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Martial Peak Chapter 966

Chapter 966 - Assemble At Nine Heavens Holy Land

Word that The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep, Li Rui, had come to Nine Heavens Holy Land spread like wildfire through the nine peaks!

From all over the nine peaks, many disciples put down whatever they were doing and ran over to the reception hall, filled with curiosity, hoping to catch a glimpse of this world famous Grandmaster.

The source of all this was because Xu Hui had accidentally shouted Old Man Li’s name.

When Yang Kai and the five Grandmasters escorted Old Man Li and Di Yao into Nine Heavens Holy Land, Xu Hui quickly inquired about their identities; after all, he was the Holy Land’s Great Elder and could not mistreat any distinguished guests.

After learning that this old man was actually The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep, Xu Hui couldn’t stop himself from calling out in shock, only then understanding why Yang Kai would rush out so eagerly to meet him, and why the five Grandmasters behaved like obedient disciples in front of this old man.

In this world, only Old Man Li had such qualifications, and only he could command such respect from these five Grandmasters.

The result of Xu Hui’s gaff though was news had rapidly spread out.

A few thousand of the Holy Land’s disciples had soon formed an almost watertight crowd around the reception hall.

The world never lacked for supreme talents. Thousands of years ago, the Demon Race had produced Great Demon God, the greatest master in history, but today, Old Man Li of the Human Race had risen to the top of the world.

The Human, Demon, and Monster Races all opposed one another, and it was not an exaggeration to say hostilities between the three races had never ceased, but if there was anyone in the entire world who each of these three races would receive with courtesy, besides The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep, there was no other.

Even Demon Commander Zhang Yuan and the three Monster Race Great Seniors wouldn’t dare act disrespectful in front of Old Man Li.

Unfortunately, Old Man Li was a hidden dragon who showed his tail but never his face. There were very few people who even knew his true appearance, and no one had heard anything about him for many years. Back in Floating Cloud City, Old Man Li had also quietly arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion in order to not alarm too many people.

There were many rumors that he had actually passed away long ago, making the common people sigh

But unexpectedly, he had taken the initiative to come to Nine Heavens Holy Land today.

“Have you all looked enough? Don’t you have anything better to do? If you keep standing there staring I’ll dig out all or your eyes!” Xu Hui coldly snorted as he shouted to the crowd.

The thousands of disciples were all shocked out of their daze and quickly made like frightened birds and beasts

Inside the hall, Yang Kai apologized, “I’ve let Old Man Li see something disgraceful, don’t worry, I will order these disciples restrain themselves.”

“No need, no need,” Old Man Li waved his hand to indicate he didn’t mind, “Normally, I try to avoid letting others know about my whereabouts, but this time… I hope that as many as possible know I am here.”

“Hm, why would that be?” Inside the hall, the Holy Land’s Elder and the five Alchemy Grandmasters stared at Old Man Li in confusion.

Old Man Li light expression suddenly became serious as he asked, “Recently, this old man has heard some disturbing news, and that this news actually spread from here, yes?”


“Then those rumours…”

“They’re true!” Yang Kai replied solemnly

“Sure enough,” Old Man Li sighed and said, “This old man also heard that Zhang Yuan and the three Monster Race Great Seniors have all begun to act, but most of the major Human forces have chosen to take a wait-and-see approach.”

“En,” Yang Kai expression sank, “Hearing rumours and seeing with one’s own eyes are two very different things. They also don’t know some ancient secrets like Zhang Yuan and the Monster Race’s Great Seniors, so them having doubts isn’t strange.”

After a pause, Yang Kai added, “But not everyone has chosen to remain idle, Soaring Heaven Sect, Dragon Phoenix Palace, Twin Spirit Pavilion, and Bold Independent Union have all sent word that their masters will soon arrive.”

“With only the Sects which had close ties to Little Friend Yang’s, how many masters will you be able to gather? I’m afraid that when the Demon and Monster Race arrive, we will become laughing stalks. In today’s world, our Human Race occupies the strongest position and this matter has actually occurred inside our territory, yet only the Demon and Monster Race are willing to contribute their full strength to resolving this issue, how improper of us!”

“Unfortunately that is just how things are, I have no way to compel these forces to act!” Yang Kai said helplessly.

“Does Little Friend Yang know which force has the greatest amount of influence in this world?” Old Man Li suddenly smiled and asked.

“Which force has the greatest influence?” Yang Kai was surprised by this question but quickly thought it over, “My Nine Heavens Holy Land’s name is quite loud right now and can be considered one of the world’s top forces. Soaring Heaven Sect is also quite good but I don’t believe there is a great difference between these two and other top forces.”

“En, there are many cultivation paradises and powerful forces throughout the world, there are also many top masters who have not appeared for many years, whether they’re even alive or not uncertain,” He Feng added.

“Old Man Li, which of these forces do you believe to be the most influential?” Du Wan asked curiously.

Old Man Li chuckled and didn’t answer directly, instead commenting lightly, “Little Friend Yang, the rise of your Nine Heavens Holy Land, this old man has heard much about. It is said that the appearance of a mysterious Alchemy Grandmaster has allowed Nine Heavens Holy Land to reach a height which surpasses even its peak former glory.”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded, his eyes suddenly brightening, somewhat understanding which force Old Man Li was referring to.

