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Martial Peak Chapter 964

Chapter 964 - Union

Chapter 964, Union

Yang Kai’s explanation was reasonable and matched up with the suspicions of most people in the hall.

Each of them nodded in agreement

“I understand now!” Yang Kai suddenly wore a look of epiphany as he thought out loud, “I understand what those last words Great Demon God’s Soul Clone spoke meant!”

“Great Demon God’s Soul Clone?” Zhang Yuan heard these words and quickly asked for details.

Yang Kai did not try to conceal it and simply described the process of him rescuing Meng Wu Ya.

“At the end, Great Demon God’s Soul Clone had said that this world had been sealed for too long and that now it was time for it to step into the light again! At that time, I thought he was referring to all the Mysterious Small Worlds, but what he really meant was Tong Xuan Realm itself. It’s also why he told me to travel to the Demon Capital because this message had been left here.”

With the Grand Spirit Array broken, all the Mysterious Small Worlds had opened and Tong Xuan Realm had reappeared in the Starry Sky, exactly as Great Demon had said!

Yang Kai suddenly recalled that Chu Ling Xiao had said the night sky had undergone a change, and that many stars which were previously invisible could now be seen.

This must have been one of the effects of Great Demon God’s seal being lifted. With the layer of camouflage gone, there was now one less barrier between Tong Xuan Realm and the Starry Sky, so naturally, the stars appear brighter and more numerous.

“So that means…” Meng Wu Ya’s began to speak but hesitated, “The world’s current situation was a result of this old master and Little Yang Kai’s actions?”

Exchanging a glance with Yang Kai, they both wore somewhat awkward expressions.

“The seal being undone was indeed your doing, but the Bone Race recovering should have nothing to do with you. Although the timing is a bit coincidental…” Old Demon frowned.

“That’s not necessarily true. Great Demon God was the one who left behind that seal, so his aura has constantly been covering Tong Xuan Realm, causing the Bone Race to not dare wake up. After the seal was released though, and Great Demon God’s aura disappeared, the Bone Race definitely would have noticed,” Yang Kai postulated, “This is only my guess, but it is very likely to be true.”

The five Demon Race masters gawked for a moment, with Zhang Yuan soon saying, “If this is the case, then Holy Master Yang bears an inescapable responsibility to face the world’s current catastrophe.”

“What are you trying to imply?” Meng Wu Ya glared at Zhang Yuan and sneered, “Could it be you want to stay out of this? Yang Kai said that the Bone Race has the dozens of Saint Realm masters among them and that they can use the flesh and blood of masters they kill to create more of themselves. Once they are given enough time, they will be impossible to deal with.”

The Bone Race was like a spark in a prairie. Right now the fire was small, but that fire would soon grow out of control.

Zhang Yuan snorted, “Of course not. Sir Great Demon God exhausted his strength and life to defend this world from them, my Demon Race is his descendant, naturally, it is impossible for us to bring shame to his legacy. My Demon Race will also assist Holy Master Yang.”

Although he was speaking such words, anyone could see he was doing so reluctantly.

Yang Kai glanced over at him briefly before standing up and saying, “The course of events and the truth of this world, I have now understood. Whether your Demon Race intervenes in what is to come, that will be up to you. If you wish for your future generations to forever be enslaved by the Bone Race, by all means, remain on the sidelines.”

Saying so, Yang Kai directly walked out of the hall.

Meng Wu Ya and the others quickly followed after him.

Zhang Yuan’s expression dropped as he quickly called out, “Holy Master Yang, please wait!”

“What else do you want to say?” Yang Kai turned back.

“May I ask, after Holy Master Yang goes back, do you plan to fight with the Bone Race?”

Yang Kai paused for a moment before replying, “With just Nine Heavens Holy Land, it’s impossible. The difference in strength is too great, and I’ll first need to find allies. As for how many I can gather, that will depend on luck.”

