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Martial Peak Chapter 931

Chapter 931 - Kill One to Vent Anger

Chapter 931: Kill One to Vent Anger

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain

Central Capital, where north and south could not see one another, the first under Heaven City!

Looking from far away, the gigantic Central Capital City was like an ancient beast slumbering quietly on the ground, giving off an aura of intimidation that made all who saw it tremble in awe.

A streak of blue light came to a halt some twenty-five kilometres away from the Central Capital and the figure of Yang Kai, Li Rong and Han Fei appeared.

“There’s actually such a massive city here?” Li Rong was shocked and exclaimed.

A city the size of the Central Capital, even in Tong Xuan Realm, was rare; Li Rong couldn’t even imagine how many years it had taken for the natives of this world to build it.

“There seems to be some traces of destruction,” Han Fei wrinkled her brow.

“En, more than a decade ago, the Earth Vein below the Central Capital exploded, essentially destroying the entire city. When I left this place, everyone was focused on rebuilding the Central Capital. Although more than a decade has passed, it seems they haven’t finished with the reconstruction yet,” Yang Kai gently nodded.

At this moment, the entire Central Capital seemed a bit too calm, although they were still twenty-five kilometres away, Yang Kai could still make out some people moving about, but far fewer than normal.

A burst of light suddenly appeared above a certain place in the Central Capital, immediately catching Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Master, there seems to be someone fighting there,” Li Rong stated.

“Let’s go take a look!” Yang Kai once again activated the Flying Heavens Shuttle and shot forward.

At the south gate of the Central Capital, a group of Transcendent Realm cultivators wore grim expression as she hurriedly fled.

The Central Capital’s South Gate was for the exclusive use of the Yang Family. When any Yang Family members returned home, they would enter through this gate. When Yang Kai returned to Central Capital to participate in the Inheritance War, he too had walked through this gate.

The Transcendent Realm cultivators who were fleeing right now were almost all masters from the Yang Family’s Blood Warrior Hall.

They were going all out to escape from the Central Capital.

But behind them were two invincible enemies pursuing them.

“You rats can flee but I’d like to see where you can run now!” A single-eyed middle-aged man who was following the Blood Warriors at a seemingly leisurely pace called out called out mockingly, showing no intention of immediately attacking, his eyes filled with scorn, just like a cat toying with a pack of mice, “A trivial group of Transcendent Realm trash dares act presumptuously in front of me? Run, run, keep running! Don’t let yourselves get caught or your fate will be more miserable than you can imagine.”

Everyone who was fleeing felt enraged as their visions were dyed red, but they were well away of how tyrannical these enemies were so they didn’t dare to stop and fight, only using a few Martial Skills every now and then as they ran forward in an attempt to delay the pace of this man.

However, the Martial Skills they used against this one-eyed man were completely ineffective, each of them being blocked by a faint barrier which seemed to surround his body. It was as if their attacks all sunk into an endless sea, disappearing without even a trace.

This reality made the group of escaping Transcendents sink further into despair.

“Chou Xu, stop fooling around. Temple Master Wu is waiting for us to return, just grab them quickly,” From a different direction, a beautiful woman with a luscious figure called out to the middle-aged man lightly.

Chou Xu shot her an annoyed glance and snorted, “You don’t need to remind me.”

Cursing under his breath in the next instant, “Little slut, thinking that after obtaining some favour from Wu Zheng you can order me around like some servant, completely not placing me in your eyes. Fuck, so annoying.”

As he muttered, Chou Xu’s expression became even crueler, shouting a moment later, “Run, run! The first one of you I catch I will make taste the world’s most brutal torture! Seeing that you had a bit of strength and might have some use, we spared your lives, yet you actually dared disregard our mercy and try to escape? You really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

The conversation between the man and woman clearly reached the ears of the fleeing Transcendents, causing their expression to become even uglier.

Among the crowd, one burly man shouted, “Brothers and Sisters, spread out, let destiny decide who lives and who dies. If any of us can escape, you must survive and find Little Lord; tell him about this matter!”

Everyone nodded and shouted, “Good luck!”

The next moment, all of them shot off in different directions.

The man and woman chasing after them saw this scene but showed not the slightest bit of concern, the one-eyed man named Chou Xu grinning viciously as he said, “Seems you’re not complete idiots. I thought at least one of you would stop and fight with me.”

“Don’t make trouble, if we let them run too far it’ll just become more of a hassle. Cut them off while I block their retreat!” The woman shouted, a torrent of power welling up from her body, creating an invisible barrier that blocked off the area behind the fleeing Transcendents, leaving their only option to press on, effectively sealing off their movements.

Seeing that she had already started to act, Chou Xu also no longer delayed, displaying a similar technique that blocked the path ahead of the group of cultivators.

*Peng peng peng…*

The group of Transcendents collided with this invisible barrier that had emerged out of thin air and were all forced back, their expressions turning gloomy.

Two fearful auras engulfed them, forcing them back together, their backs against one another as they glared up at the man and woman standing mid-air above them.

