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Martial Peak Chapter 986

Chapter 985 - Chaotic Abyss

Chapter 985, Chaotic Abyss

After examining all the information he received, Yang Kai’s face sank.

He had unwittingly found himself inside one of the Star Field’s Restricted Areas.

Even masters at the Saint King Realm didn’t dare set foot into this place. All half-decent Star Charts’ plotted routes were well away from here.

The brilliant beautiful stars nearby which pulsed blazing hot and frigid cold energy also hid some kind of immense danger.

The dangers of this place were not just limited to its disorienting effects, but also far more terrifying things. The information the big beauty passed over to Yang Kai via that Divine Sense package didn’t explain what these dangers were, but from the way it was described to him, Yang Kai understood that any of these dangers was enough to reap his life.

Worst of all, Yang Kai once again found himself in a state of helplessness, not knowing where he should go from here.

After absorbing the information left by the other party, Yang Kai remained in place for a while to ponder his next move before starting up his Star Shuttle again and flying off, seeking a way out.

Yang Kai was not willing to just give up; he had only just arrived in the vast Star Field and hadn’t even seen its real splendours yet.

As time passed, Yang Kai would randomly pick a direction and then fly towards it at maximum speed, not trying to conserve his energy at all.

But it seemed that despite Yang Kai’s best efforts, no matter how long he flew for, he would always find himself still in the middle of the countless beautiful stars.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling like he was flying in one giant circle!

The chaotic domain here affected Yang Kai’s ability to judge his position and confused his sense of direction, constantly leading him astray despite him being certain he was heading the right way.

Amidst the shimmering Starry Sky, Yang Kai soon lost track of how long he had been wandering aimlessly.

Perhaps it had been a month or two; perhaps it had been half a year, with nothing to use as a reference, it was impossible to tell.

Yang Kai’s cultivation had been growing steadily all this time, the incredibly rich energy surrounding him quickly bringing him to the point where he could begin breaking through to the Second Order Saint Realm. His strength had improved far faster than he had ever imagined possible.

This fact was the one thing that comforted his heart.

Yang Kai even secretly feel that staying here wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be and that, as long as he continued to look for it, he would eventually find a way out.

Yang Kai sat on his Star Shuttle, allowing it to fly forward on its own while he silently cultivated.

His expression was as calm as the surface of a lake, without the slightest hint of nervousness. In any case, since he couldn’t find a way out, for the time being, he might as well take advantage of this opportunity to improve his strength. He believed that even throughout the entire Star Field, such an astounding cultivation environment was extremely rare.

Yang Kai felt that as long as his strength reached a certain height, he would be able to break out of this chaotic domain.

Suddenly, two weak Soul fluctuations and life auras suddenly appeared inside the range of his perception.

It was the two sisters he had met before!

Yang Kai opened his eyes and wrinkled his brow slightly.

He hadn’t expected to see them again; it seemed like they too had not found a way out of the Chaotic Abyss.

Right now, they appeared to be resting on a huge asteroid, not continuing to fly forward and instead allowing the asteroid to carry them about aimlessly.

These two were the only living beings Yang Kai had come across this entire time, and they were caught up in the same situation as he was, so he couldn’t help feeling a subtle sense of affinity with them.

After thinking about it for a moment, he flew his Star Shuttle over to the asteroid where they were.

Shortly after, Yang Kai landed on the asteroid and looked around. Although he didn’t see the sisters’ figures, he did find a cave entrance at a certain place not far away.

[Are they hiding inside?] Yang Kai frowned.

Walking over to the cave, Yang Kai leaned over and shouted inside, “Are you in there?”

“Come inside to talk!” The voice of Elder Sister came from within. They had also felt his life aura and knew it was Yang Kai, so they judged there was no need to act overly cautious.

Yang Kai jumped down into the cave, following a winding and twisting path until he arrived deep inside and discovered two figures sitting cross-legged, snuggling together.

At this moment, the moods of the two young women seemed particularly low. Yang Kai also felt that the younger sister named He Miao was quite depressed, as if she was despairing that they had become lost in this Chaotic Abyss.

“We meet again,” The Elder Sister gently nodded to Yang Kai.

“It seems so,” Yang Kai smiled, though this wasn’t exactly something to feel happy about, “Why are you two hiding here? Did you encounter some kind of danger?”

“There’s no immediate danger, we just don’t want to waste our physical strength and Saint Qi. Didn’t you notice that by staying here, there’s no need to expend Saint Qi to guard against the Starry Sky’s power?”

Hearing her words, Yang Kai suddenly understood and noticed that the pressure which filled the Starry Sky really couldn’t invade this place, so staying here was comparatively more relaxed.

“We used up all our Saint Crystals and pills, so we can only hide here,” The younger sister He Miao added, her voice no longer as sharp and energetic as before.

“Used up?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“We’ve been lost here for a long time,” The Elder Sister explained, “If we ventured out now and still can’t find a way out, once our strength is exhausted, we’ll only be able to wait for death.”

“You’re situation’s really quite miserable…” Yang Kai understood their troubles and sympathised.

“Why are you taking pleasure in our misfortune…” He Miao sniffled, her voice filled with bitterness.

