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Martial Peak Chapter 934

Chapter 934 - Seems You Still Have Some Conscience

Chapter 934, Seems You Still Have Some Conscience

The Blood Warrior Hall had suffered terrible losses, leaving all the Blood Warriors who survived sad and solemn.

In addition to the casualties from the Blood Warrior Hall, several of the family Elders had also died.

Even Yang Zhen, the Great Elder, had died at the hands of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple.

It could be said that since this catastrophe struck, half of all the Yang Family’s high-level masters had been killed, making this by far the greatest blow the family had ever experienced.

Not only the Yang Family, but every one of the Central Capital’s Eight Great Families had suffered such a fate.

Fortunately, Wu Zheng hadn’t acted completely ruthlessly as he had absolute confidence in his own strength. He believed that the cultivators from the Central Capital wouldn’t be able to revolt against his subordinate. After the initial slaughter, he had sealed strength of many of the masters of the great families, forcing them to submit and work for him.

Wu Zheng’s goal was the human resources of this world.

Whether it was bringing these people back to Tong Xuan Realm to serve as labourers or to be sold as slaves, they would be a great asset.

For this reason, the Central Capital Eight Great Families had not been completely exterminated.

“Ninth Brother, that Wu Zheng’s strength and methods are earth-shattering, can the people you brought with you really oppose him?” Yang Zhao asked somewhat nervously.

“En, I never thought anyone could possess such terrifying strength,” Some of the other Elders chimed in.

“Is that what you’re worried about? Well, seeing is believing,” Yang Kai chuckled, turning his head in a certain direction and nodding after a moment, “They’re back.”

“Who’s back?” Yang Zhao was confused.

Outside the main hall, a beautiful figure appeared, wrapped in an ice-cold aura; naturally, it was Han Fei.

Holding a bloody head in her hand, she walked straight inside and tossed it onto the ground before bowing to Yang Kai, “Master, fortunately, I have not failed my mission!”

“En, good work,” Yang Kai gently nodded.

Inside the hall, everyone’s eyes turned to the severed head that was slowly rolling on the ground, their eyes bulging in the next breathe with Yang Zhao jumping out of his chair and shouting, “It’s Wu Zheng!”

“He’s really dead?”

“Good good!” Many of the Yang Family member’s eyes lit up as their faces filled with joy.

Turning towards Han Fei, each of them showed her a look filled with respect and gratitude.

Before, when Li Rong had appeared and eliminated the master brought by Wu Zheng, she had received many thanks, but that was all. From their perspective, the disciples of Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple had all just died inexplicably, none of them had been able to see Li Rong’s methods so they were unable to judge just how tyrannical her strength was.

But now that the saw Wu Zheng’s head being brought in by Han Fei, all of them fully understood how astonishing this cold beauty’s power was.

For a moment, everyone in the hall couldn’t tell if they were dreaming or seeing some kind of illusion, many of them even getting up off their seats to take a closer look at Wu Zheng’s head to confirm if it was real or not.

After confirming it was though, all of them shook with excitement.

“Ninth Brother, this Lady is…” Yang Zhao directed a hesitant and somewhat strange look towards Han Fei.

“We are Master’s subordinates,” Han Fei took the initiative to explain, lest everyone misunderstood.

“Subordinates…” Yang Zhao’s face twitched visibly, for a while not knowing how to respond.

Ninth Brother had been away for more than a decade without the slightest bit of news, yet he had suddenly returned, bringing with him incredibly powerful subordinates, swept away the seemingly invincible enemies that had invaded their homes, and saved the entire Central Capital. In comparison, he, the Patriarch of the Yang Family, was actually helpless to resist while the enemy had killed so many from his family. The gap between the two of them caused Yang Zhao to feel somewhat dejected.

“Very good, with these two madams here, our Yang Family will not have to fear being bullied again.”

“That’s right, Ninth Brother, you’ve come back to stay, right?”

The brothers inquired eagerly.

However, Yang Kai shook his head.

Dong Su Zhu, who was sitting next to Yang Kai, instantly went pale and instinctually grabbed hold of Yang Kai’s hand, tearfully calling out, “Kai’er, are you planning to leave again?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I have to leave, but this time I must take all of you with me.”

“You want us to go with you?” Yang Zhao knit his brow.

“Indeed. I hope that everyone can come with me to Tong Xuan Realm.”

The hall suddenly fell silent. The Central Capital was where their roots were, the birthplace of their ancestors. Yang Kai asking them to abandon it inevitably gave them pause.

Yang Kai naturally understood what they were feeling and stood up to speak, “Before, my Yang Family was the strongest amongst the Eight Great Families, one of the greatest powers in this world, but now, the situation is different. This world and Tong Xuan Realm have become connected. This time it was Wu Zheng, the next time it might be someone else, possibly even someone worse. It is no longer safe to remain here in the Central Capital.”

“More people will come?” Many people’s faces went white, none of them having realized how serious the situation was until now.

They had thought that with Wu Zheng dead, they would have nothing else to worry about, but now it appeared that was not the case.

According to Yang Kai’s words, this place had become a piece of meat that many powerhouses and forces would want to take a bite of.

“If that’s the case, naturally we should not sit idly by and wait,” Yang Zhao’s expression became dignified as he sank into contemplation for a moment before suddenly looking at Yang Kai, “Ninth Brother, Second Brother must ask you a few questions.”

Yang Kai nodded.

