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Martial Peak Chapter 949

Chapter 949 - Seeing The Bone Race Again

Chapter 949, Seeing The Bone Race Again

Chu Ling Xiao was quite concerned about the current situation of High Heaven Pavilion and Ling Tai Xu also had many things he wished to talk about with the Ancestral Founder. Seeing that they would not be finished any time soon, Fei Yu beckoned to Yang Kai while quietly withdrawing.

Yang Kai excused himself and followed after her.

Outside the secret room, following Yang Kai, Cang Yan and the others also came out.

They had come here to report something to Chu Ling Xiao, but seeing him immersed in his discussion with Ling Tai Xu, they decided their matter could wait.

“Little Martial Nephew, I heard that your Nine Heavens Holy Land is developing quite well, yes?” Fei Yu asked Yang Kai with a smile.

“Things are alright,” Yang Kai chuckled.

“I also heard that your Nine Heavens Holy Land Saintesses are completely obedient to the Holy Master. Is that really the case? Little Martial Nephew, have you found a few Saintesses already?” Li Wan’s eyes glanced around, a false look of concern appearing on his face as he said, “Although you’re still young and strong, everything should be done in moderation lest you hurt yourself.”

Yang Kai’s face cramped up, not knowing how he should respond, instead choosing to forcefully change the subject, “Martial Uncles, Martial Aunt, did you all just come back from the outside?”

“En,” Cang Yan nodded, “We were out investigating the Snow Mountain Range’s situation.”

“Oh? Why? What happened?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

The four looked at each other, with Fei Yu eventually saying, “Little Martial Nephew is not an outsider, is there any need to conceal things?”

Cang Yan nodded, “We should talk discuss it, it will also be good to inform Little Martial Nephew so he can let Nine Heavens Holy Land pay attention.”

Seeing their expression become dignified, Yang Kai immediately realized that the situation was more complicated than he anticipated, otherwise how could four Saint Realm masters treat it so seriously?

“Come with us,” Fei Yu waved her hand and led Yang Kai together with the other three towards a certain direction.

“About half a year ago, the world’s Mysterious Small World all opened on their own, Little Martial Nephew should know about this, yes?” Cang Yan asked as they walked.

“Naturally,” Yang Kai gently nodded. Not only did he know about it, but he was also quite suspicious about whether these Mysterious Small Worlds opening on their own had something to do with him destroying the space which was guarded by Great Demon God’s Soul Clone.

Although he had no definitive evidence, the timing was quite consistent, with all the entrances to the various Mysterious Small Worlds appearing just after he destroyed that space.

“We don’t know if the two situations are related to one another, but after the entrances to all the Mysterious Small Worlds opened, an incident inside the Snow Mountain Range occurred.”

“What kind of incident?” Yang Kai asked.

“A top-level master strangely appeared,” Cang Yan replied in a low tone.

“Top-level master?”

“A Third Order Saint!”

Yang Kai wore a look of shock.

There were only a handful of Third Order Saints across the world, with the total number among all three races adding up to no more than twenty.

Yang Kai knew that there were only five such masters amongst the Demon Race. Besides the Demon Commander Zhang Yuan, there were the four Demon General.

On the Monster Race’s side, only the three Great Seniors had arrived at such a cultivation, namely Scarlet Flame Thunder Dragon, Divine Ox, and Ice Jade Python.

The number amongst the Human Race was slightly more, but not by a wide margin.

Such a master inexplicably appearing in the Snow Mountain Range was naturally an incident worthy of note.

“What race is he from?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked.

When he did so though, the expressions of his four Martial Seniors suddenly became strange, Cang Yan only responding after a brief silence, “It was because we were uncertain of what race he belonged to that we were concerned. When we get to the place, you will understand.”

Yang Kai was stunned and no longer asked any questions and simply followed along.

Listening to what they had just said though, it seemed like this Third Order Saint was actually imprisoned somewhere inside Soaring Heaven Sect at the moment, making Yang Kai feel quite confused.

Wanting to capture a Third Order Saint was no simple matter.

Although he was curious about how they accomplished this, Yang Kai refrained from asking.

Following the four through Soaring Heaven Sect, it took a moment before they arrived at a certain mountain peak at the bottom of which was a hidden entrance that led down into its depths.

Along the downward ramp were bright torches that gave off a thick Yin Qi.

Feeling a certain pressure on his body, Yang Kai’s expression grew serious.

Fei Yu took the initiative to explain, “There is a powerful Spirit Array set up here that has the effect of suppressing one’s strength. This place is where my Soaring Heaven Sect imprisons powerful enemies, but it has been empty for quite some time, that is, until a few months ago.”

“That unknown master is being held here?”

“En, the situation is very strange, we don’t know how to explain it, it’s best if you see it with your own eyes,” Cang Yan nodded.

As they descended, Yang Kai felt that the pressure fettering him seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, giving him the illusion that the entire mountain was pressing down on him, making it difficult to breathe.

This was obviously the overflow effect of the Spirit Array. Although it was not specifically targeting Yang Kai, it still gave him great pressure. If they were to be the focus of this suppression, Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of master would be able to withstand it.

After descending around three thousand meters or so, the group finally arrived at a dimly lit stone room. Inside this stone room, there were a number of faintly glowing lines that were arranged in a complicated pattern. At the centre of this pattern was a bound human figure.

