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Martial Peak Chapter 947

Chapter 947 - Placement

Chapter 947, Placement

Yang Kai naturally did not miss what the Hu Sisters were thinking.

Moreover, Yang Kai had long ago planned for such a possibility.

Just because they mistakenly believed Sun Yu was the Dragon Emperor, Chen Zhou and the other masters from Dragon Phoenix Palace treated him like the most precious of treasures. If the Hu Sisters were to return the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art to Twin Spirit Pavilion, they would obviously receive similar treatment.

They would surely become the rising stars and future hope of the Twin Spirit Pavilion!

Because what they had obtained was the most orthodox version of the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art, not one that had been cobbled together by Twin Spirit Pavilion’s descendants.

What was of even more importance though was that Twin Spirit Pavilion might have information the Hu Sisters needed. Over the years, the two sisters had been struggling all on their own, and although their cultivations had reached the Transcendent Realm, such strength was insignificant in Tong Xuan Realm.

The cultivators of Twin Spirit Pavilion who had immersed themselves in the study of the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art for centuries undoubtedly had a deeper understanding of it than them and would be able to teach them their insight and experiences, greatly increasing the rate of the Hu Sisters’ progress.

“Yang Kai, we’d like to…” Hu Jiao’er turned to Yang Kai hesitantly, but he simply lifted his hand to interrupt her next words.

“Palace Master Chen, what is the temperament of Twin Spirit Pavilion’s Sect Masters?” Yang Kai asked. He understood the Hu Sisters’ thoughts, but that alone was not enough for him to feel relieved sending them to Twin Spirit Pavilion.

“Regarding their demeanour, Holy Master Yang may feel at ease. I have been dealing with them for many years and they are upright people. Twin Spirit Pavilion has very few disciples, only about a thousand people in total, so they always act prudently and never do anything that would bring disrepute upon themselves. Although there are only about a thousand of them, the position of the Twin Spirit Pavilion in Tong Xuan Realm is not worse than that of my Dragon Phoenix Palace. Both Wu Fa and Wu Tian are First Order Saints, the same as this Chen, but when they collaborate, they are capable of defeating most Second-Order Saints,” Chen Zhou explained happily.

“Then there should be no issues,” Yang Kai nodded.

Chen Zhou’s eyes flashed, “If these two young ladies can bring the complete Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art to Twin Spirit Pavilion, Wu Fa and Wu Tian will certainly be ecstatic!”

“There’s no rush, Jiao’er and Mei’er will first return back to Nine Heavens Holy Land with me. It won’t be too late for them to make a decision once we arrive,” Yang Kai chuckled.

“En,” The Hu Sisters did not hesitate to agree.

“Then… can this Chen send a message to Wu Fa and Wu Tian to inform them of the good news?” Chen Zhou asked cautiously as he observed Yang Kai’s expression.

“En, I shall trouble Palace Master Chen to do so,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Many thanks,” Chen Zhou replied gratefully before quickly summoning over Elder Xiao Ling of Dragon Phoenix Palace and letting him quickly travel to Twin Spirit Pavilion to convey the word of the Hu Sisters to Wu Fa and Wu Tian.

Dragon Phoenix Palace and Twin Spirit Pavilion had always had a good relationship, and Chen Zhou, Wu Fa and Wu Tian were also on good terms. When Sun Yu had obtained the Dragon Emperor’s Inheritance, allowing the Dragon Emperor’s prestige to reappear after thousands of years, Chen Zhou had felt somewhat regretful for Twin Spirit Pavilion even though he was happy for his own sect. Now that Chen Zhou saw hope in the Hu Sisters, he wanted to let his two friends know as soon as possible so they too could rejoice.

Yang Kai soon left to join the rest of the caravan, walking alongside and chatting with Ling Tai Xu.

It was difficult for Hu Jiao’er and Hu Mei’er to hide their excitement, each of them taking a spot next to Chen Zhou and constantly asking him about Twin Spirit Pavilion’s current situation.