“If we leave the Central Capital and follow you back to that Tong Xuan Realm, can you guarantee we’ll be able to survive with just our strength? Second Brother doesn’t want to be demeaning, but after this incident, our weakness and short-sightedness has become painfully obvious.”

“I can. On that side, I have a certain amount of influence, and it will be enough to safeguard all of your lives.”

Yang Zhao expression brightened as he continued, “Is there a place for us to stay? Somewhere we can establish a new home?”

“Yes, I’ve already found such a place, you don’t need to worry about that.”

Yang Zhao asked again, “What about materials? Here we can support ourselves, but we are not familiar with how things work on the other side, will there be any issue securing enough cultivation resources?”

Yang Kai smiled meaningfully, “What I most do not lack now is cultivation materials. There are more Crystal Stones than could ever be used up along with an abundance of Spirit Grade and Saint Grade materials, far more than you could even imagine, I guarantee that you will not have any worries about having enough resources on that side.”

Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded.

Tu Feng hesitantly asked, “Little Lord, we have heard of Spirit Grade, but what is this Saint Grade you speak of?”

“The tier above Spirit Grade,” Yang Kai explained.

“What is a Crystal Stone?” Tang Yu Xian also asked.

“This is a Crystal Stone,” Yang Kai said, tossing something over to her. After Yu Xian caught this thumb size object, all the Blood Warriors began crowding around curiously, like a group of country bumpkins who had never seen the world, each of them revealing looks of surprise.

“Heavens! There’s so much pure energy contained inside this thing.”

“And it seems like it can be directly absorbed and transformed into True Qi.”

“If one had such an item, couldn’t they quickly restore themselves in the midst of a battle?”

Exclamations rang out as the Blood Warriors excitedly examined the Crystal Stone.

“En, the World Energy aura here is incomparable to the one over there, any ordinary place in Tong Xuan Realm has richer World Energy than even the best cultivation paradises here, so the rate of cultivation on that side is much faster than here.”

Yang Kai happily described the various aspects of Tong Xuan Realm, causing the Yang Family members’ eyes to flash and fill with expectation.

Denser World Energy, absolute safety, abundant resources, a comfortable living environment… Yang Kai had taken care of everything, all they had to do was follow him.

“Of course, I hope you can all come with me to Tong Xuan Realm, but if there are those of you who wish to remain, I won’t insist,” After speaking, Yang Kai clarified his standpoint, “If anyone wants to stay here, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Not everyone is as hateful as Wu Zheng, it’s also possible the powerhouses who come here later won’t abuse their strength to bully you, everything is up to you to decide.”

“My Qiu Family is willing to follow you, I just wonder if Little Lord is willing to bring us?” From outside the hall, a melodious voice called out.

Yang Kai raised his brow and turned his head towards the entrance.

A gracefully figure gently landed and walked inside, her beautiful eyes quickly landing on Yang Kai as she pursed her red lips. Although she was doing her best to appear calm, it was obvious to everyone that she was filled with excitement and joy.

“Qiu Family Matriarch, welcome,” Yang Zhao got up and greeted.

“Beauty, long time no see,” Yang Kai also stood up and stared at the young woman who was stepping into the hall.

Qiu Yi Meng!

Similar to how she decisively chose all those years ago, before anyone else made their decision, she was willing to entrust her and her family’s interests to Yang Kai without the slightest hesitation.

“En, it’s been a long time,” Qiu Yi Meng’s lashes fluttered as a look of resentment flashed across her face for a moment, but she quickly composed herself and returned the greeting.

“Miss Luo,” Yang Kai next greeted the woman who was standing behind Qiu Yi Meng.

This woman, with great, towering peaks, was none other than Luo Xiao Man of Purple Fern Valley; Qiu Yi Meng’s closest friend.

Even after more than a decade, Luo Xiao Man’s fear of Yang Kai had not disappeared, returning his greeting with a small nod before she quickly hid behind Qiu Yi Meng.

She didn’t know why, but every time she saw Yang Kai, Luo Xiao Man couldn’t help remember that time back in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, when that girl named Bi Luo had appeared in front of her, a milky white liquid was dripping from the corner of her mouth…

“My Qiu Family wishes to accompany you, is Little Lord willing to lead us over to that side?” Qiu Yi Meng stared at Yang Kai seriously.

“There’s no need for you to act like an outsider,” Yang Kai grinned, “I never planned to just bring my Yang Family with me this time, since you wish to come too, that would be for the best.”

“Seems like you still have some conscience!” Qiu Yi Meng shot him an angry glare before her expression relaxed and she let out a burst of sweet laughter, instantly brightening the hall.

“I heard that Young Lord Kai is back, is that true?” Another loud voice filled with excitement called out from outside, and as soon as the sound fell, Huo Xing Chen flew inside the hall like a gust of wind, his eyes darting about as he shouted, “Where is Young Lord Kai?”

The next moment, when he saw Yang Kai standing not far away, he ran up and gave him a great bear hug and strongly patted his back, “Brother, it’s good that you’ve come back. Qiu Yi Meng was dying of loneliness without you.”

Qiu Yi Meng pretty face instantly became frigid as she grit her teeth, “Huo Xing Chen, you want me to rip out your tongue?”

The Huo Family Young Lord laughed riotously before releasing Yang Kai, his smiling face filling with happiness, “I’ve also missed you, Brother.”

“Why you, after not seeing you for more than ten years, how have you fallen so far behind?” Yang Kai also smiled upon seeing this familiar face.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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