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Martial Peak Chapter 925

Chapter 925 - First Use Courtesy Then Use Force

Chapter 925, First Use Courtesy Then Use Force

“Master, what matter have you convened all of us here for?” Inside the hall, Li Rong asked while taking a glance towards the Hu Sisters, her beautiful eyes flashing a curious light.

With her strength, she could see that although this pair of sisters weren’t very strong, but the Secret Art they cultivated was rather odd. Even if they were twins, they should still have differences in their life auras and True Qi fluctuations.

The Saint Realm masters all noticed this peculiar phenomenon and couldn’t help taking a second look at the Hu Sisters.

“I need to go out,” Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd and said casually, “Li Rong and Han Fei will accompany me.”

The two Great Commanders from the Ancient Demon Clan both immediately nodded.

“In addition, I need another Elder who is familiar with the road to act as a guide,” Yang Kai declared as he turned to face the Holy Land’s six Elders, “Who among you knows the way to Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple?”

“Subordinate knows the way,” Shi Kun stepped forward.

“Then Elder Shi Kun will also come with me, everyone else will remain in the Holy Land.”

“Holy Master, do you have some kind of dispute with Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple?” Xu Hui frowned and asked. Yang Kai’s expression was unusually solemn and his tone was cold, causing Xu Hui to realize something was wrong.

“There is no dispute between us as of yet, but there may be in the future, so I need to bring a few masters with me.”

“Then this subordinate will also…”

“Great Elder cannot,” Yang Kai interrupted him before he could finish, “There must always be someone to assume command in the Holy Land. Great Elder must remain here to handle the Sect’s matters.”

Xu Hui thought about it for a moment and agreed that what Yang Kai said made sense, so he no longer insisted.

“Little Senior Sister, you also remain here,” Yang Kai turned to Xia Ning Chang and said, “Treasurer Meng may come back soon.”

“En, I’ll stay here and continue with the Alchemy services while waiting for Master to return,” Xia Ning Chang nodded cleverly.

“We must go with you!” The Hu Sisters declared simultaneously.

Yang Kai looked at them and upon noticing the determined look on their faces nodded.

Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er smiled in response.

“This matter must not be delayed. We leave immediately,” Yang Kai waved his hand and walked out.

Outside the Holy Master Court, Yang Kai gave some simple instructions to the Elders and Great Commanders before summoning the Flying Heavens Shuttle. After the group of six people boarded it, the shuttle transformed into a streak of blue light and shot off into the distance.

The Flying Heavens Shuttle was about ten meters in length and did not have a problem accommodating seven or eight people. On top of that, because of the protective barrier of the Flying Heavens Shuttle, even at extreme velocities those aboard wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of wind.

However, Yang Kai clearly felt that carrying so many people caused the amount of strength he needed to consume to operate the shuttle to increase dramatically.

Shi Kun stood at the forefront of the shuttle and gave directions while the other five sat behind him.

Along the way, Yang Kai gave a simple explanation to Li Rong and Han Fei about the Hu Sisters’ origins as well as the purpose of this trip to Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple, allowing them to understand why he was acting so urgently and prudently.

The land where Yang Kai grew up was naturally of great importance to him. Since the door to this Mysterious Small World was now open, Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple was free to enter that world and take advantage of the disparity in strength, wantonly oppressing and enslaving the cultivators on the other side.

These people were Yang Kai’s friends and relatives; how could he allow such a thing to happen?

As they flew forward, Shi Kun looked back every now and then, his brow furrowing slightly each time.

“Shi Kun, do you have something to say?” Yang Kai saw his hesitant appearance and couldn’t help asking.

Shi Kun smiled and replied, “It’s nothing important, I just thought the aura of these two girls is quite consistent.”

“Naturally, it’s because they have cultivated a very special Secret Art.”

“So it’s like that,” Shi Kun scratched his head, “If it weren’t for what Holy Master had said about their origins, I would have thought they were disciples of Twin Spirit Pavilion.”

“Twin Spirit Pavilion?” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, vaguely recalling this force.

Back in Dragon Phoenix Palace, when Sun Yu had left Dragon Valley, his Master, Ling Jian, once said that they would take refuge in Twin Spirit Pavilion for a while, saying that Dragon Phoenix Palace and Twin Spirit Pavilion had always been on good terms.

“Senior, why would you think we came from Twin Spirit Pavilion?” Hu Jiao Er asked.

“Because in Twin Spirit Pavilion there are many twins like you,” Shi Kun smiled and explained, “That force is very special. The disciples they recruit are exclusively twins, so their Sect is not very large, but because of their special cultivation technique, each pair of twins, when fighting together, can fight opponents above their individual cultivation realms. When they cultivate their Secret Art to the extreme, even their life auras and Qi fluctuations gradually become similar to one another; however, it’s not to the extent of you two young ladies where there is essentially no difference at all. When I was young, I went out for life experience and met a pair of brothers from Twin Spirit Pavilion so I know a little something about their Sect. It was because of this that I thought you two were from there.”

“We’ve never heard of that Sect before,” Hu Jiao Er smiled and shook her head. The two sisters had only arrived in Tong Xuan Realm a few months ago and had been constantly travelling since then. Naturally, they didn’t know much about this world and its various forces.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he thought about something, asking a moment later, “Elder Shi Kun, did Twin Spirit Pavilion used to be very powerful?”

