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Martial Peak Chapter 979

Chapter 979 - Unsealing The Phoenix Nest

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

The Phoenix Nest was a world of Ice and Snow, with frigid air blowing through the forest that was covered in a layer of pure white fog, creating a kind of illusory fairyland.

The inheritance belonging to the Phoenix Empress was hidden somewhere inside this forest and for thousands of years, no one had managed to obtain it.

Only some disciples who cultivated Ice or Cold Attribute Secret Arts would regularly come to the Phoenix Nest to take advantage of the natural environment to cultivate.

Frozen Nether Cave Heaven had previously acted against Dragon Phoenix Palace mainly to seize the Phoenix Nest from them.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged in a certain place inside Phoenix Nest, his Saint Qi keeping the icy wind from affecting his body.

After breaking through to the Saint Realm, Yang Kai could feel an extraordinary energy circulating through this place, which left a layer of frost clinging to his hair and clothes, seemingly capable of affecting both the physical and spiritual world.

If Su Yan could come to this place, she would likely need only circulate the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art to absorb all the Ice Attribute Energy throughout the entire Phoenix Nest.

However, she couldn’t come here.

Yang Kai constantly released his Divine Sense into the surroundings, trying to communicate with this ice domain and have it accept him.

After all, Yang Kai had no idea when he would be able to return from this trip to the Starry Sky. If he could take away the Phoenix Empress Inheritance that resided here and was lucky enough to find Su Yan, he could directly pass it to her to help her improve her cultivation.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t even certain this was possible.

The intense ice-cold power exerted by this place was completely incompatible with the Yang Qi he has cultivated within his body.

He could try his best but this wasn’t something that could be forced.

Time passed by and Yang Kai had sat inside the Phoenix Nest for half a month without making any progress.

But that did not mean he didn’t have any gains. Yang Kai had taken advantage of the situation to consolidate his recent breakthrough to the Saint Realm.

Just after breaking through to a new Great Realm was the time one most needed to avoid advancing recklessly.

The Cold Qi in the environment forced Yang Kai to resist it with his own hot Saint Qi, allowing him to continuously circulate the energy within his body while experiencing the difference between his previous True Qi and current Saint Qi.

Yang Kai had reaped a great harvest from this experience and did not mind it continuing, instead splitting his attention between communicating with the Phoenix Empress Inheritance and stabilizing his Saint Realm cultivation, allowing his Saint Qi to become purer and denser.

This period of time gave Yang Kai an opportunity to lay down a solid foundation, enabling the strength within his body to slowly grow stronger as he comprehended the mysteries of the Saint Realm.

During this process, the Golden Dragon Tattoo swam vigorously across his back while interacting with the energy contained inside the Phoenix Nest, seemingly obtaining some special form of nourishment from it. Over time, it became more and more excited, as if it wanted to leap out from Yang Kai’s body and blend directly with the ice-cold strength in the surrounding air.

The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress were the twin pillars of Dragon Phoenix Palace, the two were inextricably linked.

The Golden Dragon Tattoo contained a massive amount of energy and was the ultimate inheritance of the Dragon Emperor. It being able to elicit a reaction from the Phoenix Nest was only natural.

Another half a month later, the Phoenix Nest still showed no signs of movement.

During this time, Yang Kai had constantly been releasing his Divine Sense into the surrounding, trying to understand the mysteries of the Phoenix Nest.

But ultimately, he had failed.

After spending an entire month on this without any gains, Yang Kai could only reluctantly give up.

He concluded that he was unable to take the Phoenix Empress Inheritance from here.

Just as he opened his eyes and prepared to leave though, the ice-cold strength inside the Phoenix Nest suddenly underwent some unusual changes, seemingly coordinating with the Golden Dragon Tattoo on Yang Kai’s back and establishing a kind of subtle connection between them.

Yang Kai’s trembled, and recalling his movements just now, he quickly calmed his breathing and stopped circulating any of the strength within his body, allowing the Golden Dragon Tattoo to act completely freely.

The subtle connection became clearer and clearer, and Yang Kai’s expression grew brighter, as if he had understood something.

The huge icy strength within Phoenix Nest gathered towards a certain spot not far away from Yang Kai’s current position.

Gradually, the layer of frost and fog which had covered Phoenix Nest for thousands of years began to condense into a single small spot directly in front of Yang Kai, forming a cloud of astonishingly rich Ice Attribute Strength.

It seemed that all the ice-cold strength had gathered here now.

An Ice Phoenix phantom soon appeared in front of Yang Kai.

It was a gorgeous, pure-white, crystal-clear, flawless image, that exuded the nobles of auras, as if it was aloof of the mortal world.

It reminded Yang Kai greatly of Su Yan.

Their two auras were so similar it was almost as if they had been carved from the same mould.

Hu Jiao’er had once commented that Su Yan was like an ice fairy. This evaluation was not an exaggeration, anyone who saw Su Yan’s first impression would be similar to this; only when facing Yang Kai would her icy demeanour soften and melt.

A tremendous heat burst out, one seeming hot enough to burn down the entire world.

At the same time, a resounding dragon roar echoed throughout the Heavens and the Earth while the Ice Phoenix phantom lifted its head up high and released a piercing phoenix cry towards the sky above.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and gazed at it gently, just as if he was seeing Su Yan.

He sent out his most sincere invitation to the Ice Phoenix phantom at that moment.

The Ice Phoenix stared at him as if it possessed its own sentience, peering into Yang Kai’s eyes straight to his heart and understanding the importance she had to him.