No door to Heaven, or path to Hell, in the face of absolute strength, they could only dance on the palm of the enemy’s hand.

“Xiu Li, if I kill them, will it matter?” Chou Xu turned his one eye to the woman and asked.

Xiu Li frowned and spoke in a dissatisfied tone, “Their strength isn’t high, what’s the point in killing them? The reason Temple Master Wu let them live was to let them submit and work for us. As long as this group of people surrenders, the others will be easier to deal with. The World Energy aura here is not rich and there’s no resources worth exploiting, but there are quite a few people we can bring back to use as slaves and labourers.”

“Of course, I understand Temple Master Wu’s intentions, but… without killing them, I won’t be able to soothe my anger,” Chou Xu slowly shook his head.

Seeing his appearance, Xiu Li felt a deep sense of loathing in her heart, but not wishing to waste any more time arguing with him, she reluctantly nodded, “Fine, but you can only kill one. If you dare to kill more, I’ll report it back to Temple Master Wu.”

“I know you’ve built a ‘good relationship’ with Temple Master Wu, but you don’t keep using his name to suppress me, I am Seeking Heavens Pavilion’s Sect Master, not his subordinate.”

“If you want to kill one then hurry up, stop spouting nonsense,” Xiu Li impatiently shouted.

Chou Xu snorted before turning his one eye to the group down below, glancing around the couple dozen Transcendents while ignoring their angry glares. Suddenly, he pointed to one of them and declared, “Her, I most enjoy killing women, especially beautiful women!”

Saying so, he shot a glance over towards the woman called Xiu Li, the latter snorting disdainfully, knowing what he was implying but refusing to go along with his provocation.

The selected woman paled.

“Yu Xian…” The others called out desperately.

Tang Yu Xian however just smiled miserably, “Let destiny decide who lives and who dies. Don’t try to fight, the place they come from should be the place where Little Lord went, you all have to go there and do everything possible to find Little Lord so he can take revenge for our fallen Brothers and Sisters!”

All of them shook their heads unwillingly.

“Woman, if you have any last words, I’ll give you ten breaths of time to speak them,” Chou Xu stood mid-air and laughed wildly.

“They’ve gone too far, I’ll fight them!” Tu Feng shouted angrily, his Blood Qi madly rising as he tried to display the Blood Warrior’s Mad Tyrant Blood Skill.

“If we must die, then we’ll die together! No matter what, we can’t just stand here and watch as you’re killed!” Ying Jiu’s figure flickered, as he prepared to use his Flickering Shadow Strike.

At that moment though, an invisible pressure descended and completely suppressed all of them, forcefully canceling Tu Feng’s Mad Tyrant Blood Skill while locking Ying Jiu’s shadowy figure in place.

Chou Xu laughed and taunted, “I told you not to act so presumptuous. A group of trash with no self-awareness, how can mere Transcendents possibly fight with a Saint? I’ll let you all see right now the insurmountable gap between us, killing any of you is as simple as crushing an ant.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand and grasped towards them.

Tang Yu Xian cried out as she found herself bound by an invisible force that slowly pulled her up into the air.

A moment later, she was floating tens of meters above the ground.

The invisible force that shackled her body grew stronger and stronger, making it difficult for Tang Yu Xian to breathe. Her face turned red and her eyes flashed with unwillingness but no matter how much she wished to resist, she was incapable of even struggling.

Sad and shrill cries rang out from down below.

Cracking sounds burst out from Tang Yu Xian’s body as her bones seemed to break under the strain.

Feeling death beckoning to her, Tang Yu Xian’s heart suddenly became calm as she directed a cold glare towards the one-eyed man named Chou Xu, and the indifferent woman Xiu Li.


A sword-like attack suddenly flashed and cut through the air between Chou Xu and Tang Yu Xian.

At the same time, the sound of something being cut apart resounded.

Tang Yu Xian, who had just been imprisoned, breathed in a deep breath as the enormous pressure on her body instantly disappeared, freeing her and allowing her to fall back down to the ground.

A blue light flashed and three figures suddenly appeared, seemingly out of thin air, their bodies wrapped in an ice cold aura.

“Who goes there?” Chou Xu and Xiu Li’s expression changed dramatically as they shouted.

The Transcendents down below also turned their eyes towards these newcomers.

All of them froze up.

In the next moment though, shouts of surprise and joy escaped from their lips.

“Little Lord!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly as he swept his gaze down below.

Familiar faces appeared one after another in front of his eyes.

Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian, Ying Jiu, Ji Li, Xiao Shun, Yan Ling Xing, Wu Ju…

Most of Yang Family Blood Warrior Hall’s masters were present.

“Yu Xian, are you alright?” Yang Kai asked softly.

Tang Yu Xian’s beautiful eyes filled with excitement as she nodded, “Just some minor injuries, Little Lord doesn’t need to worry.”

“That’s good,” Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief.

“Who are you?” Chou Xu frowned as he stood together with Xiu Li and shouted.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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