“They’re not too formidable. Although they have a Saint Realm master assuming command, their overall strength is not very high… Oh, yes, those two brothers I once met said that many, many years ago, Twin Spirit Pavilion was a top force, but for some reason, their core inheritance was lost and they slowly declined as a result. As for whether those words are true or not, I do not know.”

“Their inheritance was lost?” Hu Jiao Er exclaimed, her beautiful eyes shining a profound light, apparently also thinking of something.

Yang Kai also had basically determined that the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art the Hu Sisters were cultivating originated from Twin Spirit Pavilion.

Their situation was quite similar to that of Su Yan and his own, having obtained an ancient inheritance.

This would also explain why Dragon Phoenix Palace and Twin Spirit Pavilion had always had a close relationship. The two Sects were once top forces in Tong Xuan Realm that had close ties, but at a certain point, they both lost their core inheritances. Naturally, they felt a sense of camaraderie.

“If there’s a chance, we’ll have to visit this Twin Spirit Pavilion,” Hu Jiao Er whispered, obviously curious about this force.

“When we’ve finished dealing with that side’s matters, I’ll bring you there,” Yang Kai said.

“En,” Hu Jiao Er nodded before suddenly leaning over and whispering into Yang Kai’s ear, “Right, Yang Kai, these people you’ve brought with you, what is their cultivation realms? Why can I not see their depths at all.”

“The Saint Realm.”

“Saint Realm?” The Hu Sisters stared at him blankly.

“Above the Transcendent Realm, is the Saint Realm,” Li Rong explained with a smile, “You two are now First Order Transcendents, en, it also seems you’re not far away from the Second Order. From there the next step is the Third Order, and upwards from there is the Saint Realm. It looks like the world in which Master was born there are no Saint Realm masters.”

“Forget about Saints, until recently we didn’t even know the proper name of the Transcendent Realm. Ten years ago it was only known as the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary,” Yang Kai said with some slight embarrassment.

“What is above the Saint Realm?” Hu Mei Er asked, her bright, beautiful eyes filled with curiosity.

“Above the Saint Realm?” Li Rong and Yang Kai glanced at each other and shook their heads slowly, Li Rong smiling as she said, “We don’t know, no one has ever exceeded the Saint Realm.”

The Hu Sisters both fell silent.

It seemed that learning about the existence of Saint Realm had given them quite a shock, so they needed some time to slowly digest this information while trying to adjust their world view.

Back in their previous world, when the two of them joined forces, they were nearly invincible, but after coming here, they were shocked to discover that there were many masters they could not match.

This change in perspective, going from strong to weak, had a huge impact on their perception.

They had to carefully re-examine themselves from the perspective of the Tong Xuan Realm.

For most of the journey, everyone remained silent with the exception for Yang Kai asking Shi Kun about Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple’s details.

Two days later, the Flying Heavens Shuttle came to a stop and Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense to carefully examining their surroundings.

Hu Jiao Er called out a moment later, “I remember that town down below. Mei’er and I arrived here two days after we first set out.”

“What direction did you walk from?” Yang Kai asked.

Hu Jiao Er looked around carefully before pointing a certain direction, “That way!”

The blue light flashed again.

After an incense stick worth of time, Yang Kai saw a Void Corridor entrance floating a few meters off the ground up ahead. Around the Void Corridor, there were many cultivators waiting and watching the entrance while guarding their surroundings. Once anyone got close, these guards would immediately expel them.

“It’s here,” Hu Mei Er bit her red lips and shouted, “Elder Sister and I came from here.”

Yang Kai gently nodded and landed the Flying Heavens Shuttle, allowing the group of six to disembark before they walked the rest of the ways.

“Master, there are five Saint Realm masters guarding this place, but all of them are only at the First Order, so there is nothing to worry about,” Li Rong spread out her Divine Sense and instantly determined the number and realm of the masters present.

“It looks like it’s not just Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple here,” Shi Kun said thoughtfully, “They should have brought in some helpers. I see at least three different forces here.”

Yang Kai nodded, “That side is a big piece of meat, no single force would be able to eat it all.”

“What do we do?” Li Rong inquired quietly.

“First use courtesy then use force!” Yang Kai quickly said.

The group of six’s arrival obviously attracted the attention of the cultivators guarding the entrance, all of them turning their gazes towards these newcomers.

Among the cultivators scattered around, five people narrowed their eyes and secretly began condensing their strength, preparing to strike at a moment’s notice.

One of them hesitated a moment before slowly walking out and blocking the way, raising his hand and shouting, “Stop, this Mysterious Small World was discovered by my Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple. Please look elsewhere.”

Because the entrances to all the world’s Mysterious Small Worlds had opened, basically every force and every cultivator had been out searching for them, hoping they got lucky.

Quite often, the Sects that first discovered such a Void Corridor would send disciples to guard the entrance and prevent outsiders from approaching.

Powerful forces naturally wanted to obtain all the benefits inside the Mysterious Small World’s they discovered and Free And Unfettered Spirit Temple had such ability.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Martial Peak, Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
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The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. Sky Tower tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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