Chu Ling Xiao’s Demon Sealing Chain was firmly wrapped around this humanoid form, constantly releasing a scalding hot aura that was burning this figure while its hands and feet were also bound by a series of artifacts Yang Kai had never seen before.

Even so, a shocking malevolent aura still filled this room.

“That’s him,” Cang Yan pointed to the front, “Little Martial Nephew, look carefully, if your Nine Heavens Holy Land encounters such a creature in the future, you must act prudently, we are still unable to determine which race he belongs to.”

As Yang Kai looked towards the human form, his eyes suddenly filled with shock as he called out unconsciously, “Bone Race?”

“What?” His four Martial Seniors simultaneously stared towards him.

Yang Kai frowned deeply and quickly walked towards the human form, carefully examining it and confirming his initial suspicions.

The one tied up here was actually a Bone Race!

“Little Martial Nephew, do you know this race?” Cang Yan asked urgently.

“I’ve seen one before!” Yang Kai nodded solemnly.


“Seven or eight years ago, when I went to find my Senior Sister, in a place at the northern edge of the endless sea covered in glaciers,” Yang Kai explained quickly.

When he had gone to find Su Yan, he had blended Souls with her inside Ice Sect, allowing their Souls to assume the forms of a Golden Dragon and Ice Phoenix. In that form, the two of them flew across the glacial word and inadvertently destroyed a certain iceberg. Inside that iceberg was where Yang Kai had found a frozen skeleton.

That frozen skeleton was exactly the same as the humanoid one in front them, without any flesh and blood, only consisting of bones and meridians, a frightening sight to behold.

At the time, Yang Kai didn’t know what it was and thought it was perhaps the remains of an Ice Sect disciple that had accidentally died, so out of good-will he brought it back.

Ice Sect’s Master, Qing Ya, along with Ice Sect’s Elders, however, knew who this skeleton was and informed Yang Kai about him.

They said that a long time ago, a strange race which called themselves the Bone Race had mysterious appeared in Tong Xuan Realm. They appeared as nothing but skeletons, but each one of them was extremely powerful and long-lived.

The decline of Ice Sect was deeply tied to the appearance of the Bone Race.

Qing Ya finally instructed Yang Kai to incinerate the skeleton, and during that process, the frozen bones which he had thought was nothing more than a corpse, actually revealed a powerful life aura.

This frightening incident had left a great impression on Yang Kai.

Now seeing this shackled skeleton, Yang Kai naturally recognized its origins at first glance.

After listening to Yang Kai’s explanation, his Martial Uncles and Martial Aunt all wore extremely solemn expressions.

“You mean… he has lived for several thousand years?” Cang Yan asked somewhat incredulously.

“Most likely,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Martial Ancestor also said that this person seemed to have no vitality but was somehow still alive… However, it seemed like he had only just awoken from a very long sleep, so his strength was nowhere near its peak, allowing Martial Ancestor to easily capture him and bring him back to the Sect.”

“This Bone Race member was captured by Ancestral Founder?” Yang Kai turned to look at the four.

“En, on the same day that the Mysterious Small World entrances all opened, Martial Ancestor suddenly detected an unusual aura deep inside the Snow Mountain Range. Unable to feel relieved, he went to investigate and a few days later, brought this skeleton back… we all thought he was already dead.”

“Fortunately, Martial Ancestor had the foresight to imprison him here!” Li Wan said fearfully.

This Bone Race master’s energy fluctuations revealed to be a Third Order Saint Realm, and although it was faint, there was no doubt about his strength. If they had allowed him to recover, even Chu Ling Xiao may not have been able to defeat him.

“Wait, when we came here a few days ago, his meridians were all dried up but now they seem to be quite full, the life aura from his body has also become stronger,” Fei Yu noticed something and quickly reminded them.

“He’s restoring himself?!” Cang Yan’s expression dropped.

Did he really possess such amazing vitality? After being frozen in the Snow Mountain Range for thousands of years, he was still able to awaken and restore himself, the very concept was shocking.

“Why have we never heard of such a race before?” The four Saints all glanced around at each other in confusion.

“The world is big and filled with many unknowns. There’s nothing strange about there being things we know nothing about. Li Wan, go inform Martial Ancestor, we should let him decide what we do next,” Cang Yan declared.

“Good,” Li Wan immediately disappeared.

They had originally brought Yang Kai here to warn him about this strange entity, but instead they had actually gained information about it from Yang Kai, information that was of great concern to Cang Yan and the others.

A moment later, Chu Ling Xiao swiftly appeared.

“I’ve heard about the situation from Li Wan. Yang Kai, how much do you know about this Bone Race?” Chu Ling Xiao asked seriously.

“Not much,” Yang Kai shook his head, “I only know that if you want to completely destroy him, burning his skeleton to ash is the best way, otherwise once he fully recovers, he will be difficult to deal with.”

“Such a strange race… This old master has never heard of it before, but I know a bit about the Ice Sect. I hadn’t expected that their lineage was still continuing,” Chu Ling Xiao took a deep breath.

“Martial Ancestor knows about Ice Sect?” Yang Kai was quite surprised.

“Naturally, this endless Snow Mountain Range was once the exclusive domain of Ice Sect.”

Yang Kai was stunned.

However, that would also explain why a Bone Race master would appear here. If the fall of Ice Sect was inextricably linked to the Bone Race, they must have fought here a long time ago, ultimately losing and being chased out by the Bone Race, forced to retreat to that glacial world where they remained even now.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

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