Zhang Yuan frowned and pondered for a long time before saying, “There should be no one else in the world who understands the power of the Bone Race better than us. Just now, it was only that this Senior had some concerns which caused him to hesitate. En, after Holy Master Yang returns, please rally as much support as possible. This Senior will also do the same. Once this Senior has organized his forces, I will bring them to Nine Heavens Holy Land to join up with you.”

Yang Kai chuckled, “Do you want to help?”

Zhang Yuan wore a forced smile, “This Senior does not wish to disappoint Sir Great Demon God’s soul in Heaven! I am this era’s Demon Commander, the leader of the Demon Land. Could it be that I am incapable of even cleaning up the mess Sir Great Demon God left behind?”

Yang Kai stared at him deeply for a moment before sweeping his eyes over the four Demon Generals behind him, quickly discovering that all of them wore determined expressions.

Nodding lightly, Yang Kai declared, “No matter how things turn out, after this incident is resolved, all grievances between us will be written off.”

“When that time comes, this Senior will have many things to discuss with Holy Master Yang, especially about Sir Great Demon God,” Zhang Yuan laughed.

“Good!” Yang Kai nodded, “We’ll take our leave, no need to see us out.”

After Yang Kai and his group left, Zhang Yuan’s face became dignified as he turned to face the four Demon Generals, “How serious this matter is, you know yourselves. There’s no need for this Senior to say any more. Return to your territories immediately and call up all your strongest warriors. Meet back here within half a month!”

“Yes!” The four Demon Generals nodded sternly and quickly left.

Atop the Star Shuttle, Yang Kai’s group swiftly flew forward.

Meng Wu Ya said with some surprise, “Zhang Yuan was quite cooperative just now, much more so than I expected.”

“It’s not that he wanted to, it’s just that he understands the situation. He knows we will engage the Bone Race in battle; if we lose, the next one they will attack will be his Demon Land. If we win, I would definitely find him to settle accounts in the future! No matter who wins or loses, if he does nothing, he will lose,” Yang Kai said lightly, laying bare Zhang Yuan’s thought process.

His attitude at the beginning was very ambiguous. Obviously Zhang Yuan wasn’t eager to intervene; after all, once he did, he would definitely suffer heavy losses.

However, when he saw Yang Kai decisively get up to leave, he had no choice but to compromise.

Perhaps Zhang Yuan initially wanted Yang Kai to ask him for help so he could negotiate for some benefits. The two of them were not friends and Yang Kai had many things he coveted.

The Demon Mystic Tome, various Divine Abilities, the Demon God Golden Blood, each of these something Zhang Yuan would drool over.

“No matter what, this time’s catastrophe is also the responsibility of this old master!” Meng Wu Ya sighed heavily

If it weren’t for him entering that Mysterious Small World with Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai wouldn’t have had to destroy those eight Tong Xuan Pillars in order to rescue him. That was the keystone of the entire Grand Spirit Array, once it was destroyed, the array ceased operating and the seal Great Demon God placed on the world was lifted, resulting in the current disastrous situation.

Meng Wu Ya heavily blamed himself for this.

“It’s no one’s fault,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Even if this time I hadn’t destroyed those pillars, this grand formation would have stopped working one day. The only difference is that it happened slightly ahead of time.”

“If you don’t believe this situation is your responsibility, why are you so enthusiastic to handle it?” Meng Wu Ya chuckled.

“You think I’m acting overly enthusiastic?” Yang Kai frowned

Li Rong and Han Fei both nodded.

Old Demon also laughed and said, “Young Master is truly so.”

Yang Kai thought for a moment, “Perhaps it is because I do not wish to let all those who left their homes behind to lose their homeland again. If it was some other matter, even if the sky were to fall, others would stand to hold it up, but regarding those who I led here, I am the one they look to. If I don’t act, who will?”

Meng Wu Ya’s shoulder shook lightly, understanding that the people Yang Kai was referring to were those from the Great Han Dynasty, nodding lightly, “You’ve matured a lot.”