“I am?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“… If you say so. Anyways, what do you plan on doing now? Just keep hiding?”

”What else are we supposed to do?” The Elder Sister gave Yang Kai and complicated look, “We aren’t like you, and our bodies aren’t intrepid enough to withstand the power of the Starry Sky without using up our Saint Qi.”

Yang Kai let out an awkward laugh, not knowing what to say.

In the darkness, He Miao’s beautiful eyes suddenly lit up, “That’s right, you aren’t afraid of the power of the Starry Sky, which means you don’t need to use up Saint Crystals or pills to supplement your strength! Do you have any extra Saint Crystals or pills? Could you sell us…? En, lend us some?”

Her face filled with a look of expectation, seemingly having discovered a source of hope in the midst of her despair, her pretty eyes silently appealing to Yang Kai.

The Elder Sister was woken up by her younger sister’s words, also showing a look of anticipation.

“I don’t have any Saint Crystals,” Yang Kai shook his head.

The two sisters frowned at the same time, both of them believing that Yang Kai was a stingy man who didn’t know how properly treat women.

“But I have Crystal Stones, I also have a few pills,” Yang Kai followed up.

“Crystal Stones? Low grade Crystal Stones?” The Elder Sister was startled but quickly nodded, “Crystal Stones are alright as well, it’s better than nothing.”

“Would you please lend us some?” He Miao asked pitifully.

“Giving you some shouldn’t be a problem,” Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, in any case, he didn’t need to worry about expending his strength in this region of the Starry Sky as he could just recover by absorbing the energy around him.

“Great! You’re really a good person!” He Miao celebrated as a look of joy filled her face.

“But what can you give me in return?” Yang Kai asked.

He Miao’s joyful expression went stiff and the Elder Sister asked with some vigilance, “What do you want?”

In the darkness, Yang Kai swept his eyes over the two sisters as he contemplated what to ask for.

He really didn’t know what these two sisters had on them right now that could make up for his loss.

“Forget it,” The Elder Sister’s face suddenly became gloomy, her attitude also taking a turn for the worse as she coldly declared, “Just pretend we never asked, we’d rather stay here.”

“Smelly man!” He Miao also snorted as she stared angrily towards Yang Kai, a look of revulsion appearing on her face, “Be careful we sisters don’t join together to beat you up!”

They had obviously misunderstood Yang Kai’s intentions, thinking he was trying to take advantage of them.

Yang Kai shook his head and laughed helplessly, taking out some Crystal Stones and pills from the Demon Mystic Tome and setting them down, “Just think of it as a gift.”

He didn’t take out too many Crystal Stones and the pills he gave them were only Spirit Grade, even though he didn’t lack Saint Pills.

After all, he had only just met these two women and didn’t share any friendship with them, if he really took out a bunch of Saint Pills or too many Crystal Stones, it might cause them to covet his belongings, leading to an unnecessary fight.

He had to act prudently.

Yang Kai’s actions caught the two sisters off guard, not knowing why this bad man had suddenly become so generous.

The coldness on the Elder Sister’s face receded as she offered some words of apology, “If there is an opportunity, we’ll pay you back ten times over.”

“En, I wish you good luck,” Yang Kai replied casually, “I’m going to continue searching for a way out, so I won’t bother you further.”

Saying so, he turned around and walked towards the cave’s exit.

Just as he was about the leave the cave, the voice of the Elder Sister came from behind him, “We are disciples of Sword Union, my name is He Zao, and my sister is He Miao!”

“I’ll remember, I hope we meet again under better circumstances,” Yang Kai replied.

After Yang Kai left, He Zao and He Miao sat somewhat dazed inside the cave, He Miao commenting after a while, “He’s a strange person. Not even telling us his name, he doesn’t understand etiquette at all.”

“At the very least he’s not a bad guy,” He Zao looked at Crystal Stones and pills in front of them, a touch of gratitude appearing on her face.

“He really must be from a remote place, these Crystal Stones and pills are so low-grade they won’t allow us to recover much strength,” He Miao snorted as she evaluated what Yang Kai had left behind.

“We should be grateful he left us anything at all. With these, we can at least explore the area for another month or two without worrying about running out of strength. Although there’s not much hope, we can’t just give up. Master may be out there looking for us, if she can bring some people here to search, we may survive after all.”

“Elder Sister, I miss Master already. In the future, I won’t ever come near this damned place.”

“If this time we weren’t pursued by those Purple Star people, we never would have fallen into this situation, much less find ourselves so deep inside Chaotic Abyss.”

“Are those Purple Star people chasing us still? It doesn’t seem like they’d be willing to let us off.”

“It’s quite possible, after all, that thing is still in our hands. Hateful, how did news about it leak out?”

“There’s definitely a traitor inside the Union,” He Miao categorically said.

“No matter the case, right now, we just need to focus on surviving.”

As the two sisters spoke, they carefully collected the Crystal Stones and pills.

Ordinarily, they wouldn’t even spare such low-level resources a second glance, but right now they represented their last hope, so they dared not waste them.

After recovering their strength to its peak, the two sisters left the cave and headed off in a different direction from Yang Kai, clinging to the slim hope of finding a way out.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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