Chen Zhou did not conceal anything and happily answered the two you girls’ questions.

“Holy Master Yang is quite considerate of you two,” Chen Zhou suddenly smiled mysteriously.

“What does Senior mean?” Hu Jiao’er asked, confused.

Chen Zhou explained, “Holy Master Yang insisted that you two first go to Nine Heavens Holy Land with him while allowing me to send a message to Twin Spirit Pavilion. Now, if Wu Fa and Wu Tian wish to meet with you, they must first travel to Nine Heavens Holy Land! Knowing you have a close relationship with Holy Master Yang, Wu Fa and Wu Tian will certainly not mistreat you in the future. On the contrary, they will regard you as their Sect’s future hope. If both of you had instead gone directly to Twin Spirit Pavilion, the situation may not be the same.”

Hu Jiao’er thought about it for a moment and felt that this was reasonable, her beautiful eyes glancing over towards Yang Kai who was walking in front of them and pouting slightly, “He’s always up to something.”

“He acted so for your own well being,” Chen Zhou nodded with an ambiguous smile, seemingly having noticed something.


After three long months of travelling, the several thousand person caravan was finally approaching their destination. When this news spread out, everyone felt very excited.

After so long, these cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty were all thoroughly exhausted, their initially vibrant curiosity giving way to the desire to find a quiet place and quickly begin enjoying the rich World Energy aura of Tong Xuan Realm.

This world was many times better in terms of cultivation environment compared to the Great Han Dynasty, causing all of these cultivators to secretly anticipate what kind of development they would achieve in the future.

From Nine Heavens Holy Land a few hundred kilometres away, a group of figures flew out.

Upon arriving, each of these people cupped their fists and greeted, “Holy Master!”

All of the Holy Land’s Elders had rushed out to welcome this caravan, their eyes curiously sweeping over these several thousand people.

Yang Kai gently nodded and asked, “Is everything ready?”

Great Elder Xu Hui nodded, “Everything has been prepared. When Elder Shi Kun arrived a few days ago, we immediately began tidying up War Spirit Temple’s old site. Although there are still some places in need of repair, we can begin moving people in at any time.”

“Not a problem,” Yang Kai nodded and expressed his satisfaction.

There were roughly three thousand disciples of Nine Heavens Holy Land, and now Yang Kai had brought back four or five thousand people with him. The nine peaks did not have enough space to comfortably place all of these people, and even if they squished everyone in, the supply of World Energy wouldn’t be sufficient to supply so many cultivators.

Therefore, Yang Kai had long ago decided to place his friends and family in a different location.

The old sites of Shattering Mystical Palace and War Spirit Temple were both good choices.

These two Sects had originally been set up in locations with rich World Energy and beautiful scenery, so they were quite suitable for long-term residence. The most important thing was that there were many buildings already in place.

However, Shattering Mystical Palace now had a constantly open entrance to the Starry Sky, so Yang Kai didn’t feel comfortable settling the Great Han Dynasty cultivators there and decided to use War Spirit Temple’s site instead.

Yang Kai had sent Shi Kun ahead a month ago to convey his instructions to Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Now it appeared that all the arrangements on that side had been completed.

All that was left was for the people brought over by Yang Kai to move in.

War Spirit Temple was not far from Nine Heavens Holy Land and was actually located right between the Holy Land and Netherworld Sect, so if anyone ever wanted to act against them, they would first have to pass through Nine Heavens Holy Land or Netherworld. Sect.

This was the strongest guarantee of the Great Han Dynasty cultivators’ safety.

Yang Kai had informed everyone about these things on their way here and the various leaders like Yang Zhao, Qiu Yi Meng, and Huo Xing Chen had said that there were no problems with his arrangements.

Living in the former site of War Spirit Temple would be convenient for them if they ever needed to look for Yang Kai or visit Nine Heavens Holy Land in the future as the two were only half an hour apart.