Li Rong and Han Fei’s beautiful eyes also flashed as they looked warmly towards Yang Kai, feeling that the Master they had chosen to serve was extraordinary indeed.

Under the night sky, the Star Shuttle shot forward like a meteor.

Yang Kai looked up at the stars but couldn’t find the beautiful figure he dreamed of as she was no longer there.

He didn’t know where Su Yan was in the vast Starry Sky.

A few days later, the group returned to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The atmosphere in the Holy Land was somewhat different from before he left, seemingly somewhat more solemn and tense. When Yang Kai came back, Xu Hui hurriedly reported, “Holy Master, there is news. With Water Spirit Temple as the centre, the surrounding ten thousand kilometres has become a barren wasteland where nothing lives. Word of this matter has spread throughout the world, causing quite a commotion. At the same time, those Bone Race monsters are continuing to expand their territory.

“Let them expand!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “The more noise they make, the easier it will be for us to convince others.”

After a pause, he asked, “When you passed the news to the major Human Race forces, what was their attitude?”

Xu Hui immediately became indignant, “Many people refused to believe us, and even those who did reluctantly trust our word showed no intention of intervening.”

“Everyone only cleans the snow before their own door!” Yang Kai chuckled, “Their reaction was only natural, but I think they’ll have no choice but to believe us now.”

“It’s impossible to not believe,” Xu Hui smiled bitterly, “Countless people fled from around Water Spirit Temple and are spreading the word of this calamity. The Holy Land is actually on the edge of the Human Territory, so ironically we have nothing to worry about right now.”

“Good, continue to spread the word. Let all those who are willing to fight with the Bone Race come to my Nine Heavens Holy Land, and also tell them that this time it will not be just our Human Race, but also the Demon Race and Monster Race who will be participating. This time we will need to unite the full strength of this world to resist.”

“The Demon Race and Monster Race too?” Xu Hui was greatly shocked, suddenly realizing the situation was more serious than he had thought, quickly excusing himself to accomplish his orders.

After a brief stopover in the Holy Land, Yang Kai rushed to the Beast Sea Jungle.

Atop Thunder Tree Palace, the three Monster Race Great Seniors had gathered. It seemed they were in the midst of discussing something, so when Yang Kai suddenly arrived, the three of them were quite surprised.

Thunder Dragon asked with amazement, “Weren’t you going to the Demon Land? Why did you suddenly return?”

“I’ve already been there and spoken to Zhang Yuan.”

“What was his attitude?”

“He’ll be sending his forces here, I’m here to ask the meaning of three Great Seniors.”

“Zhang Yuan is also sending people?” The only woman among the three called out in surprise.

“Allow me to introduce you. This is Yang Kai, you’ve not met him before, right, Yu’er?”

The enchanting woman Thunder Dragon introduced as Yu’er had a graceful figure and delicate looking waist, with a plump pair of milk white peaks and deep, beautiful eyes, a truly mesmerizing appearance.

She was one of the Monster Race’s three Great Seniors, her original form that of an Ice Jade Python. In terms of strength, she was no worse than Thunder Dragon or Earth Splitting Divine Ox.

The two people greeted one another, and Yu’er soon curled her lips into a tender smile, “I have already heard that Holy Master Yang is a young man with excellent abilities. Today, I see your reputation is well-deserved. En, dashing and handsome too. I wonder if Holy Master Yang would be interested in coming to my territory as a guest for a few days.”

Saying so, her enchanting eyes stared deeply into Yang Kai’s.

“If there is an opportunity one day, I will certainly accept your generous invitation,” Yang Kai grinned.

“Then we have an agreement! I will eagerly anticipate your arrival,” Yu’er said while throwing him a coquettish look.

Thunder Dragon’s face turned black as he shouted, “Hey, flirting so blatantly in front of me, don’t you think that’s a bit inappropriate?”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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