Understanding his sincerity, she responded.

Her luminous body shattered into a million brilliant points of light that swept towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t move, allowing this rush of cold energy flood into his body, a thick layer of frost instantly condensing on his skin in the process.

The influx of ice and cold attribute energy had instantly caused his body temperature to plunge.

Yang Kai’s Saint Qi unconsciously began to riot, trying to resist this invasion of Cold Qi, but he quickly suppressed it, withdrawing all of it into his dantian.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s teeth began chattering and his lips turned purple as signs of frostbite appeared all over his body.

The massive amount of Ice Attribute Energy continued to flow in, and only after quite some time did the Cold Qi in the surroundings completely disappear.

Yang Kai’s tight and trembling body suddenly relaxed at this moment as the unbearable chill he had just been feeling vanished.

There seemed to be something more inside his body now, swimming across the surface of his skin, giving him an icy cool feeling that shook his spirit.

Untying his robes and lowering his head, Yang Kai saw both a dragon and a phoenix tattoo, frolicking and chasing one another.

Contained within these two tattoos was an unimaginable amount of power.

Yang Kai smiled with satisfaction and no small amount of surprise.

He had come here just to try his luck, never having imagined he would actually succeed; this result had far exceeded his expectations.

The Phoenix Empress’ Inheritance had really responded to his invitation and entered his body.

Closing his eyes, Yang Kai felt the Phoenix Empress’ aura and sensed its intentions of using his body to temporarily take shelter.

Till the end, it was a foreign entity, so despite the massive amount of energy it contained, Yang Kai was unable to access it, the only thing he could do was carry it for Su Yan for the time being.

After carefully confirming that the Ice Phoenix Tattoo would not adversely affect him in any way, Yang Kai got up and strode out of the Phoenix Nest.

The sun shone in, unsealing the Phoenix Nest.

The world of ice and snow which had existed for thousands of years finally began melting today.

After spending some time in Dragon Phoenix Palace to inform Chen Zhou about the Phoenix Nest’s situation, Yang Kai bid him farewell, summoned out his Star Shuttle, and headed back to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

When he arrived at the Holy Land, Xu Hui and the others had long since returned.

The entire Holy Land was still immersed in a jubilant mood.

Yang Kai summoned his friends and family and informed them about his plans to travel to the Starry Sky.

But to Yang Kai’s surprise, none of them showed many reactions after hearing the news, as if they all already knew.

Yang Kai turned to Li Rong and figured that she should have told them beforehand, allowing them to psychologically prepare themselves.

“Have you decided?” Meng Wu Ya asked calmly.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded gently.

“If you’ve decided, there’s no need to say anything more. Just concentrate on taking care of yourself out there. Don’t worry about here, this old master will look after it for you,” Meng Wu Ya nodded back.

“I’ll leave it to Treasurer Meng,” Yang Kai nodded sincerely. With Meng Wu Ya’s commitment, he could feel at ease even if he left.

Nine Heavens Holy Land was on a steady path now and didn’t require the Holy Master’s presence, the only thing Yang Kai had to worry about was his friends and relatives living in the former War Spirit Temple site, but as long as Meng Wu Ya was here, none would dare bully them.

“You head out first. Perhaps sometime later, this old master will follow suit; if that happens, I’ll definitely go looking for you,” Meng Wu Ya smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Suddenly, a burst of sobs came from nearby as Dong Su Zhu’s eyes became red and puffy, an imploring look upon her face, clearly saying she didn’t want Yang Kai to go.

More than a decade ago, Yang Kai had left the Central Capital and she had lost all contact with him.

It wasn’t until very recently that their family had finally reunited.

Dong Su Zhu hadn’t even had enough time to sit down and have a long chat with her son before Yang Kai had decided to embark on a new journey, this time heading out in the vast Starry Sky.

How could she be willing?

The Yang Family Fourth Master wore the face of iron, but the tears threatening to fall from the corners of his eyes gave away his true thoughts.

Yang Kai’s heart filled with guilt and was just about to try comforting them when Yang Ying Feng spoke first, “Go. Father supports your decisions and believes in you!”

Yang Kai’s shoulders trembled as he nodded strongly.

The Yang Family Fourth Master’s words greatly relieved Yang Kai. Now he could finally put down all his burdens and focus on the matters he wanted to accomplish.

“Before you go, you should go talk with Ning Chang,” Meng Wu Ya sighed slightly, “She has refused to leave her room for the last half-month.”

“I know.”

It was late at night, and the pale moon hung in the night sky, sending down pure gentle rays.

Yang Kai walked into the Holy Master Court just in time to see An Ling’er walk out. Upon seeing Yang Kai, An Ling’er couldn’t help letting out a giggle as she stepped aside, allowing him to pass, with a mischievous look on her face.

Yang Kai stared at her briefly before continuing towards Xia Ning Chang’s room.

Outside the door, Du Wan and the other five Grandmasters had gathered together and were constantly calling out, each one speaking words of persuasion, trying to tempt Xia Ning Chang out.

However, there was no movement from inside the room.

“Grandmasters, good evening,” Yang Kai coughed lightly to attract their attention.

In the darkness, five pairs of eyes simultaneously turned towards him, disgruntled looks upon their faces.

“You little brat…” Chang Bao fat body trembled as he immediately took advantage of his seniority to reprimand, “You really don’t know how blessed you are! Little Xia having a liking for you is simply more than you deserve, yet you actually dare make her sad, you really know how to anger this old master!”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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