As the huge caravan walked forward, Yang Kai introduced the Elders of the Holy Land to the various leaders of the forces from the Great Han Dynasty, allowing them to mingle with each other.

Towards these people brought by Yang Kai, Xu Hui and others showed great humbleness, causing many of the young leaders to feel quite flattered.

All of them were quite clear that with their pitiful cultivation, if they were not close friends of Yang Kai, these Saint Realm masters may not even deem them worthy to look at.

But now, all these powerful masters who had lived for hundreds of years treated them with politeness and courtesy.

For a moment, these leaders felt a subtle sense of excitement and were once again profoundly taught about how extraordinary Yang Kai’s status in this world was.

“Holy Master Yang, since we have arrived, we shall take our leave,” Chen Zhou suddenly came up to Yang Kai and said.

They had been away from Dragon Phoenix Palace for several months now so it was high time for them to go back.

“Palace Master Chen must be tired after such a long journey, please stay in my Holy Land for a few days and allow me to offer you my hospitality,” Yang Kai sincerely said. Along the road, there were indeed many incidents they had helped to resolve.

With thousands of people slowly walking together, there were always a few fellows without eyes who came to stir up trouble, and if they had not been handled properly by the masters from Dragon Phoenix Palace, Yang Kai might have killed them all.

Chen Zhou and the others had escorted them all the way to the doorsteps of the Holy Land so Yang Kai was not about to just let them leave like this.

“This…” Chen Zhou hesitated.

“Since Senior Yang has invited us, we should not refuse,” Sun Yu interjected.

Chen Zhou smiled bitterly, “You kid…”

Relenting, Chen Zhou nodded and cupped his fists, “Then we shall be imposing on you.”

Yang Kai smiled with satisfaction.

Sun Yu quietly arrived beside Yang Kai and whispered, “Senior Yang, when can I tell Palace Master and the others the truth of this matter? Every time I see them acting so respectful towards me, I feel a deep sense of guilt.”

“After this time’s matter has been processed, I will go find someone and then bring them to your Dragon Phoenix Palace to explain everything.”

“Really?” Sun Yu asked excitedly.


“Is the one Senior Yang is going to look for the Phoenix Empress?” Sun Yu casually guessed.

But to his surprise, Yang Kai readily admitted, “Yes!”

It was about time for him to seek out Su Yan and bring her back. She had been in Ice Sect for more than a decade now and it had been seven years since Yang Kai had last met with her. Now that everyone from High Heaven Pavilion had come to Tong Xuan Realm, he should allow her to return home.

After bringing her back and allowing her to obtain the Phoenix Empress’ Inheritance, presumably her cultivation would soar upwards!

Yang Kai was quite looking forward to it.

After an hour, the huge convoy passed by the nine peaks and, under the orders of Yang Kai, Xu Hui invited the group of masters from Dragon Phoenix Palace into Nine Heavens Holy Land and personally entertained them.

Meanwhile, the others moved on towards the old site of War Spirit Temple.

Yang Kai has already instructed Xu Hui to deliver some pills to Dragon Phoenix Palace as thanks for their efforts. Xu Hui would have no trouble handling this.

Another hour later, everyone finally arrived at the former site of War Spirit Temple.

From far away, Wu Jie of Netherworld Sect flew over, cupped his fists and bowed, “Holy Master Yang, long time no see.”

“Sect Master Wu, why are you here?” Yang Kai was surprised.

Wu Jie chuckled lightly, “Things have been quiet in the Sect lately so I brought some of my disciples here to lend a helping hand. Are these the people from Holy Master Yang’s hometown? There are a lot of them.”

As he spoke, Wu Jie glanced behind Yang Kai and was secretly surprised.

“En, they will live here from now on and will be neighbours to your Netherworld Sect, so I will have to trouble Sect Master Wu to look after them every now and then.”

“Rest assured, as long as my Netherworld Sect exists, no one will cross its defences and trouble this place,” Wu Jie struck his chest proudly and promised.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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