today, I, Han Muye, will traverse the sky. I want to see who among the gods dares to invade this mortal world.”


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