“A single profound Alchemy Grandmaster caused many cultivators to travel from far and wide to seek Alchemy services, what would happen if all the world’s Alchemists were to come here?”

“The Alchemist Guild!” Yang Kai shouted.

Old Man Li smiled and nodded, “If you can convince the Alchemist Guild to act, I believe the world’s great forces and experts would all move.”

“Has Old Man Li come here today for this reason?” Yang Kai looked towards him excitedly.

“Good, since becoming famous, this old man has secluded himself away and not intervened in worldly matters. For the past thousand years I have not done anything worthy of note for this world yet countless people revere and respect me, causing my heart to feel unsettled. Now that there is an opportunity for my influence to make a difference, this old man will naturally not let it off. En, although this old man was not born handsome, I believe I’ll be able to attract at least a few people’s attention,” Old Man Li smiled as he explained.

“I’ll go now to the Alchemist General’s headquarters and negotiate with them to take a stand!” Hong Fang hurriedly stood up.

“There’s no need for that, Master has already sent word to the Alchemist Guild about this matter before coming here. En, while he was at it, he also contacted many of his old friends!” Di Yao smiled and said confidently, “It shouldn’t be long before many people start arriving here.”

Inside the hall, the looks of everyone’s face filled with happiness and excitement.

Regardless of whether these people do so voluntarily or not, as long as they come, the Three Clans could collaborate to solve the problem of the Bone Race as soon as possible.

“Many thanks, Old Man Li!” Yang Kai said seriously.

“It is this old man who should be thanking Little Friend Yang on behalf of the world’s common people. It was Little Friend Yang who rushed about to rally the Three Clans, the dedication and care you hold for this world’s people is so great that this old man must admit his inferiority,” Old Man Li looked towards Yang Kai approvingly.

Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before saying, “Old Man Li misunderstands; I did not run around gathering the Three Clan and sending messengers to all the major forces out of some sense of righteousness, nor because I wanted to save this world.”

“Oh? Then why is Little Friend Yang acting so fervently, according to what this old man has heard, it was you who personally convinced the Demon and Monster Race to stand with you.”

“En, because I want to resolve the Bone Race issue as soon as possible so I can handle a personal matter. If I do not first solve the Bone Race, they will become an unwanted distraction,” Yang Kai replied sincerely.

Old Man Li stared at him deeply for a moment but did not ask him what this personal matter he wanted to deal with was, instead just letting out a chuckle, “No matter what your objective is, what you’ve done is a great meritorious deed, later generations who read tales of this day will no doubt see Little Friend Yang and Nine Heavens Holy Land’s names.”

Yang Kai could only let out a wry laugh.

Ten days later, Nine Heavens Holy Land had not yet seen the appearance of any Human Race master, but several Saint Grade Alchemists from the Alchemist Guild had actually arrived.

These Alchemists usually secluded themselves in their homes, and with their honoured status, it was always others who came to seek them out, but today, as if they had some prior agreement to, they all poured into Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Because The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep was here!

Each of them came here filled with anticipation, excitement and admiration.

Over the next few days, Saint Grade Alchemist from around the world arrived.

After learning the news, they had raced over even faster than the Human Race’s powerhouses.

In just ten days, the number of Saint Grade Alchemists inside Nine Heavens Holy Land had nearly reached thirty; almost ninety percent of the entire world’s Saint Grade Alchemists!

As for the remaining ten percent, they were all on their way.

Along with these Saint Grade Alchemists, a number of Human Race masters from various forces also began to arrive.

There were even several Third Order Saints!

Each of these masters were around a thousand years old and were old acquaintances with Old Man Li. After hearing his call, they had all rushed over without hesitation.

These top masters had also brought their own subordinates and disciples along with them to the nine peaks.

Soaring Heaven Sect’s Chu Ling Xiao had come together with Yang Kai’s four Martial Seniors too.

Chu Ling Xiao also seemed to know all of these old folks and each of them spent their time greeting and talking with one another

All of them praised Chu Ling Xiao about how outstanding a youth Yang Kai was.

As time passed, more and more Human Race masters assembled in the nine peaks, none of them possessing a cultivation lower than the Transcendent Realm.

The Alchemist Guild had announced that this time, if any great force did not give them face, the Alchemist Guild would act in kind, not only denying them Alchemy services, but even refusing to sell them spirit grasses and spirit medicines in the future.

This announcement had shaken the world and every force, big and small, did not hesitate to turn out in full strength.

They might be able to offend others, but none dared offend the entire world’s Alchemist, especially with The Old Man of Heaven’s Keep actually stepping forward to take the lead; none could withstand universal condemnation.

Once a cultivator no longer had access to pills, their days would be miserable.

Moreover, it was not like there were no benefits to showing up, the Alchemist Guild had pledged that after this matter was settled, all their Alchemists would provide Alchemy services for free for the next three years, including those Saint Grade Alchemist who would rarely personally take action!

No one would easily let go of such a huge advantage.

The entire nine peaks became very lively in a short period of time, with various masters emerging one after another.

With the introductions of Old Man Li and Chu Ling Xiao, Yang Kai also became acquainted with many of these top masters.

Time flew by and one month later, from the horizon, a terrifying Demonic Qi emerged, while at the same time, from a different direction, the sky filled with potent Monster Qi.

The masters inside the nine peaks all looked towards the sky, their expression becoming dignified.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he muttered, “The masters from the Demon and Monster Races have arrived!”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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